New Music: Santigold – Girls

Kid Fury December 10, 2012 New Music 34 Comments

Santigold has released a new track called “Girls” as part of the soundtrack for HBO’s original series of the same name. Fueled By Ramen presents the new song which will appear on Girls – Volume 1: Music from the HBO Original Series, due January 8th. Artists Robyn & fun. also appear on the soundtrack. I’ve never watched Girls before, but if it has music like this, maybe I should get into it.

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  • Hxujjdid

    This is a “rap-in-the-shower” type of songs… I like tho !

  • Yasssss Miss White

    I will/shall always fucks with Santigold because….reasons viola

  • Thtsqueen2u


  • WhatsGood

    i’ve always liked her…she is very underrated.

  • Seats

    After hearing all the hype about Girls I watched one episode just to realize it’s a covertly racist show and a hipster knockoff of Sex and the City. Quite disappointing. 

    • whatevs

      Let me tell you how much I hate Girls & everyone behind it (but not this song doe) 

    • Ddttrs87

      how is it racist?

      • whatevs

        Racist in the sense that it unrealistically lacks diversity in the cast (much like Friends & SATC like already mentioned), but also when confronted about these hipster white issues, the creators of the show said they pretty much didn’t care & dismissed the concerns of women of color that watched the show. That’s not hyperbole btw, that’s a quote from Twitter.

        I’m sure the next argument will be something like “oh that’s not racist because omg we don’t have to have black/latina/asian/etc people in everything!!1!” or “but they play ratchet black songs!!1!” but that’s the answer to the question.

        • Seats

          What made it worse was the creator of the show and her ridiculous response when questioned on it. Thank you for explaining though.

        • Basquiat

          Is an all-white group of friends who seek romance with other whites actually unrealistic? I don’t think it is, but it’s probably one of the reasons why Friends never appealed to me as much as I tried.

          • Wong Chia Chi

            Not to mention Friends is just a rip off of Living Single, a much better, funnier, more realistic show but with a black cast.
            Even even on Living Single they had white/latina characters.  And at least on Living Single  they actually had JOBS that they went to every day and plot lines to do with their careers. I think anyone of any race can relate to that. Not pretty white people with problems who hang out in a cafe all day and have children that they never see or take care of.

             Didn’t Ross have kids from one of his marriages? How can Rachel afford an apartment in NYC as a waitress, or CSR rep or whatever the fuck she did even with a roommate? Queen Latifah had TWO women living with her and she was already well established in her career as an editor. And even SHE couldn’t afford to live alone in Brooklyn in the 90′s! And Max was always eating out of their fridge with her cheap lawyer ass. LOL but still much more realistic than friends.

            That aspect of it always annoyed me more than the covert racism of it, which annoyed me a lot. It always made me queesy about the pay gap between blacks and whites. How can they have such mediocre incomes, careers, and educations but still afford all they things they can afford? Are they living off their parents or is white privilege really that good?

          • Seats

            I’m a Friends stan so let me explain.
            Ross had a child by Rachel much later in the show. This child, Emma was a major point of contention and indeed we saw her throughout the seasons. Rachel was a waitress for the earlier seasons and she lived with Monica who’s Grandma had given her the apartment therefore it was rent controlled. Then Rachel got a job at a high end department store and worked her way up, ended up at Ralph Lauren and her salary increased until the finale when she got a job in Paris. 

            Also as for Joey and Chandler, that was explained in the show too. Yes Joey was a struggling actor, but much like Lynn on Girlfriends his friends supported him. Chandler had a horrible job that paid him ridiculously well but was soul crushing and made him miserable. He was also extreme with saving which was why when he was about to marry Monica she wanted to empty his savings account for their dream wedding. 

            Ross was a paleantologist and was a professor who gained tenure. Monica was an chef and she did quite well for herself because of her organizational skills and obsessive personality.

            Phoebe was broke most of the show and lived in sketchy situations. It wasn’t until she became a masseuse that she got her own place.

            Furthermore, they all went to college except for Phoebe and Joey I believe.

            So you see the pay gap is explained in the show. Their jobs were very much a part of the show but it is labelled “Friends” so the focus was on the interpersonal relationships of the group. I understand a matter of preference but to pit the shows against each other based off of pay grades is unfounded. Personally, I find Living Single to be a bit corny but that’s just my taste. 

