Oop: Rob Kardashian Claims Rita Ora Cheated With Nearly 20 Men

Kid Fury December 3, 2012 Sucks To Be You. 73 Comments

So there had been rumors of a love affair between Rob Kardashian and Rihyoncé Bot for quite sometime now, which was supposedly confirmed when the photo above found its way on Instagram. Not that it means much.

Either way, they damn sure ain’t together now. A source told The Sun that the two stars decided to breakup due to the distance between Rob’s home in Los Angeles and Rita’s home in London. Robert tells a different story.

The biggest of the Kardashian booties claims that Rita cheated on him with close to 20 different men. He basically grasped her by the clitoris and dragged her all over Twitter before deleting everything and…crying probably. Check out Khloe chiming in about cheaters like her sister isn’t Kimberly.

On the other hand, Rita Ora has always denied a romantic relationship with Rob. “I mean, it’s not really a relationship. It’s not that intense,” she told Complex in July. “He’s a cool guy. We’re close. We’re good friends.”

Rita has since announced her Radioactive tour with tickets going on sale Friday. Lightskinned love…see the damages.

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  • DanniGirl31

    He was in a relationship she wasn’t. Get out cha feelin’s sis and open your eyes. WOMP.

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

      Yep, you right. I remember some video TMZ caught of him screaming to her “but…. I am your fiance!!!!” and her looking very bored with it all. He is a stage 12 clinger.

  • Welp

    imma just quote @crissle. if you caught relationship feelings over somebody who never even publicly claimed you… that’s a rookie ass mistake.” ain’t nothing else left to say

    • Jazz

      Amen and amen *cues church organ*

  • Simone

    Meanwhile Kim is married with a boyfriend but ok..Rita wasn’t even trying to claim him publicly so is it cheating still? Rob was just one of 20 then..

    • Stella Bione

      *stares at my screen* “Meanwhile Kim is married with a boyfriend” Is a needed TRENDING TOPIC TODAY! Like right now 12-3-12 <—– This day!

    • ReDDs

      Nicely put …

  • Midnight Rider

    But…..LMFAO @ infidelity claims coming from a Kardashian like its not a right of passage for them

  • AnonymousQueen

    Rita Whora is a worldwide trend. 
    I’m done.

  • The lesser known Kardashian

    Lol okay but she’s a celebrity and your one of your mama’s play things if even at that, Rob. Get yo shit together, you weren’t about to ride her. Meanwhile, Kim probably like “nigga? Is you serious? We is Kardashians, we do the sleeping around.”

  • Unapologetic

    Roberta, SIS. You’re older sister has bodied more black men than a cementary down south and you have the nerve to call out another woman? Have some seats please. You were born into a family of whores starting with your damn mother.

    • WatchNLearn

      Goooooooo the fuck awwwwff!!!! LMFAO!!!

    • gabicaligirl

       comment of the momufucking day. werk.



    • Drea


    • Scarf Junkie


    • Suchalady

       And there it is.

    • Stella Bione

      “Roberta?” Sis you have to take a nap, KIM KARDASHIAN HAS BODIED MORE BMTACDS? I urge the prayers to go up this Sunday for this comment and this person.  

    • BlahBlahblah


    • MustacheCashStash

      ………..I have no fucking words.  Unapologetic for the win.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      HAHAH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS, cause we know Khloe ain’t Robert Seniors child, she probably was fkin OJ and how do you marry your hubby’s friend unless you were fkin him while ya’ll were married as well, She birthed them all lol.

    • Chi Chi

      but why abuse his mother now? shame. say your piece but don’t insult anyone’s mother. IJS

      • CaramelHottie

        I mean I wouldn’t usually come for any ones mom but I think I can speak for myself and probably others, that we don’t have not an ounce of fucks given or respect for a woman who exploits her own children.

    • Young & Pruned

      I fell out at “ROBERTA. SIS.” Let me go gather my soul so I can read the rest of the comment. Brb.

  • bb

    Did this married woman just say cheaters never prosper while her and her good judy are kiki-ing all over creation? 

    *in my Trina voice* Hold on, wait a got-damn minute….Seriously, it’s just sex. Talking bout “giving her body” like she was dressed in all white laid out on an alter. You just butt hurt that she wanted 20 dicks instead of yours. Shit like that has to hurt your soul….

