Chris Brown & Rihanna Embrace On Instagram [Photo]

Kid Fury November 30, 2012 Curry Goat Tales 166 Comments

So the web has gone nuts after Rihanna posted this photo on her Instagram feed. She’s curled up on a sofa with a terrifying wedgie while hugging up on a decrepit Chris Brown. She tagged him and captioned the picture, “i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!”

I don’t see why stans and Twitter soldiers are acting all surprised. These two have been very open about their reunion and it’s not the first time Curry Goat dropped a picture of Yellow Cake on Instagram.

There really aren’t any fucks in my purse for these two or their love affair. I just think it’s pretty nonsensical to have all these personal doodads go public after you recorded a song saying it’s “nobody’s business.” Clearly, it’s everybody’s damn business.

Does Kornedbeefhash even get a severance package?!

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  • KatTX

    KeystoneCoors will be lucky to get a window seat…


       Get out now lmfao

    • Jazz

      All the fucks in my fridge have expired for the publicity stunt that is Chrianna. Its never cute to be this basic, celebrity or not. I can’t deal.

      • MissLadyLG

        OMG I am so dead! “It’s never cute to be this basic…” YAASSS! Speak the Truth!

    • f dat I’m a woman of God

      LOL leave Kaniborrowadolla outta this

      • I cant deal!

        I am over you!!!! “Kaniborrowadolla” LMFBO!

  • Myfashions2dat

    Love them!!

  • GetOverIt_

    Christopher is thining like HELL!! Sheesh!

  • ♈Candace♈

    KnuckIfYouBuck is going back to modeling on tumblr

    • Erockbaby3000

      Oh shit I loved that song from back in the day

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Back in the day you must be form up north they still play that song in the club on the regular down here…. and if you in college party proceed to make room cause strolling ensues on cue lol.

    • Eboni Weekes

      Jesus Wept.

  • Nickey Topnerd


    I’m sorry I’m not here for this fuckery. If it’s nobody’s
    business then STOP sharing.  

    • We out here trynna function

      Agreed. This is lame and annoying on a new level. They’re making it all of our busniness staying on ig dropping hints left and right every second. Enough already.

    • YourHighness

      yes yes yes ! there getting annoying like kanye and kim.


       Lets hope she keeps nobodys business when he put them paws on her again..

      • Snell

        I just screamed.

      • Maree

        In the inexact words of someone else here:


      • Young & Pruned

        GET. OUT.

      • Bri

        LMAO! Quite possibly the best comment I’ve ever read on this blog.

    • Stella Bione

      If they meant it’s no body’s business in the way you think, I’m sure rihanna wouldn’t be sharing pictures. I heard chris wrote the song, and he’s been the main one saying it’s nobody’s business, not Rihanna. 

    • 3 wise man

      I wish the Lord would come and strike all you “perfect” haters down since it seems forgiveness is not registered in  your hearts. nobody is perfect and Mr. Brown seems sincerely remorseful about his actions. there is no excuse for a man hitting a woman but he did the crime, did his time, and now he deserves a second chance. If ri wants to forgive him that’s her business whether public or private. now if he hits her a second time  she should still forgive him in her heart which im sure you young minded, ungodly heathens wouldn’t understand but if she takes him back a  second time then she may just have  dead beat dad syndrome and it will take more than 1 ass whoopen to fix that. Selah 

  • Bianca

    you know what…i refuse to deal with you and “There really aren’t any fucks in my purse for these two or their love affair.” LOL!! But my problem w/ these two is that it seems like they lowkey like all the attention that they get then turn around and act like they hate it. Plus chris seems too immature to be in a relationship w/ anybody right now. He just needs to grow up first.

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

      I just hope he returns the same affection Rih be giving him…cuz he either be too faded to care or he’s not a PDA type person cuz she is always all over him. Whatever…I’m gonna stop reading and put this book to rest. 

      God Bless them. 

      • Bianca

        you’re right! she always seems to be the one that’s so into him…idk she seems kinda needy which is sad because she doesn’t need to be at all 

        • serenissima

          It’s mad ironic that people say this because a few years back everybody was screaming how Chris was begging for her to come back and Rih was paying him dust lol.. How the tables have turned.

      • Let’s throw shade, shall we

         I see you’re point. But then again a lot of guys are like that. My boyfriend loves me to death but when it comes to PDA or posting instagram pics of us cuddling he’s very conservative….

      • RamenNoodles

        He does, he just don’t do it like she does: Liking thousands of pictures of them together, etc. I’ve seen him like a few pictures of them and he promotes her on his site MechanicalDummy. He probably trying to remain lowkey he already got alot a negativity on his name and this just adds to it. Rihanna just don’t give a fuck and him well…this was the person who said he don’t give a fuck, then kept ranting about the subject. 

