Video: Beyoncé HBO Documentary [Teaser]

Kid Fury December 3, 2012 Memoirs of a Creole 73 Comments

As it has been previously announced, The High Priestess Honey Bee Ruler of Life will have a very intimate and revealing documentary premiere on HBO this coming February 16th.

HBO just dropped a teaser for the film on their official Youtube page. There are a lot of clips in this mix — some we have seen and some we haven’t, but I’m excited for the film either way.

Beyoncé will also be rocking the Pepsi Superbowl XLVII Halftime show on February 3rd. Prepare to sweep these edges up, because the queen is coming to destroy them.

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  • Ten Ten

    Come. Get. Your. Life.

  • Drea

    Just got my life and that was 25 second clip. Yassss Beyonce

  • The702Diva

    I see Mrs. Carter will be starting my New Year off just Peachy.

  • Umru

    4 days after Kellys birthday. Bey always puts Kelz in her place. “Its ALWAY all about ME”.

    • Coonye West


      If she had to worry about menial things like that she would never do shit.’Oop, I can’t drop my 5th album on that day because that’s the anniversary of Michelle’s tumble on 106 & Cottonfield’


      • Jazz

        Now I lay my soul to rest *crosses hand over chest*

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        iHollered at …”Michelle’s tumble on 106 & Cottonfield”

        idk what was more funnier the fact that you mentioned that and I remember watching that as i happened live or 106 & Cottonfield… the coonery of it all Jesus!

    • Guest

      Kelly should not release any albums since she doesn’t make her record company any money. 

  • Coonye West

    YAAAAS @ the pregnant belly shot! Now that conspiracy can be put to bed and more pressing issues such as why Nicki Minaj’s perfume bottle has a wig on it can be discussed.

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo


    • LolaChi

       Looks like the same size from the pic she posted on tumblr

    • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

      Has anyone ever seen what’s under that wig of hers? If so, I’mma need that google image… Just saying. But I can’t wait to see this, feel bad for the bitches without cable.Even worse for the ones who do and simply don’t subscribe to HBO.

    • Ay

      With no head shown? WTF……yall are nuts…..

      • Juanita Bynam

        Just deal, hun. Pressed as a panic button is not the look for 2013.



  • Santia McEntire

    OMG! She be taking and giving life! Multitask! 

  • PhroYo

    YES!  Loves her!

  • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

    Not to be overly dramatic here, but seriously Bey is on some legendary MJ type stuff and I just don’t understand why people hate that or want to downplay how huge she is. This simple clip almost had me doing back flips. This docu won’t reveal that much, but it will reveal just enough and I am SO here for it. She has done an amazing job with keeping things private, especially in the day & age of over-sharing. I personally, don’t want her to lose that. BUT I can not wait for this!

    • Suchalady

       I really wish people would stop comparing her to Michael. There’s only one Michael.

      • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

        I agree, there is only one MJ. I am not saying she is the 2nd MJ either there is only one him and one Bey. I am just giving people a visual of how big *I* personally think that she is or will be (very soon). When you look at her career and her shows/performances. They are on an epic scale to which no one is doing them anymore.

        No one does full on shows, with full choreography (spanning 16 years) while singing live. The producer of her show (Revel) said that only 2 other artists put on a show with as much preparation as her (ie lights, props, technology) and that is U2 and the late MJ. What other R&B artists is really doing that anymore, and doing it well? That’s why I think she is on that level, because no one is even remotely close to doing what she does in performances and I don’t think that I am that far off in thinking that she is legendary.

        • yuuplol

          I DEFINITELY agree that she’s near MJ status in her own  right.  Of course there will never be another MJ because that’s just simply impossible to duplicate his greatness, but Beyonce is near a close second.  Her concerts are TRUE concerts that showcase her actual talent and hard work.  Who else sings perfectly, and dances full out and gives flawless performances? (I’ll wait) I’m 21 and I’ve been a Queen Bey fan for forever.  I think she’s legendary  and 20 years from now when she’s still amazing maybe the nay sayers will agree that she’s legendary.  Contrary to the majority of the artists that make music today she actually has a career with longevity.  Bey won’t go out of style with the next fad the way Ke$ha or GaGa etc will.