    • SoulGlo

       kiki-ing!??? AhahahHa! I’ve only heard my dad say that! Love it

  • Rai675

    The fact that ‘Rita Whora’ is trending on twitter, right now. >>>

  • Maya Petrova

    I doubt she has sex with 20 men.

    • Suchalady

      Right?! That sounds like some round number he just threw out there to make her look bad. I still don’t see it for her but damn…he ruined her rep before she even had a shot.

  • kim’sPsoriasis

    ..bbbbbbut wait didn’t Rob cheat on that cheetah girl?!…And the way he struts around lamar and scott i wouldnt be surprised if he was spreading those armenian cakes for them. so they both cheated..

    • Jazz

      I shall never forgive you for putting the image of his face down, hairy ass up in my head

  • Welp

    one thing i will say tho, just because kim has gotten around…it doesn’t mean he deserves to be cheated on. and we do not know what stories she was selling him while she out there having her fun. Coincidentally, tinie tempah (who featured on her R.I.P track) tweeted this. oh, rita…

    • Let’s throw shade, shall we

       Tiny Peen or whatever he calls himself needs to chill, aint no one askin about him…

      • Welp

        anything for publicity these days…

  • M.J.

    A Kardashian is calling someone out for being loose? THE. FUCKING. IRONY. 

  • Let’s throw shade, shall we

    I think Rob needs to Chill. Rita has friends in high places (Jay Z) and relatively high places (Drake) that don’t take well to their friends being attacked. See the way the aforementioned men treat Chris Brown and Lil Kim respectively. Rob needs to collect his feelings and be quiet. 

    also, it would be the ultimate shade if Kris Humphries retweeted him, saying “Cc: Kim”

  • britchick91

    You can’t tell me his Madame mother wasn’t behind this 

  • Courtney CarCASHian

    Girl move. One of your sisters got on national TV and admitted she lost her virginity when she was like 12 (Mr. Khloe), while the other took nude pics for her boyfriend when she was a teenager (see Scott Disick’s sperm dump) and let’s not forget the married one who’s parading around town with her boyfriend–the same one who sucked peen on film and put all ya’ll on…And Mr. Kardashian-Odom, if cheaters never prosper is that the reason this forgotten Kardashian here can’t win seeing as he cheated on that Cheetah Girl??? Get it together.

    • CaramelHottie

      Chile if this aint a READ idk what is..

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    But wait…shh. ya’ll, just a minute, I think I heard a hypocrite talking shit.

  • Statesside

    Didn’t he cheat on Khloe’s black girl friend with Rosa Acosta? Dah well. *shrugs*

  • Drea

    But his sister is Kim Kardashian…

    • serenissima


    • whatevs

      Yeah let’s talk about that #projection

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

     ”How can a woman who is so busy trying to start a career have time for so many dudes?” Umm I dunno Rob maybe ya girl had groupies?? I highly doubt these accusations are true, but he’s OBVIOUSLY caught in his feelings.Save it for the birds Robert, you’re related to one of these women so..

    • Jazz

      Your boy needs to worry about finding a career of his own instead of trying to come for hers just because he got his little feelings her. That ol’ tattered sock line of his don’t count, either.

      • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance


  • whatevs

    I see Rob is falling in line with the family tradition and trying to get that “break up” shine like his sisters… but also like his sisters no one gives a hot damn so… 

  • RamenNoodles

    Now hold on, sir. You’re disgusted that a “woman” can give her body up to 20 men in less than a year. The hypocrisy in these tweets lol. Now I watch the Kardashians from time to time and you sir is the last person to label anyone a hoe or be “disgusted” when you was the one who found a random chick at the club and fucked her raw. And lets not forget why you’re famous again.

    • RamenNoodles

      And I may I add I love Kourtney’s shade she tweeted “Rihanna – Unfaithful” BITCH dfafzgbsnxhdc she did that. 

  • Michele Lee

    Isn’t this guy the same male Kardashiyamp, that was crying on TV trying to get back with his cheetah girl friend Adrienne after HE CHEATED on her

    Rob….seats, please grab one.

