The-Dream: Beyoncé Will Release New Music Before Super Bowl

Kid Fury December 4, 2012 Memoirs of a Creole, YAAASSSSS!!! 47 Comments

Well it looks like Beyoncé: Major Pleasant Peach Houston Wig Crusher is officially returning to storm our lives at the top of 2013. Not only will she have a documentary premiere on HBO and a halftime performance at the Superbowl in February, but according to The-Dream, the megastar will drop new music before all that.

“Definitely. She’s got her stuff going. She took the summer to start recording, and now she’s in a place where she’s ready to start gearing up to reveal her plan,” the songwriter told Billboard.

“She’s already gearing up to get ready to put stuff out,” he continues. “I’m sure there will probably be a couple records you hear before the Super Bowl gets here.”

So that would mean we can probably expect new Beyoncé tunes around mid-January and from the contacts I’ve spoken to, this all sounds about right. Girl, that’s like a month away. My spirit is so filled with red beans and glee right now! Tighten up your panties, ladies and gentlequeens! The queen is coming!

Source: Billboard

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  • DeArisHoard

    Yay! Soooo freakin excited !!

    • Rai675

      Oh snap. *secures weave tightly* and grabs popcorn. She can’t even afford to semi slay, there needs to be a full clean multiple wig snatch, for Beyonce to secure her throne. 

  • girllisten

    yaassss motha. cant wait for the wigs, half wigs, the peruvians, the brazilians and yakis to be snatched off the scalps of these late girls. blue gonna be right behind her collecting the strands for her piggy bank. i cannot wait to see class, style, and just sass gracing my tv and ears. its been bleeding all 2012. 

  • Jason!

    BEY! Snatch my wig please, TAKE IT! 

  • Barack Yomomma

    Everybody else might as well take a hiatus in 2013 because Beyonce is about to snatch more wigs than a buy one get one free lace front extravaganza hosted by Nicki Minaj

  • jajay22


  • Jazz

    I can’t WAIT for King Bey to snatch Rihanna’s “Bernadine from waiting to exhale” wig just for shit and giggles. Yaaaaaasssss!!

    • Buckey’s wig

       lol your comment is a joke Rih is her husband #1 artist..she aint coming for rihanna…they both equally great in there own ways…i dont understand how yall shade rihanna when she makes great songs and yall buy her ish on itunes…as a matter of fact she has more #1 hits then ms. bey…bey is a great performer and singer but she doesnt write or produce her own music just like rihanna…only mariah carey rights her stuff….

      • stjsha

        if you read each and every single one of King Bey’s album credits she has wrote on every single album, so don’t come for Bey unless yu got your facts together….yeah yu tried it but have a seat

        • Buckey’s Wig

           actually sweetie she pays ghost writers to write her music and if they snitch they get black balled in the industry (thats the luxury you have when your that high in the music industry)…thats why she gets to put her name on those writing credits even if she aint write jack…neyo wrote her whole irreplaceable album…the dream and neyo write most of her songs…she has missy and Miguel writing for her on the new music so what are you talking about? i didnt try i stated what is true…she stole that me myself and I song her father had to pay the nigga on youtube she stole it from…oh please yall in lala land over this chick…letoya lucket wrote 35 songs for DC she never got to sing lead on none of them and they kicked her and latavia out the group and made the money without them…thats a grimey chick karma is a B

          • Buckey’s Wig

            Bey and her husband step over blk ppl to get on top and only show respect to white ppl she only chill with Gweneth Paltrow now….she made it… keep stanning for this chick… while yall stay beneath her she buying bleach cremes and blonde weaves with ur money and living it up with ppl who look nothing like you…lool

          • Misty ZsaZsaGucci

            If you don’t sit your simple ass down somewhere. What artist does NOT buy shit with the money provided from the purchases of their stan base? Like the Navy ain’t payin for Rihanna’s swishers and I’m not mad at her. What logic is that?  If writers are ‘blackballed’ from snitching then why Neyo and Dream still eatin? Ask them if they get those royalty checks every month? You stilll mad about Destiny Child shit? Why?  Letoya seems to be chilling and doing quite well.
            You simple bitches seem to think fame is a soup kitchen where all who comes gets an equal share. Nah that’s not how it works.Success is not something to be given it is to be earned. Deal. Lawsuits in the music biz are as obligatory as it is in medical practice. That’s why everyone from Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, to Paul Simon have been sued for writing credits and copyrights. That is not exlusive to Beyonce or any other artist.I hope you bitties get new talkin points for 2013, this shit is stale.

          • M.J.


          • Buckey’s Wig

            you must be a family member or something….like i said keep stannin for ppl who buy bleach cremes and blond wigs with ur money…and make sure they look nothing like you…she had to give dream and neyo credit because they are also high up in the industry….she also has ppl you may never hear of righting her shyt for her..she aint doing nothing Tina Turner and Diana Ross aint already done…yall are brain dead androids……youtube half her videos and see some of the visuals she stole….that put a ring on it video was from some video in the 70s get me bodied is from a movie from the 60s…face it you girl is a fraud…that is all

          • LAgolden

            “Stole”? Sweetie, if Bey gets inspired by anything for her videos, she TELLS US WHERE IT COMES FROM! Like you really on here like you got the whole damn tea kettle. Like how you know what this woman buy? WERE YOU THERE?! Sit that ass down.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            HAHA but let’s be truthful I do think Bey just adds that in there cause any smart person knows writing is where the moneys at, she don’t write her music but she damn sure gets a check. I ain’t mad lol if Mathew taught her one thing it was to sign yo name on EVERYTHANG!

