Rob Kardashian Takes Back His “Rita Ora” Comments

Kid Fury December 5, 2012 Oh, You Tried That! 49 Comments

After lighting the web aflame with accusations that he was cheated on over 20 times which led to the Twitter trend “Rita Whora”, Rob Kardashian is now backpedaling on his previous comments. Yesterday he tweeted that he never named names and blames the media for being negative….before deleting all the tweets again.

Just so we [are] clear I never once mentioned ‘Rita Ora’ in any of my tweets or even used the word ‘whore’ and I never would. I Respect Women.

Sad that the media created negativity for a young artist new to the game that is working so hard to make it. Never mentioned any names.

First of all, Rob has definitely called his own sister a whore — not that it’s a lie, but if you will call your own blood by that name, you will say it to anyone. Secondly, Twitter and the blogs were running with this Rita Ora story for over a day. If you weren’t talking about her, why would you wait so long to clear things up?

Kris Jenner swooped in with the interception on this one. Rita Ora works for Jay-Z who is married to Beyoncé who is married to Jay-Z who works with Kanye who is sleeping with Kim who needs that publicity. Shit got too real to deal.

On the other hand, Rita told Glamour UK that she and Rob never got serious because she was never with him. “I’m not going out with Rob. We were close for a while, but it didn’t work because I was never there.”

These people clearly just need some chicken.


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  • Paris Trillton

    Kris probably told him she’s not supporting that sock business fuckery he’s doing if he doesnt retract the statements. Rita still a ho tho.

    • im heaaaaaa

      Yes because you are absolutely rita’s pussy, so you know how many dicks been in there. Do you also check up on your mother’s snatch?

      I anxiously await your reply -_-

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa
      • Paris Trillton

        Wait. And you are….?
        And you’re hurt from my comment because……?
        And you anxiously waited for me to acknowledge you for what reason????
        Oh look, here’s a seat you can take _/

      • SheezAJazzybish

         yes for the quick read

    • ZJ

      LOL. I forgot that fool was trying to design socks. God, I hate this family.

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    Yessssss. Kid Fury…you know Jay called Kris like “you better get your child before I have to” and Kris was like “Yes Sir Mr. Carter I’m on my way now to smack the dog piss out of my fool of a son for trying it.”

    • RamenNoodles

      Jay doesn’t communicate with trash. And Kris is delusional to ever think the Carter’s would associate with her family.

      • BlairWaldorf2013

        In the late Heath Ledger’s Joker voice “WHY SO SERIOUS???” Of course Jay wouldn’t associated with Kardashian Whores

        • BlairWaldorf2013


  • Dem babies love her breasts

    I made the connection like you did fury a day ago. I thought if this nikka don’t…. Rita works for Jay who is best friends with Kanye who is mad in love with Beyonce who is married and in love with Jay who doesn’t see it for Kanye who is dating Kim, who nobody sees it for her except Kris Who mothered this ungrateful man whore Roberta!

    • Whoredarshians

      Forgot to change my title lol oops that was for the Mariah post

  • serenissima

    lies, fairytales, and fallacies. 

  • Kim Kardashian’s “Cold Sore”

    Kris snatched that ass with the quickness. At this point, the whole Kardashian empire is resting on Kim’s constant licking of Kanye’s scrotum. Dude shoulda known better than to come for Roc Nation. I’m surprised Kris didn’t just claim that Rob’s not really a Kardashian and simply disowned him. 

    • serenissima

      LOLLLL “He’s adopted.”

  • SymmoneHakeem

    I just love how you somehow managed to put the Queen Beyoncè in AWLL UH DIS!

    • KidFury

      When everything is said and done at the end of each day….Beyoncé.

      • Kee

        all roads lead back to king bey apparently….even if some of those aforementioned roads are littered with trash.

  • CortneyBOO2

    Clearly he was talking about Rita. Why else would he delete those tweets if they weren’t directed at anybody specific?

  • Kanye Disick

    if Rob wasn’t talking about Rita Whora than what other girl did this man have? I don’t think a girl would stay with him while he’s all on Rita ass.