          Plus the Queen will snatch a wig with so much elegance that u’d be glad she did! she WERKS!!

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          I love Bey but she herself said she’s still searching for that classic hit and that’s why she has yet to reach legendary status to me personally. Don’t come for me that’s the only thing to me she has yet to achieve. Like I doubt she can get Scorsese to shoot her a music video, that’s how ICONIC MJ was.

          • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

             LOL @ “don’t come for me”. I’m not.. Single Ladies, Dangerously in Love, Love on Top, CRAZY IN LOVE? None of those are classic hits? And I already addressed the rest lol

          • Suchalady

             ^These are classic hits?! Goodness…

          • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

            What? Lol, you people are truly something else…is she supposed to be writing about saving the world to make her classic? Jeebus.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            No not really they’re throwback hits like aye that was my jam hits. Not Like Ashford &Simpson, Al Green & Aretha Franklin classic hits that have truly withstood decades of time. She herself said so it must be true lol

    • LolaChi

       MJ status tho…really? Chile…

      • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

        Don’t just get caught up on the MJ thing, because I didn’t compare them, they are nothing alike. But there influence in music is undeniable. So chile…

        • LolaChi

          MJ legendary type stuff= MJ status.  You used MJ as a comparison to how “big” she is getting. Reading and writing comprehension smh.

      • Boy Sit

        Buy Micheal Jackson even knew she was next in line boo. So why are you being a hater?

        • LolaChi

           I’ve” bought” MJ albums thanks.  Mike just wanted a piece of that ass, he was frontin’. 

    • Welp

      This is the thing. Being a legend is not just about what you do, but longevity. I believe Beyonce will be in the fullness of time, but to compare her to Michael Jackson is premature. He’s a legend because of the influence he has on music to this day. I hope she gets there, but she ain’t there yet.

      • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

        She isn’t MJ, true. But you don’t think that she hasn’t influenced music? I disagree.

        • Nick

          Amen! Beyonce gave birth to the fast, half-rapping-half-singing style that is only growing in popularity over time. It may sound like a small thing, but it really did change all R&B music.

          • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

            You better bring my point home, Nick! That is exactly how legends operate, changing the game in a quiet storm.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            HUH? okay I’m so confused sometimes I think people give Bey too much she hasn’t really changed the game more so prospered off it it, she has worked hard and earned her spot in history especially being in the top selling girl group of all time but that also came along with the times, growing technology etc., but nothing she has done is uniquely original c’mon now, She has not changed R&B.

          • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

            Let’s agree to disagree on this.

          • WHY_1980

            Nope!  Breakdown by Mariah and Bone Thugz and Harmony popularized that Bone Thugz and Harmony half rapping half singing at a rapid pace.  Plus Twista:)

          • LolaChi

            Bone Thugs anyone??

    • ME

      @EntertainMeh, I understand what you are trying to say.  BEY is going to be legendary.  She is on Icon status as we speak and should NOT be compared to the other minions of today.  It was Whitney and now…Mariah, Janet, Mary J, Beyonce – Legendary!

      • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

        Haha Thanks! I don’t know why folks just jump on the detail of MJ and get flustered. She’s a living legend. Deal.

    • ACF

      Certainly, Beyonce has influenced music, both with her singing styles and technique and her mastery of performance in an era of weak live acts. But when you use Michael Jackson as a comparison point, you automatically connote something a little more game-changing than that which she has achieved. Influencing others is the mark of a great artist, but other great artists have done that — whether it’s MJB & Redman setting the blueprint for the song/rap duets that we’re all tired of today, or Guy establishing the New Jack Swing sound. Influencing others is so different from literally creating a new lane like MJ did. There are numerous legends, and I do believe Bey will join their ranks, but you can only count artists like MJ on one hand. Where she ends up remains to be seen.

