Candid Yams: Beyoncé at Art Basel Miami

Kid Fury December 10, 2012 Candid Yams 49 Comments

While all you girls gag on Beyoncé’s newly announced $50 million deal with Pepsi, The Untouchable Creole Queen of Red Beans & Spice was tipping at Art Basel in Miami with Cousin Angie, Kelly Rowland and Mama Tina by her side. Oh, and Sir Julius…just in case somebody needs their knees shattered.

Beyoncé clearly enjoyed the festivities, adding new photos of the art to her Instagram and Tumblr feeds. Meanwhile her husband, Jay-Z, was also in Miami hosting LIV’s infamous Sunday night party for the launch of D’ussé Cognac. You can’t take this wealth, sis. It’s right on your bosom and you can’t lift it.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  • Rai675

    50 million, and they are also endorsing her brand i.e tours,superbowl commercial,photoshots and what not. Starting New Years Eve, its gonna be BeySeason. I’am so ready.

  • Jazz

    Slayonce strikes again! Legs for days. Bun snatched for the Gods. Yaaaassss

  • Nahila

    “Sitting on top of my 50 mil” – Rihanna —>>>> Damn Beyonce did that with ONE endorsement. LAWD Y’all aint ready for this Slayage.

  • Miketho

    This upcoming year is looking pretty bleak for these basic bitches thanks to Bey.

    • ZJ

      Yes, Queen Bey is going to make it monsoon on those other chicks in 2013. And I likes that outfit.

      • IfyoudontlikeBEYIdon’tlikeyou

        100% agree. The QUEEN gave those other singing chicks ample time to stack their chips…if they didn’t jump on that chance, oh well. It’s too late to cashout now bishes! 

  • serenissima

    Fuck Pepsi, fuck Beyonce, fuck Jay-Z, fuck Blue Ivy, fuck Kanye West, fuck Kim Kardashian, fuck Roc Nation, Rihanna’s cool, and fuck Rita Ora, I’m out.

    • serenissima

      PS I hope you’ve all seen Half Baked lol

      • bb

        I guess I’m the only one that has and got it

    • casiss

      my dear child, im gonna need for you to understand that no one is here for that fuckshit, And I have 0 sh*ts in my purse to give you for your opinions so have a plethora of seats in a congregation at your local community baptist church. 

      • amber

        Ma’am, I don’t understand why you’re so upset. You do realize you’re not getting a piece of that 50 mil, right? Like, Beyonce is not going come by and put some money on your electric bill. Calm down.

        • rog

          sthu beyhive….king B…..slayonce…

    • M.J.

      You mad. 

      *Oh… sarcasm.

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

      Meanwhile on Rihanna’s instagram in all seriousness.

      • Ky Ry

        was she wetting the meat with her tongue? 

    • Kravitz

      Fuck Blue Ivy? Oh, Like baby blue gives a fuck about you hating on her momma, Lol As sweet as she probably is she probably searched for a fuck in her gerber animal cinnamon graham crackers to give. “Ooops mommy just another cracker” Not even Blue could find a fuck to give that day.

  • SameOleSameOle

    Looks like my love for underground/indie R&B is going to get much deeper come 2013. This woman is everywhere. While I am happy for her success, I just can’t take her. UNLESS she comes with something that’s not stolen from someone else. Or something that sounds new & doesn’t lack quality. She looks good, though. Legs are in shape. Still rocking that blonde hair, I see. Damn, as iconic as Michael was…at least he did switch up the hair from time to time. Am I wrong for thinking that Solange may be more interesting? This documentary is over-hyped. What new will we see from her? She has NO friends! Nothing I’m squirming in my seat until Feb to see. Oh well, good luck with 2013 Bey. Just come harder. I may become a fan again…someday.

    • serenissima

      lol we get to see her be wonderfully light-skinned. joy. rapture. 

    • WhatsNew

      I know right…she’s “pretty”…but I feel as if people do the MOST when it comes down to beyonce…people now a days act like she is jesus.

    • Seats

      The part about her having no friends is true. Angie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Solange, and at times her stylist (Ty) seem to be the only company she ever has. Like I mean sometimes her Mom (????). I don’t know it just seems lonely to have all that money and fame and you have no friends really that aren’t related to you or work for you. Kinda sad. As for Solange being more interesting I think that’s a given, she doesn’t live in a box. But she’s still the queen and the sounds on 4 slayed so mmm nice try. 

      • Onicka’s Grammy Nomination

        True, but I think that’s by choice. Maybe’s she’s surrounded herself with all the people she needs. I mean it’s true money and fame ain’t shit if you’re lonely…but she seems so content with just the people around her. If she wanted more people around her, she’d have them, I’m sure. 

        • Seats

          It’s like because of where she’s at in life she can’t form natural relationships. You know what I mean? I get that she can pick up a friend if she wanted but would it be real? Or would they just want to hang out with “Beyonce”?

      • BeiSandy

        Some people just don’t need friends. They live life fine without them.

        • Seats

          I agree but she’s spent her entire adult life entertaining so the opportunity for real friendships seems to have missed her. It appears to be less of a choice but a consequence of her career and status.

    • Lola Waldorf.

      I would never criticize her or anybody for not having a slew of friends. So, she doesn’t need 50 “close” friends to validate her…since when was that a bad thing. Every single day there’s someone on my Facebook feed talking about how they “got a tight circle cause they dont have time for bullshit or fake people” and everybody agrees ( as they should because its true)…But Beyonce does it, and all of a sudden its a bad thing. i think ppl are very hypocritical when it comes to Beyonce.

    • WhatsGood

      true…im not here to hate…but I just feel like she has everything perfect . her image, family,money,marriage and fame. I haven’t seen anything different in her music ever since she came out as a solo artist. not saying she has to go pop but I think she should just branch out with her music some. give something organic to her “fans”.

