Rihanna Nabs First Number One Album With ‘Unapologetic’

Kid Fury November 28, 2012 Well Pin A Rose On Your Nose! 119 Comments

Congrats to Curry Goat! She has finally overcome the “no #1 album” shade you girls toss at her head like bad plantains. Her seventh studio album Unapologetic has topped the Billboard 200 chart with 238,000 copies sold in the first week.

I find it kind of tickling that this is the album to sit at #1 — it’s not very good. No shade. In my opinion, Loud should have been her chart-topper. Hell, even Talk That Talk was better if you ask me, but this is an achievement anyway.

Shine bright like a jersey dress!

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  • Jamesarayford21

    Dead at jersey dress. Lmaoo no forreal she should have been had a number one. I know people that went out and bought the album that weren’t even she can never make it out of that 200 thousand mark though lol

    • Jamesarayford21

      and I most definitely agree the album isn’t that great it’s good but not grear after I started listening it to more I was like this album is repetive as hell. Lol. Loud definitely should have been her number one.

  • ZJ

    Don’t you think she got #1 by default though? Nothing else came out last week except the umpteenth incarnation of Roman Reloaded.

    • DC

      She’s always released with competition, so… that default mess is a no go.

      • ZJ

        That was exactly my point. It was easy for her to get a #1 this time out because nothing else was out i.e. no competition.

      • guest

        wait.. but the fact that she usually always releases with competition would serve as evidence for her getting #1 by default. i’m happy for RiRi but ijs…

        • CaramelHottie

          Exactly!!!!! @ guest

          This album sucks tho (dont come for me I love RiRi lol ). Rated R, Loud and GGGB was everything! I can play those from beginning to end. But congrats to her tho.

    • anon

      But Kid Rock as well as AB/DC released the same day, and yall KNOW the white people go out and support their Country/Rock music. I was more nervous about them than I was Nicki, and not to mention Taylor Swift also dropped her album down for Black Friday So……..

    • Chicken Queen.

      In other news,…Beyonce has 4 #1′s …….

  • Jasonreloaded

    I am very happy for her. I actually really like this album and I think it’s a lot better than TTT, which seemed rushed. Congrats nonetheless. 

  • DC

    Every knee shall taste the pavement while kneeling in the presence of Queen! Stop releasing your anger on these keyboards y’all ain’t even pay for. Please subscribe for a monthly subscription of Rogaine because Queen is here to continue pushing your hairlines BACK!

    It may have taken her 7 tries, but always remember that Queen’s pockets will always be obese while your bank account’s stay looking like a Feed The Children campaign.

    I am Rihanna Navy and I approve this message. *steps down from podium*

    • b1955abyO

      That really long scroll was kind of unnecessary , and easy with the ‘queen’ calling she really ain’t about that life …..yet or at all

    • brandonjaye

      Try it again, Queen.

    • CaramelHottie

      Lol, oh you TRIEDDD IT boo! There’s only ONE queen and her name is BEYONSLAY! But RiRi’s cool tho… 

      • Karamal_01

        queen of performances and thats JUST about it, I see she’s trying to step her social networking up though after the damaged that happened to ’4′ lol

        • CaramelHottie

          Oh now YOU tried it! Beyonslay is the queen of everything right now. First and foremost, the queen don’t have to do any for social acceptance. Her name sells it self. And by all means, 4 was a great album, possibly her best so far, that was pretty successful considering it had no commercial/crossover singles. Name one female who could see her at anything? Yeah I’ll wait! Even Ri has admitted Bey is the shit

          • CaramelHottie

            anything * 

          • Tioskachambers18com


          • CaramelHottie

            Not vocally..

    • anon

      Yassssss you get these peasants BOTHERED I’m here for it lol 

  • Cheel

    The highly engineered junk that’s called music these days. Y’all can keep that.

  • TrollPatrol

    I am Troll Patrol today! There will be no slandering The Queen while I’m present.

    Your contradictory hypocritical comments will be called out!