      • keepitreal

        Lmao I was thinking the same thing, he allows her to have her way but he never shows affection to her the way he used to lol he knows what he’s doing but they both need to get it together though. All the media shit is getting ridiculous and tbh I’m sick of seeing it now if It’s nobody’s business then stop making it by trying to show the world yalL around each other …

  • Jayers92

    KMichellesWeave probably doesn’t give a damn!

  • Rihannabrown

    Niggas dont give a fuuk niggas yeah chris and riri dont give a shit because u know what? they dont give a fuuk,Stay mad haters Lol

    • Don’t Let Me Die Skinny, Jesus

      Ummm….English muthah fuckah, do you speak it?!

      • Lovelyshonj

        This comment had me WEAK !!!!

    • Meelah

      I guess if you put it that way….he won’t be bashing my face in so why am I mad?

    • KidFury

      They don’t give a shit because they don’t give a fuck. Got it. Thanks for breaking it down.

      • Rihanna’s Left Breast

        Cheif Keef is a fan of the site I see…thanks for the translation….lol

        Any tea on KarlieReddsrealage “alleged pregnancy” ? I don’t believe it

        • Rihanna’s Left Breast


      • Chrissybabe

        I’m curious. Is not giving a shit and a fuck like doing number 1 & 2 @ the same damn time? One of life’s greatest mysteries.

    • Mo

      Thanks for my serving of “ignorant shit” for the day……

    • ©®i$tin@™

      Stay in school, kids. Stay in school.

  • harri008

    I’ll never understand what is attractive about this boy but I wish them well. I wonder what poor KarrotKake is doing right now.

  • kera

    I think it’s pretty damn funny people so caught up over something that isn’t in their reality. I’m with Fury, I personally don’t care. Hell. If she like it I love it. Rihanna just ratchet with money. Lol. Meanwhile in Vietnam via LA. KanYouStandTheRain still prob “Ray Charles” to the B.S. Ok girl. Lol

    • Chrissy’s Mole ft Chrissy

      Put everything you just said on my headstone because the clouds have opened and I’m caught up in the glory… #theend

    • Lawd

      Too dead right now.

  • Hairimplants

    He bald now?

    • WHYB Karotcoochie

      Okay? I’m starting to suspect that really isn’t Chris and they are punking all of us. I mean overtly tatted niggas ain’t hard to find. And if you have noticed in each pic she has posted of the dude, not now face has been revealed. GIRL BOO! Where are the receipts?

      • Seats

        Lemme help you out real quick. Go to and they have Rihanna and Chris’ every move and pictures for the non-believers.

      • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

         Leave the conspiracy theories to Jesus girl. It’ him through and through. 

      • britchick91

        bish you know its him lol

        • TELLY


    • Elle

      or tyga could’ve put a bad batch of color on his hair.

  • Latanya

    2012 Bobby and Whitney their each others drug their relationship is basically fuckin and fighting. I had a aunt and uncle like them you basically just get to the point that nothing they do surprises you anymore….all the fucks have been handed years ago!

  • Don’t Let Me Die Skinny, Jesus

    She is giving me Huggies tease…and I can’t take. I have no words for Christopher.

    • Tori SWAGgart

      Pamper-booty realness.

      • jajay22

         Fuck you! I can’t!!

      • Don’t Let Me Die Skinny, Jesus

        Lol. And I thought I wasn’t shit. You ain’t shit!

  • Chillington

    They’re so pathetic, they made for eachother.  Rihanna is such an attention whore these days ! 

    • Seats

      Wait why are they pathetic? People love to throw around these words at celebs like they stop being human when they become famous. Naw.

      • RomanHeffas

        Seats, Im going to need you to take one) we got your point when you wrote that essay. Chill

        • Seats

          I wrote this question first and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an essay but a few sentences. Thanks sweetie.

      • Chillington

         You don’t think staying with someone who beat you to the point u have devil horns on your forehead isn’t pathetic? you can’t be serious. You don’t think making a vlog about how your in love with 2 people isn’t pathetic. What kind of deliriousness do you people live in.  No way I can be happy for a toxic relationship.  

        • Chrissy’s Mole ft Chrissy

          Devil’s horns??? I got frost bite and my life with that, Chillington. Proceed.

        • Lmfao God come get me

          “ You don’t think staying with someone who beat you to the point u have devil horns on your forehead” 

        • Seats

          Uh no I don’t. Let’s be clear that what happened between them was an isolated incident not repeated. Chris was 20 years old when it happened and has since gotten help and done crazy community hours. Let’s also remember that he hasn’t done it again and we know he has dated at least 2 women. People get back together ALL the time after incidents of domestic abuse and work it out because you know one time isn’t the death of their love for each other. The vlog wasn’t pathetic so much so as searching for attention. Like I said you people need to get over yourselves acting like you are blameless and raining judgement. Please. 

