Nicki Minaj On Fire For The Breakfast Club [Video]

Kid Fury November 21, 2012 Girl...Good Day 98 Comments

So Nicki Minaj also appeared on Power 105′s The Breakfast Club today for a very…interesting interview. It’s quite clear that the rapper wants to be known as a woman who aggressively voices her opinion in any and every environment.

Nicki spent the majority of the interview setting hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy ablaze for being unprepared (i.e. not having her album cued up and not seeing her video) and talking about American Idol drama.

I agree that the preparation should have been better, but sheesh this interview was weird. On the other hand, these people are all friends so, dot dot dot.

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  • RamenNoodles

    See this why people dislike you. I hate to say it, but she’s a stuck up bitch (someone please tell her the difference between being a boss and just being a bitch) I will even bless you with the title “bossy bitch”. I love how Angelea got her ass together like bitch that’s not my job you have to talk to the DJ. That pissed Nicki off lmaoo she knew it was the truth. How you gonna come at somebody for not keeping the interview about your album then come at them again for not asking you personal questions about your life? Then how she gonna come at somebody for not buying her perfume? She did the most and all that rolling your eyes, chair moving, bitch getcho life!

    • MirahMirahOnDaWall

      I was listening to this ungrateful ass in the morning and I wanted to jump through the radio waves and smack her lace front off. I love 105.1 and yes they should of saw the video but its one thing they didn’t see out of all the material they were prepared to talk about. Angela is always mostly prepared to talk about music, love life, personal endeavours, Charlmagne is usually the kiss ass and Envy does more of the history of music, the individuals impact in the game and time keeper. I have seen numerous interviews and they never went this sour.

      Nicki came off like she had better shit to do than walk her ass in a black radio station and chat it up. She was downright nasty and I was hoping someone’s grandmother would come in the studio and pop her square in the mouth. I hope she remembers how down for her 105.1 was when 97.1 decided to diss the shit out of her but she wants to hand out turkeys with their asses but demand respect from the morning show.

      Nicki get a fucking life and walk our punk ass out the damn rainbow spot light. You are a disgrace to all women, you play up the stereotype of angry black woman and oversexualized vixen. You mostl likely have sucked and fucked your way to stardom and sold out more than any Uncle Tom in history. I would appreciate it if you keep your raggedy raps, entitled attitude and jagged lacefronts out of all of our lives.


      Never a fan but a fed up woman who sees all your bullshit.

      • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm


      • shay

        YASSS BITCH!

        • SecretDivva

          RIGHT! Nicki can’t get shxt from me right now. Her attitude sucks. Someone told her she was the Jesusette of rap and she ran with it… in the wrong direction at THAT! I’m glad Angela checked her…

          Always wanna talk about who dxck riding who – BXTCH you been dxck-riding Kim since you CAME OUT from that damn spead eagle poster to the colored hair to the style-jockin’. Bxtch we ALL SEE YOU. Whatever you selling, Nicolas, no damn thank you!!!

      • Jazz

        Nicki’s always had beef with NY radio stations because she felt that haven’t given her just due while she was on the come up. But um…she definitely pressed the issue of them not playing her music or seeing her video way too much. If they didn’t watch your video, they didn’t watch your video. Who cares?!?! All that matters is the fans are watching it. Be concerned with that.

        I loved Nicki in her mixtape days, but now she’s just gassed & her attitude sucks. She’s so desperate to stay famous at any cost. I don’t even think SHE knows who she is anymore. 

        IMO, her level of demands and stank attitude are not commensurate with her level of talent. You feel you have the right to act like a crazed maniac superstar because you’re good at spitting pre-written rhymes in weird schizophrenic voices?!? What part of the game is that?? This cotton-candy brain bitch needs to have a stadium full of seats.

  • Eclecticdynasty

    this a breakdown im watching..

  • Guest

    She has a point… people should do there research

    • Guest


    • heyboo

      The fact that they didn’t do their research when they usually do is the ultimate shade though. Power 105 is usually up on this stuff, especially if it is a large artist. This kind of dismissal shows that they (like the rest of us) don’t see it for this bitch anymore. I 100% bet that if Azelia went up in there they would of seen 3 of her damn videos & ready to interview.