    • Chelz

      chris brown, is that you girl ?

      • Earthshaker1217


      • Makaelaaa


  • Delonjo Barber

    I agree that this album isn’t very good. It’s better than most, but LOUD was far superior.

  • Erin Cash

    I’m just glad Kim Kardashiass is no longer the first thing I see when I come to this site. Praise my generation for supporting straight up tomfoolery! 

    • Drea_mosley

      Lol I felt the same about Kim Kardashiass thank you.
      Congrats Rihanna

    • CloudWatcherNSearchOfShade

      Praise Jeebus!!

    • serenissima

      say it two times.

    • ABitOfKwansLife

      Chile say it again *throws shoes and hits Patti praise dance* I was beyond sick of seeing lard ass as soon as the page loaded.

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Congrats to Rihanna but I feel like Rated R should’ve been her first number 1. I think that’s still her best album to date.

  • lala

    lol and what did roman rehash do? dust? the new songs were oooooooooook but not all that, the nicki i knew and loved from years ago is truly dead… RIP

  • Ayisha Lawrence

    well… I really like the album. good for her. 

  • Courtney

    Good Girl Gone Bad or Rated R should’ve been #1 IMO, but we’re talking 4-5 years ago. Cute for Curry Goat. *files nails* 

  • That girl MEL!

    LOUD was definitely her best album. But – eh, she still making that cheese, getting on her knees, and slanging that (ugly weave). Congrats Rih Rih!

  • Buckey’s Wig

    I bet nicki somewhere crying that recycled garbage she calls music was turned away by best buy and walmart lol the shade…rihanna should do a song with missy kim and eve that video would be crazy and with missy on production that song would be madness… gurl rih just slays….
    bey new stuff is gona be crazy since she got missy writing for her

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    No Shade….but I wouldn’t be a bit suprised if Rihanna’s people called Alicia’s peiple up and said, “hey do you think you could hold off just 1 week so Rhi can FINALLY get a number 1 album in the States, we owe you one.” And Alicia’s people said, “Sure, tis the season for giving and we’re all for helping the Billboard challenged.”

    • serenissima

      Not when her last album, ‘The Element of Freedom’ aka ‘I Got Your Man And You Can’t Do Anything About It’ was her first record NOT to go #1 in the US.

      • BlairWaldorf2013

        This ISN’T about Alicia’s albums this is about RIHANNA going 7 YEARS without EVER getting the top spot. People need to get over it with the whole Alicia and Swizz shit. Real talk…were any of you present and accounted for when it happened…were any of you present and accounted for during ANY part of the process. Don’t worry I’ll wait for the receipts that show you or ANYONE else on this site had/have front row seats to her life. Like I said, I wouldn’t be suprised if Rhi’s team called Alicia’s team and said, “Hey we heard that NEW shit you got is THE BUSINESS, think you can hold off for 1 week so our girl can score a number 1?”

        • Santia McEntire

          Even if Alicia released her new album with RiRi, she still woulda had the #1 album, cuz that new Alicia Keys album is garbage…and this is coming from someone whose bought every Alicia Keys album on day one…smh! 

          • serenissima

            thank you! her music has gotten REALLY BAD :-/

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            Well you’re the one making CLAIMS/ASSERTIONS about Alicia’s motives for releasing albums and the meaning of songs. YOU were the one who brought up her relationship NOT me. Now if you want to discuss lyrical capacity, musicanship, artrisrtry, and ACTUAL talent then I think we ALL know who the winner is on those fronts. In 10 years we will still know and love the VAST majority of the work Alicia has produced in 10 years Rihanna will be someone I say, “Oh yeah I remember her, I remember that song.”

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            One last point and I’m done…I NEVER said I don’t like/respect Rihanna for her work or professionalism. I have purchased many of her songs and get my dance on like anyone else. HOWEVER, I am not going to give credit where it is not due. Those of you who want the OLD Alicia she is NOT that woman anymore she is different and her music reflects her NOW.

