Nicki Minaj’s Manager Says Grammy Snub Is “Bullshit”

Kid Fury December 7, 2012 You Mad? 88 Comments

It’s no secret at this point that Gretchen Wieners Nicki Minaj received nary a Grammy nomination for that Roman Reloaded album and it seems everyone understands this except stans and her camp.

Nicki’s manager Cortez Bryant, whose company also represents Lil Wayne and Drake, hopped on Twitter to express his opinion on the Roman snub.

“Congrats to @LilTunechi and @Drake and @Hit_Boy on their Grammy Noms butttt they was on some bullshit for not nominating @NICKIMINAJ,” he tweeted yesterday.

Let’s call a thing a thing, beloved. Roman Reloaded was a rushed project that reflected Nicki’s bi-polar nature in conflicting generic sounds without much substance or direction. Hell, they probably wouldn’t even know what category to place it in, because it was an album chock full of confusion.

Build a bridge, toss Roman off the side, and then get over it, sis.



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  • BlairWaldorf2013

    And I CAN’T with that pic…looking like the wrong side of a Tommy Bahama and Twiggy ad campaign from the 70′s or some mess.

  • YeahYeah

    I was never a Nicki fan (caught on to the bullshit early). But from the multiple “projects” she’s working on and the fact after her first major label album release SHE SAID,”I no longer need to prove anything anymore,” it would only make sense that her albums proceeding the first Roman album would continuously fail in quality. 

  • Let’s throw shade, shall we

    LOL!! “4 for you Drake coco, you go Drake coco!!…and NONE for Gretchen Weiners BYE”

    • YouDontWantNoProblems


    • Rihanna’s Left Breast


  • Phresh out the Grammys

    Like Rihanna said “How can you be so hood but you so fucking pop? How can you be so fun and sound like you selling rocks?

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    Nicki, Sis, listen…..

    You’re heading back in the right direction with this “Re-Up” fuckshit, but still even on that, the quality is lacking.

    She needs to realize that the Grammys are about quality of production and lyrical content. If you keep rapping about eating ass and suckin dick in every single song you’ll never have a grammy

    Good Day Onigga

    • KidFury

      All her songs have become shameless plugs about her perfume, clothing lines, wigs and other endorsements. That’s what blogs are for, girl. What else ya’ got?

      • Jazz

        Fury you dead wrong for that Iyanla shade in this post. LMAOOO

        Here’s the thing, though. The 554543548 versions of Roman REVOKED are old and tired. Each re-release sounded like a clusterfuck of garbage.

        I’m not going to act like the Grammy’s isn’t a popularity contest like every award show, but quality IS a factor here. Nicki realllyyy kills me with this sense of entitlement and its going to sabotage the buzz she does have. 

        Just a few short years ago you were performing at hole in the wall clubs wearing Coogi dresses (I have picture proof) so please miss me with this diva attitude. You’re a millionaire. Have a coke and a smile, and thank God about it.

        • Mo


        • Tjfdragon

          oh, let’s me put on my glasses for that read..

      • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

        ain’t nobody got time for that scary ass bottle of “old de toilet”  Onika’s trying to push! ~shudder~

  • Bianca

    1. Nicki appears to get lighter & lighter every time i see her. Pretty soon she’ll be see through.
    2. At this point, Nicki needs to realize that the Grammys isn’t filled with “Yes” men like her staff and stans. If you put out such a confusing and inconsistent product, then you will not be rewarded!! She just needs to reevaluate everything and bring that itty bitty piggy Nicki bak for a while.
    3. These lace fronts are beginning to get disrespectful. 

    • KidFury

       Beginning to?

      • Bianca

        lol you’re right

        • SheezAJazzybish

           so disrespectful they hurt my feelings every time I see her with one on…

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Exactly them lacefronts been leaning on banjee cunt for the masses for a LOOOONG time.

        • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

          i hate that I’m JUST NOW seeing this comment…ahhh see? 30 something days later you still handing out LIFE!…

    • Regina George

      I thought I was the only one noticing she’s almost whiter than Lady Gaga. As for those lace fronts… in the words of Mother Sweet Brown “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!” 

  • caseyG101

    I CAN’T with her skintone… she went from Pam to Gina. Somebody better tell me something.

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

      You know what… that Martin shade…

    • JayAustin

      Yes!! Did u see her on the AMA’s… She matched her wig!! When she stepped on stage I thought ” blk folks don’t come in the color blonde.”