      • CaramelHottie

        Your comment was everything!!

        Lord knows I LIVE for Beyonce but I hate when anybody is compared to MJ. Like it seriously irks my nerves. Michael was larger than life. He is in a league of his own. Nonetheless, I’m dancing in my pants about this documentary. I would love to hear Blue’s perfect pitched coo’s or something lol 

        • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

           Yea, I still didn’t compare them….

          • ACF

            “Bey is on some legendary MJ stuff”…. I think that’s a comparison. 

    • OhagiGaveMeTheSamePoem

      Beyonce is not a MJ legend or influence or close… Few artists cite her, they love her but don’t use her, literally. 90s girls wanted to sing like Whitney & most artists of 2000s (Jhene,Chris Brown, Melanie Fiona, Rihanna,Mario etc) cite Brandy as vocal influence & u hear that in their runs & harmonies (Rihanna more so content with “Rated R” influenced by “Afrodisiac” but “Get It Over With” on Rih’s new album is arranged like a Brandy song)
      LABELS tried to recreate Beyonce
      ( Almost any star going blonde like C.Millian & Rihanna’s 2nd album w/ “Unfaithful” on it). And lots of artists that didn’t stick ..Teairra Mari types. That was marketing for commercial reason which is gone now because Rihanna now outsells her as does Adele & Taylor Swift. MJ slayed all. Or is Beyonce not in her prime yet?

      This special is…  well Bey does not want to share her life with the world. Which is fine, and probably smart but its just not interesting. Its not entertainment, it is not artistic. ‘Focusing on the music not the personal life’ is all well & dandy if the music is personal. R&b stands for rhythm & blues. Which is why she’s not a soulful singer or a true r&b artist to some, just urban pop singer. Art is self expression. I know Bey stans will argue that ‘Scared of Lonely” & “I Miss You” pull emotion ( on record or live only?) or “Resentment” live is pure soul stirring but would anyone put any Beyonce album on a best of list in the history of music? “4″ was mostly r&b but is it top 20 r&b of 100 albums? Critically acclaimed? But she is “the best”? And I mean a non Bey Stan list.

      You called “Love on Top” & stuff classics but would a non Beyonce fan really say ” I don’t like Beyonce but Love on Top” is classic!” I don’t love country or too much rock music but could sing “Sweet Home Alabama” ” Bohemian Rhapsody” & even a 90s hit like Leann Rhimes “Blue”. Beyonce unlike MJ is polarizing, if you like her you love her, or you don’t like her at all. No one really just likes her .. People don’t own 1 Michael album but know 5 songs from each CD , that’s ‘liking him’ or him being so iconic you know him from birth. So many kids born after his death will know him even if their parents don’t play him at home. 

      Beyoncd has such a great voice, dance ability & the best work ethic with nothing (iconic) to show for it. No “I Will Always Love You” or “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” not even a “No More Drama” or “Unbreak my Heart” “Thriller”, “Songs in the Key of Life” or even a “Never Say Never” or “Confessions” album. No critical A+’s across the board matched with commercial success matched with long lasting hype over a record ( like albums I mentioned & of course MJ). She tried with each album & songs like “I Was Here” which didn’t stick & had “Listen” written for “Dreamgirls” (its not in the theater musical) to match “And I Am Telling You”), didn’t pan out the same.
      And awards & business success (forbes list etc.) do little for artistic remembrance down the line. If she retired today an article in the news on her 15 years later would say “ The ‘Single Ladies’ former diva Beyonce…” And that song has the substance of powdered milk :/ If that’s her only classic then next generations will paint her like MC Hammer ( omg cool old school dance song) and not Michael Jackson. So music is not enough. The music…her music is not enough for these thin ‘documentary’ specials she makes for herself that people make ABOUT other artists like James Brown, Michael Jackson , Tina Turner & Ray Charles.

