Fury TV: NYC Notes – The Invasion

Kid Fury November 29, 2012 Kid Fury TV 38 Comments

Here is the story of a bold ass rodent that took over my personal life. I am forever changed. Watch in HD.

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  • serenissima

    Lol welcome to NYC. I had a mouse in apartment once; thankfully I have a cat that promptly murked that motherfucker. I alerted the landlord who sent the exterminator to plug up any holes and set traps, and I haven’t seen a mouse since. Still have a cat tho lol, most people (and corner stores) do, to keep away the mice, rats, and roaches.

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market

    *dives under prayer cloth* first off iShant with this video LOL & Fury I live in NY & I STILL would’ve done the same thing. At least you’re at a better place then dealing with Stevie J’s twin brother, half cousin, twice removed.

  • NoEffinJoke

    Girl…not here for it at all!

    I lived in Philly for college and the mice were NO effin joke. As a southerner I had NEVER seen mice all up in my living space like that (running up and down your computer cords and all up and thru your kitchen).

     And those glue traps? How about mice can drag them hoes around until they get exhausted/run out of will to live/starve to death? That means that your ass has to pick the mouse and trap up and take ‘em to the garbage. No ma’am. 

    Fury, you has my sympathies!  

    • Joiedevivrenoir

      In the South they stay in the field where they belong. In NY there is no spaces like that lol.

  • NYCNaye

    I’ve lived in Brooklyn my whole 20 years of living and the only place I’ve seen rodents is in the subway. Honestly. It just depends on what area you live in because I have friends who live blocks away from each other and their mice issues are on two totally different ends of the spectrum. I hope you settle into your new place and like it better than the last!

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

      I think this is totally true. I lived in 2 different places in Washington Heights and the mice were so damn bold & Mickey mouse & dem had my life on lock. I was not living. But in BK, not one mouse or roach! Def depends on where you live.

      Fury hang in there brotha! I can’t wait to see you get happy & enjoy it because NYC is so amazing. Spring time will have you on cloud 9 again!

      • serenissima

        i live in Washington Heights lol

        • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

           Dyckman where ya at?!? LOL…you got mice problems or was that my ill experience up there?

          • serenissima

            lol i had one mouse, my cat took care of it 

  • Cristal

    I absolutely positively love you! I LIVVVEEE for these kinds of posts!!!!!!!!! Thanks for making my day Kid Fury!

  • Mo

    Get Stevie J out of here!!!    I DIED!!!! 
    “Me and my brain had a conference”….I got my life, and right before the weekend…Thank You Fury!

  • whatevs

    I’ve had mice in my home… big as kittens. I kid you not, we actually mistook them for kittens. We had to block their hole up with an old driver’s license. NEVER again. Between your tweets & these videos I’ve really rethought my desire to move to NYC lmao

    • whatevs

      *Driver’s PLATE not license

  • flojo

    I only lasted 3 months in NYC….the second apartment I stayed in was infested with mice, to the point where I felt it was their apartment!!!
    I kept hearing ‘with new york- you either get mice or roaches- deal with it’
    Fuck outta here! I took my blackass back to London and never looked back!
    I hope your NYC stay is a lot more successful then mine was!

  • RamenNoodles

    I was born in New York and probably stayed there until I was 6. Don’t really remember nor do I care. Then I moved too the South, which means I got used to their hot ass bi-polar weather for the majority of my life. But when I went back to NY to visit some family, hell no! I was not here for it at ALL! Its like you hear about the weather but you don’t know till you there! I got a kiii reading your timeline about it snowing cause it reminded me of myself then I was reading the replies mostly telling you to deal or you’ll get used to. Ch…I took my ass back to the South the next day & till this day I appreciate this hot ass bi-polar weather lol

  • Missmarchmommy

    I live in Colorado and I had Mice in a really nice apartment we had 7 in 2weeks we moved out so damn quickly I broke me lease and gave no fucks lol. 

    • Trouble

      I live in Colorado and have never had a mouse what part you live in? I’m more afraid the prairie dogs will get some courage and run up.

  • Jose Cuervo

    NYC is infamous for mice SMH

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    That’s that NY ish right there, yeah I saw your mentions and people were all nonchalant like WTF I feel your pain as a Floridian The only rodents that get near the houses are some squirrels. Lawd I don’t think I can even risk moving to NY lol. I wouldn’t even had went through all that explaining and ish bxtch give me my deposit and I shall be on my way THANK YOU!

  • Nikkie

    Too hilarious!!  You and the mice moved there together, she got a boyfriend and you got jealous.  LOL!  You are too cute!!!

  • Eboni Weekes

    Red Velvet fuk…iDied

  • Michele Lee

    Hell naw Fury, just cause you live in NYC doesnt mean you have to have Rats/Roaches.  I was born and raised in NY and we never had vermin.  Even if you live in a building that has them you’ve got to go to war with those son of a bitches and be proactive; plug up wholes in the wall/radiators, keep your house super clean and spray.  

    I used to think that all people living in Florida had those flying teradactyls y’all call Palmettos ( In NY we just call them big ass Roaches!!).  But, after living there I realize its like anywhere else, you’ve got to be vigilant and FIGHT I say!!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Palmetto roaches are small as hell lol they just some flying demons so they’re hard to catch. Most of the time if you don’t live around trees you aren’t going to get them, and unless your light stays on they won’t fly by your door. A cockroach is a big ass heifa tho lol.