      Nicki I’m not here for Ur music… But always thought u were pretty.. Don’t fcuk up Ur skin!

    • Michele Lee

      …. ” from Pam to Gina”


    • Heather

      I’am so upset at her! She use to be so hood, so thick, her face was a little chub, made her dimples look like sex, The darker tone made her! We need answers Casey forreal! 

    • Sensationaly_Slain

      TEAARRSSS!! *falls completely the fuck out and SLAMS casket shut*

  • MissMe

    Nicki… no one cares girl… bye

  • Joseline’s Adam Apple

    This goes to show that Nicki Minaj and her barbs are now a joke to this industry. I’m pretty sure Lil Kim has a grammy herself even though she’s a joke too.

    • Beyoncelover56

      u know i am here for this comment right

    • Thatssosonja86

      Yep. Kim got one for her collaboration with Missy, Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Mya for Lady Marmalade.

      Nicki got one for…….wait, she doesn’t.

      • jajay22


  • Bry

    I feel like her lack of noms meant she’s not invited, like stay your ass at home.

    I’m sure the Grammy’s washed their hands with Nicki after Roman’s Exorcism she performed on stage. like that whole Roman Holiday, she tried to give us musical theatre but ultimately gave us a bad karaoke version of Be Our Guest.

    • Zink!

      NOT BE OUR GUEST!!!!! *dies* The Beauty and the Beast shade is real!!

      This is why I try to stay away from this site….lol bye!

    • YouDontWantNoProblems

      BE OUR GUEST?! Oh hell no, bitch. 

      I ain’t even got time for this TUHNIGHT lmfao
      *swan dives into casket*


    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

      Can somebody please get me some fresh lemon tea to go with this muthafuckin’ shade? 

  • serenissima

    that comment on the other post dubbing her gretchen wiener to frank ocean’s glen coco should be given an award for ‘Comment of the Year’ on this site. 

  • Tiffany

    Well….Nicki was at the Grammys last year, and well…she knows how that turned out. Did she just want to sit in the audience and not receive not one award for the second year in a row? Then just be Drake’s +1. Trust, he won’t be getting up either.

  • pnnylne

    Saying you a bad bitch and that you just slayed. Letting Drizzy hype you up and end up getting played. Yo’ wig got snatched wig wig got snatched.

    My album is coming 2013.

    *stomp 2 times, SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!, drops mic, exit stage left*

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      BXTCH YOU GOTTA GO.. but I will be copping that album thank ya lol.

    • Jazz

      Better than any track on Roman REVOKED. Bravo, girl. Get your coins.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    “Build a bridge, toss Roman off the side, and then get over it, sis.”….This is why I love you Fury

  • Zink!

    Sidebar: Am I the only one who wanted to wipe her face or dab it with a tissue in that close up pic? It looks mad greasy….

    • Misty ZsaZsaGucci

       No. There are others. I have been fervent in my activism against her makeup for months now. As we speak I’m drafting legislation to submit to Congress and in talks with the FDA,  to promote banning the use of Tang and Talcum powder as foundation. I would appreciate everyone’ support. United We Stand.

      • Nenenwa Ezekwem

        tang and tal… sis, why dont u just collect my sou yaself cuz I can’t… bye

      • Sunshine

        The eloquence of this makes my heart soar but I want to hate you so badly, instead I’ll share my Godiva with you is that alright love?

      • The702Diva

        “tang and talcum powder”? Ma’am……………this made my day

  • mishondredo

    …. Anyway, I wonder will Queen Bey bless us with a new single at the SuperBowl this year?

  • StacksonStacks

    Why does it look like an oil rig crashed on her face in this pic? What a clown!

  • ♈Candace♈

    She wasn’t getting any kind of nomination with those eyebrows.

  • Comeback

    oh we go lol

  • Nelly

    Me and Nicki got divorced after 5 star chick remix, She didn’t give “her self” no time she went straight into Hollywood mode, “Hollywood couldn’t change” I’m going to leave that there.

  • Nelly

    Me and Nicki got divorced after 5 star chick remix, She didn’t give “her self” no time she went straight into Hollywood mode, “Hollywood couldn’t change me” I’m going to leave that there. 

