Rick Ross Cancels North Carolina Shows After Death Threats

Kid Fury December 7, 2012 Uncategorized 76 Comments

Rick Ross won’t be stopping in North Carolina for two concerts he had lined up after a group called The Gangster Disciples sent him death threats online earlier this week.

The group of thugs released a video on Youtube threatening to appear at the Maybach Music shows and get violent over issues with Ross using their leader Larry Hoover’s name in his “B.M.F.” track and The Star of David on his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape.

Meek Mill, Wale and Machine Gun Kelly were also scheduled to hit the stage in Greensboro and Charlotte this weekend, but as of now, they will be skipping to Nashville for a show Sunday.

I’m glad the shows were canceled. If these men were serious, a lot of innocent people could have gotten hurt, but damn this is so ignorant. Rick Ross opens a chicken franchise and this is how y’all thank him?!

Source: Billboard

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  • Jazz

    Daaaammmm that’s a big nigga right there

  • brandonjaye

    If Diabetes and Heart Failure are not death threat enough for him, I don’t see what some gangs could do.  *shrug*

    • Let’s throw shade, shall we


    • Mo


    • Earthshaker1217

      I feel the same. I don’t mean to be mean, but that is not a healthy body shape.

    • AH

      *dives in coffin*

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

       This damn post was the real death threat. I need to leave and not come back after that.

    • Latonyapettaway

      Flatline! lmao

  • lisa

    People need to learn when to stop with the tatoo’s. They end up looking really stupid.

    • Quincy Robinson

      Looking like a full page out the New York Times

  • caseyG101

    His body…. Jesus.

    • StacksonStacks

      Ewww and lol

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

       Yep, I’m crying right now.

  • Mzshere20

    Woo the Gangster Disciples ain’t no joke!!

  • M.J.

    Martin and Malcolm did not fight and push so our people can act like a bunch of fucking morons. 

    • harri008

      I wish I could like your comment a million times!!

    • Guest

      Yeah, but if they were still with us, they wouldn’t be here for this fat ass nigga. at all. Im not condoning the violence, but NC is lucky. If we could only ban him in every state. *prays*

  • SimplyPut

    The Star of David? As in Israel, Steven Spielberg and delicious potato latkes with apple sauce, fried ever so lightly to a nice, golden crisp???

    The way Israel has been serving Palestine lately, they might want to chill with all that. These Disciple people are not about that dreidl life. Not at all, Rabbi….

    • Bry

      “that dreidel life” (dies because I didn’t mark my door with the blood of a lamb)
      but potato latkes with apple sauce tho? ON POINT

  • YeahYeah

    These record labels con these people in thinking they need to say all this “affiliation” b.s. to sell records. But what has been shown time and time before, these people take what you consider light, serious. Pac, Big and T.I.’s homeboy are prime examples of those “affiliations”. 

    • Misty ZsaZsaGucci

       Pac and nem was GDK Nation? or..nah?

  • StacksonStacks

    Looks at Rick Ross’s stomach……..puts down slice of pizza

    • MissMe

       *picks it up* Don’t you go wasting good pizza!

      • Earthshaker1217

        Tell me if it’s whole grain with low fat cheese.

      • StacksonStacks

        LMAO, you crazy!

  • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

    This is truly sad, I just want black people to do better. The fact that  “thugs” did a YouTube video to threaten death makes me pray for the rapture. Rap is exactly like professional wrestling, ain’t shit about it real and it’s for entertainment. When will “thugs” and the rest of these basic ass adults understand that.

  • pnnylne

    I just want him to get a nice bra/corset and be great. 

  • Misty ZsaZsaGucci

    I didn’t even know GD’s were outside Chicago so this was odd.  These AL,FL,NC. etc chapters getting so angry while the ‘original nation’ is too busy gettin shot @ by Kings, puzzles me on many levels. Judge me but I watched several threatening videos, there was even one from ‘masons’ going in on Rozay for using the 6 point star, they all looked like they lived in transition housing to, so I was confused.

    • Tjfdragon

      Co-sign, didnt know they had Gangster Disciples outside of Chicago. And yes, always at war with the Latin Kings. 

