Evelyn Lozada Gets Naked…But For A Good Cause This Time

Kid Fury December 12, 2012 A Little Something Good...I Think. 39 Comments

Evelyn Lasagna would rather go naked than wear fur…well I’m sure she’d rather go naked than do a lot of other things, but I digress.

The Basketball Wives star joined PETA’s ad campaign when she “had a change of heart and gave up fur for good after she saw for herself how animals suffer on fur farms.”

It’s funny that she’s partnering with PETA after all the abuse her kitty has dealt with, but it’s nice to see her using that ass for good. Kudos to Evelyn.

On another note, she may soon reunite with the Voldemort to her head scar. Her ex, Chad Johnson, sent her a happy birthday subtweet in Spanish to which she responded with “I miss you so much.” Ch…

Source: VH1

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  • ZJ

    I could swear I’ve seen her rock a fur vest on Basketball Wives, and she strikes me as one of those boughetto chicks who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing fake shit, but okay.

    • NYCNaye

      Yes, Lasagna probably was wearing fur at that time, but the quote above said that she had a change of heart.

    • shadeonasunnyday

      “change of heart” This is why we learn to read

      • ZJ

        My point is that I’m not buying this kinder, gentler Evelyn. She can say she’s had a change of heart all she wants, but I don’t believe she gives a flying fuck about minks, seals or any other living thing that doesn’t pay her rent.

  • Covergurl12

    She’s basically Cruella DeVille in the sequel to 101 Dalmatians. 

  • BeyhivePresident

    “It’s funny that she’s partnering with PETA after all the abuse her kitty has dealt with”….if that was shade…I just can’t.

    • StacksonStacks

      and you know that kitty has taking a beating. #slayed

  • SimplyPut

    But animals are supposed to wear fur, so her going without it is contrary to biological science. At least she kept her mane.

    • Barack Yomomma

      she probably just went and did a full shave to look cute. It’ll be back soon enough

  • ziggy gnarly.

    This whole segment here is … the library is open and you bitches will read Fury’s Terms & Conditions.

    But the Harry Potter shade … *wraps self up in the Invisible Cloak and sashays away*

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      not the invisible cloak… I can’t Jesus *hops in flying car and puts in into drive*

    • Erockbaby3000

      damn it I can’t keep looking through these comments and not die I’m gone. *calls broom to hand and flies off into the night*. 

      • chictt

        Lawwwwd…*Wingardium Leviosa! snatches your broom and goes to play a game of quidditch*

        • Earthshaker1217

          I am loving this Harry Potter shade! (hops into Hagrid’s sidecar)

        • Erockbaby3000

          it’s all good cause Buckbeak caught me and I’m still riding into the sunrise to grimmauld place.

  • M.J.

    First Wendell Williams, now this one… PeTA sure does love the loud and the obnoxious. 

    • WellGirl

      they like ignorance too. *cough *cough -waka flocka- smh

      • Whatever

        Yeah Im just waiting on NeNe’s…..

  • Kayy

    “It’s funny that she’s partnering with PETA after all the abuse her kitty has dealt with” I AM OUT & NEVER COMING BACK. GOOD DAY FURY.

  • Jazz

    Soooo…she can terrorize humans and throw wine bottles at people’s heads, as long as she’s nice to humans? If that ain’t ass backwards. Ch…

    And is it just me, or does she have some manly looking feet?

    • Onicka’s Grammy Nomination

      Actually, that’s what PETA’s all about. PETA’s been terrorizing human beings for generations in the name of animal rights/protection. So this is right up Evelyn’s alley. But I can’t hate…the bitch is flawless.

      • CaramelHottie

        A bitch with a vagina that has had more traffic than LA in the afternoon is far from “flawless”.. She’s pretty tho

        • Nice misogyny there

          A person’s worth is determined by their sex life. Always.

          • CaramelHottie

            You obviously didn’t read what I replied too. 

  • MissMe

    I want to know how many people are actually going to stop wearing fur because she did this… I’m gonna guess, not a damn one. PETA are a bunch of attention whores, so sick of them. 

  • TT

    but the shaaaaade! “all the abuse her kitty has dealt with!!!! LMAO! 

  • Terese

    Would this be considered a Draw like in Tic Tac Toe?

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I’m so tired of the people who have been rocking fur for years out now trying to garner attention with these PETA (whose an attention whore org anyway so no surprise) ads since sharing videos online we’ve known about cruelty to animals buy a vowel and get a clue, especially to Wendell that fool no she love to rock animals like she was headed into hibernation.

    • Onicka’s Grammy Nomination

      But Wendell already looks like something that’s headed into hibernation…so perhaps we’re all just confused.

    • Chrissy’s Mole ft. Chrissy

      I always wanted a good cool shade for the holidays. Thanks for this gift, Kwanzaa. 

  • MzVirgo

    Her feet look calloused and rough! They couldn’t Photoshop that? There was no pumice stone on set?

  • Coonye West

    But what demographic is this supposed to be spreading awareness to? Who are the people that  give enough of a shit about her to be influenced by this? I’m legitimately confused. 

    This is like trying to spread awareness about healthy eating and dressing up as an ewok. Makes no sense at all.

    • Coonye West

      ALSO!! Came back to ask..

      Why in the fuck is Wesley Williams campaigning about animal fur when he’s the reason that 12 year old Anita Patel is somewhere is Bumbai with a buzzcut?

      Don’t wanna wear fur but wearing Indian infant on your dome is aight? Oh..

  • Shellbee

    Chile please! Have an arena full of seats. Everyone can see through this blatant publicity ploy. I’m looking at you too Wendell.

  • bb

    She’d also rather go naked than get a high school education, develop an engaging personality, and work.
    I wonder what the poster for that would look like?

    • ziggy gnarly.

      An Education Connection infomercial

      • bb

        Butterfly in the sky
        I can fly truce as high
        Take a look
        In a book
        Reading Rainbow!

        • SoulGlo

           Isn’t it “twice” as high?

  • Avhgsd

    I dnt believe this for one second and I believe tht she still fuks with chad