Video: Jhené Aiko – Mirrors

Kid Fury December 5, 2012 Videos 15 Comments

Lord, I love Jhené Aiko. The singer/songwriter has finally released a new song and video called “Mirrors” about those moments when you’re confronted by your reflection and vexed by what you see.

The track is produced by Key Wayne and the video seems to draw influence from the film Black Swan, with both the soft and nefarious ballet characters. It’s a pretty dark and emotional video…and I love it.

“I wrote a song to sing to myself … on days like these … when i look in the mirror and it disagree,” Jhené tweeted yesterday. Check out the “Mirrors” video below.

Source: Fader

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  • Jazz

    Jhene Aiko is everything! She’s in a totally different lane than anyone other R&B singer out right now. She’s gorgeous, such a soothing voice, AND nice to see an artist write their own music. Can’t wait until her album drops.

  • Kyana

    That girl’s voice is life. Too bad we’ve let f*ckery fill the tube and the airways for so long, it’ll be hard for the average to see it for her. 

  • RobinTinnicsha

    I agree! I’ve been a fan since “Wait No More” she’s so talented! And it’s refreshing that she’s more than just a pretty face!

  • CocoaSoul

    Love herrrrr

  • Hearts

    Loved this girl since 2003… So glad she’s getting the recognition that she deserves :) )

  • Tiara Jason

    I’m a newly discovered Jhene Aiko fan, and I’m absolutely in love with her sound her voice and her music overall. If you don’t know about J.A. YOU BETTA FIND OUT!

  • Christie Moon Sky

    I’ve loved Jhene when Raz-B wasn’t twitching to the left (oh my!). Her Sailing Souls mixtape is the shit and i’m excited about this one!!!

  • serenissima

    I just can’t. I want SO BAD to love her, but she reminds me off a Earth Mother/hippie version of Cassie :-/

  • Yolanda Grimes

    No, ma’am.  No one wants to hear the whining mess that was your 9th grade diary…

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market

    Hello, people need to stop sleeping on her. Everytime I listen to her songs…chile those are the reasons why I can’t wait until her album “Souled Out” is released .

    This. Is. Amazing !

  • Nicole

    Jhene just proves that this newer generation of R&B musicians can be great without EDM, and autotune. I love this and im still mad i missed her when she was in my city touring with Nas

  • Seiko

    I’m sorry but Jene Aiko is another Cassie and Tinashe… Pretty girls but vocally nothing to write home about. We talk about how R&B is dead but their are REAL vocalists who still kill on a mic so there is no excuse why mediocre voices are still recognized

    • Imrightjustadmitit

      you can have a singing voice all you want, but doesn’t your music is any good; look at mariah and christina? the music has to be relevant and have some meaning, at least with Jhene that’s what you get!!

      • Seiko

        Jhene may have subject matter but I’m not giving her more then what she is… A fuckin’ hippie who looks like Amarie and Sounds like Cassie.

  • Meme Al

    I did NOT think i’d like it, but yes gurl finally i’m snatching away from you the title of ‘lil fizz’s fake cousin’ and will now call you by your given name.