Candid Yams: Pregnant Amber Rose Loves Cheesecake

Kid Fury November 21, 2012 Candid Yams 15 Comments

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Amber Rose filled her pregnant belly with treats from The Cheesecake Factory and took plenty more home. Photographers spotted Amb and her mother leaving the restaurant in Sherman Oaks, California today. You better stomp with a smile in the name of those buffalo blasts, sis! Got me all excited.

Photos: FameFlynet

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  • heyboo

    She’s cute preggo. I guess because she announced her pregnancy & people weren’t that surprised, it makes it feel that she’s been preggo for-ev-er.

    The Cheescake Factory fo’life!

  • Scarf Junkie

    She does look cute preggo…


    Dude’s face behind her tho….

    • jajay22

       that’s her stepdad…

  • Janelle


    • Jazz

      Why’d you have to point out the knee bunyon, tho?!?!? Ya’ll ain’t shit. LMAO!!

    • Kadijan92

      Lmao I peeped it too but be nice ! Older folks get legs like that

  • Jazz

    I love pregnant Amber!! She wears whatever she wants and couldn’t give a single solitary fuck about it. Go ahead, sis!

  • Khiannaraven

    Her mom looks great for her age but those knees are just to weird

  • Buckey’s Wig

    She a good daughter got her mama out the hood they eating good aint gotta dance fo bandz no more….gohead ms amber….i dont feel bad for these rappers anymore they love these drive-thru girls….she look smart too I bet she get half wiz money

  • RamenNoodles

    Pregnant and body still shiting on half of these models. Wait until she have the baby you thought she was thick then? Chile…I don’t have the slightest bit of time.

  • That girl MEL!

    I like this girl more and more. She so darn cute! Well, now that she ain’t bustin it open for Jordan’s and now-a-laters anymore. 

    Will we like Kim as much as we like Amber when Kanye finally fires her?

    • Chrissy’s Mole

      Who likes Kim? I’m sure Kanye gave her his policy on temps so she knows the deal.

  • pnnylne

    Amber is a cute pregnant lady. She wears it well.

  • serenissima

    She needs to be pregnant forever cuz I’m loving her these days lol

  • RobinTinnicsha

    Oh so ya’ll just gone pretend that ole dude aint holding up a sign asking for startup money eyeing Amber? LOL IDK why that made me laugh so hard.