      • Courvoisier

        You read braille to a blind man!

        Starts singing: “NY rose me| most high chose me| let me know what I can can can can do for ya”…

      • mslean

        But is that professional not to prepare for a quest simply because you may not like their music? If that’s the case then you expect only the people who like what you like to tune in? I’m not going to listen to a station that plays only what they want to hear, is this a independent station that have no need for sponsors or you just cater to a certain fan base. If you were to go interview for a job and the interviewer is just sitting there, have not read your resume, don’t even know the qualifications of the job and you end up interviewing them, how would you feel, and if thats the case why have that person your show?

  • NYCNaye

    Look, I will say she was right that if you’re going to interview an artist for half an hour, you should be prepared to talk about not only the controversies surrounding them, but their material as well.

    H O W E V E R

    Nicki Minaj is such an annoying, egotistical & overdramatic person, that it is extremely hard, if not, impossible for most people to take her seriously. The “image” you put out with the ass full of caulk, 6 inch eyelashes, ridiculous makeup, and lacefronts hovering over your browline are what people will always judge you by, because it overpowers your music. People are saying the songs on this album are better than the recent bullshit she has been putting out, but guess what? After releasing fuckery for so long and having such a disgusting attitude, who even cares to listen to your music, smell your perfume, or watch your videos?

    In terms of her horrible ego, money and fame don’t “create” monsters, they just amplify the bad qualities that someone already possesses.

    Usually when I dislike an artist, I’ll pretend they don’t exist and pay them dust, but I really want this joke of a rapper/pop star/whateverTheFuck to leave the music industry and find her true calling at Juanita’s Bump & Curl or somewhere.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       ”In terms of her horrible ego, money and fame don’t “create” monsters,
      they just amplify the bad qualities that someone already possesses.”


    • IseeMoney

      Babygirl you need to realize no matter how much YOU hate her perfume,music,wigs,commercials this women  is gonna be right here shitting out more music and endorsements for her “fans” to buy …all i can say is go on and stop giving this women the time of day if you don’t give a f*ck about her…its making you look steamed and pressed.

      • CaramelHottie

        Sweet dear just because someone has an opinion of someone that is not in favor of that person DOES NOT EQUATE IT TO HATE. We the people, the CONSUMERS, are allowed to give our opinions and thoughts on a artist.. 

        Just cause we’re not here for the fuck shit she selling don’t make nobody a hater. Have a good day. 

        • Chrissy’s Mole

          Sweet Dear… that slayed me before I read anything else. Ok, now I will read the rest.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas! That was Iyanla shade like when she getting ready to read you down she calls you Beloved. All you can do is smile 10 minutes later thinks to self that heifa read me, DAMN!

          • Seats

            I AM DYING!!!! Iyanla will throw in Beloved just to let you know she’s about to read your entire existence!

        • IseeMoney

          sis, you were never a consumer to begin with… why keep stating the same bs on each nicki minaj post? your name has popped up on almost all her posts and its been nothing but negativity…im not a die heart fan of hers but most of y’all on her blow a lot of crap out of proportion. thats all I’m sayin’.

          • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

            die hard* side note…I always cackle when I see people refer to others as ‘sis’..that shit is hilarious

          • CaramelHottie

            How would you know if I was a consumer or not? I actually was a Nicki fan and supported her but this new white woman I can’t get with. And as long as Kid Fury has this blog I will continue to support it and comment on all the posts I want. So again have a good day sir.  

        • Live

          nicki got your panties in a bunch girl?

          • CaramelHottie

            No sis. I just like calling a spade a spade. 

        • Zan


        • shay

          but why did i DIE @ “sweet dear” before reading the rest of the comment? i KNEW the ultimate read would follow that. YAS!

      • heyboo

         Pick a chair! Any chair!

        • IseeMoney

          as soon as you find one.

      • Chrissybabe


    • Zan

      I wish I could “like” this more than once. You hit the nail on the head.

    • Buji


  • Don’t Let Me Die Skinny, Jesus

    Oh Nikki…why won’t you let yourself be great?

