New Music: Tamar Braxton – Love And War

Kid Fury December 6, 2012 New Music 60 Comments

So here is Tamar with the lead single off her upcoming solo album. The track, titled “Love And War”, is a very soft ballad for your sexy Spotify playlists and prom CDs.

Here’s the thing: I cannot stand Tamar Braxton at all. Her attitude, that third-person speech, and all that excessive gay lingo makes my ears and eyes bleed every time. However, this song is beautiful. The production is great and Tamar’s vocals are slaying. It kinda sounds like Keyshia Cole, but on-key.

So I’m conflicted. Tamar catwalks on my nerves, but I bought the song (now #2 on iTunes) anyway. Whatever! Music is music. Listen to “Love And War” below and get it on iTunes here.

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  • M.J.

    Hmm… she sounds great, nice song, and it does sounds just like Frankie’s offspring’s song… I’ll let grow on me for a while. 

  • Jazz

    Tamar should have been the Toni of the family. I mean…the girls pipes are no joke

    • nellyv85

      No, Toni is the Toni of her family. Get it together.

      • Jazz

        All of the Braxton girls are talented, but in my opinion Tamar has a better voice and a wider range than all of her sisters.

        Chile, don’t come for me. I didn’t send for you. Get yo life, sis.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      No the thing is when Toni came out we already had women with vocal ranges like Tamar now not so much. Toni was like a reincarnation of Anita Baker very deep sultry vocals that empitomize what 90s R&B was. 

      • I Love You Mariah

        THANK YOU! I have bee saying the same thing. That’s the reason her first album flopped not because the music was trash or she couldn’t sing but because there were already women out sanging like her at that time and the fact that she was Toni’s sister didn’t help either not only were women singing like Tamar and better in the early 2000s and back people were like I don’t care about Toni’s sister I care about Toni…but becausetoday’s music industry is so pop dominated and doesn’t require vocal talent people are somewhat shocked that Tamar is singing this good anyway I would love to hear Toni sing this as well as Mariah both who I feel she sounds like or is emulating in this song it’s like she goes from Toni on the verse to Mariah on the chorus I LOVE IT

  • Kendallmacklin

    She play to damn much for me and she too damn old to act the way he act the song ok but whatever fuck her

    • Rdamonte83

      Umm no u need jesus it dnt matter how old she is mariah is 42 an still
      Wearin 20 year old stuff..#musbetrippin

  • Miles

    God if she just wasn’t such a piece of trash!

  • That girl MEL!

    Her first album was great – so there’s no doubt she won’t give a great project. Now that funky attitude . . . CHILE BOO!

  • Three steps up, one step down


  • Shay

    love the song, but this bitch is an atrocity. i can not and will not give her one red penny of my money. her attitude is stankier than a diarrhea booty hole. im good on that one. nice song though. i’d much rather listen for free. 

  • Jacqueline Atta

    I don’t watch the show to know what kind of person Tamar is, but this song is gorgeous. <3

    • Nicole

      same. i know people that love her because shes funny and people that hate her attitude. i have nothing to judge her on but if her whole album is this great im supporting it. people are saying they miss 90s r&b and here it is and something like a persons tv persona is going to make them not appreciate it??? no, that not for me

      nene leaks pissed people off for years but that didnt stop them from watching glee or the new normal.

      • itsme!

        It does for me. I can’t support people that I don’t believe in…Nene Leakes included. Their too old to act so ugly and I will not support such foolish behavior.

        • Kee

          Newsflash: Some of your favorites are probably just as bad if not worse. Difference is they they dont put cameras in their faces to show every second of it…. 

          • Type Dope80

             Exactly and the people who say they “hate” her are basing it off a personality that she protrays on television. I mean we don’t really know her for real. And how you feel about her has no real reflection on her. You think she care probably not. She pays the haters DUST

        • Rdamonte83

          Oop u prolly act worse & nobody cares if u support her or not
          Do i care o well one less fan
          She is a singet tho#doinher

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

      I adore her ass!!! When “The Braxtons” first premiered, I was like this show is going to make it off the strength of Tamar. And now she got a spin off. She is obnoxious, but honestly I just think it’s stunting for the cameras and she play her part. The girl has talent no doubt…

  • Oop!

    Her attitude/personality really makes me not want to support her. I try to overlook that for artists who at least are talented, but I can’t get with her. Beautiful voice though.

  • CaramelHottie

    The song is nice. I have her first album and she has a great range with whistle register but I just don’t know. I have a love hate relationship with her so for now I’ll just illegally download it *shrugs*

  • SimplyPut

    As long as I don’t have to look at her when she sings or listen to her when she speaks, I’m here for it.