            If she GAVE the same sound, same songs, same style EVERYONE would be saying how tired, redundant, dated she is and how she should switch it up to be CURRENT. She tries to change it up and everyone is like we want the old Alicia. At least she writes her music, sings her songs (albeit not perfect but we won’t even get on Rihanna for pitch problems we’d be here all day), and actually brings her musical talent/knowledge to her work instead of letting someone else do it for her.

          • Suchalady

             Swizzy, just stop. This is embarrassing…

          • serenissima

            Okay, you obviously either know her or have some skeletons in your closet that you’re taking it soooo personally lol. Where did I make any claims or assumptions about why Alicia released anything? I said her last album was about taking someone’s man, and it was. That’s just what’s happened in her life, I’m not judging or making any commentary on it, but you can’t deny that her husband was someone else’s when she met him.

            That being said, I can’t see 10 years into the future but Rihanna has already gone down in the record books for many of her musical accomplishments. She’s won Grammy’s and AMAs, sold millions of records, and I highly doubt she’ll be a mere footnote in musical history. I can’t FOR THE LIFE understand of me why people try to equate her career to a flash in the pan. She already has a better part of a decade in the game. You can feel she’s untalented or undeserved but the way people act like she’s unsuccessful is laughable.

            And it’s ironic that you would say that, because ten years later, Alicia isn’t known for her terrible music, but her tawdry personal life. IRONY.

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            You know what…chicken butt. Seriously I can’t with you anymore…refer back to your SECOND post under my SECOND post and I quote, “its stone cold FACTS that those tracks were written during and about her affair (‘Sleeping With A Broken Heart,’ Unthinkable/I’m Ready,’ etc.)” So this wasn’t you making claims about her personal life affecting her MUSICAL output. Oh Okay…My Master’s must be failing me cause I could swear that quote is a claim you made above.

            Women need to STOP IT in general with her personl life…Swizz Beatz is a GROWN MAN and Autonomous Being. He did EXACTLY what he wanted to do. He chose EXACTLY who he wanted to chose. PERIOD. Women need to understand ONE THING about relationships with men they are NOT TOYS that you “keep” or “take” or “steal” from someone. Again, were you there in the conversation/situation with ANY of them to make statements about what Alicia took, stole, kept, etc. from Swizz Beatz ex-wife???

            I mean Chris Brown is sleeping with two women and sending out mini-documentaries about it (not to mention he IS an ACTUAL woman beater with the pictures to prove it) Yet Rihanna is the BETTER role-model or more Likable and you’ll go for her over Alicia who last time I checked…Got a RING ON IT to show that Swizz Beatz took her seriously.  

            And as far as musical stats goes..I’m not even going to go there when Alicia has been a musical prodigy since she was a teen (16 yrs graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School class Valedictorian), has 14 Grammy’s, millions of album sales, etc.

          • serenissima

            Obviously your masters degree hasn’t enabled you to know the difference been the terms ‘claims’ and ‘facts.’ I’m not making claims about Alicia or her life. Everything I said in my comments happened, I’m not CLAIMING it happened or formulating any opinions on her life.

            That album is ABOUT her relationship, look it up, google it, YouTube it. She’s talked about it in numerous interviews. And I’ve gone out of my way to show I’m not coming for what is obviously your fave but that Stan cape is obviously cutting off the oxygen to your brain, because you seem to be having a different conversation than me.

            And I could give a fuck less about accolades she amassed TWENTY YEARS AGO, unless Alicia becomes possessed by the spiri of MJ herself, that new music is STILL TRASH. And quite a few other commenters have agreed with me. But keep your head in the sand and I can’t wait for your pre-ordered copy of Blackniss Everdeen’s cd to arrive at your doorstep. I hope it’s everything you hope and dream of.

            Girl. BYE.