          • Wong Chia Chi

            Really? I felt like Friends was cornier, but now that you explained it that makes a bit more sense. I never followed it I just saw a few episodes here and there from different seasons. 

  • FrostByteMuah


  • BigTash

    Personally I love “Girls”. Honestly it’s a lot more relatable than watching BBW or LLHH. But I do agree they need color. But its not like SATC had such a diverse cast.

    • Seats

      Completely agree that SATC was also lacking in diversity and not excusing it but we’re in 2012 now. What’s Lena Dunham’s reasoning? That’s why I said it’s covert, you have to think twice to realize oh shit I’m invisible as usual on another tacky television show about white people angst. 

      • Earthshaker1217


      • Kendrick LaGreatness

        I actually like that there’s only white girls as the main characters because they do some crazy foolishness on this show sometimes and I honestly would get offended if the girl doing that stuff was a minority. Just being honest here lol

  • Earthshaker1217

    I just recently started getting into Santigold and M.I.A. and added them to my online radio list. They both do their own thing.

  • The702Diva

    I am here for THIS!!!!!

  • Mimi

    Santigold? Oh hell yes, miss ma’am!  I adore this woman.  

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    woooo..this will be getting mucho play from me

  • Leeleemodee

    I , for one , am a huge fan of girls . It’s a 20 – something’s version of sex an the city .. The women aren’t glamourous ( although I am in LOVE with Jemimah Kirke ) , they aren’t successful and it’s funny as hell . I loved season 1 , I’m anxiously waiting on season 2 . And the music = yessss ! I’ve downloaded so many songs from the end credits , very indie , very unique and it’s not racist at all . How can you be racist and you’re playing ‘ this pussy be yankin ‘ at a wedding ? Hmmm

    • whatevs

       Umm it’s possible, actually you just described how

      • Seats


  • Barack Yomomma

    Damn I was just thinking the other day what happened to my girl Santigold and here she comes blessing my need for new music.

  • Sade

    I don’t think Girls is racist. Lena Dunaham has said the show is reflective of her experiences in Brooklyn. Is it so hard to believe that none of her close friends are minorities? The show is set in a white neighborhood of Brooklyn, it’s not that hard to believe if you know the area.

    • Black Panther

  • SameOleSameOle

    This blog would be so much doper if it could be updated more often…just sayin

  • Statesside

    Girls is hilarious you should watch Fury! And this sounds very MIA-y.

  • Missbehave

    I watched the first season of Girls and found some parts hard to watch. It didn’t occur to me that there weren’t any cast members that weren’t white. I feel like Girls is telling a specific kind of woman’s story. Lena Dunham’s response that there really aren’t too many people of color in her life just made me sad for her. In a city like NY you have to kind of go out of your way to make that happen. She can live and die in her bubble as far as i’m concerned. I find her story dreary and boring, perhaps this is why.

  • miss lady

    Love you Santi!
    But look, all I know is that if I wrote MY own show about MY closest friendships, there’d be nan white woman in it. Maybe a white gay dude, but that about it. Not because I don’t know any white women or I only have Black friends, but if I had to tell a whit woman’s story, I really couldn’t. And I also, I live in Brooklyn, NY. We don’t intermingle like that in real like all the time, regrettably, so I can’t expect that from a tv show. For that, I’d watch re-runs of Girlfriends, The Game, and Living Single. In my opinion, Lena is close to being a genius. I get it. Not all,of it, but I get it. Even tho I am Black, college educated, and pretty hood, I can relate, just like I related to aspects of SITC… because I am a female. We know when they bring that 1 random white person in on a black show we get tight. I’d personally prefer that they leave it the way it is before they put a Black woman on and she “acts white” or acts too “hood” or fucks it up somehow, kinda like someone said earlier. Then we’d really be tight!

    • Carlos

      I’m not white.  Not female.  From the south.  Poor.  However, I responded to “Girls” immediately.  The shit is smart and funny.  I have always believed that the universal is housed in the particular.  

      Anyway, Santigold is a goddess and I can only wish that the pop mainstream sounded more like this.

  • Shehateashley

    the show is perfection. santigold belongs on the soundtrack. it’s a perfect marriage of privileged white girls with problems and cool music. i love it.