    Khlo, Khlo, you grab on too hear?

  • Yiles

    Do feel a new wave of shady nicknames coming for little miss Ora the Explorer?! (in my Kel voice) I do. I do. I dooo. No but seriously though Rob she didn’t even claim your ass. Yes his sister’s are who they are but does that means he deserves all the shit. No, but I bet he knows how it feels now. The irony is crazy.

    • Yiles


  • Missmarchmommy

    *looks in purse* welp does anybody have a fugg I can borrow? ill gladly pay you back on Tuesday!

  • Stella Bione

    Kim Kardashian has her own state of 1,00000,00000,0000, of black men that have inserted their penis in her vagina, but you’re worried about Rita “20″ again “20″ men that probably doesn’t even exist? Robert, Sir, a seat is to comfortable for you, I’m going to need you to sit in this Electric chair i having awaiting for you. 

  • StacksonStacks

    Rita Oral’s a whore but Ray J’s slong started your sister’s career & made your family relevant….ok

  • Rob you just, Ew!

    Khloe Miss, you’re grinding your gears about this situation? Lamar Odom is not fione at all with his milk dud head ass! He’s probably cheating anyway. You 9 footer, 17 shoe sizes wearing, Face longer than Lamar leg, Twin tower Bish! Bounce up off Rita! Ooo they dun made me mad! Lol, Rita please disregard their Non sense, Rob is trying to get Famous, because his sisters nor mom won’t promote him, I hate when niggas get in their feelings, They do the grimmest shit! Bitch ass-ness “Rob boo boo you gets no love.”

  • fucks died long time ago

    “20 Men” Like, I don’t think “Rita Ora spells out K i m H O E d a s h i a n” Robert were you mad at Kim, and decided to take your bitch fit out on Rita cuz she wasn’t claiming you? Isn’t Robert a man? 26? with a dick? Hmm i’m starting to think Rob is a Kardashian “Sister” Kyndell and Kylie are turning into hoes too, when they end up like Kim. Robert remember you was to busy claiming someone cheated on you, who was basically wasn’t in a relationship with you… Stop me if I’m wrong y’all…

    • fucks died long time ago

      *who basically wasn’t in a relationship with you* 

  • BK

    he is such a bitchass

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Oh Aubre- I mean Roberta girl….BYE!

  • EbonyLolita

    Rob mad cuz he doesn’t know if he got the STD from Rita or sitting on Kim’s toilet. Eeeehhh bloodclat bwoy go siddun one side!! I have NO respect for men that go screaming when a woman plays them. Soooooooo Roberta when did she become a whore?! Was it Man #1-10 or was it the 11-20 that did it? Go put on a pair of socks & cry yaself to sleep. Ole Mahma man *Kissteeth*

    • MustacheCashStash


  • Kayy

    Rob is the saddest of that clan. His little sisters get more love than his ass, hell even BRUCE is more entertaining than Rob. I’m sorry, I just really have never seen it for that young fetus.

  • ReDDs

    Rob must feel terrible … to be the ugliest and most sentimental of all 6 sisters … Less talented less money same size ass as kim; Must be rough

    • CaramelHottie

      Girl we all know Khloe is the ugliest Kartrashian

  • Meek Mille

    “Cheaters never prosper,” … says the illegitimate child. 

  • Janae

    ooooh I just read somewhere he tweeted he got Rita Ora Pregnant

  • Kyana

    Oh I just read he mad cause # 20 was Jay-Z 

  • Kee

    rob, really my dude? the FIRST thing you shoulda done was called up big sis Kim and asked how to get rid of the shit thats on the shit on ya dick. Next you shoulda called up ya moms and had her spin that shit to make you come off lookin like a g (see what kris did for Kims whole life and that whole illegitimate child thing w Khloe). shit you woulda got more fucks given had you let ol girl tweet you smashed 2 of her homies at the same damn time or some shit. Iyalna, fix his tampon. 

    • QueenyBean

      In the words of G2BR

      “My favorite cereal is Life, and I got it just now… and I LIVED!!!”

  • traaagz

    Rihyonce Bot? really? Lolololol, I love you dudeXD

  • Jacqueline Atta

    When I tell you I got my ENTIRE life.