        • BeiSandy

           Yup it twas a toxic relationship, I still believe Rihanna hit him first. They deserve each other.

  • MorganO’neal

    I can tell you right now Kae doesn’t care! :)  Chris #WhatchaHidingFoe ? “They are kinda cute” :) … Rihanna is out of control! Lol But i will always love her. I see #Cake! ;)

    “Unapologetic” Buy Rihanna Shit Though!

    • YouDontWantNoProblems

      *dead* @ “#WhatchaHidingFoe?” 

      • Statesside

        He do stay hiding his face when a camera comes around her lol

  • Mel

    They just won’t give KeyshiaColes18thSibling a break.

    • RizzyBeamen

      You know what… Lol. You need a time out.

  • Chelz

    Rihanna chile, aint nobody got time for this shit anymore. 

  • Stella Nelly

    Rihanna you did not have this ass when you performed on UK X Factor… Which was a couple of days ago. So um, Miss where did this cake from? It looks delicious where ever the hell it came from. Chris brown be winning when it comes to woman, Rihanna, Karrueche, that one sip with Nicole SureZanga #NicoleFuckYourLasName ! :) Jasmine Sanders, Draya a couple of them hoes, but he good x)

  • Seats

    I’m here for this to be honest. A little while back I started to feel sincerely sad for them because they were SO young when that incident happened. Like they had no plans for it to occur and it separated them. If it was a regular couple they would have been back together but they weren’t allowed too because of their status. So I really wish them the best. If you don’t like them as people that’s fine but attacking them all the time is tired and delayed. As for Karreuche I mean….. she told us she was Ray Charles so I can’t feel bad for her. God bless that struggle clothing line she’s attempting for relevancy and coins. 

    • That girl MEL!

       YES! Those two were/are so young with access to SO MUCH stuff (money, drugs, ‘yes’ men), I can barely fathom how they are able to make conscious decisions. I love celeb life, I do, and I love throwing a joke here and there, but I pray/hope that these two find counseling to help them live the life they are trying to live. Between working like slaves, partying like Rick James, and sexing like rabbits, it must be hard to find people you really trust. More power to ‘em.

      • Chester

        Both comments are Applauded :) Yas! Counseling would make the dream work.  Mel, 

      • Buckey’s Wig

         yass hunty (Funky Dineva voice)…counseling is a must SOMEBODY GET IYLANA ON THE PHONE ASAP!

  • Mona

    Omg, Rihanna make this photo so sexy! #CanIJustLickTheCrack 

    • MilkywayJourneys

      “Can I Just Lick The Crack?” Sir you need to go to bed, that is nasty.

    • Jason!

      * voice mail message* I have died and went to heaven. Please leave your message at the beep

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Good luck to them both. Not really here for them as a couple but they were obviously never done so…I hope all goes well.  Like  Fury said though, “It couldn’t be me or anyone else I know.” 

  • Navy

    I wouldn’t call it “thirst” She’s just overwhelmed… It’s been forever. This is all Rihanna’s been wanting. -Quite happy for her, lol

  • RamenNoodles

    Y’all taking this song to far and I’m tired of seeing it. If they want to take a picture they have every right too. But I do feel like its just for attention, not saying she doesn’t love him (Lord know she does) and that’s fine. I truly don’t care about that, my problem is he or he can’t post pictures together and then expect everyone to be fine with it. You can’t make no one deal with this. I won’t bring it up but he did you know, Ike & Tina Turner that’s all I’m gon say. I wish them luck, its good to see she got her man. Even though I make up names for Kelloggs Rice Cake nevermind, cause bitch we warned you I ain’t about to lie and say I feel sorry for her. Good luck on life, you will be added to my prayer’s list.

    • RamenNoodles

      *he or she I mean

  • SoulGlo

    They are so irritating. Ew.

    • Crying

      Why you mad though? LMAO

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market

    (¬_¬) I didn’t know Mama Prince had a cover for “Unapologetic ” am not interested in Curry Beef/Sister Brown’s love octagon (still felt sorry for KlapOnKlapOff). “If it was meant to be, then love will prevail”…

    If not then I’m collecting all bets starting now honey.

  • Shame

     I hope she wiped well!

  • Let’s throw shade, shall we

    Y’all worried about Karueche, I’m worried about Drake! Rihanna tossed him a 1 nighter. He went ahead and fell in love, wrote a song about her, fought over her in the club and she aint even answering his smiley face messages…my heart hurts for Aubrey 

    • RamenNoodles

      dfEDfgvagbbgsgd poor Aubrey stay losing.

    • Yhy

      looool…those vita coco walls are lethal…my girl Rih!

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    Poor, SoIKreep… Lol, but not really though.

    • YolaHippie

      completely missed the point. was that even english? bai ling is that you?

      • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

        Honey… Did you reply to the right comment. I don’t think you know who you’re talking to.

        • serenissima

          lol she missed the point of your comment and i didnt understand it  either… you lost me at ‘whatever flavor candy cane she wants in her cream pie’ and ‘ratchet hats’ and ‘fold out chairs.’ Huh? I think you missed some commas (really not shading you, i swear). 

          • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

            Srry, I forget sometimes that not everyone knows what a rachet hat or what my fold out chair means I’ll edit. :)

          • YolaHippie

             lmao i love how you got me right together with…i don’t think you know who you’re talking to. ahahhaa it was only slight shade sweetie i really didnt understand

  • RamenNoodles

    Wait..I was analyzing the photo lol I was like whats wrong with Chris body? Like where is his legs? And his arm look weird. To find out this nigga sitting on the leg of the couch. Lord, help me.

  • serenissima

    I think they just meant, we’re going to do what we do, and it’s nobodies business aka no fucks given… Seems like they’ve embraced the hell out of that mantra to me. Not that it’s literally nobodies business and we’re going to hide like rats for the rest of our lives lol, which for some strange reason is how everybody took it.

    I’m more concerned with Rih’s outfit tbh… Is that an adult diaper or… ?

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    KanIKickIt is obviously not Ray Charles to the BS when she liked the first pic of light Ike. I can give two fucks as long as he ain’t going upside her five head all is good in the hood.

  • StacksonStacks

    It’s Nobody’s Business but you’re posting all your business over Twitter….uh ok!

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    They have to be doing this for attention…I mean has anyone wondered WHO took this pic? I’m just saying if neither one of them is holding a camera then who is?

    Unless they set a camera up and then took this pic which is even sadder.

    • Kee

      I said on twitter the other night that they got somebody on the payroll that just trolls them all day snapping IG flicks.


    I wish these  two frenchtoast skintone fucks the best. now Rihanna you say it aint nobodys business now but when u piss him off and he hit you with the busdriver uppercut from hell make sure u keep it nobodys business ok sweettwat. and as for kanyouhearmeknow good luck to you in life i here its room on stebbie j’s bus if you want it.

  • Chicken Queen.

    Koolassbitchfromthewestside has probably thrown in the towel…poor thang…

  • BlahBlahblah

    I wish I could give a f*ck… :/

  • Kaye


  • Leyonce

    Kickmewhileimdown is going to end up on snapped mark my words. If you aren’t the lil Asian boy that Chris dumped for some island box you shouldn’t allow yourself to get so worked up over these two :/

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    quite frankly I’m beyond sick and tired of Lenny Kravitz Jr. and RiRi w/ these emotional ass, early bird filtered instagram pics! You’re saying how you couldn’t give a damn-shit-gutter butt-fuck, yet you two continuously plaster these “i’m gonna hug chrissy while he comes down off this molly” photos! CLEARLY there are some fucks given sis! I’m just glad KrissKrossMakesYouWannaJumpJump has faded away gracefully….smdh

  • Slayonce Knowles

    Y’all reading to deep into that damn song, damn. Chris Brown has been singing about this girl since his sophomore album and if “She Ain’t You” didn’t ring the doorbell for Kuntekentae then Birthday Cake sure should have. No fucks given, get yo yellow Cawk Rih.

    • serenissima


    • That girl MEL!

       That whole GRAFFITI album was about Rihanna.

  • serenissima

    Jesus be some logic for you remedial bitches who obviously don’t know how the term ‘nobody’s business’ is properly used. Lol y’all have obviously never told somebody to shut the fuck up and mind their own business when they clocked you doing some shit they felt you had no business doing. 

    • BlairWaldorf2013

      Llet me just say this now…I’m not going back and forth with you after this post. But…the term ‘nobody’s business’ is used primarily when you DON’T intend to share your business with whomever is SEEKING (this being the operative word) to get in your business.

      Also, if someone by your terms ‘clocked’ you doing something they felt was wrong. That would mean they were in a position to somehow see you doing or saying something that you NEVER intended them to ‘clock’ in the first place. That’s CLEARLY not the case in this situation. They both CLEARLY want the public to pay attention but want to throw the rock and then hide their hands (i.e. it’s nobody’s business).

      Did you ever stop and ask yourself WHO took this pic of them if neither one is holding a camera? Clearly they want everyone to know if their asking for help to snap the shot.

      • serenissima

        lol hi alicia 

        • BlairWaldorf2013

          Oh girl…see now I tried to play nice and address the nonsense you wrote above and not bring Alicia in this. But since that’s where you want to go…I don’t see Alicia Keys tweeting her personal life for EVERYONE to see and then saying it’s nobody’s business.