  • Nothing Amigone

    I am not here for Mickey or his bullshit cousins, but you haven’t really felt God laughing at you until you’ve come face to snout with a damn nutria rat. Imagine if a rat and a beaver had a bastard child, and that child grew up taking steroids and listening to New Orleans bounce music. 

    The only rodent problem I had during my stays in NYC were roosters. You read right, motherfucking Rock-a-Doodle-ass, look-bitch-I’m-on-your-throwback-cornflakes-box roosters. These niggas would for real for real crow with the arrival of the sun every morning when I would stay in the Bronx at my ex’s house. I don’t even know why my ex’s neighbors had roosters, or why the block was even okay w/ that shit. I never felt more like Carrie in Sex and the City, to be sure. 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      iDie at “ look-bitch-I’m-on-your-throwback-cornflakes-box roosters”.

    • Chris Brown’s Career

      “Imagine if a rat and a beaver had a bastard child, and that child grew up taking steroids and listening to New Orleans bounce music. ”

      Why did you have to kill me like that? 

  • Brandon Dean

    I live in philly, and I moved to a rowhome and people were telling me, “You know, rowhomes sometimes have mice”. I had a George Bush level preemptive war on them bitches. I sprayed, I powdered, I trapped, and I plugged, and I HAVEN’T SEEN SHIT.  Mission. Fucking. Accomplished. I haven’t seen so much as an ant in my house. This here house is a Demilitarized zone, step in it and get killed. So I guess Mickey went on a scouting mission coming to my place, looked and saw the poison and traps and was like “Fuck this shit” and went to the next house.

    If you don’t have rodents or roaches, do pest control as if you do. You wont ever see ANYTHING.

  • Meelah

    Depends on where you live and who your neighbors are.  If your neighbors live in a trash pile they will move to a cleaner area (like your apartment) but go back over to the neighbors house to eat.  When I lived in the city a mouse would pop up ever so often because they were coming from the neighbors apartment.  The glue paper traps worked though but that was some years back so I’m sure mice know what time it is now.   Since I moved into a house in the burbs I’ve never seen a mouse out here.

  • Joiedevivrenoir

    The landlord’s man is lying. First of all why would it matter if you were scared or allergic? Vermin being where you live apparently are no problem otherwise? And how the hell do you bring a mouse with you? From Florida? That I never understood but apparently people do it. I used to live in a building that had a lot of East Indians move in one month. NEVER had a mouse or a roach until they came. Apparently their religion makes it so they can’t kill them? Anyway just the logistics of it confused me. Did they not notice it sitting on their clothes when they packed? Did it sneak into their belongings somehow, or did they just say fuck it, come along? They must have done something because no mouse or roach until they came. Like the same week after several of the families moved in.

    But just the way your Landlord and her man reacted shows they knew what the deal was. For her man to immediately go on the defensive and try to….shame you into not complaining about it, why did she have the traps ready? That’s probably why the place vacant. You’re not the only person who said “Fuck this.”  and left, I guarantee. 

    And BTW I absolutely hate it when people that can’t speak English fluently try to argue with someone. Like….motherfucker, you have the nerve to try to disagree with me when you can’t even speak English? Seriously?

    Although I bet if you called the housing authority over to that bitch, suddenly they would be able to speak English fluently! LOL I’ve seen that too. I had an Asian landlord that did that to me over Bed Bugs, place was infested and he tried to act ignorant and innocent. Low and behold, when the city came to the place saying that HE had to close the building and spray the place and pay for our  accommodations, suddenly his English was PERFECT and everything he said made sense. He saw me giving him the most vicious side eye the whole time too. 

    Mice are no bueno, that is a health hazard they are scurrying little disease carriers and I don’t understand how people can just chill with them. The owner needs to handle it, and if he doesn’t and won’t give you your deposit back, then the authorities need to be called immediately.

  • Mimi

    Kid Fury knows how to recall a story! I don’t blame you for getting out of there. I wouldn’t pay my ducats to a broad who can’t understand there’s a mouse infused drama going on in the building.  No ma’am.

  • Brittany

    Like Oh bitch wait a second I LOVE IT

  • Shellbee

    New York mice and rats are on some other shit. That mouse sniffed that “trap” and said to itself “Is this nigga serious? Try it again, queen!”

  • Ria Michelle

    I’m so glad that I never enountered mice or roaches when I lived in NYC. I’d sure be dead. I’m terrified of roaches and I don’t think I’d fare well seeing a mouse outside of a pet shop. 

  • MsNisha

    Fury!! I died and then JESUS brought me back to continue to subscribe to your fuckery!! Chile that mouse shit is a no go! I live in Detroit (my whole life) and let me tell you shit got real when me, my sister and daddy were in the kitchen and a mouse decided to hit the dougie across the floor.  We damn near tore the wall open all trying to run up out of there. I will fist fight with a grown man but you bring Mickey and Steebie in this bitch and its a WRAP!!!

  • Tspthemba

    Why did I think that was the wall from Miami?  I thought you smooth left the state. LOL.  I would have.  I don’t do vermin.

  • Brandy’s Missing Edges

    Sigh, I just died a thousand deaths listening to this story about Kid Fury Vs. Stevie J. You are stupid mcnupid, but I so feel you on that. I looked at a documentary on bed bugs once, and swore I had them so I slept on the couch for weeks… I know, I went to far but… I can relate to how you feel because had I actually seen one. I’d have blown this entire building sky high… No joke. Anywho, I hope you get situated in the NYC soon, because the Kid Fury updates are few and far between these days =( 

  • The702Diva

    My Life has benn givin, thank you KF!!!

  • FRAN305

    ran outta there like your bussy was on fire?! LMAOOOO