  • OhagiGaveMeTheSamePoem

    Can’t stop repeating it. Honestly I played it on my phone last night and it was ok, but I kept seeing it rise on the r&b charts and main charts and thought ‘am I missing something’ so I got it today to play on the computer and headphones and I love it. I love the love as war story and the vocals.  Her tone is similar to Toni but then she belts in her higher registers and she’s completely her own songstress.

  • Keetha Montana-Lucas

    i will say i love the cover art. the attitude though….

  • InYaMouf

    She sounds like a higher octave Toni Braxton. The riffs & everything are the same.  She can sing but I watched the episode when she was recording this song & let’s just say – those production boards are the biz. Wanna see if she could hold a tune live. Don’t care about the stank that is her attitude either.

    • Crystal

      She can blow live too… She sings part of this song live on her show!

    • OhagiGaveMeTheSamePoem

      She’s singing the song on the show tonight….

    • OhagiGaveMeTheSamePoem

      Matter of fact , youtube search “Tamar Braxton - Ding A Ling Of GolD   

      it’s a song she was making up about why her sister Trina keeps dealing with a bad guy for her but she’s reallllllly sanging it

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Here’s the link to her singing LIVE from the show:
      All her sisters outside of Toni have shown us plenty of times on their show they all know how to sing now not to mention they did background for her.

  • Va2min08

    I love the song, but I can’t help but to want to hear Toni sing it.

    • I Love You Mariah

      Me too! Thought I was the only one lol

    • lala

       but toni dont have that range…no shade

      • Va2min08

        I dont think she needs to. They’d lower the range and I think it’d have the same effect. Toni can hit some high notes though too.

        Did anyone else notice at the end of the Tamar and Vince show last night, Vince told Toni that people wanted to hear a Tamar and Toni duet and Toni answered, “I can do that!!!” Just a few months ago, she wasn’t trying to sing with her sisters because she wanted her own identity. Now that Tamar had a good showcase, she wants to jump on board. lol I love Toni but that was just terrible.

        • I Love You Mariah

          What good showcase though? Lol dang I guess minor success for an R&B artist is looked at as big. People still don’t know who Tamar is and if they do a song together in the mainstream media it will be Toni Braxton and her sister this little “success” Tamar is going to have will not put her on legendary status lol mainstream only knows of 1 Braxton truth be told a lot of people didn’t know about the bra tons group until BFV. Before Toni was working on her own album the 1st season it was Pulse then after that she was working on a new one with the lead single I Heart You of course she didn’t wanna work with her sisters she was trying to revive her career like most of these legends and icons are doing now. Plus Tamar and Toni are the closest of all of them. However I wouldn’t want them to do a song together Tamara songs too much like Toni what’s the point lol

          • LOVEIT

            I think that’s completely asanine. One true Braxton?? There’s no such thing. Tamar acts a fool but it’s TV – you love it or you hate it. It’ll never change the fact that this girl can sing thousands of miles around today’s so-called “superstars”. Toni has said herself “I have always said this and I stand by it you’re the best singer out of all of us”. Toni does her thing so chill, stop hating and comparing for 2 seconds, and let her take her chance. Anytime someone gets some kind of success people want to tear them down and belittle it, that’s fucked up. This song is a breath of fresh air and it gives me the same hope Frank Ocean and Elle Verner give me – that RnB isn’t completely dead. A huge factor in the ability to sing is genetics. They are sisters; THEY WILL HAVE SOME SIMILAR TRAITS. I’d personally LOVEEEEEEE a collabo between the sisters because even if they sound alike – their vocals are dope and I can’t wait to experience something of that caliber.

  • whatevs

    I… I like it *hangs head* what is my life…

  • Elle

    Don’t like her! At all!! But her pipes are Kray!! Song is ok

  • Chrissy’s Mole ft Chrissy

    With the world coming to an end and real authentic vocalists scarce, I’m ALL for it. The song doesn’t come with 4 seasons of her antics, so I can separate my love for the song and my ongoing war against ratchetness and unreasonably bad weaves. Sang Tamar. #shedidthat!

  • Courtney Cymone

    I love you @kidfury but you touched a point…….
    Music nowadays is based off of if we like the artist personally instead of their music. I understand we want to get to know the artist behind the scenes but by doing we kinda lose focus on the main purpose, Do we like their music or not? Whether they have a big ego/just a big diva or whatever still we still gotta see what the can create in the studio and if their talents are worth ppl to support 

    • whatevs

      Well just as a counterpoint I do think it’s valid to dislike someone’s music because you don’t like their attitude. I think it just depends on the extent. I’ve stopped listening to a lot of people just because the way they act behind the scenes totally soured the experience for me & someone else deserves my money more. 