  • YourHighness

    Its like I’m  really tryna get into to her..but after all that has went down with the whole mitt romney line, her and mariah dispute,all the outlandish interviews its really hard to understand her..sigh

    My thing is she came into the pop game took quick. She should have just done super bass and ease her way into the pop world. now that she trying to return to her hood mentality and do simple music as to when she first came out, people are kinda confused as to what she is trying to convey. even if she was to try and do a normal image/music people then would call her a sellout, then she would loose fans. idk , I get she trying to brand herself…but I think she should take it easy and stop releasing music sooo quick…and give people a chance to understand what she is trying to pursue.

    • Seiko

      But heres the thing… Nicki has been pop since the day she got signed. All her beats are popcentric, All her lyrics are soft core pop lyrics, All her features are from mainstream POP rappers. That girl has been pop since the day she signed with young money. Her whole first album was pop. 

      • RFA

         My issue with Nicki has very little to do with her being Pop though. If you wants to do Pop, go ahead, just stop calling yourself a rapper. Mariah and Bey have managed to straddle the lines of Pop and RnB, and have been successful because their music makes sense, it does not offend the soul, it does not result in a sharp drop in IQ. Her lyrics are incoherent, Cat in the Hat gave me more wordplay than any song on her floppy disk. She literally, and I mean specifically, chats shit. Mouth overflowing with manure.

  • Drake still love it though.

    ALL I SEE RIO. Nicki has a recent pic online of her performing or presenting something with willow smith and she was Looking like a five year old bed set, Explain? I’m starting to think Nicki wants to be apart of those Live stage shows on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon :/  There go the pic O_o

    • Drake still love it though.


  • Brittany

    She shouldn’t get mad about getting snubbed when her music is TRASH!!!!

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market
  • Seiko

    She went from looking like Lil Kim, to Gaga, to Rihanna and now she looks like KE$HA… I’m done

  • LadyBug

    Oh Nicki Nicki Nicki. You should’ve seen this snub coming when you decided to do the opening scene to The Adams Family on stage in front of Clive Davis and called it a performance. This isn’t a snub actually this is more like a, ‘bitch you failed the mission now go push perfume and lace fronts in the back alley of a Macy’s' 

    And as I lay my head down to sleep I pray to the Lord she doesn’t perform with ANYBODY at this event dressed like the Care Bear from hell. And her wig stylist Terrance (she named dropped him once) needs to be shot in the face several times. 

    • Terese

      SHE.HAS.A.WIG.STYLIST?!?!?!…listen…I can’t….so you’re trying to tell me….an actual human being…applies those edges…..::walks out of post::

      • LadyBug

        A gay man named Terrance. She named dropped at the AMAs or whatever last award show she won something at. He needs his hands cut off. He’s disrespectful to the talent of wiggatry 

      • Brittany

        they need to be fired

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Shoot I was surpised when I heard she had a clothing stylist as well.. like an actual human goes out and searches for this ratchett mess and she okays it… Lay me by the river.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa


  • MsReddick81

    HEY NICKI!! Come have a seat right here so we can talk _/_/…..
    Girl I’m not sure who called and told you that you are The mother Mary, but bitch they lied!! How do you go from dope girl, to pimp, to stripper to Britney Spears to Rihanna and back all on one album? In just a few years you’ve gone butch queen, Barbie Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe. Everyday is not Halloween so please leave your clown suits at home. Stop buying your lace fronts at the buy 1 get 1 beauty supply and stop letting kiki glue them on in her dimly lit kitchen.
    Please take this time to reflect on your actions in 2012 and try to get together for 2013.
    That is all.

  • lala

    i woulda died if she woulda been up foe best pop album tho…..dah welp

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

       That actually would’ve been the ultimate shade of it all instead of just not nominating her at all. Either way, it’s funny as shit to me.

    • Jacqueline Atta

      The SHADE. I would have LIVED.

  • Jacqueline Atta

    It’s sad, you can see Nicki is so terrified of not being relevant anymore, but it’s clear from the way Roman Repeated – The Regurgitated Leftovers basically flopped, that she is only in the news from people saying “what fuckery is Nicholas up to this time?”

    People aren’t checking for your music anymore, boo. Now rip off that rainbow wig, have a seat and think about why exactly that is, hmm?

    • Courvoisier

      I LIVE!

  • Barack Yomomma

    Who told this white woman that it’s okay to wear a spray on tan and wear her tie dye carpet outside?

