Candid Yams: Alexandra Burke, Diddy, Karreuche Tran

Kid Fury December 5, 2012 Candid Yams 32 Comments

UK singer, Alexandra Burke, has a new hairstyle that is very Hilson-esque and I don’t know how I feel about it. She was spotted yesterday leaving a Christmas party at London restaurant, Mahiki, with blonde hair and dark roots. The weave may be a little No Boys Allowed, but she was still out there tipping in a velvet dress looking great.

Puffy was seen arriving at LAX for a flight in his typical rich, black and comfy look. Just a Sean John hoodie, Jordan sneakers and an enormous gold and diamond Mercedes-Benz necklace. Oh, and shades of course. Meanwhile, rent is cutting into my Popeye’s budget, but I’m gonna shut up about it.

KombuchaTea was found doing a little shooping at Vons, in Beverly Hills yesterday. She was only photographed with flowers, some green shit from Starbucks and that dragon tattoo that kinda looks like a Fruit Roll-up now. She and her friend were grinning and what not, so Chris ain’t kill her vibe.

Photos: FameFlyNet & Bauer Griffin

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  • Operamystic

    She is drinking a soy Green Tea Frappe from Starbucks…..that’s my drink!!

    • Tina

      Me too. Thats some good shit…lol

      • KidFury

          Y’all so hip.

  • RamenNoodles

    Kid Fury why do I feel like you added KelloggsRiceCake to this post just to give her a new name? LMAO 

  • We out here trynna function

    Fury did you just shade the green tea frappe?!?! That drink is delicious.
    Damn, haven’t seen Alexandra Burke in a minute, and omg yes she looks like she just arrived from the “No boys allowed” era lol.Karrueche looks cute though, she seems happy so good for her.

  • Shay

    At least KrispyFriedChicken got some virgin remy weave from her severance package. I ain’t mad at her!

    • Asian hair though.

      Yess, her hair is the business.

      • FrostByteMuah


        Dead @ “Fruit Roll-Up” tho….LOL

  • Kyana

    That shade of blonde is not working for that brown girl, but from the neck down Haute! And if Kantcompleteajobapplication is pregnant, I hope that’s caffeine-less.

  • Daisha Benjamin

    Yea I am pretty sick of the black girl, blonde hair shit…. dont look good and is getting old hella quick….

    • MariaLeah

      They look like roaches, have you ever seen those roaches with the blonde strips on they back? Omg Alexander don’t ever come near, might have to pull the sandal out on you!

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        YOU GOTS TA GO!!!! lmao

      • CaramelHottie


  • Kim Kardashian’s “Cold Sore”

    I’m sorry. I love me some Alexandra, but she looks like a burnt super saiyan. Krumpclownbreakitowndown looks cute and unbothered. Good for her.

    • Breezyshoopnosering

      Lmao Krumpclownbreakitondown!!!!

    • Kee

      *openly weeps @ this name* OAN, who remembers or actually watched all of that movie “rise”??

    • Diamond.

      The Rize shade…You must leave NOW!!

  • M.J.

    Alexandra looks… well… *insert adjective here*.

    Rich people comfy… I wish I could afford it.

    Krustykrabsecretrecipe Tran looks refreshed. She must be with a dude who can read at a grad school level with stable emotions. 

    • Bianca

      LMAOOO i’m gonna have to escort you from the premises. 

    • serenissima


  • Let me hold a dollar

    “meanwhile rent is cutting into my pop eye’s budget” I’m just going to leave this here. ) You just shot down my glory of bashing celebrities, knowing damn well i be scrapping up brown coins for that 1 dollar two piece on Tuesday’s at pop eyes. And i always have the nerve to come on here and marathon my mouth about these damn millionaires Fury Sir, YOU ARE NOT SHIT! love you long time peace

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    So ain’t nobody gone get into this crushed velvet tracksuit sir Diddy career baby daddy is wearing looking like he should be carrying a cane, rocking a permed ponytail and singing bout R. Kelly sleeping with his woman in his home… Oh okay.

    • fresnostateofmind

      You know Fury is Diddy Territory.  He ain’t trying to get Wendy Williamed back to the South.  

      But thank you for speaking up.

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    I have a profound appreciation for Diddy’s Crown Royal bag track suit. 

    • Scarf Junkie

      You need to leave. Lmao!!! 

  • Suchalady

    1) I absolutely hate those black roots
    2) A Sean Jean velour suit in 2012 though?
    3) Fury of all people I never thought you would continue to give that ex-gf relevance

  • LaaaLa

    Fury WHY is she on this blog :-(

    • Lucy

      Fury WHY is haters in the comments? :-(

  • CurlyBoo

    Kombucha tea is my shit!!! 

    that damn tattoo is hideous. 

  • Jacqueline Atta

    I have an issue with blonde hair on darker girls…so I’m not feeling this new look Alexandra.


  • Brittany

    i forgot about Kickinthedoorwavinthefourfour 

  • traaagz

    Maybe a light soft brown hair color, but no to that bright blonde-_-

    I thought didd was trying to channel flava flav for a second, till I realized that necklace wasn’t a watch.

    and good for Koalawranglerinaustralia :)