Video: Rita Ora – Radioactive

Kid Fury December 10, 2012 Videos 37 Comments

Rihyoncé Bot shows her true form in the “Radioactive” video, directed by Syndrome. It’s a whole lot of green screen mixed with computer magic and it does nothing for my spirit animal. Even a record written by the wonderful Sia cannot move me with Miss Rita. I’m still not sure what it is, but for now I’ll just blame The Kardashians.

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  • Kenisha Montague

    i like…it’s one of the 3 songs i can listen to on that whole shitty album 

    • Leelee

      Yea her album was pretty bad, I was really dissapointed considering the girl can actually hold a note.

    • Tt Stith

      She has an album out. When did this happen?

  • serenissima

    That was so fetch.

    • jajay22


  • Esha

    I like the song, the video fails because it is too sedate for all the energy the track is giving. Also Rihyonce bot was giving me some Jenny Lo in this video (minus the dancing skills unfortunately).

    • Barack Yomomma

      This is my first time hearing her. I like the song but I’m not here for her Tron Legacy reject video

  • lisa


  • Nate

    The whole robot thing is very Bjork circa 2001. The motorcycle scene looks like it was lifted straight out of the “Independent Women” video. The song is okay, I guess. But I don’t see it setting the US charts ablaze without some major payola. 

    But if Rihanna can do it, anyone can; that’s my motto, at least.

  • Girl No

    Girl No. …the State can keep this free lunch. This meal is far from nutritious. smh. 

  • Seiko

    I’m sorry, is it me or does Rita have a water head? I’M NOT TRYING TO THROW SHADE BUT I SWEAR SOMETIMES WHEN I SEE HER I JUST START SINGING “Rita the retard had an 8 pound water head… she was 5’3 and she said to me… I DATED ROB KARDASHIAN!”

  • Funkyheadhunter

    I deserve an “E” for Effort. I tried. I made halfway through the 1st verst and decided that I didn’t care. *shrug*

  • Pepper Labejia

    Shine bright like a food stamp…

    I do not see it for this song or the video..Somewhere the Kings of Leon are PRESSED as hell this trash has the same name as their song

    • jajay22

       co-sign I even thumbed that shit down on youtube cause it’s not doing anything for me


    • Earthshaker1217


  • ZJ

    Pretty good voice. Pretty terrible song. If this came on at the club, I’d have to leave.

  • Ddttrs87

    hmmm I’m starting to get the feeling that her label has no idea what to do with her…

    • Lotusflowashart

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -That’s why she’s copying off Rihanna and Beyonce, she doesn’t even know what to do with herself. What was she thinking? Rita i wanna know who did this to you! smh screammmmmmming!

      • Jacqueline Atta

        *dead from the picture*

  • MissMe

    I didn’t make it through the entire video… that is really all I need to say, sums it right up

  • Mo

    Youll just blame the kardashians…..I cant with you

  • Meme Al

    I was going to post this comment on youtube but I decided to post here where it would be more appreciated anyway…Did this song need a video? She could have kept this quite but I guess it had to come out along with her whoring ways, girl can’t keep nothing to herself. She can add this song and video to the list of shit we don’t wanna know about her.  

  • Earthshaker1217

    29 seconds in…I can’t. First of all, her voice does not need all of the extra echoing/sound effect/whatever it’s called. Second of all, this video is doing to much visually and I don’t feel like putting my eyes through that. I’m already wearing glasses. That’s about it. WAIT. Another 32 seconds later and I still don’t like it. R.I.P. is the only song that I like.

  • Meme Al

    Also I have some gossip about her and her whoring ways, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy… I know one of the dudes she slept with…he’s a British artist, but to you Americans he’s a nobody, to be fair he’s a nobody to me and I am British. So I guess she just slept with some guy. Which isn’t really gossip. Sorry for getting your hopes up guys. 

    • ziggy gnarly.

      Messy. If you’re going to brew some tea, you besta be ready to spill it hot with extra sugar.

  • Kaye

    She can sing……..
    I would suggest she take some time out to figure out who she is; go experience life or something. When I clicked ‘play’ I thought Rihanna was gonna pop out from somewhere. I dont want to give up on her just yet. 

  • Geechee Goddess

    This song makes me dance. I haven’t heard her album, but I think I’ll give it a listen after hearing this song. She looks great and she is a good singer.

  • La

    the track is nice but the video is shot like Speed Racer and im not here for it.

  • YeahAnd

    I don’t care about this chick, this song or this video.  Imma just need for these folks to stop throwing up the Delta sign.  Learn “The Roc” sign and do that.  Thanks, Management.

    • Jacqueline Atta

      YES! I was staring at the video like “did this bitch not hear Kanye say ‘throw your DIAMONDS in the sky if you feel the vibe’?”

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    This is one of the songs the DJ plays when it’s almost four and everybody’s starting to go home. #NobodyGivesAFuck

  • Kayy

    I didn’t even click on the video, so I congratulate the people who bothereed to watch a second and more of it. 

  • Jacqueline Atta


    But yeah, the song is a big yawn. Next.


    Worst video ever good song tho. I guess she cant dance :-

  • TamTam

    I love this song, BUT what’s with these chirrun showing the little bit o nuthin they got in place of a video? This is a dance track —> so DANCE. I’m not here for just some floating naked on screen. I”m done

  • idreamoflabels

    This Britney-Toxic/Lil Kim-How Many Licks/Aaliyah-More Than A Woman mashup left me supremely bored. Rita and her baggy unitard can go home now.

  • Shehateashley

    i couldn’t get through two minutes. her voice is wonderful but the music is awful. reminds me of God’s ironic sense of humor