      I know Bey has a bunch of Grammy’s, great sales with Destiny’s Child, etc etc but the future doesn’t respect that. You know how many sales & historical records Dionne Warwick broke? She was itttt but somehow our friends & future kids kids are more likely to know Aretha Franklin’s records because of the music & Tina Turner for keeping it real. Beyonce needs to be sincere in 1 or the other.

      Don’t have to tell everyone your business but give something. People appreciate that Mariah is a diva ( its part of her legend), that Brandy is down to earth and sensitive (its why “Have You Ever” makes you cry, relatable emotions), that Rihanna is feisty fun ( its like listening to your friend talk mess with you over drinks).

      I’m not saying Beyonce sucks.. just saying she’s not applying herself…again. She *could* be an icon remembered in time ( as could Usher or Bieber or Alicia Keys no more or less likely)  but right now there is no indication that she could be MJ level no matter how many clips of crying adults we see..

      And HBO is just another outlet for her to give herself the flowers while she can still smell them

      Maybe say she’s on some Celine Dion legendary stuff…although “My Heart Will Go On” will outlast any Beyonce song made so far…  but maybe the next album with be her “Thriller” or “Off the Wall” or “Bad”…or “Dangerous”…

      • OhagiGaveMeTheSamePoem

        And its long…but that’s the result when Michael Jackson gets name dropped in a Beyonce post..

        College essays are longer to write & harder to comprehend. I made it basic.

        • Buckey’s wig

           thank you I been saying the same thing…i agree with you 100% Rhianna is more open and thats why i rocks with her…Janet Jackson was the ish too

          • RFA

             It’s easy to be open when you don’t have much to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I have grown to like Rihanna’s personality, she would be a great person to hang out with, but she is not in the “making friends” business. She is, first and foremost, a singer/performer, she is not here to sell herself but to sell her music. Beyonce is in the same business, and nobody on God’s green earth can say she does not deliver as a musician. With Rihanna it’s questionable, though I’ve seen an improvement in the last year, she still lacks the live vocal ability and stage presence, but again she I do think she is improving, i.e – VS Fashion Show. But still, her stage presence and vocal ability is to Beyonce is as a swimming pool is to an ocean.

            As for Janet Jackson, she wasn’t open, unless she was singing lyrics. She very much had the same approach about her private life as Beyonce has. I think you’re mistaking her frank songs about her sexual experiences.

      • Chelz

        chile, aint nobody got time to read all of this shit…

        • EntertainMeh aka heyboo


          • OhagiGaveMeTheSamePoem

            “Beyonce Legendary Myth Debunked” a short essay . Take it one day at a time. Its a little hard going from “he up on me, she up on him ” to all these wordsssss..

            I feel you. I care.

      • Beyoncelover56

        Damn this shit LONGGGGGGGG!!!!

      • Crystal

         God!! I want to copy and paste this to every post that has her name with Michael Jackson. I LOVE Michael. I love Be but she is not on THAT level. Nor do I think she EVER will be. She is and will be great but I don’t believe she will be LEGENDARY.

      • Jazz

        Can someone provide me with the Sparknotes cuz I’m not reading this damn manifesto. Get the entire FOH.

