VH1 Confirms Love & Hip-Hop Season Three Cast

Kid Fury December 5, 2012 I Guess, Chile 45 Comments

VH1 has officially released the names of Love & Hip-Hop’s new cast in NYC. Returning for the third season is Olivia who will continue struggling for musical relevance and a choice in hair color, but this time she’s got an NBA player boo. Her manager, Rich Dollaz, is also returning with flop model and wannabe singer, Erica Mena, as his girlfriend. Yandy Smith is also making her way back into the fray with her boyfriend Mendeecees Harris and their new baby boy.

New to the cast are infamous rapper/Black Twitter harlequin, Joe Budden, along with his infamous ex-girlfriend, Tahiry José. DJ Raqi Thunda is a supposed friend of Budden’s who has some sort of beef with Tahiry. Queens rapper, Consquence, is joining with his gossip queen girlfriend, Jen the Pen. Other than that, you can expect a chick who sells shoes and an assistant. VH1 has more info on the new cast in their press release below.

Joe Budden — Fierce free-styling artist Joe Budden is widely considered one of hip hop’s most gifted lyricists. His Grammy award-winning song “Pump It Up” was featured in the hit movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. This ladies’ man is also known for posting about his very public relationships and break-ups online.

Tahiry Jose — Tahiry is a charismatic urban model who is best known for her rapid-fire sarcasm as well as her painful and very public break-up with Joe Budden.

Raqi Thunda — Radio personality and DJ Raqi Thunda has no problem keeping it real. Raqi and Joe Budden insist they are just long-time friends. However, Raqi and Joe’s ex, Tahiry don’t see eye- to- eye and have a tumultuous relationship.

Consequence — NYC rapper Consequence has established a successful career working with the likes of Kanye West and A Tribe Called Quest. His five year relationship with fellow cast member Jen Bayer and their 1-year old son Caiden has left the couple bickering about how to raise the child based on differing cultural and religious beliefs.

Jen “The Pen” Bayer — Known for dishing up gossip with DJ Whoo Kid and The Hot Boyz of Chicago, Jen has spent the past year raising Caiden, her son with cast member Consequence.

Winter Ramos — With a brief appearance in the second season of “Love And Hip Hop,” Winter Ramos, former assistant to rapper Fabolous, is making her name in hip hop history as she writes a tell-all book on her roster of famous ex-boyfriends and her life in the music industry. She is currently the Creative Costume Designer for Flavor Unit Films.

Rashidah Ali — Known as the “Blinged Out Bombshell,” Rashidah is most known for being a shoe consultant to the stars and is currently working on launching her own shoe line, Encore.

The new season of Love & Hip-Hop premieres on January 7th at 8pm on VH1.

Source: VH1

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  • ♈Candace♈

    What update do we need about Olivia? We all know that she still isn’t signed to a record label. The End.

    • Earthshaker1217

      Like Skorpion said, “She bizz-ounced!”

  • Weezer

    Sounds tragic…TRAGIC

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple


  • M.J.

    Who is the girl with the Red Ranger suit colored hair and why do I not like her at first glance? Also, Yandy and her platypus bill lips look ROUGH in that pic. 

    • whatevs

      The fact that ol girl’s scalp is red… 

      • Nicole

         why, Why, WHYYYYYYY *mariah voice*

  • ZJ

    Shoe consultant? That’s an actual job?

  • RamenNoodles

    Eh..not really interested. I don’t know why I was expecting anything, only the basic bitches & flops sign up for a show like this. It would be nice to see Bey & Jay take over this show just give it to them! I would love to see their house, Blue Ivy, you know the good things, I just want to be nosy tbh. I know Bey wouldn’t be here for it though lol 

  • James Ony. Tanashee

    Olivia looks 1000000000 years old..

  • Jamie

    AIn’t no way I’m sitting through an entire season of Yandy’s mouth.

  • ….

    Grammy award NOMINATED**** song. joe budden aint win nobody’s grammy… No Kimbella?

  • Jazz

    Am I the only one excited about the new cast? I’m just sad that Kimbella’s spaced out ass isn’t joining. She made that show sooo entertaining. There’s gonna be a whole lot of Remy weaving snatching and Tanqueray throwing and ya’ll bitches will love it. I’m bout to get my life!

  • StacksonStacks

    Who are these non moth fucking factors?

    • Irrelevant

      lmfao exactly ! 

  • MissMe

    I watch Joe Budden on BlogTV all the time so I can’t see what else I could see from him and Kailyn, lol other than maybe seeing some fuckery jump off between him/her/Tahiry… Raqi is annoying as hell so I hope her cameos will be minimal… overall… I’m here for the first episode, get back to me after that, lol. 