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            No sweetness…YOU  have the STAN cape on a little to snug if you SERIOUSLY think that anyone in their RIGHT DAMN MIND would say Rihanna is musically, artistically, sonically better suited than Alicia Keys. And I’m not a stan I just REFUSE to stand by and let you make statements about one artist’s musical inspiration and then turn and act like Rihanna hasn’t done the same damn thing. Only with far less musical talent. That’s THE TRUTH.

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            Also, have I ever used curse words when addressing you? I mean seriously can’t people get their point across without that kind of language these days? But I guess since you follow Rihanna this kind of behavior comes naturally.

          • BlairWaldorf2013

            And just to clarify, I am referring to you referring to me as a bitch.

          • YouDontWantNoProblems

            Really? Y’all are in here writing essays? lmfaoo 

          • serenissima

            Like I just read this comment again and I really don’t know what you’re talking about… Who’s the better role model? Bitch what? Smh you really feel some type of way about how A. Keys is portrayed in the media and felt like taking that shit out on me cuz I said Rih is hot right now. You better Stan, girl lol

          • Buckey’s Wig

            Preach they stay trying to plaay Rihanna like she ain’t been in this game since 16….she is deep rooted and well respected…Madonna didntt have a powerful voice either and look how her pppl respect her…why we always putting down our own…rihanna has more #1 hits then janet jackson how can anybody hate on what she does….my gurl rih slays everything

          • serenissima

            *cant for the life of me understand why

        • serenissima

          girl you better pump your brakes. nobody is stuck on them or is acting like they were ‘present and accounted for’ during any part of their personal life… its stone cold FACTS that those tracks were written during and about her affair (‘Sleeping With A Broken Heart,’ Unthinkable/I’m Ready,’ etc.) and like i said, i highly doubt anybody in rih’s camp called a.keys and suggested her new album is the business and she needs to hold off, seeing as her last album has done the worst out of any of her material during her entire career and the new stuff sounds the same. thats nothing personal, its business. with the current hot streak that rih is on, media-/publicity-wise, i wouldn’t be surprised if the reverse were true and a.keys team pushed her album back to avoid competing with rih. 

        • ABitOfKwansLife

          Oh Lili girl is that you?!? lol Alicia was not going to hurt anyone’s chances this time around The Girl On Fire needs to call 911 help a sista out cause her material as of late ain’t the business.

      • Kee

        I LIIIIVVVVEEE for this lady saw reference!

    • MissMe

       I love when people say “No shade” then proceed to do nothing but throw shade left and right…

      • EntertainMeh aka Heyboo

        “No shade” is now the new “I don’t mean to be rude, but…” “Don’t get offended or take this the wrong way, but…”  Shade will be old news come 2013. I saw a brolick ass athlete use the word. *shudders*

        • Kee

          I said a while ago that no shade was the new “with all due respect” cuz you know some bull shit is sure to follow behind whatever is said.

    • Buckey’s Wig

      Huh? Girl u tried …..alicia wish she was in rih spot right now….that girl on fire music is trash

    • Suchalady

       Ain’t nobody buying Alicia’s heavily screeched album anydamnway! Please…

  • serenissima

    Go ahead and color me surprised, too. I hated ‘Loud’ but ‘Talk That Talk’ was my SHIT, that album still gets plays round these parts. But good for you, Rih.

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

      I thought I was the only one.  I did not like “Loud” at all.  LOVED “Talk That Talk.”  I really like “Unapologetic” too.  

  • MissMe

    I’ve listened to her album a few times all the way through (with the exception of Loveeeeee Song – hate it) and I agree it isn’t her best. It seemed confused and didn’t have a very good flow. Loud was definitely better. But I am happy for her finally getting that #1 spot, she’s been working towards it for a long time, people need to take their bitterness off the table and just congratulate the girl and keep it moving…

  • We_love_rihanna

    Why is Rihanna getting a #1 album such a tough pill to swallow? Congratulate and keep it pumping.

    Michael Jackson didn’t score his first #1 until his 6th album so, STFU! Y’all are so biased.