      • Misty ZsaZsaGucci

        Wait..’Never say Never’ and ‘Confessions’ are ‘iconic’? Oh my. It appears you are conflating your skewed perspective on what constitutes ’real/good’ music with iconoclasm. One cannot in one breath deny any validity in Beyonce’s artistic merit for lack of lyrical substance and then in the same breath reference the’ lyrical pop labyrinths’ of ‘Thriller’ ‘Unbreak My Heart’ and ‘ Never Say Never’. and…’Rated R’. You cannot discredit sales and then cite artist who have outsold her, and then timidly disregard grammy awards and incorrectly lament on lack of critical acclaim, because it does not support your poorly constructed narrative. Sweetie, all this is is a lack luster passive aggressive sophmoric body of transparent shade. Funny thing, I can’t name one #1 Barbera Streisand album, or Cher, Tina, Patti, Diana Ross etc yet there they are posted on the Icon roster. Know why? because icons are not made in soundscands they are made in moments.Much like her own influences Beyonce has those. While most of us may struggle to remember that earthbreaking moment where Brady was being ‘down to Earth’ and Rihanna was being ‘Fiesty’ we don’t struggle to remember any of Beyonces moments. Fans and non-fans alike will remember her singing at the first black president’s inaugeration, her being the first woman to headline Glatonsbury, her announcing of her pregnancy on the MTV awards, and a many Billboard performances that rescued fatigued viewers from the mundane efforts of her lesser contemporaries. Single Ladies? Yeah that’s kind of a big deal. Sure its not ‘Confessions’ (-_-) but I’ll venture to say despite that she has cemented herself in the pop culture psyche. Now while I don’t condone any premature labeling of ‘Legend’ its just as futile for those to confirm it as it is for you to deny it. That’s for time to decide. But the fact remains, your faves , and your mama’s faves praise her,they wanna collaborate with her, and yes they (Including Rihanna. Adele, Elle Varner, Jordin Sparks,) cite her as influences. She is far more widely discussed/debated than any of her contemporaries without meat dresses,  edgy IG pictures, fist fights, and the need to encourage voyeurism via social media. These are not the realities of someone who is one decade away from fading into obscurity. But deep down, you know that don’t you?..yeah. So, while I can tell you worked very hard, and admire the effort, your attempts to discredit her are marred in bias, and your logic is moot. Now, lets just all sit back, wait for the doc to air, and fasten our wigs while King B once again implants herself in the annex of minds to haters, and fans alike. Umkay?

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          I agree with both of you I don’t think he was discrediting her more so showing reason why you shouldn’t pre-maturely give her a title. Yes she is the top entertainer of our time but I don’t think the collection of music she has made ‘so far’ will be as memorable as the classics.The minute MJ made thriller is what cemented him as a legend, it was never done. She has yet to me to have that groundbreaking, legendary moment in music and like many have stated she’s sometimes too walled especially to be an R&B singer she’s not that relatable personally. 

          • Buckey’s wig

             i feel like Beyonce doesnt even know who she is…her father and mom picked her path in life for her…she looks lost sometimes

        • OhagiGaveMetheSamePoem

          …. I wonder if I can outdo myself with long typing…I think so…I want to give everything you said a fair chunk of input.  

          “Confessions” and “Never Say Never” were huge in sales and noterierty so they were career defining for that artist and explosive for the r&b genre.  Adding the word ‘even’ was to say they are lessers to “Thriller” (what isn’t??) but  are they achievable modern day iconic ? Yes. I said that to say, Beyonce has yet to deliver a critical/commercial/lingering album.  ”Dangerously in Love” was probably the closest to it but in MJ comparison world, it’s just her “Dangerous” album. Never.. was Brandy’s “Off the Wall”, “Confessions” was Usher’s “Thriller”…

          Though you may type like a intellectual music lover in your mind, you’re just a Bey stan who can spell iconclasm. Do you know why you used it? In your sentencing you paint it that I’m tearing down the popular belief that Beyonce is the next MJ. Why use a word with religious undertones though? I don’t subscribe to the blasphemy of naming (wo)man after God like ‘Beysus” or “Mariah-allah” or whatever people say…. But you’re letting me know you do..or…? Whatever

          Maybe few are liking your status because they disagree…but maybe because you’re trying to sound smart since I came off wordy from length of my post alone.  So I shall choose to paraphrase you for anyone else.