  • RamenNoodles

    I can’t! LMAOO they are really pressed about this Grammy nomination. Him talking about they bullshitting to Nicki blocking her fans cause they agree she don’t deserve it. I’m telling y’all Nicki is really letting her “barbs” pump her head. She really need to humble herself. Girl you wasn’t snubbed, Roman Reloaded had like 1-2 good songs and the rest was trash. Last year, you was snubbed for that Best New Artist award, cause you did go hard and Pink Friday was actually good “quality” music from you. I am literally dying at them being so anger about this. I bet she won’t even show up, I bet money on it lol. 

    • RamenNoodles


    • MsReddick81


    • I Love You Mariah

      Don’t forget Drake he pumped up her head too when he said she was the best to ever do it and f lil Kim after that it was over her ego blew up I blame Drakeisha for all of this

      • CassieOnDiddysDick

        blame drake but he still lives with those two grammy noms

  • Ali Smartypants

    …as Mariah polishes her 5 Grammy’s. 

  • TooHardNotToThrowAndCatchShade

    Cumbustables of Somewhere over the rainbow, Sad face happy face with them eyebrows, White girl gone bad, Neighborhood strawberry, Yaki hair from a store named BEAUTY SUPPLY , NC20 and NC 45 at the same damn time, #twerkteamthursday leggings oftd AND throwing as much shade as i possibly can to those im trying to look innocent n cute ducklip and them almaymakeup smokey eye kit from the closest Rite-Aid near you. 
    Note: If you need translation (above) then ask ms.kattstackstracksleftbehind to throw a line at you

    Intro Line: Shit, i run this shit.  Bitchazzzzzz( holds it for 7.66 seconds)
    Im tha illest shit, im the realest bitch
    I support ma muthafuckas, yeah i got chu Mitt
    y’all trippin bout a republican, but im a fuckin republican
    blog me out, U whores think i give a fuck again?

    Yea ma barbs say fuck the grammys
    Nominations? i say fuck the grammys
    I still get money by the band
    I said fuck the grammys
    I’m a screensaver, wallpaper a website home page
    Ill neva get old ill never muthafuckin age
    I aint a crinkly white bitch, 1 score and ten
    I just nought a rear end and gittin the white men

    Proceeds with repetitive bullshit
    and sadly understandible, blantantly retarded, but high selling lyrics. 

    Judge Joe Brown, Out.

    • Sherae Renee’


  • S.

    What have we learned here? The universe will not allow to you “diss” legends like Cher, Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler and keep on keeping on. Beef with Kim… well that’s just what rappers do, but you go messing with the Dance, Rock and Pop Gawds and you shall have 30k first week sales and things of that nature.

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    her manager wants to talk all that shit but I bet if the grammy execs ringed him up TODAY he would be shoving her bleached sack-o-silicone ass on stage ready to get his palms greased w/ his percentage! smdh!

  • Kaye

    Onika Tanya Maraj fell off a loooong time ago. What’s bullshit is she and her manager believing she deserved anything besides a hair flip. Girl bye

  • Tina

    Gretchen Weiners though???? lolol So FETCH!!!!

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I am not here for all the people in her camp and her Barbs, Ken Barbs, Care Bear Coalition or whatever gassing her head up. She surrounded by so many YES men, it’s ridiculous..Somebody needs to intervene and tell her to stop trying to make “fetch” happen..lmao. She got AMA, MTV, BET all riding her tail but seriously, if you were nominated for the same damn album last year or whatever..why would they nominate it again? Oh because “Stupid Hoe” was one of the most riveting tunes of the year *side eye* Lawwd Jesus, send in the clowns.

  • Chris Brown’s crack pipe

    one of my fave grammy stories was Miguel being pissed for not being nominated for this year’s grammy’s especially when his first album had grammy worthy hits as well as the album being grammy worthy, but whatever; he was pissed but he kept it pushing and came out with BETTER quality, if Nicki Feels pressed about this then she need to prove they made a mistake, which they didn’t. the general consensus is that she didn’t deserve to be nominated; if everyone is saying it then there must be some truth to it! i wish she would TAKE criticism it’s the only way people get better

  • Terese

    I see Nicholas is giving us Meryl Streep Death Becomes Her realness with this makeup -___-

  • Bri

    That Ms. Pearly-esque upper lip? No ma’am.