  • Misty ZsaZsaGucci

    -Did they just call Joe Budden ‘fierce’?

    -I was gonna ask you why you ain’t show Consquence but then I figured you ain’t have enough bandwidth for him and his teeth.

    - Shoe…consultant?

    -I’m not sure which one of these CapCom bonus mystery characters is the one w/ the red hair, I was just concerned Toya had let Tiny dye her hair.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      “I was gonna ask you why you ain’t show Consquence but then I figured you ain’t have enough bandwidth for him and his teeth.”

      Twerks to my casket and hops in TOO MUCH!

  • Chrissy’s Mole ft. Chrissy

    So shoe consultant means she works for Shoe Dazzle? That’s who picked my showroom. No wonder I skipped this month.

    • Kee

      please just have logan mac sing at my funeral cuz i just died.

  • Missbehave

    Wow….Harpo, who are these women?

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I’m confused as to why ya’ll are asking who are these people like we knew who Joseline and Mimi were….These reality shows were made for non-factors to become factors c’mon now ya’ll. However I still doubt it will top LHHATL, just like RHOA its surpassed the other branches and became the most profitable.

  • Terese

    According to IMDB, 2 fast 2 furious came out in 2003….#noshadejustfacts

    • Kee

      im almost POSITIVE that this damn song was in you got served, stomp the yard, step up, step to the streets and dance, honey boo boo child twist and shout, just dance1-17, and a variety of pep rallys, football games, step shows, dance recitals, ect. but why was that the only song joe budden is known for though?

  • Kashala Jarrells

    I would HATE to be the person that has to create bios for these idiots. Like at some point I’d have to throw in their elementary school report cards, so people would know they accomplished something. 

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

       Ha! Perfection…

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    Girl……WHO?!?!? Where did she find these people?? In line at the check cashing place?? T-RASH!

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

      If you follow music most of these people should pop out to you. But most of reality shows are of people unknown to the masses that’s why they sign up for this tragic shit. Nobody knew them ratchet niggas in the ATL installment and it was a HUGE hit, this can happen again, unfortunately.

  • Simone

    Just one big “WHO?” across the board..And I’m not trying to watch Consequences super teeth terrorize my screen..

  • Miami

    What happened to Kaylin? :/

    • MissMe

       Kay is going to be on the show, she just isn’t a main character

  • Jamie

    Their going to have budden & his ex instead of his current girlfriend? Ummmm where excatly is the “love” in this show?

  • Losh

    I am positive they HAD to put Joe Budden on here because he helps keep the show stocked with heauxs.

    Down at vh1 headquarters:
    Exec #1: Well, we have to find replacement hoes.
    Exec #2: Wanna try King of Diamonds?
    Exec#1:  We tried that.  The strippers have to much self respect. Call that one guy that gave us Somaya.

    Exec #2 calls Joe Budden: “We’re out of hoes.  You have one?  Great.  Wait..what?  You want to be on the show? I dunno, Joe. Oh, you have an ex-ho too?  Fine you’re on.  Make sure you have another ho for backup.  What?  She said you beat her up? Sounds like drama to me…give her a call.”

    Pretty sure that’s how it went.

    • Chrissy’s Mole ft Chrissy

      I died thrice!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Exactly… I wouldn’t doubt if Erica slept with him or spent time in is brothel. I’m surprised they didn’t have him in the first season lol.

  • Suchalady

    If they can give Jimmy and his pitbull their own snooze-fest of a show then they can give Yandy one because the rest of this line-up is a hot mess.

  • Guest

    BUST DOWNS. These chicks look a mess. 

  • britchick91

    Won’t say anything bout the line up remember we were all saying who the hell are the LHHATL cast members before the show aired and look how that ended up

  • Shhhh

    When is LHHATL airing again?  I must limit my ratchet tv viewing to one show per year.

  • Elsatrinidad

    Why Kandi looks washed up?! She needs a makeover!! A different look! Cut ur hair or something!

  • Chrissy’s Mole ft Chrissy

    Why does this look like a box of Michael Jackson’s old noses?

  • Rayquantaylor81

    why it ant nobody that i like on this season i want to see sum action lls

  • Scarf Junkie

    Yandy has a mouth like Perry the Playpus…

  • gabicaligirl

    “yup, yup” game proper.

  • EbonyLolita

    This entire roster is why they just need to cancel this damn show…. *Sigh* It just reads like a roster of passaround pussy, remi & cheap shoes. I can’t anymore. I don’t want to know the reali(tea) of these groupies, wannabee moguls & tired has been rappers.