Sia Performs ‘Diamonds’ For Award Ceremony

Kid Fury November 29, 2012 I Stan Because I Can 17 Comments

Singer and songwriter for many a Billboard success, Sia Furler, took the stage at the recent Norwegian-American Achievement Award ceremony and performed one of the latest hits she wrote — Rihanna’s “Diamonds”.

I’ve been waiting to hear her sing this record from the moment I first heard it. The fact that “Diamonds” sounds like a Sia record is what attracted me to it in the first place. Check out the live show below.

Source: TGJ

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  • dda

    Cute. I like the roughness of her voice, but I perfer rihanna’s tone and accent on the track. 

  • Kiri

    Lovely sia. Her voice is always amazing

  • Zink!

    I LOVE Sia! When I first heard “I’m In Here”, I was sold on her…PERIOD! 

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

      “I’m In Here” is my favorite Sia song of all time.  That song….

  • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

    UGH!!! I phucking love Sia, seriously…how Flo Rida got her on a track is still beyond me…

  • Dee

    Sia is one of my favorite singers! Hearing her name and Rihanna’s in the same sentence is still a bit unsettling. However, I welcome whatever exposure she gets! Thanks 4 sharing

  • Deda

    Love Sia! I’ve always thought the arrangement of Diamonds was meant for lil Willow Smith.

    • Bryana Eva Marie


  • CaramelHottie

    Wow that was really nice. She should’ve kept this joint for herself.

  • notoriouslyna43

    I love that you can hear a little girl singing along. I hate that the same little girl may know the words to S&M, too x_x

  • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

    I also think this is why Rih is so successful and her music crosses over so much. She doesn’t work with your typical hip hop producer that’s does the same kind of beats and that stick to strictly trends ie: equaling some of the worst hip hop & r&b records to come in out since the genre started. So Rih gets a lot of props from me for expanding her tastes and still making pop records that don’t make her sound like a sell out.

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    Rihanna’s been doing some fantastic live performances of this song (shut up and don’t judge me), but Sia gave me life, creation, and I think she made me pregnant from this. I do need to know why this award show was in a school auditorium though.

  • Eboni Weekes

    Makes me love the song even more.
    The little girl singing along made me smile. 

  • Jacqueline Atta

    Sia is fabulous, and I love her voice on this <3

  • JHM

    Oh is this what the song sounds like when someone that has singing skill sings it…#nice

  • EbonyJ

    I’ve loved Sia since “Soon We’ll Be Found”… there’s always feeling in her music when i listen to it… if that makes sense

  • cloama

    Fuck. I knew when I heard Diamonds on the radio that I was connecting to the song too strongly to a Rihanna song.  It felt classic to me, even with the shiny production.
    It was Sia. Good to know.