    • brandonjaye

      You must have a fever, comparing MJ to Rihanna.  Even if you are serious, it’s just hard to take such nonsense seriously.  How un-American.

      • We_love_rihanna

        What about the two did I compare other than albums being #1? Was I comparing their talents? No! STFU and proofread, dummy!

    • Jazz

      Right, but the difference is Thriller, although his 6th album, was and still is THE BEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME. So miss me with the comparisons. Rihanna doesn’t even come close…

      • We_love_rihanna

        THAT’S NOT THE POINT! The point is, y’all make a big deal over #1′s like #1 albums guarantee a platinum plaque, Grammy nods, and great music. Either way, All of Rihanna’s shit is certified. Y’all are entitled to how you feel about her “talents”, but whether she opened up #1 or not she would’ve received her platinum certification, PERIOD!

        • serenissima

          i sense the frustration behinds those keystrokes lmao… they are definitely missing the point… just laugh and keep it moving lollll. your point was an excellent one and, honestly, #1 albums dont mean shit… The Carter IV was a #1 album and moved 900,000 units its first week. Let’s all reflect on that lol. 

          Rih is one of the best selling artists of all time and you obviously werent comparing her talent to MJ, but her ability to sell. And Rih’s ability to sell is unparalleled. Shade trees gone throw shade tho *shrugs*

        • Abitofkwanslife

          Actually having number one albums do tend to get you plaques and Grammy nods #ijs lol.

          • We_love_rihanna

            Chris Brown: Fame/Fortune? Where is his platinum certification? Nicki Minaj: Roman Reloaded? Where’s platinum? Rick Ross? Shall I go on?

          • The702Diva

            Well since you wanted to call someone else out on “proofreading” I’d suggest you follow your own advice.  the operational word being “TEND”. So what was said was #1 albums TEND to get you plaques and Grammy nods, NOT GUARANTEE them…ijs

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            idk ‘Fortunate to still be singing’ reached #1 but I did say TEND to which means most of the time, generally NOT ALWAYS and Nicholas has gotten a Grammy nod for her foolishness so I rest my case lol. Since she’s the only female rapper out now I don’t doubt they’ll give her another one the simple fools.

    • CaramelHottie

      I agreed until I seen almighy MJ thrown in there. Lol 

      Madonna’s ass cant sing or dance and she’s an icon, so why people wont let Ri be great? 

  • StacksonStacks

    I guess endless drama and publicity stunts sells records. Watching Bad 25 on Thanksgiving made me sad about the state of today’s music. I like Rihanna but nabbing #1 on an album that isn’t even your best? Congrats, I guess.

    • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

      If she grabbed # 1 this time and it’s not her best is truly not her fault. It’s up to the consumers to make Rih #1…we can’t ever say that she doesn’t do her publicity or stay in the news. It’s not her fault, she did her part.

      • We_love_rihanna

        Thank you!

  • Abitofkwanslife

    Anout damn time true tea Good Girl Gone bad her breakout album should have really been her first number 1. I love Rih but her album plight is a true testament to the loyalty of herfsnsand the quality of her music. Today’s fansvuy singles not albums and most are digital copies. These artists need to have well rounded full albums why would I spend $14+ and only end up liking 2-3 songs. Congrats Rih it should have been happened but throw coconuts and roll a blunt bxtch!!!!

    • ABitOfKwansLife

      *About* loyalty of her fans fans today *buy singles
      Excuse the typos I’m on a mobile device

    • serenissima

      ‘Congrats Rih it should have been happened but throw coconuts and roll a blunt bxtch!!!!’

      *dies laughing and drowns in a pool of vita coco*

  • EntertainMeh aka heyboo

    I hate to bring up Nikki, but damn! She came in the charts at #28! Only selling 34k. Keyshia Cole’s ghetto ass came in at #9 with 94k….so what does this tell people? That you can’t continue to disrespect the consumer forever and in this game you fall quicker and faster than ever if there is no respect. Say what you will about Rih, but she’s respectful to the business, they said she is a professional woman, always on time, she is polite, not fake & she loves her fans. That will take you far nowadays.