    • Rick Ross’ CO Uniform

      Double co-sign. Of all places that I would expect the GD’s to come after Ross, and MMG even further, it would be here in Chicago. Also, when they started saying “Disciples” in the video, I immediately thought of Cooley High.

      • RobinTinnicsha

        Lol we have em here in MS. They’ve actually been threatening him for a while. The guy I’m talking to said there was an alleged video of him getting slapped around by them. But whatever. He still shoulda did his show. If 50 could take 9 I’m sure he woulda been ok.

  • Onicka’s Grammy Nomination

    Now I KNOW he ain’t scared of no death threats with them bulletproof titties. I cannot and will not.

  • Tjfdragon

    Mr. Rozay is serving Biggest Loser Realness in that picture.

  • ziggy gnarly.

    The fact that his stomach covers his peen … I won’t go there.

    • Lick a “peen” girl


  • Suchalady

    Now I loathe every thing about Titty Rozay too but that video was one of the most horrific and embarrassing things I have ever seen. Young black men…do better.

  • Meme Al

    If you look at his body closely, you can see some kind of retarded looking face. Look closely. 

  • Meme Al

    But why is one nipple pointing down and the other to the heavens ? :/ 

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

       LMAO! I am so mad that you looking at this pic so closely and he does have the touch of the ‘tard face. He’s cock eyed like a mudda fugga.

    • Where yo bra at doe?

      That laughter that makes you stiff and gives you a cramp with real tears OMG I just… I don’t know y’all :/ I’m depressed,  How the hell you have unbalanced breast?

  • Take the wheel Jesus

    Damn I guess these Negro really can hold him back 

  • Where yo bra at doe?

    I looked at the picture and just starting crying ;’( I told myself don’t even go to the comments if you wanna live pass 18, I didn’t listen to myself. I just wanna be cremated… :( Fury out all pictures , He had to be shirtless? When he lays down, his nipples hide inside that wolf pussy on his chin. 

    • Erockbaby3000

      Nooooooooooo! Not a wolf pussy though. I don’t know you sir or ma’am but I hate you for making me laugh this hard, I literally feel a tear falling out my eye, my ribs hurt, and I damn near died coughing

  • Tspthemba

    Where is Jabba’s next tour stop?  I have some frequent flyer miles the thugs can use.  IJS.

  • Seiko

    Heres the issue… I live in NC and yes they threatened Ross but only because they wanted to see if he was going to say fuck it and show up anyway. People have been talking for weeks… They really don’t want Ross dead… They DO HOWEVER want Meek Mill and Wale on a platter because they act so much like bitches. and If they stepped foot in Raleigh? THEY WERE GOING TO GET JUMPED, ROBBED AND SENT BACK TO MIAMI WITH NOTHING MORE THEN MEEK’S ASH, WALE’S SKINNY JEANS AND RICK ROSS’ DDD TITS. Ask Wayne, Before he became the greatest rapper alive he performed at Club Black Ties… Him, Baby and Slim got jumped leaving the club. Weezy will not step foot in the City of Raleigh again. Same thing happened to Nelly! They snatched his chain WHILE he was performing and THEN ran his pockets when he was leaving. Drake too. The only person thats been here and hasn’t been robbed is Waka and thats because Waka had heavy security.

    • Nj

      Thanks for the tea

    • Chels

      That’s true .. but they did shoot up Waka’s tour bus here in Charlotte last Summer ..

    • Alicia Collins

      NC has always been hard. Y’all fuck over anyone coming near you. Who do y’all fux with?

      • Seiko

        We fuck with alot of people! We just don’t fuck with people who scream they a boss, they thuggin’, they’ll peel yo muffin cap back blue and when they get here they curl up on the corner like a bitch. Drake didn’t catch fade, Nicki didn’t catch fade, Niggas in Charlotte had no reason to come for Waka. TI has been here a few times, Roscoe Dash came here alot when he was with MMI and they never touched him or his lambo. So niggas in Raleigh usually only go for niggas who claim they live that thug life

        • bb

          Y’all keep on and officer Ricky tiki sambo won’t share that clotted cream his titties are filled with.

          • Seiko

            Chile bye! We are not here for his bullshit lyrics and those sacks of sour milk that he is serving!

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          Well T.I. actually has lived that life so I see why they didn’t touch him… doesn’t surprise me more people need to knock sense into these rapers, not literally, especially Ross who never admitted to perpetrating living a lie.