          1) I can’t try Bee’s lyric shallowness because I mentioned “Thriller” “Unbreak My Heart” and “Never Say Never” and “Rated R”.  Well working backwards “Rated R” is full of great metaphors about Rihanna’s emotional state post trauma and about the incident with Chris itself. It’s her life…in words.  You obviously don’t know many lyrics to “Never Say Never”, some of Rodney Jerkin’s best work and Brandy co-wrote several tracks and gave a lot for 17yr-18yr old.  “Unbreak My Heart” is fine lyrically, and overall content wise, your fave Bee uses Diane Warren sooo. It’s mentioned because it’s her signature song , which is a classic ballad that non r&b fans still learn to this day, unlike Beyonce’s signature song which is….”Single Ladies”…”Crazy in love” …with fine words like “”Who he think he is?” Look at what you did to me
          Tennis shoes, don’t even need to buy a new dress”….  Great production though and told a good story of obsession.  But “Unbreak My Heart” was bigger and “Single Ladies” was a more successful song for Beyonce.    “Thriller” doesn’t have great lyrics???  Are you referring to the title song or..?”  Even the lyrics of the song “Thriller” alone…the ambition to make a pop single from a song of horror inspired lyrics. It’s storytelling.  And the album lyrics are varied and full of substance.  Beyonce has some of the most shallow lyrics ever, sorry not sorry.  You started your reply like you had some unbiased sense but you can’t see past your idoltry worship….  or maybe you can…. let’s continue

          2) I didn’t discredit sales…so you are right there. I can’t. I didn’t timidly disregard grammy’s.  I said no one cares down the line (as legends like Diana have none and one hit wonders have some) Since 95 Grammy selection has been controversial (Beyond the rap category which faced skepticism at it’s induction).  ANYWHO Grammy is not critically based, it’s voter based..industry voters who don’t include all critics…
          So my ‘poorly constructive narrative’ isn’t that.  I said people won’t care how many awards she got a decade from now when her legacy will be tested.  I didn’t say they weren’t accurate (until this reply ^_^ ) . She does have few critical acclaim for body of work & all her success and praise is commercial. I said an icon “of MJ’s status”  should have both.

          3) My reply wasn’t passive aggressive shade. It was very clear what I was saying, she’s not Michael Jackson. I clearly complimented what she has proven herself at ethic, accolades, voice.  If I wanted to shade her I’d breakdown how entertainment wise she’s actually the best of the worst and the worst of the best musically. My 1st paragraph would be on voice…. The 2nd on her ‘dancing’  But I wasn’t really coming for Beyonce like..that….. . I let her live lots… I didn’t insert analysis’ of PERSONAL faves into much of it and say what I dislike about Beyonce. I just wrote on why she’s not close to MJ .  You must feel I gave idk, Rihanna or someone too much, but I would never say Rih’s close to MJ. Just noting that some things that Bey lacks from being there Rihanna has. Of course what Rih lacks is a lot more. Don’t get confused.

          4). I’ll just quote your next…thing  “  I can’t name one #1 Barbera Streisand album, or Cher, Tina, Patti, Diana Ross etc yet there they are posted on the Icon roster. Know why? because icons are not made in soundscands they are made in moments”
          If you believed what you said in that last sentence you wouldn’t have replied in this post.
           The fact that you can’t name their albums means what. Again commercial +critical  + remembrance over time= icon.  
            Cher got started in the 60’s and she’s still getting name checked by Nicki Minaj in 2011 and you do know her iconic songs if not albums. Do you think Beyonce , as we know her now and her music will be name checked in 50 years…will Beyonce’s music be replayed, or loved by someone who DOESN’T know the name of a Beyonce album in 50 years? Will Michael Jackson’s ….yep.  
          Oh and fun fact, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and “Why Do Fools Fall in Love”  are album titles…so I’m sure you know 1 ….well now you do. You’re welcome.