          No no…Alicia’s too busy getting her coins and performing her music instead of running up behind a man that beat up on her worse than the punching bag at the local gym. I’ve noticed that every time I make a LOGICAL and VALID point you resort to tackiness and name calling like your role model Rhi Rhi.

          • serenissima

            lololololololololololol you are so funny… arrange the comments by newest first and you’ll see i did answer your statements awhile ago, i just didn’t reply to you directly since you said you weren’t going to engage in a back and forth dialogue… and what I’m saying isn’t really to you specifically, but everybody pulling the ‘it’s not our business but SHE’S putting it out there’ card. 

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            Listen sweetheart…YOU were the one who orginally posted a reply to my other post about Rihanna not the other way around. I’m free as you are to comment on anyone’s post it doesn’t mean I’m checking for you.

            Clearly, you CAN’T handle anyone pointing out the FLAWS in your arguments. Because you don’t address any of the points I make about your comments you just continue to through shade (I guess because you recognize you aren’t making valid points). And my settings have always been on NEWEST post (since you’re so worried about it). Throwing shade because you can’t maintain your points…I get it I get it (LOL).

          • serenissima

            and i mean it by the way, you really are amusing the fuck out of me… I’m resorting to tackiness and name-calling but you’re finding me in every thread about rih… saying ‘no shade’ before throwing copious amounts of shade and saying ‘i don’t want to go back and forth’ before attacking me for three paragraphs… cool story sis lol 

          • Suchalady

            You’re right girl. Alicia is the class act that got pregnant by a man that was not only cheating on his wife with her but on both of them with a young lady overseas. Go to bed and get off Rih’s back.

      • Breeze

        I agree with Serenissima just because someone post pictures on a social network it’s not an invitation into the relationship. It’s really is nobody’s business why she went back, if they are dating, or where she sleeps. If you go back to your ex, you wouldn’t want a none friend inserting their opinion on your decisions… Lastly I don’t understand the attention whore label if you don’t want to see unfollow her on IG, FB, and twitter and don’t click on blog titles with her name in it. Geesh.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          Actually no it’s a contradiction you can’t say you want a private life but self-post your life on social networking sites. I say this to regular people as well post all their damn business on FB or twitter and get mad when people check them about it. It’s not that we’re all up in their business it’s just that they put it there for us to see. Even if it’s not the public they can’t get mad when the media outlets, b/c it’s their job, ask about this stuff clearly if you’re gonna post it questions are gonna arise they have no room to get angry about it. They add oil to the fire themselves.

          • Breeze

            We will just have to agree to disagree.

        • Kee

          You are so right! Everybody up here saying they give zero fucks is a bold ass liar because if you gave zero fucks then really, why come on a blog post about people you give zero fucks about to tell other people you give zero fucks?? You could say nothing and still zero fucks would still be given correct? 

        • Kee

          and let me add my two cents in: Now I personally am entertained by the young and the restless drama that they put on display but I hold my judgement cuz i know ppl personally who have been in the same situations and i was just as entertained with their ratchet asses too. hell, we all do if you you dont then youre probably one of the ppl in the situation.  if rhi, chris and kantkeepaman all wanna put their business out here then my nosy ass will be glad to watch it. All you zero fucks given indiviuals, might you be invited to find other things to do or places to be. some of yall take this too damn personally like any of these people you know in real life or like they give a shit about you. live and let live.

  • Ayisha Lawrence

    It looks like Chris is balding at the top :( eh.. 

  • Brittany

    Kornflakes is probably with Drake crying about this shit

  • NoEffinJoke

    Terrifying wedgie, indeed. Yikes. 

  • Tk

    KlitorisMaximus is Curry goat are some FIERCE queens…  I just can’t wait to see who chris is gonna choose, I’m hoping it’s Rihanna.

  • Mameikamara

    The girl @ him this time, what proof do you need? Lol girl…..

    • Tk

      I need CHRIS’s approval .  He doesnt claim KallSam’s1800Number. nor Rihanna

  • Tk

    KlitorisMaximus & Curry goat are some FIERCE queens… I just can’t wait to see who chris is gonna choose, I’m hoping it’s Rihanna.

  • Snell4

    KissbeginswithKay gets a lukewarm bottle of Sprite and a Keri Hilson CD

  • Jacqueline Atta

    Bye girl, fly girl *Skorpion voice*

  • serenissima

    I think people are unnecessarily harsh on these two… you can have your opinions on their relationship being right or wrong/stupid since he whooped her ass, but as far as her ‘thirst’ and ‘attention-seeking’ goes, people are straight up mean… EVERYBODY instagrams pictures of themselves and their boyfriends, friends, outings, food, etc (and if you’re somebody that doesn’t have ig, twitter, facebook, etc, you’re an exception, not a rule) but nobody leaves comments asking, ‘Who took this pic? Did you ask a stranger to do it? Did you set up a tripod? How PATHETIC.” But since Rih is a celebrity she is automatically all of those things. We’re currently living in a society that overshares, and it’s easy to rag on celebs cuz of who they are. But we ALL do it. 

