Candid Yams: Rihanna Departing From LAX

Kid Fury December 7, 2012 Candid Yams 31 Comments

Curry Goat was seen departing on a flight out of LAX today with her short hair back on. Mama was dressed in all black like Sheryl Underwood’s gums and repping for Adidas from head to toe. Meanwhile, KindleFireHD was smiling all over LA wearing H&M by Maison Martin Margiela.

Photos: FameFlyNet

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  • Kyana

    KindleFireHd, lol while smh, you a mess Fury : p

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    YESSSS…Reping like she just signed on a multimillion dollar promo campaign and this is the first ad (I love it). Rhi Rhi is serving you sassy in sweats and I’m here for it. I’m like where can I get that outfit (no bullshit).

    • Let’s throw shade, shall we

      Prolly at your local footlocker…if i had to guess

      • BlairWaldorf2013

        You mean…PROBABLY. I’ve decided not to entertain the LITERAL stupidity of folks trying to throw shade when they can’t even spell properly with their ‘so called shade’.

        • Kyana

          Responses like that make me think you prolly need some d*ck. How’s that for literal ? ; )

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            You people crack me up (literally) because you get on here and try to channel some Kid Fury dialogue when instead YOU sound pressed and over worked to try and make a point about why it’s OKAY to use incorrect grammer/spelling. And we wonder why this country is soooooo behind in education.

            Because people ACTUALLY start using these non-words as if they’re abbreviations for something that they’re NOT.

          • choclatcherry

            *grammar… No shade though

          • Misskeneisha

            Thank you it amazes me how many people try to correct others grammar and spelling but the turn around and spell grammar with a “er” #fail.

        • Sugarsmoke

           You need to calm it down 10 levels. ‘Prolly’ is just an abbreviated slang for ‘Probably’. You clearly knew what the word stood for so why are you so pressed ’bout it?

  • Kaye

    “Sheryl Underwood’s gums” …see, iCannot with u.

  • Jazz

    Rih Rih is like a walking billboard for these designers/products. Get your coins, girl.

  • serenissima

    but can i get the info on her glasses tho??? 

    • pnnylne

      I love those glasses.

      • Introspective

        Theyre hot to death. Theyre by prada. Saw someone in midtown manhattan on tue rocking the shit out of these. If only i had the cash…

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

      She is giving me Harry Potter meets Run DMC with this look and I love it.

      I am absolutely here for it! 

  • Scarf Junkie

    “ Mama was dressed in all black like Sheryl Underwood’s gums…” *time of death, 1453*

  • Elleas Jona

    Rihanna looks amazing honestly! She owns that short hair cut though, I love everything about Rihanna I’m not even going to lie :p I just don’t want her with fucking chris ugh brown!!! Don’t you think chris is just beyond Childish? He really needs to grow up in every way possible.

  • StacksonStacks

    That haircut and glasses got Rihanna looking like Harry Potter.

    • Onicka’s Grammy Nomination

      I thought I was the only one. Mama looks like she highstepping straight outta Hogwarts. But it’s a cute look, though. 

    • jajay22

      she is the bad bitch from hogwarts..stealing ginny from harry and letting snape suck on her toes for some magic potions and shit

      • YouDontWantNoProblems


      • nellz

        “Letting snape suck on her toes for some magic potions” <—- this shit right here hahrujrdjdjdjjfjjsjdjsjd x_x

  • Jade

    Kindlefire HD….LOL! Where do you come up with this stuff?

  • ziggy gnarly.

    I’m glad she’s back to the short hair. The mullet-Faux Prince thing where you can see her track glue wasn’t the business.

    The REAL question is what in the unholy hell does KryptoniteIBeOnItAllDayStraightUpYouCanFindMeInTheA have on?! Color-blocking and matching is not her thing. She needs to stick with the embroidered corner store white tees that she calls her “fashion line.”

    • YolaHippie

       you tried it. ursula’s work stays on point no track glue there.

  • You’ll Be Aight…

    I really blame you people for my inability to pronounce this child’s name…STILL. Is it Kuhn-Roo-Chee or Car-oo-chaaaayyye or Car-oo-Chee…

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Nvm.

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

      I heard that the correct pronunciation is Cuur-rooosh…either way idgaf. She’s K girl to me. 

      • You’ll Be Aight…

        Is it racist to ask which is more Asian sounding and rock with that one??? If her mama really cared how people pronounced it, she would have had the sense to use accent marks like Mutha Creole…

  • LadyBug

    Look at Rih serving Harry Potter and the All Day I Dream About Sex cuteness. I love it. And KockRingsforsale looks like she’s about to tip over in her pointed toe heels. She’s still cute though. 

  • RamenNoodles

    Loves it, but I wish she would get back on her Rated R/Loud era style.

  • Ree Anna aka curry goat

    I love rihanna & I love, love when kid fury calls her curry coat. I be dyin!