          5) You say that we will forget the personalities of today’s artists. First, understand that half of my posting was about Beyonce’s upcoming hbo special and why her docs do little for her as an artist.    I said Beyonce needs to give artistic self expression through albums or these docs.  And yes, people do remember persona’s (Diana Ross’s “boss” legacy IS remembered as Mariah’s will be) .   If people don’t remember Brandy or Rihanna’s personalities ..umm..ok… this isn’t a post about how un-Michael Jackson like they are of I’d say “While they do have personalities they lack this  ________ “  You realize that my post was long as hell because I spoke on several factors. Taking 1 factor to the side to say Brandy or Rihanna have it but it pales to Beyonce or Toni Braxton doesn’t have it or whatever is redundant… I’m saying Beyonce isn’t MJ because she pales in comparsion to him and his legacy across the board. Do you want me to write why Usher is not Michael Jackson’s 2nd coming…. you feeling a little defensive about Beyonce? It’s not JUST her who’s not there…I said that…

          6)”Fans and non-fans alike will remember her singing at the first black president’s inaugeration, her” – I actually forgot and I just read a huge collector’s book/scrapbook about Obama two days ago …..I do remember Aretha’s hat around that time though…
          No one will remember Glastonbury in 5 years (if they haven’t already forgotton)…..unless their parents are fans…  Because A) it’s forgettable  but..1 reason it’s forgettable is because Beyonce generally doesn’t open doors and hold them open. She walks behind the door someone else has opened and let’s it close on your face instead of just putting her hand on it for a second. Lots of her “feats” have not been repeated and will not be repeated by a black woman even if another artist is deserving because they are not connected/right color/ not pop enough, etc etc.  
          I did read up on Glastonbury…it’s forgettable..  but did you “remember” Diana Ross singing outside in NYC rain in front of thousands?  … That’s a moment…

          “her announcing of her pregnancy on the MTV awards, and a many Billboard performances that rescued fatigued viewers from the mundane efforts of her lesser contemporaries. Single Ladies? 

          MTV awards announcement…very cute..emotional…not legendary…not iconic… not memorable.
          And ah….no one will remember Billboard performance..and “Single Ladies” is cool to be remembered by…it’s like MC Hammer with “2 Legit”… cool.
          “Yeah that’s kind of a big deal.” – nope.. it’s not

          Ok..I’m just going to continue to quote you cuz…you got me messed up :)

          “ Sure its not ‘Confessions’ (-_-) but I’ll venture to say despite that she has cemented herself in the pop culture psyche. Now while I don’t condone any premature labeling of ‘Legend’ its just as futile for those to confirm it as it is for you to deny it. That’s for time to decide. “
          -   K. … I said time will tell…my whole post was about how she could get there (with more artistry and album sales…and personal connection ) but it’s not premature to not see it for her because I’m judging by what’s been seen…to judge the future is to judge what’s unseen. And I didn’t… I can’t say “she’ll never make it” so I didn’t.

          7) “But the fact remains, your faves , and your mama’s faves praise her,they wanna collaborate with her, and yes they (Including Rihanna. Adele, Elle Varner, Jordin Sparks,) cite her as influences.”
          Most of my ‘faves’ are dead , and were in their artistic prime before Beyonce was solo or before she was born. Of the living…hmm 1 loves her, definitely wouldn’t use her influence…..because..that’s hustling backwards.
          And I said people love her. As far as influence…no…they love her….they don’t have Beyonce-isms (aside from Rihanna’s 2nd album as I stated). Because she doesn’t really have vocal-isms. Or dance-isms…or anything original to replicate-ism. She honors her music ancestors well, and that’s no shade.
          Chris Brown , Ginuwine, Usher, Bieber, and a bunch of people who never made it USE Michael Jackson. As Whitney Houston once said “I love you but I don’t live for you”.  And that sums it up there. Elle Varner might play a lot of Beyonce but listening to her and looking at her as an artist you would never know. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

           8) “She is far more widely discussed/debated than any of her contemporaries without meat dresses,  edgy IG pictures, fist fights, and the need to encourage voyeurism via social media. These are not the realities of someone who is one decade away from fading into obscurity.”
          - Yeah Chrianna won’t be no MJ’s huh? I never suggested they would. And she’s talked about now..because she made music last year and performed this year…she’s relevant…she’s out.   
          It’s easy to be discussed when you’re popping…. There’s no indication that a decade from now she’ll still have that or after 6 years off she would…  You don’t think she can be replaced?