  • SameOleSameOle

    Sidenote: I’m sure we all can agree that Jay-Z is not the most attractive man. With that being said…how can she NOT be fucking her FINE ass body guard???!!!! You can’t tell me she hasn’t let him suck that clit at LEAST once…. she a fool if she hasn’t… 

    • Ifyoudon’tlikeBEYIdon’tlikeyou

      Keri girl…is that you? 

      • Thtsqueen2u

        More like Sandra Rose girl is that you?

    • Esha

      Are we looking at the same pictures? Welp to each his own….

      • Kelli

        Lmfao , what is she looking at really? With his special adhd lookin ass. The security with the fucked *who gives a fuck if I’m drooling* face?

    • bb

      Ummmmm, you know that’s her cousin right?

  • jajay22

    chillleeee cheese some DISRESPECTFUL ASS LOWLIFES ARE TRYING IT today!!
    Don’t come for the QUEEN she will SLAY and you WILL HAVE TO DEAL!
    keep hatin it ain’t gonna change shit!!


    • Ddttrs87

      no, but really. You know that none of that 50 mil is going to you right?

      • jajay22

        1.) you sound pressed as all hell.
        2.) as I said you hatin ain’t changing SHIT!

    • serenissima

      Lol I see Taylor Swift ain’t in that cart. Beyhive ain’t that delusional.

      • jajay22

        *siiighh*  i’m sick and tired of this bullshit..clearly taylor swift ass is NO COMPETITION WHATSOEVER  YOU and her sesame street-lyrics can go to hell

        Ain’t nobody got time for that *sweet brown voice*

        • serenissima

          Lmaaooooo at ‘her big head doesn’t fit in the cart’

          I’m just trolling y’all ;)

  • M.J.

    Slay on, King B. 

  • YallTriedIt_

    throws unopened pepsi cans through the windshields of undeserving, ungrateful scumbags while the beyhive remains intact and unbothered. the nerve.

  • Ceira Ford

    Yass!! to Beyonce’s top knot, bare legs, and sensible red bottoms that’s how a DIVA plays sweetness all salty parties can simply grab a deck of cards and DEAL!!!

  • Lola Waldorf.


  • Lola Waldorf.

     I think Ppl are very hypocritical when it comes to Beyonce. Yall listen to remakes and samples from these artists all day everyday.. but its not a problem so long as whatever they created is good or entertaining. But Beyonce references old cinema and choreo for a video concept, and the whole shit is void. Not to mention that a lot of these artists videos reference old shit too, but you just don’t care enough to go looking for it like yall do Beyonce… So, she has the same hair color as she’s always had…That’s the color she likes! I like my hair dark-brown always have always will, i don’t want to dye it blue. She’s not Katy Perry, She’s not Rihanna. Yea, Michael Jackson (as much as I LOVE and adore him and his music. Legend.) switched up his hairstyle but the color of it always stayed the same. So the fuck what. Tina Turner is an icon and she had the same hair color scheme going on throughout her whole career…She wants to be known for her talent. and as far as “having no friends” goes, like i said before…I would never criticize her or anybody for not needing a slew of friends to validate them. Since when is that a bad thing. NO ONE has 100 best friends, the ppl in her circle are her truest and that’s all you need. Ppl get in her ass about being so private…The world doesn’t need to know ALL your business. You see what she wants you to see, and that’s how its supposed to be FOR EVERYONE, celebrity or not. She doesn’t want her bare belly or her daughters face in magazines and on tv, good for her. Not everyone is a “oooh let me post my sonograms on Facebook” kinda person. As big a Beyonce stan as I am, my opinion is not biased because I deal with all of this in my personal life. This particular opinion is based on my own experience, and I’d say the same for any other artist. And before anyone says it NO Bey ain’t paying my bills to stick up for her, the same way no ones paying you to be so pressed.

    • casiss

      yesss thank you, its like if you dont like her do not comment im so sick of people just lurking around on the internet to talk shit about a successful black woman its embarassing to watch, its like if you dont like bey child DO NOT CLICK ON HER POST, then you wont feel so pressed.

  • Fhjvc


  • NOLA_chic

    Am I the only one that sees Julius lookin like he wants some balls in his mouth. Maybe we should start calling him Jizzeeus IJS

  • bb

    I haven’t really listened to much ofBeyonce’s music before 4. I just like her because she seems normal and has a chunky baby. I luuuuuuv chunky brien babies!

  • Freshie Mei Lee

    I fucking love this damn site!! I get my life just from Beyonce’s name of the day. LOL

  • Noname

    Didn’t she JUST dance with a bunch of kids in an auditorium to Get Me Bodied, participating in a nation-wide initiative to reduce childhood obesity? 

    Now, she’s partnering up with one of the biggest multi-national soft drink corporations, whose product not only undermines those goals, but also is a huge reason why childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past thirty years.

    Not to mention that obesity-related health problems disproportionately impact low-income, African American and Hispanic communities, both of which happen to highly value Beyonce as a cultural figure. 

    C’mon B. 4 did not flop that hard; 4 demonstrably proved itself to be your most cohesive and vocally enlightening body of work. You were not nominated for any Grammys because you won so many last year, and people happened to be “Beyonce’d out”. Also, your singles did not achieve enough commercial success to generate interest in your holistic body of work, whereas with Sasha Fierce you had “Single Ladies”, which ignited its own massive, idiosyncratic cultural dance movement.

    At least donate the money that you personally receive to a health-centric organization, granted you do not ditch the deal itself. 

    I know that $50 million is enough to make anyone second guess their own character, but this is Mitt Romney-esque flip-flopping.