    • Zan

      She thinks she’s TOO “great”. That’s her problem. 

    • Jdnlzugev

      Oh sis, why don’t you use spell check ? *Nicki

      • bb

        Oh sis, there’s more than one way to spell a name.

        • Terese

          Yep sometimes I like to spell Nicki like this: Crooked Lacefront Edges, Why doesn’t your foundation ever match your skin color? 

          • chiiiiiiii


      • Don’t Let Me Die Skinny, Jesus

        Sorry. I wasn’t aware I was supposed to care how the bitch spells her name.

  • DRB

    Honestly, she’s that hood girl we all know and hate. The one that thinks they’re antics are cute and everyone should bow down to them. 

    They should’ve set her ass straight. She literally threw food back on the table and said “I don’t eat this” aka wtf is this shit. Nobody plays your whack ass records at this point.

  • Jai

    Nicki was ABSOLUTELY right about being prepared for interviews because Envy or Angela hadn’t even seen the video. You could definitely tell they were unprepared and that’s unprofessional and it makes the station look bad.

     HOWEVER, she has a reputation for having a snotty attitude which is why I understand why they wouldn’t ask her the same stuff they might’ve asked her before she became big. 

    • sunday

      Let’s be honest. Preparation is not the issue here. There are tons of interviews wherein the interviewer gets a list of talking points and it’s up to the artist to promote themselves. That is what they are there for and that is why the interviewer gives them a platform. If she had just spent the time “promoting” herself and being professional instead of acting like an ungrateful wench, preparation would not have been an issue. With all the mouth that Charlemagne has, I hate when he doesn’t check folks that need to be checked but rather picks on people like Lil Mama. And don’t get me started on Envy calling Mariah an old lady. He is always claiming that someone is irrelevant when people barely know who he is.

      • Jazz

        The Breakfast Club is nothing but a bunch of Nicki Minaj ass-kissers. Charlamagne has so much mouth but he’s as soft as they come. Artists like Nicki Minaj can chop him down to size, but he picks on people like Lil’ Mama and Machine Gun Kelly…yet he claims to be so real -______-

        Just like when he said Kendrick Lamar was wack, then as soon as he came on the show, he started back peddling like the sissy he is. Nicki made them look like a bunch of clowns. 

        And when she called Angela Yee a liar, I just shook my head in disgust. SMH

    • YouDontWantNoProblems

      Would you spend all day slaving over a stove cooking oxtails and rice for some ungrateful ass bitch that would just throw that hot shit in your face anyway? 

      Let that simmer.

    • Meelah

      …Professionalism is a two way street.  

  • You mad? Stay mad.

    Yeah… glad I’ve never put money in this broad’s pocketbook. She’s neither gracious nor humble. Girl, calm your tits.

    • Suchalady

       Equally glad I was never a fan of this bird…tuh

  • Maritsa0330

    no one wanted to talk about her album because its garbage. her controversies are more interesting than her “music.”  why should they torture themselves by listening to her crappy music.  they would look really silly and sound ungenuine if they discussed her horrible album.  Why should Angela be forced to purchase that cheap looking (cheap smelling) bottle of perfume.. Since Nicki was so adamant about discussing her personal life, they should have pulled her card and asked her about her loser boyfriend/hypeman as well as her beef with Rihanna. 

  • Vjaysimms

    Come on now, yall know damn well if this was a male rapper people would not find this so outrageous. First of all, if i were an artist and i go to a radio station to PROMOTE my fragrance and new cd and nobody barely knows ish about it….. doesn’t have the song there to play on the radio or seen the videos….i would be upset too! But because she is a female, we expect her to say “oh thats ok guys, dont worry about it. maybe you can do your research next time” in a sweet female/lady like voice. NOOOOO…..she is not up there just to kick it, she is there to sell. this is her lively hood/job and the BC should have been on theirs. Again, if it was a male artist like “yo. why dont yall got my ish ready tonplay, come on now?” Everybody in there would be breaking their neck to accommodate that male artist. And did it with a “yes sir”. Any artist should have a right to call out anybody that’s doing an interview and hasn’t done their homework. When a man does it, he is seen as a boss but when a woman does it, she’s an out of control bitch. And secondly, ish was intertaning, as nicki usually is. And like fury said, they’re friends, so she felt comfortable to say that and im sure they are not butt hurt over it