    And as far as it being ‘nobodies business,’ Rih uses social media, but that doesn’t make what she shares our personal business… Beyonce has put pics of her feeding Blue Ivy up on tumblr, but does that make it our personal business how many dumps that kid takes a day? NO! Kid Fury opts to share videos about his experience moving to NYC, does that make it my business to come to his site and blast him about not posting for seven days (yes, I was checking every day lol)? NO. Kid Fury has even mentioned in videos that he opts not to reveal his real name because it’s not our business, even though he puts videos up about his real life for us to see. Just because its being shared does NOT make it our business… we can observe, form opinions, comment, but it’s not. our. business. 


    • BlairWaldorf2013

      You’re points are ABSOLUTELY VALID (when you are referring to a celeb or anybody for that matter who actively seeks to keep their PRIVATE life PRIVATE). Beyonce doesn’t say things like “it’s nobody’s business” and then turn around and proceed to share this so-called private business with EVERYBODY.

      Also, she DIDN’T have to post it at all she could’ve just kept it in her personal files since it’s NOBODY’s BUSINESS but her’s and her baby’s. So, the LOGICAL conclusion one can make is that she WANTS everyone to know about it and purposefully used a social media tool that she knew would garner attention about it.

      For those who are able to use deductive reasoning skills it’s just more proof in the pudding that either someone took the pic for them or even sadder they set up a camera themselves.

      • serenissima

        hmmm… I agree yet disagree with you… They obviously want people to know what they’re doing… but wanting people to know about what you’re doing still doesn’t mean you feel like it’s their business… it’s weird but it’s a fine line in today’s ‘share everything’ culture.

        For example, Bey and Jay are notoriously private people, and have said as much about their personal life, (ie how she’s very shy and Sasha Fierce is a completely separate entity from her) yet Bey opted to announce her pregnancy very publicly on the red carpet of the VMAs… she didn’t HAVE to, but she did… better that than wait to get caught by the paps, right? And when people questioned on the message boards about the nature of her pregnancy, etc, her stans were screaming how that was ‘nobody’s business.’ 

        And it wasn’t, although she announced it in a VERY public way. They didn’t sell pics of Blue to the mags but instead chose to, again, release them on a social platform via tumblr. But choosing to share things from your personal life still doesn’t mean you think it’s the business of the people you’re sharing with… you’re sharing because you want to share, not because it’s anybodies business. 

        People want to share things with their friends and family and, in the celebs case, fans, but that doesn’t mean they want to hear everybody’s or anybody’s opinion on it… it’s dumb but there it is… especially in the case of Rih and CB cuz these two are obviously going to do whatever they want to do ANYWAY. 

        • BlairWaldorf2013

          Hey real talk no shade (and I’m being for real) I enjoy this back and forth because you have a view point and will stick by it.

          However, the term SOCIAL MEDIA in and of itself means you are willing to share personal information with someone and therefore are willing to accept WHATEVER opnions those people who view your content have/assert. Now this doesn’t mean you agree with them or think they’re opinion counts for anything. But is DOES mean that you ACCEPT they may or may not have and/or express those opinions about the content you put out.

          You can’t have your cake (contrary to Rihanna’s belief) and eat it too. If you want something to stay PRIVATE then you keep it to yourself, if you put content out that you KNOW may get negative responses then you ACCEPT those responses because you made a CHOICE to put it out there. What you’re trying to assert is not mutually inclusive. You CAN’T be private about a topic you consistently SHARE with EVERYONE.

          • serenissima

            Point made… and now this is MY opinion but I think Rih does accept those opinions and responses… she’s said as much in recent interviews… and this is why I commented earlier that I feel like people are misunderstanding her use of the term ‘nobody’s business.’ 

            She doesn’t literally mean ‘it’s nobodies business and so we’re going to go hide in a foxhole somewhere.’ It’s actually the opposite… ‘I have accepted that at the end of the day, it’s my life and my business, not anybody else’s, people are going to talk so I’m going to do what I want.’ And in pics like this one on ig, she’s making that statement: 

            ‘This is what we’re doing, it is what it is, love it, hate it, talk about it, at the end of the day, it’s not your business, it’s MINE.’ Aka she’s doing her, she’s going to do her, and it’s nobodies business… or something like that lol. 

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            That’s fine if Rihanna feels that way…I just think she maybe wants to think about the statements she makes and how people will HOLD her to them, Instead of Nobody’s Business perhaps she title’s the track I’M GOING TO DO WHAT I WANT REGARDLESS. That would be a more appropriate way to phrase it.