    • Beyoncelover56

      yea bye to rihanna salty 27 piece!!!!!!!!

  • Misty ZsaZsaGucci

    Wha…this is like leaving a Big Gulp of Simply Raspberry Lemonade in the desert. We’ve been so thirsty, so parched, and neglected. Like kids who’s mama left them w/ her single girlfriend who don’t have kids and never have any food or movies in her house. 

  • youcare

    ciaras album coming out too…….

    • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm


    • Ddttrs87


    • AllthingsCreole

      who let you on here? 

      • Nella

        STOP IT! 

    • Kim Kardashian’s “Cold Sore”

      I hear Keri’s dropping an album in 2013 too 


      • Nella

        Omg i feel sorry for you Sir, 

      • Jazz

    • M.J.

      *in Mariah voice* I don’t know her.

    • Lisa

      What’s that?

    • MissLadyLG

      Don’t…Don’t do this.. please

  • Ddttrs87

    I’m excited tooo…BUT I’m praying the masterplan doesn’t include a ‘Run the World’ 2.0 because ain’t nobody got time fo dat! IMO

  • britchick91

    She damn well better. I hope the next album is better than 4 .Although 4 was far from being a terrible album I know she is capable of better 

  • Basquiat

    Lube your bussies.

  • Buckey’s Wig

    good for ms beyonce….but i miss the days in music when all the black chicks of different hues was winning together (the 70s, 80sand 90s)…there was no such think as “Aaliyah is coming to slay Brandy”…..all of those sistahs looked black supported each other and everybody was winning…we love to say nicki minage is selfish but when have you seen ms bey do a record with any other r&b female artist that needs the shine? besides when she got to sing all lead in DC?….she worked with all the European ppl but never have i seen her supporting the black r&b chicks…black women will always be divided because of stuff like this i have never heard white media saying katy perry is coming for Kesha…but we as black ppl are comfortable closing the doors or speaking negative about our own comfortably…smh

    Brandy said when she 1st started singing Whitney Houston (who was already a international star) gave her courage and looked out for her and gave her advice…thats what sisters are suppose to do…yall probable wont even understand what i just said so go ahead and attack…  defend your precious Queen….

    • Seats

      Naw do I get your point. But is Beyonce supposed to put other females on her back? No I think not. You expect her to collab with Elle Varner because she needs some help? Nope. Unfortunately that’s not how this world works. You work to get to the top and then you keep your ass there by any means (working with people like Gaga). It’s what it takes ultimately for minority (in this case black) women to be major stars. Beyonce can’t take risks like throwing randoms on a track to be “nice”, no shade to the queen but her last albums numbers were a tad scarce. Try to understand and to quote Nicki Minaj (surprisingly) “this is a dog eat muthafucking dog world and guess what? Only the strong survive.”

      • Buckey’s Wig

        Wow like I said you dont get it….she already a star even if she helped elle it wouldnt do jack to her career cuz she already up there….yall delusional….she is just a modern day tina turner and diana ross cluster roll….mj created a new style of pop bey aint doing nothin new….she pussy poppin just like the rest of em

        • Seats

          Girl. Look I said I understand where you’re coming from but it’s unrealistic and optimistic in a world that everyone is worried about THEMSELVES. You can keep insulting Bey as I see from your comments down there or listen to basic logic. 

    • Don’t Get Shook nah…

      “ i have never heard white media saying katy perry is coming for Kesha”

      You obviously don’t pay attention to the numerous stan wars on Twitter, which might actually be a good thing. However, don’t just think this type of behavior is limited to the black community. The music industry is about competition. Camaraderie usually only occurs when two parties are not a threat to the other’s success. 

      And as far as Beyonce goes, it’s not her job to put on all the black girls, or even the white girls for that matter. When she collaborated with other artists, they were ALWAYS well established artists, not people struggling to get a hit. Bey is about HER game, not doing charity, and honestly, I see no faults in that. Plus, every now and then she shouts out people she likes ie that Brianna Perry girl; a young and BLACK, underground rapper.

    • JC

      Bey did a song with both Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys 

  • Maern

    This comment section is deadly. I really hope blue will appear in one of Bey’s videos in 2013! 

  • RamenNoodles

    Yes. Lord! *Drake voice*

    • RamenNoodles

      But Bey is about to get in his ass for telling us lol

  • Chelz

    My future has already been made because King Bey is coming out with more holy music. 

  • Jacqueline Atta

    I am waiting to get my life Mother Bey, waiting patiently.

  • Mystere21m

    Why is she posing with the creepy ish in the background?

  • Brandon Dean

    I guess Ciara might as well loosen up her weave in preparation for it being snatched. Keri was ALREADY taking a break, knowing anything she did in ’13 was going to be irrelevant because of  Empress Jambalaya. Brandy and Monica got out ahead of it, not that it mattered. Monica went triple plastic, and Brandy fared better by going Cubic Zirconium. 

    I kind of miss the days where Monica, Brandy, and Aaliyah coexisted and all got some support.