    • RamenNoodles

      Boo, I’m so tired of hearing that women vs men shit, specially from her. I know it still goes on but let Jay Z come in here, spazzing, rolling his eyes, spinning/moving around in a chair, banging on desk, etc. like a spoiled little child I’m gonna say the exact same thing. I agree with her point its just the way she did it. Its sad, cause she think this type of stuff is cute and her fans just encourage it look at her timeline. Mess.

    • Nj

      So ppl never call out Kanye for all the mess he does? He’s known as the “douchebag”, so miss me with all that sexist talk.

      Also the issue isn’t that she was mad, that’s understandable. It was how she spoke to them, which pissed me off. She acted like some spoiled princess. Her fame won’t last forever, she might need someone’s help one day but then it might be too late.

    • whatevs

      Nicki has already tricked us once with that men vs women faux feminist bullshit and she had a point about double standards ONCE until she started engaging in them herself. This video is not the context for it, dismiss yourself. 

    • Suchalady

      GTFOH, you sound like her. She always pulls that black woman card when it’s convenient even though she is anything but a proud black woman on the regular. She does not represent us…

  • Courtney Cymone

    My thing is we are stupid because you said the stupid ass Romney Verse and we should have known you weren’t serious. Girl GTFOH

  • Zink!

    If she doesn’t get humble soon, God will get her together quick!! Nicki needs to remember who really gave her a chance and recognize that her nasty ass attitude will not take her far. There are ways to address issues and for some reason  (maybe she has a whack PR team) she fails miserably at getting her point across each time she has the opportunity to do so. I hate to say it but there are people in the industry who make way more money than her, who are female, and do not carry around this type of attitude. It is not what you say, but how you deliver the message. Her and her ignorant ass boyfriend/sidekick/bum friend will be back in Queens listening to music instead of making it if her camp doesn’t address her behavior and give her a reality check soon. All those barbs that follow her will grow up eventually. Her music is garbage so the least she can do is be a good person (or act like one)! I’m sure getting cosigned by Nas and Kanye so early in her career didn’t help either. 
    SMH….I digress

  • lisa

    I’d hate to meet her

    • Brittany

      since when

  • Well

    oh lord here comes the “i hate nicki minaj ” rant ! y’all need to realize  that some of her music may not be up to par..but she is trying to make music and brand herself. If y’all was in her position y’all would be mad AF too!  the interview questions they were asking her was not strong questions..they knew nothing about what she was promoting ! i don’t think she was there to talk about that american idol bullshit. she was there to talk about her music and be gone.

  • ImDONE

    everytime i see something about nicki minaj on this damn blog i see the same people commenting on how much they hate and can’t stand her …i never seen a blog that hates a certain celebrity but talk the most shit about her..

    • Chrissy’s Mole

      Apparently you don’t read many blogs…

  • shay

    how DARE this bitch talk to them like that? thats why folks dont like her. i cant even explain how stupid this bitch is. 

    • CaramelHottie


  • CaramelHottie

    Why is she always rolling her eyes and answering questions in such a “nasty, you’re annoying the fuck outta me” manner? She does this in every interview. Does anyone suggest etiquette classes for this bird?  

  • CaramelHottie

    And Charlamagne however you spell his name is one of the biggest dick riders in the world, with his Hamburgler looking ass. 

    • Zink!

      IKR! I damn near threw up with each word he said! He has always been sucking on Nicki’s clit…smh

    • KH

      Yass! it was nauseating

  • Kayy

    She’s such a bird. & I expected Charlamagne to set her ass ablaze & tell Nicki off. Oh well.

    • shay

      i think had it been anyone else, he would have. he gets paid to ride nicholas’ dick, i guess. he laughed when she threw bacon at him, when she disrespected their entire show, and when she way reading his co-hosts. envy should fire his ass. 