            You mentioned you thought people were being to harsh and that may be true but people could make the same argument about comments you’ve made about celebrities. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

          • serenissima

            Lol I think we can all agree that her songs are not the best articulated out of the bunch. 

            And I talk a lot of shit about celebs but I don’t pick on easy targets (at least I try not to), unless they are truly insufferable (I’m looking at you, Nicki Minaj aka the Wicked Witch of the West) Rih isn’t out here hurting people or treating people poorly, she is just living her life imo. 

            You see people in every Rihanna thread saying the same thing; Rih is thirsty, pressed, stupid, etc. And people do NOT pick on Rih the same way they pick on other celebs… people go online and tear her apart like they stole her lunch money in the fourth grade because it’s an easy read. 

          • serenissima

            *like she stole their lunch money in the fourth grade

          • serenissima

            Actually, I take that back. She did come for KanIGetAWitness but I gave her a pass cuz I just don’t like that bitch lol. It kills me that people try to act like she and Rih are on the same level when Chris is the only one giving her any relevancy. But that’s neither here nor there. 

      • serenissima

        And I hate to keep using Bey as an example but she’s the perfect example lol… she’s put professional quality pics on her tumblr of Jay pushing her on a swing… who took those? Her riding a bicycle at night… who took that? Where did they get the light from to even illuminate the pic? How did she find a Prada store in the middle of nowhere? Tons of Bey’s tumblr/IG pics look straight up STAGED but it’s not as easy (or as much fun) to pick on her than these two so nobody does it… is she sad, as well? 

        *waits for beyhive to attack me lol*

        • BlairWaldorf2013

          And I TOTALLY agree but the MAIN difference here is Beyonce NEVER said she wouldn’t post content on any of the points you have above, she doesn’t have songs with Jay-Z saying some part of their life is nobody’s business and then makes it everyone’s business via Twitter.

          As I pointed out, Social Media is meant for sharing not WITHOLDING. Don’t say you AREN’T going to share a facet of your life because it’s no one’s business and then turn around and make it everyone’s business and then hop on Oprah and cry like you can’t understand why people might feel some type of way about it.  

          • serenissima

            I gave my thoughts on this when I replied below what I personally think Rih’s line of thinking is… I don’t know her of course so it’s just my opinion… nice chatting with you when you’re not on the defense! lol

  • Statesside

    You can have all the magazine covers and clothes in the world and still be BASIC smh. I wanna give KurryGoatsNemesis a hug lol. Anybody remember that 20/20 interview when she said she wouldnt go back because of young girls that look up to her. Middle finger to them I guess.

    • serenissima

      lol if we’re talking staged, that interview was IT… written, stamped, and approved by her PR manager…

  • ChickenPutPy

    You girls that’s saying this situation is getting boring. tired, and old, Know you love this shit! and Y’all know y’all be out there thirsting for guys who don’t even know you / want you! and you have the nerve to call Rihanna “thirsty and annoying” About loving up her “ex boyfriend” someone she has already been in a relationship with. Oh ok, Rihanna is just flashing her high beams, putting it all in y’all faces, Letting you know, She got hers! 

  • Nelopi

    OMG whatever happened to the jokes? You guys are taking everything so seriously. Rather it’s Rihanna and CB or Karrueche and CB, there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like it. Who cares what you like? God didn’t put them together for you to enjoy it, but for them to enjoy it/each other. This has nothing to do with your life, but it makes you angry, That’s what you get for putting your nose where it don’t belong. Why is their business your worry, if you can’t take the pressure? …

  • Michele Lee

    …And not a single solitary fuck was given that day.

    These young people gonna have to learn just like we all do. I just have a feeling it is not going to work out the way Rihanna would’ve hoped.  Sometime when things get fucked up and you try again things just aren’t the same anymore…welp…we’ll see.  #Mr. Fenty Can’t say she wasnt warned.

  • Michele Lee

    Correction *Ms.Fenty”

  • shay

    somewhere, KanIGetAWhatWhat is looking for the nearest mountain to take a leap from. all that shit she was talking, she should have been having lunch with Mama Brown like Rih. i love these two together. KomeOnShakeYaBodyBabyDoThatConga needs to sit her ass down somewhere now. 

    • House phone ringing, Brb


  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    Let’s talk about timing.

    This picture was posted, what, yesterday? Didn’t Apologetic drop last week? It’s funny how there’s a duet on the record between Rihanna and Chris and now there’s a Twitter picture of her stradling him (or a viable doppleganger). This was the same gripe I had with Frank Ocean’s “coming out”; you give us insight into your personal life right when the album comes out. This sounds suspiciously like that silent nine months after Chris beat up her face before “Rated R” came out, which just so happened to come equipped with a Barbara Walters special to discuss her ‘pain and suffering’.