    Nikki needs to go on and hang it up, torcher folks with her amazing wit on TV. She’s already a has-been.

    • Buckey’s Wig

      Yes to everything u said…rhianna is respectful to her job and thats y I rock with her….she keeps it one hundred nicki is a joke

    • whatevs

      I think in Nicki’s case it’s part disrespectful to fans + the fact that she just wants to release the same album over & over… tired of her schtick. I don’t care about any of that though, Keyshia Cole came in at #9? I don’t even like her that much but hot damn good for her!

      • Buckey’s Wig

        U know the hood chicks had to go cop that keisha cole album….they love her shee should start rapping lol take nicki spot

  • britchick91

    Good for her.I heard the album  and won’t be buying it 

  • serenissima

    It’s fucking hilarious how every post on one of Rihanna’s achievements turns into a verbal spat detailing her versus [insert female artist here]. People seem really obsessed with proving how untalented she is and how unfair her success is smh.

  • Michele Lee

    Congrats Rih. * Bajan Power, woot woot* ..but I don’t think its your best album.  Besides “Pour it up” and “Numb”…you can keep every single one of those other tracks to yourself, thankyouverymuch.

    ** Coins reinserted in purse**

  • We_love_rihanna

    It’s also hilarious that the same ones throwing shade and calling her “untalented” are the same ones who own at least one, maybe two albums out of seven from Rihanna, and have also dropped a 1.29 on a single via iTunes. Get into the contradiction.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      You betta shade the masses I live for Bajan goat’s vocals no matter how untalented to people she is, heifa knows music and can sniff out a hit a mile away, I have three of her full albums GGGB, Loud and TTT ALL BOMB TO ME  *shrugs*. I’m happy for her I just wished it were one of the three I spent my coins on.

      • serenissima

        All of this.

    • RamenNoodles

      True! But I want to know how is she untalented? Let me school the girls: Talent: 1. a special natural ability or aptitude 2. a capacity for achievement or success. Its obvious her ability is singing. You may not like how she sings but that’s what she does. In my opinion, when she isn’t hopping around, touching her body parts, & throwing her legs in the air she can actually hold a note & sounds good.

  • Earthshaker1217

    The reactions are hilarious. I want to see this on Got 2B Real and the Skorpion Show and Kid Fury.

  • Basquiat

    So… 238,000 copies tops charts these days? The gag is everyone you know has heard it.

    • whatevs

       Oh you’d be surprised… all you need is a few of your friends to even break into the top 100 these days let alone be #1. It’s all the fault of whatever the music biz is blaming this week!

  • BringItDownA-Notch

    Dang…People on here is starched,pressed, and hung up in the closet about this girl…lmao 
    chill ! it ain’t that damn serious ! 

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    People are trying to come for me and play it like what I’m saying doesn’t make sense. I mean trying to say “Elements of Freedom” was a flop…so 417,000 albums sold in week 1 is a flop these days. Whereas, 238,000 is a HUGE success all of a sudden…oh okay I see the theories of basic math or no longer relevant to some people. I mean Rihanna would need TWO of her albums to reach ONE of Alicia Keys’. And suddenly a #2 spot on the Billboard for debut album like EOF is HORRIBLE but going hard for an artist whose NEVER surpassed #2 for 7 years and tearing down another that has consistenly slayed is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE (hmmmmm).

    • Suchalady

       Lmao let it go! Alicia is whack!

  • Jamie

    Welp, while this happened Adele’s album hit the 10 million sold mark in the U.S. (Sorry, had to throw my two shades in.) 

  • shay

    im so proud of rih! she is my go-to girl when my mama is feeding my little sister (bey and blue). some of yall are trying it with this alicia shit. she needs to sit her croacky, homewrecking ass down somewhere. 

    • BlairWaldorf2013

      I mean so are we going to boycott everything Kanye West puts out because by your standards he would be a “homewrecker” Kim K was married and she started messing with Kanye before the paper hit the table.