  • Let’s throw shade, shall we

    You’re right Fury! If he wasn’t talking about Rita then as soon as Rite Whora trended he shoulda jumped in and stopped peoples assumptions. He OBVIOUSLY got put in his place. Jay called Ye to tell his VD depository of a gf to talk some sense into her little brother

  • ZJ

    I love it when people who aren’t at all relevant release statements. This kid is lame.

  • Nae Werd

    uh huh uh uh! real recognize real Rob and you looking pretty unfamiliar!

    • Kee

      basically to quote jay-z “we dont believe you, you need more people” rob.

  • Jazz

    I HATE when people throw rocks and then hide their hand. That’s like me slandering Oprah, then tweeting, “Just because I’m talking about a black female billionaire with Rasheeda bags under her eyes doesn’t mean it’s Oprah.” Come on son, I would have believe an apology before I believed this fuck shit.
    Rob, truth is don’t nobody give a crispy southern fried fuck about you or anything going on in your life. Stay in your sisters’ shadow. It’s safer there.

    • Crystallharvey


    • MariaLeah

      Oh my goodness, I’m in class and the laughter just shout out, now I’m sitting in the hallway. Omg you did not have to shade Oprah, she didn’t do anything to you! Sis I’m crying! 

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

      Rasheeda Bags?! I need to lie down.

  • AH

    Roberta girl, we ALL know who you were tweeting about. You need more people. Find your life!

  • Zink!

    Rob hun we don’t believe you!! Take that Kris J PR advice, give it to Kim and let her put it up Kanye’s butt, because WE ARE NOT HERE FOR YOUR LIES!!!!!! 

  • Kaleefarnyah

    Oh my gosh :/ -The fact that he said he wasn’t referring to Rita, -_-) Rob why would you even put this statement out there? Unless you were cheating on here? Oh please Rob you’re a bitch, you were in love and you were talking about Rita.

  • Dorothy

    Rob is a pisces.. pisces men have feminine traits. very sensitive. 

  • Nicci

    i am cryyyyyyin over here. this is why you continue to be the irrelevant kardashian, robert. smh. this is the best excuse you got? really? you didn’t specify. um, but you are only linked to one woman. boy stop. lame from beginning to end.

    • Kee

      thats true cuz the no kardashian sisters are more relevant than his ass and they aint eem legal yet. smh

  • britchick91

    who didn’t see that coming.This ‘man’ is so damn sensitive i’ve lost count of the amount of times I have seen him cry on their show 

  • whatevs

    Next time on #fixmylife… 

  • Nikiblu82

    so did Jay-Z approach you too boo? its okay

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I swear him and Aubrella are cut from the same cloth.

    Roberta sis….

  • bb

    Sis, you were just upset because there were 20 dicks she wanted instead of yours. Sad that a family that only exists because of media negativity produced a bitch made man like you. Pull your panties up.

  • Sash

    Rita better than me!… I would of paid some niggas to let the Choppa lift his soul out of his Arthur George socks right into the hands of The Lord,for disrespecting my reputation.

  • Lola Waldorf.

    Lindsay Lohan…that you girl?

    • Jacqueline Atta

      When I tell you I fell off my chair….

  • Rita Slowhora

     I’m surprised Rita fucked him.He broke as fuck.

    • Kee

      not really, he made 397 dollars and a subway (no actually quiznos) sandwich from DWTS and like probably 6 people (not related to him) bought his socks.

  • Jacqueline Atta

    Maybe I should feel bad for Rita being humiliated, maybe I should feel bad for Rob ebign cheated on, but honestly….this whole situation is funny as fuck, all the names people have been giving Rita is funny as fuck, and maybe I’m a bad person but I’m getting my life watching this mess. *grabs a bag of popcorn*

  • Ingetw

    You slid King B in there for no reason.

  • sck

    Rob eat a dick. Keep your mouth shut, you’re prettier that way.

  • Kayy

    Rob probably mad cause Rita said she wouldn’t endorse his socks, even though it’s for men. Robeena sis, you’re a sad little boy whose better off living in the shadow of Bruce’s used socks. 

  • Brittany

    “Rita Ora works for Jay-Z who is married to Beyoncé who is married to Jay-Z who works with Kanye who is sleeping with Kim who needs that publicity. Shit got too real to deal” .  FURY THIS LINE SLAYED ME