    I get it, Robyn. The pussy wet. Go for what you know and hump on that man if you want to… but couldn’t you wait a minute and debut this debauchery after the Grammy awards or som…

    Oops. I shouldn’t mention an award show. 

    • corn


  • Smokie7925

    Bodys knows me from a can of paint and if I were to get back with my ex krys it would turn into pretty much what this comment section has become…so to the two actuals involved I say good for yall raving the insecurites of onlookers. If that’s what makes yall happy Ig the fuck on thru every filter…now if yall excuse me I believe I hear my future calling

  • BLU

    I need to read. Who gives a fuck? Ppl kill me,glorifying these two relationship. Talmbout they were so young wen the incident happened….its true love. Have a plethora of seats. If it was ya seed, ya homegirl/boy, ya fam…anybody u knew personally…yall wouldnt b sayin the same thing. They are still young ass kids. It is obvious chris has not grown up…dont let his burn out look fool u. Still a lil boy. And rihanna is a lil hood ratchet wit coins. its cute for now…not sayin I hope they fail. But they’re especially rihanna is goin about this whole thing wrong. she stole that boy from karebear. And being a lil spiteful hoodrat about it. Chris kno he aint right for what he doin. But he clearly a bama wit money too. if u ask me. I hate celebs wit social media. I dont give a fuck about their personal lives like they dont give a damn bout mine. Just make some half way decent music for me to download thanks

  • honeyboo

    I see its cool to get back wit the man who bash your face in. I know this shit happens daily wit anybody. But where do alot of those women end up? Six feet deep. I kno one personally. And been a victim. Its never okay to get right back. Time helps u reflect and learn. But it doesnt necessarily change u. They are still young and foolish. its only a matter of time, they’ll see why they couldnt be together. Everybodys been there. but ppl need to think realistically. This isnt a fairytale. However, Im here for karreche because she dealt wit that boy wen his career was almost over. and dealing wit him after all the scrutiny. Im sure she was torn like letoya because he hit a woman before. Then only for him to go back to the woman who partly caused all of it. Its a shame. I would b embarrassed. But these two gon learn. Rihanna super dickmatized by that no. 2 pencil. I wish she would have moved on. be independent, sexy, and single. It was make her so much more inspiring to young women. she just look so open and thirsty off chris who look stressssed. Im sure he is. but karma will take a chunk of that pull up rih is wearin and god will lead the way. until then I wont b checkin for this again.

  • LaDonna

    who is holding the camera?

  • Elsatrinidad

    I love u kid Fury!!

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

    im not gonna justify …men hitting women.but i dont think one sin is bigger than the other…people always say shit like” omg he’s an abuser ” etc…folks there has been different types of abusing going on that causes even DEATH,. Did we just forget that mental abuse is just as bad ? how about that Kansas chief J.Beltcher that killed his gf in front of his mother, then himself ? he was never an abuser, but had some mental issues..i dont get that at all why folks think beating someone up (once) makes him an abuser. i smoke marijuana ONCE that does not make me a pothead ( as my mother would say) , or a junkie..i just feel like people can dad hit my mom once and never has after that ..this was 20  years ago…and my mother has forgiven him since ,following him being a great farther i dont look at him as an “abuser.” people make fucking mistakes and both of these folks came from a broken home.  i know this isn’t gonna change some of y’all one-minded opinion but shit..i just want the girl to be happy if he does it again..hits..pee’s on her ..well blah…let it be her she’s got this life to live.

  • Michelledabaddest

    Kreamofwheat most likely is swimming in her river of tears.

  • dee thomas

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: when that Rabid Chipmunk puts another knot on that cavernous fivehead of hers, I hope that Bleating Billiegoat keeps her business to her damned self this time. It’s NOT CUTE to play the broken victim of domestic violence, and then not only GO BACK to the worm who Savion-Glover’ed all over your face, but to do so with an “I-don’t-give-a-fuck-what-y’all-gullible-folks-who-felt-sorry-for-me” think, boldfaced attitude??? Had Oprah and every damn celebrity pulling for her and err’thaaannng. No ma’am. I will not. I cannot. And neither should any of y’all.

    • girllisten

      exxxxxactly. motha op had the nerve to have a whole show for this lil ass girl and everything. and you see what happens. fuck ha.

  • Kee

    yall care too much. its entertainment from entertainers. Rhi proabably figures shit they gonna see it anyway so she beats the paps to the punch and yall mad. at the end of the day chris brown aint river dance on my face nor anyone of yall so we shouldnt be mad one way or the other . if shes happy and can manage to churn out this goat herding shit that yall cut a rug to then so be it. god bless the both of them and hope it goes better this time around. yall some ole ungodly creatures, she doing exactly what weve all been taught to do and folks want to judge her, man leave her and him be. 

  • Guest

    Dear God no he didnt say Kornedbeefhash *dies*