  • RW

    Y’all please. I doubt she really acts like she acts on tv. She does what she does to make that money. Unfortunately most people like to watch drama on tv so that’s what she gives you. You don’t like the show, don’t watch it. You like the song, support it. I love it.

  • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

    I have ALWAYS been into Tamar.  Love her album and I love this song!  If I purchased music based on an artist’s attitude, I would barely have any music including NONE of Toni Braxton’s music whose attitude is just…..See it was a good thing when we didn’t see them as much wasn’t it?

    • Kee

      no shade but if this type of exposure was out back when toni was up and coming and she had the same attitude she has today on braxton family values, shed be on blue cantrell status….take that however you want to 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I love this song it was perfectly made for her if you watch the show and her and Vince’s trials then their friend Lashawn who was also going through his issues with his wife wrote it. He vocal range is what’s needed in the game right now R&B realness.

  • Mel_Mel

    The Keyshia shade tho.

    Also, the song is beautiful.

  • Basquiat

    Amen for putting the key in Keyshia Cole.

  • Kayy

    Tamar has grown onto me, the song is dope.

  • Suchalady

    Love it. Production-wise it sounds exactly like Keyshia’s “Trust & Believe”.

  • Jadav

    Love this song… Tamar did the damn thing on this track…. can’t wait for Hot Sugar to drop…. that track sounds dope…

    • Kee

      I personally though they needed to clean up the beat JUST a little but otherwise id still jig a little to it… now im more curious to see if get yo life makes the album or not. she should do a remix of that with them new age b2k boys to appeal to the younger fan base but thats just my lil ole opinions..

      • Tyeshea Campbell

        I was really feeling the Get Yo Life joint before they hacked the beat up and put all that BS on it (How she was saying the track was completely different when she came back to finish it). I do think a remix with a hot rapper… or less fortunate artist would do well.

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    You know as much as I want to get on the bandwagon…everytime I hear Tamar I just keep thinking I would like it more with Toni’s alto voice and natural soulfulness coming through. Not trying to come for Tamar….cause I know somebody’s going to think I’m trying it with her. But seriously…it just doesn’t have any POWER to it in the sense that I can feel the “LOVE AND WAR” emotion that I should get. Now I’m not saying her tone, quality, etc. are a problem but having POWER of conviction when you sing is DIFFERENT from being a technically good singer.

    Plus the production is the same as Keyshia Coles ‘Trust and Believe’ which I didn’t even buy (no shade) but at least I get the emotion behind that song more than this. Good for Tamar though for coming back strong.

  • Scarf Junkie

    Damnit, my namesake did me proud. Beautiful song.

  • Terese

    Kid Fury: “It kinda sounds like Keyshia Cole, but on-key.”  <——————READ

  • Cconeise

    I hate Tamar as well. She is awful on that “show” of hers. I can’t lie however, this song is great. if only she didn’t have the stank attitude to go along with it, I’d buy.

  • Denise_122068

    I I love the song God bless you. thank you Jesus you are doing good keep up the good work.

  • Type Dope80

    I love me some Tamar and I don’t care who knows it. And she gave me my everlasting life with this song. She is a great singer and she is funny to me. I think she has a over the top personality that is a given. But at the end of the day she is married and living her dream how many of yall can say the same!!

  • Julius Maloney

    Beautiful track, and if you can sing this & slay sitting down on GMA…mighty impressive.

  • Tyeshea Campbell

    Listen, Toni read her sister to the grave with her Industry rights when she said “Tamar you’ve had several deals but its your mouth” and hopefully this time Tamar listens. Tamar lucked up with having such a ratchet personality, and the reality tv craze which is great for promoting her album but she knows she’d still be on Kathy Griffens D list if music was still in the 90′s era & they wouldve gave this song to Toni. Hmph lol


    I have always loved Tamar. I just cant stand her being a diva; But they are filmed 24/7 for months and all we get is 43 minutes of footage from several days of shooting on one episode – so we don’t know what leads to what. No matter how she acts this song hits so close to home. It’s great when it’s good but when it’s bad it’s the worst. I cry and I smile because she just brings the song to life and I bought it. I’ve stopped listening to music bc of the artist before but this is just a song I’d never think once about passing up. She did phenomenal and I’m buying the album if the other songs are half as good as Love&War.