      I don’t get it with women sometimes. We always BLAME the OTHER woman for what the man CHOOSES to do. Like Alicia held a gun to his head or something. It’s sad meanwhile men continue to get over on us because we have this assine belief that they are precious children or something that can be so easily lead astray, NO he made his choice and he chose her. Shoot…at least she got a ring on it (to quote your mother Bey). More than most of these women can say who deal with no good men for years (side eye-Rihanna).

      • Chile Cheese

        Oh my God girl, you are so pressed. You must be Alicia’s strongest cl*t flea because DAMN you are up in this RIHANNA comment section going hard defending the blood-out-the-ear-inducing Mrs. Toucan Sam. Why bring up Offlicia Keys when this article is clearly not about her bew? Why are you so pressed, roaming and making comments about for your idol, Screeching Keys, when it’s not relevant to the subject at hand? HER.ALBUM.WILL.GO.DOUBLE FIYAAAAAAAAAHHH… wood.

      • Nj

        @Blair… I agree with everything u said

      • Esha

         Girl take your masters and look up projection and transferance, it’s a thing

        • MissMe


        • BlairWaldorf2013

          I encourage you to look up Alicia Keys stats and then compare that with Rihanna’s you’ll find that my projection and transference (the correct spelling by the way and thank’s for providing me with a good estimate of your educational level) is perfectly in tact. 

          Nice try though trying to shade when you don’t even know how to spell the shade you’re trying to throw. smh

  • RamenNoodles

    I’m not even gonna read any of these comments lol I know its filled with shade. But yeah congrats Rih, you defiantly deserved it. I can say that she’s the only pop girl out that I’m interested in at the moment.

  • CurlyBoo

    i didn’t know she didn’t have an number one album already. wth Loud wasn’t number 1??? I still love that album. anywho-congrats!!!!

  • Kayy

    Congrats to Ri, but I feel like she got it by default. Most people ain’t checkin’ for Onigga.  & others are sleeping on Miguel.

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    I’m here to tell y’all this!

    Both of Nicki Minaj’s albums sold more than this in their first weeks

    Pink Friday — 375,000 first week
    Pink Friday Roman Reloaded–253,000 first week

    So while you can go on hating Onigga for being talentless….. Rihanna is selling worse and putting out the same highly engineered crap

    • serenissima

      Rih is also seven albums in, as opposed to only three… for Nicki to fall off THIS much, this fast is alarming…

      • Kee

        Things is flaws and all (chris brown and the yellow cake saga) rihrih is still  wayyy more likeable than nicki “holier than everyone” attitude havin ass

  • ICantHandleKidFurysCuntness

    Im not here for all the novels..rih, u need to let me help you , help me, help you bitch. youve never given me much and honestly that wont ever change. your lace and style and word in the industry is established, and you know as tie go on its hard to reverse that shit so i guess the last thing to do is make a sex tape with Chriscaughtacoochiecold, or better yet bring Karbuncle along for the ride 

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

       I just shitted myself on “Karbuncle”. I need Depends and a prayer.

      Anyway, I’m still listening to this record. “Loud”, “Talk that Talk” and “Rated R” were all pretty high on my list of albums I’ve enjoyed over the last year (she releases albums kinda… quick), so I’m going to give this one a fair listen… but it’s nice to see Ri get some credit for being a marketable brand.   

  • Tracie

    I love rihanna but this album shouldn”t have been her #1.  Loud, Rated R, maybe even TTT but this album I’ll pass.

  • Kyana

    Congrats Rih, I’m part of the 238k and proud, and here for it, but not all this hatin goin on in Furyland, I supported this site cause witty intelligent venom-less dialogue reigned. Maybe looking at diaper pooty for to long put some folks in a bad uninformed over-critical mood.

  • Guest

    See…i didnt even know she had 7 albums ive heard Unapologetic and to me Loud is what should have made it to #1…it takes you through so many emotions at once