  • pnnylne

    I don’t know who this Charlamagne person is but I was ready to drop kick him a good 3 minutes in and if Nicki didn’t want to be there she should have rescheduled or not come at all. You don’t look like a “bad bitch” or a “boss bitch” for that matter. You look like an unprofessional, unappreciative brat (on top of that drag queen-esque lace front). 

  • Stacksonstacks

    Damn, who pissed in her Cheerios? Her attitude is stank!

  • AbOriginal

    I am not a Nicki Minaj fan; I’m not here for her; I don’t even know her singles like that.. but I think she was completely right for coming at them sideways.. Little, big, trash, or treasure — whatever type of artist.. if you invite them to your show, you MUST know their material from top to bottom to give an appropriate and respectful interview. It is disrespectful that NONE of them had watched the video. There’s 3 of them. They could easily divvy up the work.

    I think that many of you are blinded by the shade.. If Beyonce was on there and they hadn’t seen her most recent video or listened much to 4 despite purchasing her Heat perfumes, her Dereon fashions, and listening to her previous albums, you would’ve been calling in, tweeting, or kiki-ing the same shit Nicki was saying. She tore them a new asshole and they needed it.

    If you were an artist and was on a show, you’d've been offended. She IS entitled, as any interviewee would be. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Everyone deserves a bare minimum level of respect when you interview them, and that bare minimum is to be knowledgeable about their experience (especially the most current stuff) whether you particularly love them or not.

    • Brittany

      Nicki is that you

    • Live

      EXACTLYYY ! 

    • CaramelHottie

      Honestly, they all knew what she was promoting and was actually prepared if you wanna be technical. She got mad because Envy didn’t begin to play her songs when he went to commercial, but he told her ass I have to pay these bills first, meaning play the commercials of the people who sponsor the show. Yet she still carried like a buffoon. Then she gets mad at Angela for not purchasing her perfume like she has too. Its not like Angela didn’t smell it and mention that it smelled good. No grown respectable woman wants that ugly ass bottle sitting on their dresser. It’s ways to get your point across without coming off as a bratty, stank ass diva.

  • Socivol

    She is such a fucking cunt! Why is she such a rude ass bitch?!

    • Brittany

      because she’s bitter

      • heyboo


  • jazmyn alexander

    i watched her z100 interview and just finished watching this one. im my opinion i feel as if nicki only acts like that on the black radio stations because on the z100 interview she was all sunshine and lollipops for those white folk. smh i can’t deal with her

    • Esha

      You are exactly right, every other interview I’ve seen with her: Ellen, George Lopez, Graham Norton she acts like this quiet, boring, airhead its hilarious, but then she goes on these black shows and shows her ass, this is real Nikki you are seeing right here 

    • GEZ

      I said the exact same thing. During these white radio/TV interviews she’s as pleasant as can be, but she comes to a black station and that’s when you want to get cunt? Bitch, have a seat.

  • Uhhhh

    If Wal-Mart, Target, etc. aren’t stocking the album shouldn’t that be driving up the digital sales? Set you up to fail? Your album is #26 on iTunes. Girl where is the DEMAND?

  • Nikka get me my crispy bacon

    Well damn! Nicki Nicki Nicki, she done went up there and chewed them all out whilst acting like her barbie self. But Gurl what’s that on your head doe? A bird’s nest or straw hay? First of all, what kind of radio show does she think the Breakfast Club is…cuz all their interviews seem to go down like this. Very ratchet! Its like she expects them to cater to her every demand like it’s a TV show. As for her Album not being sold in target, Walmart and hardly best buy, gurl that’s cuz you done released that same damn Pink Friday like 3-4 times, and they know you ain’t about to pull them numbers like Rihanna– shade. You set your own self up for failure.

    • CaramelHottie

      your nameeee!!! DEAD!!! 

  • britchick91

    SMH Onika I rebuke you in the name of Jesus LOL.
    I can understand where she is coming from but her attitude is sooo off putting anybody would think that she has been in the game for over 10 

  • britchick91

    I’m gonna need for c tha god to detach his tongue from her rim 

  • LaTonka Trucks

    Oh bitch.. She is too full of herself. I think those lace fronts are damaging her brain. MESS

  • CalmDown

    Y’all this interview was not real…she made a joke about it on twitter…there all friends.