          • Seiko

            Ummm so has Nelly but the fucked Nelly up.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            Welp maybe they just ain’t like him idk Nelly was about that life lol

          • Seiko

            They fucked Nelly ALL THE WAY UP! They yanked his chain while he was on stage trying to floss. Then they jumped him outside, ran his pockets and spit on him.

    • Suchalady

       Where the f was everybody else’s security?! They were buggin…

      • Seiko

        Chile Please half the time they security gets sick of their thug life bullshit too!

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    I mean hey *shrugs* don’t talk about it if you ain’t gon be about it. Some of these rappers act like people don’t take what they say seriously. 

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

      BTW  those are some pretty decent graphics on that video. Either they got good connects in the graphic arts community or one of them niggas just knows how to work the hell out of a mac book…I thought I was watching a HBO documentary for a second.

  • LadyBug

    I just watched this video and I was a little scared. I looked for my purse to make sure it was close and the fact that one of them look like a black ninja just made my heart drop. It looked like a trailer to a very scary thug movie. 

    I’ve seen real gangs before but these niggas look scary as hell…. that was until the song started playing and they started dancing. They just exploited themselves and made me giggle a little bit with their rap and jig. 

    I dont want Big Titty Ricky to get shot or anything (Basic niggas will compare him to Biggie) but these jigging frat boys with guns don’t look like they playing so tighten up hella big fella. 

    • Suchalady

      “Basic ni@@as will compare him to Biggie” they sure will, God forbid…smh

  • ha.

    if i was was mr hoover id say all you bitches stop using my name….. and id tell the jews what they doin with their star.

  • Alicia Collins

    Rick Ross officially throwing in his I Ain’t About That Life, card. Hopefully this will get people to reconsider their lyrics and intentions.

  • Justinjam

    Damn…. Smoke from Mortal Kombat ain’t havin’ it!

    • Erockbaby3000

      I would say Noob Saibot just cause he in all black got grey. SMH at that Mortal Kombat Shade.

  • CocoaSoul

    okay like really? you have full on breasts…this has to stop Leonard . 

  • CocoaSoul

    ok last thing……im just wondering if he has tattoos UNDER his titties too…. 

    anyone know this fun fact? 

    • The702Diva

      You ma’am/sir have got to go!!!

    • Jazz

      Tattoos? Not sure. But you’re guaranteed to find some crumbs, some spare change, old popcorn kernels, or maybe one of NeNe’s old missing blonde tracks. 

  • RamenNoodles

    “Rick Ross opens a chicken franchise and this is how y’all thank him?!” Fury..sir…good bye lol. Not y’all saying “he ain’t about this life” if somebody is plotting to hurt you and you know they are. Why would you go there? The logic. This “you ain’t about this life” gonna get you guys killed. Or in Evelyn Lozada’s case headbutted. I’m sorry I had too lol. 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      We sure wouldn’t but we aren’t the ones who say I know the real noreaga and I hustle and run Miami and ish. You perp don’t get mad when people call yo our on it, shoot he betta be glad the Real Rick Ross changed his ways otherwise big titty would have got got a long time ago.

  • bb

    He looks like he lactates curdled chocolate milk. Ugh!

  • Awkwardfunny_girl

    Ok..the video of these dudes is even scary than this pic of Ross looking like grimace from Mcdonalds. I will be sleeping with the lights on tonight!

  • Susladepenglish

    The video was cute. Nice graphics, they all had matching bandanas, then they all boogied at the end. The words were spelled correctly. Looks like a decent group of people.

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    can we discuss why rick ross has not been arrested for indecent exposure!!! how many more times must our retinas be scorched by the sight of his triple D breast!! 

  • Kaye

    Dear William Leonard Roberts II, 

    You are not Rick Ross, you are not Big Meech, nor are you Larry Hoover. You are not a thug BOO BOO (in my Evelyn Lozada voice). You are, however, a disgrace to look upon. Please stop pissing off these ignorant ass people whose only aim in life is to… (if someone figures that out, insert it…_______<–here). And don't worry, just go into Penny's or Walmart and get you an 18hr bra if you don't feel that you have that support you're seeking.Sincerely,The Getcho Life Committee