Tamar Braxton Performs ‘Love And War’ Live [Video]

Kid Fury December 7, 2012 Live! 36 Comments

I suppose it’s Tamar time in these streets. The Baby Braxton’s new single “Love And War” has already made it to #1 on iTunes after just 24 hours, knocking Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift clean out of her way.

On last night’s episode of Tamar & Vince, the singer held a live showcase where she performed the new song. Her husband and big sister, Toni, watched from the crowd as she blew the damn roof off. Check out the full performance below.

Source: Miss Jia

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  • Kaye

    Yes. Ma’am. Werk!

  • That girl MEL!

    AND -  the chick sang the song sitting down! True vocalist! Good job Tamar!

  • SimplyPut

    She’s def killing ‘em. No doubt about that! Meh……..why the hell not……#TeamTamar

  • Seats

    Goodness. What has she been doing all this time? Why was she even on reality tv with that voice? Whew. Just bought the single, I hope she ends up winning. 

  • Eh…

    YAY she can sing? i’m sorry, just not seeing it for her in the long haul. Its a nice song and all, but she needs to be so dam grateful to that patient hubby of hers, because i guarantee no other producer would want her.

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

      Well,  I guess it works in her favor that she’s married to her producer.

  • MissMe

    The girls voice gave me chills! Say what you want about her persona, but you cannot deny her talent. Shit she may be annoying but I will take Tamar over K. Michelle any damn day…

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

      *Hi-five* also K Michelles attitude seems genuinely disgusting, not for cameras, but that’s just how that bitch is (also her voice is gritty & not in a good way). Tamar is not nasty, just annoying. Also, when she sings impromptu on the show are my fave moments, her voice is beautiful without any studio tricks.

  • Mo

    Tell me why that looked absolutely effortless for her……man I’m so jealous and salty.

  • nasta

    i love hot suger and love and war , but why is nobody sayin anything about that she me i mean her mimed the entire show. Only trent has said somthing about this weird hmmmm, anywho enjoy before taylor swift releases a  new song tay tay

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

       Yo, what tha fuck did you just write?

      • RobinTinnicsha

        I was thinking the same thing! Lol!

  • teeny

    Is she lip-synching for her life? Tamar’s mouth movements are similar to mine when I mime to Mary J Blige’s ‘Be Without You’

    • Adj

      I was wondering the same thing but I couldn’t tell if it was that weird bright lighting on the stage

  • NatashaP

    amazing, amazing voice – I will have this single on repeat.

  • Suchalady

    She killed it…bet her face :/

  • Brittany

    I love the song. 

  • Tspthemba

    I really think she’s lip syncing. Here’s my evidence:
    1)  This sounds waaaaayyyy to much like the version that’s on iTunes for my liking. 
    2)  She’s stuggled to hit notes on damn near every episode of BFV and T&V.
    3) She’s way to vain to risk not *Tamar voice* “sounding hot” at her debut
    4) It’s pretty difficult to belt out a song like that while sitting down. A lot of industry VETS couldn’t pull that off
    5) At one point we all thought Whitney’s version of the Star Bangled Banner was live.
    Tis all.

    • get em

      So you were there? Oh.. ok.

    • Lesbianlocs

      I’m sorry, I must’ve missed something.  Whitney lip synched the SSB on national TV?  Tamar is an amazing vocalist and that’s all there is to it.

    • Ddttrs87

      …Whitney’s version wasn’t live?

      • Missmarchmommy

        it was pre recorded because the NFL wants to ensure that its perfect sounding. She sung it with the band and musical director and sung with the track at the super bowl. Everyone does that its required by the NFL 

    • lovergirl

      i don’t think she lip-synced. what they do on these shows is play the recorded version on the episode when it airs but the actual performance is sung live. 

  • werdz

    Wow.. I aint even want to like it.. But she sold me. Welp..

    • Delores Walker


  • Jacqueline Atta

    You go Tamar!

  • RamenNoodles

    Somethings wrong. How in the hell did “Love & War” go number 1 on Hot 100 with Rih, Taylor and all them blocking it? I mean I know it got good reviews but number 1 is a reach, at least No.16. Let me go talk to Vince cause…Anyways congrats Tamar I don’t use her but its good to see her getting the shine she deserve, she actually can sing.

    • TrinidadJames

      Her good girlfriends from the Skorpion Show were promoting the HELL out of her on every social network when the day the single dropped. Idk if she needed it thought because she did the damn thing on this song!

      • RamenNoodles

        I understand that, but No.1 is still a reach. Rihanna is like the biggest mainstream artist out right now but the struggle for her to get that no.1 for Diamonds with Taylor sitting next to her was real. So its kinda suspicious how Tamar got there so effortlessly.

  • Michelle Romney

    she SLAYED! but why are vince & company in the back catching the holy spirit? *shrugs* anywho, get yo life gurl!!! 

    • CurlyBoo

      well the guy standing next to Vince wrote the song so I can see way he’s so hype over. Wouldn’t you? Somebody singing the hell out of a song you wrote. 

      I was in my lil dorm listening to this religiously myself. The ending gave me chills. 

  • Free86da

    YASSSS She did that! *tamar voice* and no she didnt lip sing she is just tht damn good of a vocalist

  • loook

    this sound like trust and believe by keyshia. 

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I don’t care for her too much but she killed this..*props* It’s actual singing, her personal with the audience, no glitter and dance routines to make up for lack of vocals. She hit those notes.

  • Ash

    I love this song that’s my girl u can do it Tamar

  • hey now

    its pretty hard to believe all you people cant really tell she was lip syncing that live and I don’t even have any problems with her I think she funny i’m sure now she think she won cause clearly lots of people thought it was her singing