K. Michelle & Brooke Bailey Cover KING Magazine

Kid Fury November 21, 2012 Toot Up That Ass! 45 Comments

So KING Magazine’s latest issue features women of reality television and they snagged K. Michelle (Love & Hip-Hop ATL) and Brooke Bailey (Basketball Wives LA) for the covers.

Personally I believe Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo, Rasheeda, Mimi Faust and several other VH1 storks would have been much better choices for these covers, but if King of Four Loko Acrylic Nail Fish was what they were going for, they did the right thing.

Shine bright like some brown gel.

Source: VH1

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  • Crazycookii

    If you can locate and return Mimi Faust’s ass to her, then maybe she might get on the cover of King

    • MissMe

       I was just about to say that, lol, Mimi’s cakes are waaaaaaaaaaay to flat to catch her on the cover of King

  • YaYeezy

    Not the greatest cover to me 

  • YaYeezy

    all I have for this is oh. 

    • brandonjaye

      Oh.  And that’s all I could say was “Oh.”  

  • Buckey’s Wig

    I thought kay just signed a major deal?….these girls dont want to be taken seriously….buffy said king dont even pay

  • RamenNoodles

    Kid Fury you know they only take women with fat asses. 

    • ree

       nah i remember eva pigford, kelly rowland, letoya luckett, claudette ortiz, and kelis (amongst others) who did the cover but perhaps that was back when face game trumped a fat ass

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

         But wait the women you named have/had CAREERS.

        • mslean

          They haven’t had any more then these 2! be honest no one knew who they where before reality tv! May have heard or rashida, but couldn’t name any body of work. So now it’s just about who does more with the opportunity they have been given, So far it’s Kmichelle 1,the rest 0!

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            Wait you’re comparing these two although I live for K. Michelle. To two women who were once apart of one of the biggest girl group of all time and a woman who won a legitimate modeling contract with one of the top agencies in the world, has graced many magazines walked in NYFW and has stared in a soap opera and a sitcom…. CHILE TRY AGAIN!!! K. Michelle has ye to get a #1 single.

  • lala

    Brooke looks half reptilian… amount of ass (and hers isnt all that) can forgive that face….
    K. is at least serviceable  

    • Suchalady


    • Buckey’s Wig

      Loooooooooool…..reptilian though?… guys are so messy with ur shade

    • Liv


  • NYCNaye

     Brooke Bailey looks like she’s heard “sashay away” a few times in her life.

    • SydniKay


    • YouDontWantNoProblems


  • MissMe

    K was not styled well at all… I mean, really K? Come on now… I have no words for Brooke seeing as how I have no idea who she is nor do I watch her show…

    • KidFury

      K. Michelle is giving you a mix-matched bikini…looking like she licks Crystal’s hot sauce off dick.

      • MissMe

         LMAO! I am down for a miss matched bikini but that one looks like half of the stylists baggage got lost on the way to the shoot and they just said fuck it…

      • brandonjaye

        Look, if that’s where the sauce is at, you have to play that ball where it lies sometimes.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    But Kid why would they have Rasheeda, Mimi or Malaysia they are all old and boring and weren’t the most talked about #ijs plus Malaysia no longer dabbles in her video model roots anymore.

    Draya walked out on the shoot so if they ain’t got no pics lol….

  • Stacksonstacks

    I don’t care how banging Brooke Bailey’s bay is……ugh, that face! She looks like a dude

    • Stacksonstacks


    • Brittany

      Chris Tucker to be exact

      • Stacksonstacks

        #dead. Well played sir, well played!

      • flojo

        what has been seen cannot be unseen x_x loool!

  • Chrissy’s Mole

    Whoever photoshopped these pics was up all night on Red Bull, Monster, and 5 Hour Energy. They covered every stretch mark, cigarette burn, and scar from fence hopping that was on K Michelle. Not sure why that gentleman on the right chose the Wet N Wavy Janet Jackson hair circa 1999.

    • RamenNoodles

      AGHJHGJDMDHFMKFGD OMG well here’s my laugh for the night.

    • Buckey’s Wig

      I cant im rolling amd crying….

  • Awkwardfunny_girl

    Ummm…is this the cover Brooke and Draya get into it over? If so that is not cute and I actually like Brooke. She is just ratchet enough for me

  • heyboo

    K. Michelle, bitch, at least get your career going as a legitimate recording artist before you look like a Magnolia ho from BET Uncut. She showed all her goods BEFORE her record deal, now what? Pose with her vadge wide open on VIBE when she gets a top 100 single?

    Brooke, yo my dude, clearly ya ass injections were so outrageous that they had to photoshop your ass down! Wtf…

  • kelis

    Brooke’s face tho…… -__-

  • Seiko

    So because K. Michelle did King magazine she doesn’t want to be taken seriously?! Plenty Females in this industry have done King Magazine and had very successful careers. Her cover looks fine, Her bikini looks fine leave that girl be. And as far as staying up all night with that photoshop… Brooke obviously needed it the most… I’m seeing 50 shades of brooke and I know thats not usually how she looks!

    • Cant Stop Wont Stop

      Of course a trasy he-man like yourself would think there is nothing wrong with K.Michelle’s cover. You should be worried about the discoloration under your eyes and how you can photoshop your pics better.

      • Seiko

        Bitch you should GET a picture and stop hating on a someone as beautiful as K. Michelle. You are truly the definition of a bum bitch with nothing better to do. Hoe sit down

        • Cant Stop Wont Stop

          K.Michelle is hardly cute,much less beautiful. I’m sure even you would look better than her.. if you sucked the fat outta your cheeks and filled in the bags under your eye. Took all that stomach,arm,and back fat then injected it into your flat ass. As for my picture,I could put up any random picture and claim it as myself what difference would it make? I’d still have my fun. Unless you are being paid by these blogs for all your opinions you love sharing,you are in no position to call me a bum bitch. Clearly you are the one with nothing better to do. I love that you always take the bait an respond. If your weight is such a soft spot,perhaps you should just lose the weight.

      • Su

        This comment was SO. VERY. UNNECESSARY.

      • YouDontWantNoProblems

        Damn, why are y’all always going in on Seiko? Geez….

        • Cant Stop Wont Stop

          lol I’m not on here frequently so I don’t know who else has a problem with Fatko. I just want her to take her health seriously and lose some weight… and be a little less obnoxious in her replies to people.

      • Stallyun Slimmwithasideofthick

        Well damn! This went real personal!

  • Scarf Junkie

    Brooke looks like Mrs. Puff from Spongebob.

  • Rasan8250

    You people kill me!  Did Ya’ll Forget That Queen “B” did King too?   Good God stop being so hateful.

  • Moniquejack88