           “But deep down, you know that don’t you?..yeah”
          -  Deep down I know that a Beyonce stan will start an articulate reply but fill the reply with fangirling to ‘prove’  I’m wrong because they think I don’t like Beyonce and want to discredit her when in reality I know that she’s amazing and artistically underrated and hasn’t bought into any accolades and her soundscan is a lie and she is not just hot because her competition sucks /is recovering from sucking and she gives just enough time away to miss her but not forget her because I just knoowww she can’t be forgotton regardless

          No …no I didn’t know THAT
          You don’t know my bias. You have no idea who my ‘faves’ are by reading what I wrote or how much I do/don’t love Beyonce. My logic isn’t moot…if it was she’d undeniably be MJ part 2 and well…it’s denied .
          No , I didn’t work very hard..I just typed. I mean…I finished college….a few paragraphs is easy , fun even, when you’ve written 100 pages of something to be graded.

           “Now, lets just all sit back, wait for the doc to air, and fasten our wigs while King B once again implants herself in the annex of minds to haters, and fans alike. Umkay?”

          If I would’ve scrolled down and saw you call her King B I definitely wouldn’t have responded because you’re biased.  I’m not :) Thanks for playing.

      • Suchalady

         You said everything that needed to be said.

  • Jazz

    The queen is back to rule!! All these squealing goats they call singers these days can sashay away. King Bey, your throne awaits.

    Get you a piece, whore!!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I hope she reveals NEW stuff like maybe someone taped her firing the fool that didn’t have her lights working properly or maybe blue humming single ladies…. *shrugs a girl can dream*. 

    • Yiles

      That would be so funny. Lights!…Somebody gettin fired Huh Hah!

  • CortneyBOO2

    *passes the entire fuck out*

  • M.J.

    I turn 25 the day it premiers. Best birthday present ever. 

  • Nenenwa Ezekwem

    Bawling my EYES out cuz I dont hve HBO :( ((

  • RamenNoodles

    “If I’m scared, be scared and allow it!” Wait is that a threat? lol l’m reaching but I felt that in my soul and her face was like “bitch I’m coming!” the slayage we about to get in 2013 from this woman. If she scared you know you pop bitches better be scared, I’m ready!

  • You Should Be Lightin’ It Up


    Look, I love little Blue Baby just as much as the next stranger bitch, but you know Beyonce has been gone too long when I have been hoodwinked into actually BUYING Rihanna’s album. Clique or no clique, hire a babysitter and get back to work, boo.

  • PrettyNSeddity

    As soon as I get rid of HBO because they don’t play anything good, here comes High Priestess Honeysuckle Beige Glorious and Magnificent to snatch all wigs of all different materials and colors. I cannot explain my anger and sadness. Back to the troughs I go.

  • Camstarr

    She has found a grand dramatic way to address some of the rumors, remind you she still here, (peace to michelle’s fall anniversary at the porch LMMFAO!!!) and invigorate that beehive. Done, done, and done. Call it what it is.

  • loook

    blue is bouta make her debut. yaaaas daughta! taketh thy life of these other late toddlers and infants. no words for bey….motha never fails. 2013 will be a great year. beyonce giselle will be at the throne again. 

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market

    In the name that is all fried & poultry…
    Lawd my soul has been rejoiced.

    Waiting for Ms. Knowles to shine us with her presence

  • Alicia Collins

    Y’all have got to be fucking kidding me… I’m going watch Walking Dead.