Watch Jay-Z’s ‘Where I’m From’ Barclays Documentary

Kid Fury December 4, 2012 Ballin Outta Control 8 Comments

For his 43rd birthday, Jay-Z is using his site, Life + Times, to reveal a short documentary about the creation of his Barclays Center opening concerts. The film, titled Where I’m From, starts from the construction of the arena one year ago and zips into behind-the-scenes footage of the shows Jay put on to celebrate it’s debut. Watch it all come together below! Happy birthday, Hov!

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  • Bianca

    i didn’t watch the whole thing yet but i fast forwarded to subway scene  The part w/ him and the older lady was sooo cute! :)

  • Michele Lee

    Happy Birthday Jay. I was at show #8 the finale with Bey was cray.  BK All day!!

  • CortneyBOO2

    I like Jay Z and all but I’m here for Beyonce

  • Lex

    Happy B Day Jay! I was at the 2nd show, my friend lost his ticket but a AMAZING Live Nation Promoter gave us front row seats anyway! Felt like a celeb, and it was my 1st concert! Im here for JAY  always!

  • honeybee

    after watching this, i have alot of respect for this man 

  • Statesside

    He’s the epitome of cool!

  • Kendrick LaGreatness

    OMG 9:28 is the best part!

  • Seats

    As a Jay stan this was cute but boring. And to top it off it’s like he’s trying to give this impression that everything is full circle but in reality not nan of the people from where he’s from could afford a ticket to his show unless they spent their rent money. Love Jay but the image that he has the hood on his back that he lowkey puts out there is false. That nigga has been filthy rich since the 90′s. Let’s move on to what’s reality now (music wise as well).