  • Trch1097

    Does Charlamagne cry black tears?

  • LadyBug

    There has been a lot of trolling on the Kid Fury site as of late and we are all shady creatures of the deep dark Shade Queen Sea so we all know better than to fall for a troll… or at least we should. Some of you need your shade card revoked. 

    Anyway! Lets get into this Nicki Turkey Bacon Business only because I stopped watching it after she threw the turkey bacon at that poor man. I’m not sure how she can tell which brand it is of bacon by the way its cooked I suspect nothing but the devil afoot on that one. And how disrespectful of you to toss the bacon at someone like “Bitch no I dont eat this shit you have pissed of the Queen.” I seriously think my eyes would roll out of my head if I decided to roll them for that ignorance. 

    As per usual Nicki has shown us what Bath Salts, bad lace fronts, a whole lotta money, and 2 tons of MAC can do to a person. I’m not here for it. 

    • Deannawasher

      Yeah she was realllyyy disrespectful about the bacon thing and that kind of set the tone for her attitude for the remainder of the interview.

  • Thirstisyucky

    bottom line is real people want real music,
    being humble will never go out of style,
    AND we are not here for you any more girl.

    you really did it to yourself. 

  • Niko

    Of course she’s spazzing.. she’s on minute 14 and as a person who was never a fan, I’m glad she’s shooting herself in the foot by being ungrateful to all of the “fans” she duped a long time ago.  I’m snoozing on this bitch still.  Yawn.. NEXT.  

  • serenissima

    Okay, a lot of y’all must not ever listen to this show (or, hell, ANY radio show) because the point of the show is NOT for the deejays/radio personalities to review ANYTHING. It’s the artists job to PROMOTE, and the radio show is that platform. They don’t have to have her songs cued up first thing; they play whatever is hot and normally midway through the interview they play a couple of songs off the artists upcoming album.

    They are meant to interview about the ALBUM, not watch her videos or smell her damn perfume. Lets be real. She is a bitch and a half and her stuff isn’t doing well, she said it herself. Why isn’t Target all of a sudden selling your albums? Your attitude SUCKS and interviews like this aren’t alluring any new fans, but making people want to slap you through the airwaves.

  • CurlyBoo

    this interview wasn’t even that bad. yea she got a lil attitude at some points but she always chilled out after and was “normal”. But she does seem a lil bipolar. 

  • NickiMinstrel

    why charlamagne kissin nicki ass though?..idk if it’s sarcasm or he’s just being reserved cuz it’s nicki..i like charlamagne but dude be really pickin and choosin people to “keep it real” with or take shots at.i notice it everytime! nicki is there bullyin angie yet being fake nice and telling ya” how to do ya’ll job and ya’ll are just sittin there on some laugh it off so it doesn’t seem that serious type shit..but had it been someone like umm lil mama..different outcome!

  • Jay Lane

    Please GTFOHWTBS.  It is not unreasonable or snotty to expect an interviewer to do their homework (questions about genitalia?) on someone they have REQUESTED to do an interview with.  That’s just being professional, and that has nothing to do w/Nicki.  This is so much bigger than her.  It’s about them having opportunities to move to the next level as well.  You think Terrence J. gave a tepid 1/8 of a damn about a Hurricane Chris or a OMG Girls??? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say hell no, but he studied them and their various projects like Mozart and was able to conduct a thorough-yet-mind numbing interview.  Now he’s collecting those massive E! checks and smeye-zing alongside A-listers.  Everyone has the right to an opinion but don’t let nobody make you miss an opportunity to be great…even when dealing with those you’re not necessarily seeing it for, *beloved.

    *I couldn’t resist 

  • Buckey’s Wig

    Lil kim trieed to warn everybody but we woulldnt listen…..we thought kim was juust being a jealous hater….but nnope nicki is everything kim said she was and ten times worse

  • LuLu


  • ImNotHereForThat

    ZZZZzzzzzz *buys out the biggest stadium in America* Nicki pick a seat any seat heated or unheated, but please just sit down!