Sneak Peek: Lady Gaga ‘Cake’ Rap Video

So for whatever reason, Lady Gaga has decided to release a video for that rap song she recorded with DJ White Shadow that I assumed was a joke done by bored rich white people.

The “Cake” video has Gaga stripped down to her drawers and her Louboutins while rolling around in desserts. She also plays in the tub with some frilly ladies and tries her best to dance. Bath salts on the mezzanine, sis.

Lady Gaga’s new album, ARTPOP, is set for release early next year. I’m certain this mess will be left off of it. Check the teasers out below.

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  • Sherae Renee’

    I won’t eat the cake Gaga, no matter how hard you try and make me.


    • lala

       So is gaga doing her beyonce impression?

      • Chrissy’s Mole

        She ain’t been right since she touched the hem of Bey’s garment for that Video Phone video.

    • Stacksonstacks

      Eat the cake Anna Mae lol

  • jajay22


    • Buckey’s Wig


    • Chrissyd0ll88

      I died.

    • SecretDivva

      RIGHT! I didn’t even watch. The still were enough for a ” hell-the-fxck-nah”..

      • SecretDivva

        Okay I watched. Survey says: No fxcking thank you. ::slams laptop shut::

  • saucyfbaby

    Gaga is rat – fuckin’ – chet !!!!!


    — Nicole

  • madam

    she keeps shaking her back and doing an itchy pussy dance instead of twerking, like she intended… I need to write a letter to Stefani

  • lisa

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW! … and not in a good way…

  • Tylisaj189


  • CrumbsLikeLadyGaga

    The entire scene in the tub slayed me.  The shivering/shaking/twerking. Her holding onto the rim of the tub for dear life. The shit on her head falling off. Her trying to play it off and snatch it back into place. 


    • Bea

      Your username has me DONE!

      Yessss..she was gripping that tub so hard, trying to pop her back. It looked like she was about to pull a muscle.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Your name…… Jesus I want to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flatlines*

    • MissMe

       Every time I see that clip I am like WTF was that falling off her head??? lol

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    Lady Gaga…..Kid Fury I do believe RiRi has been replaced as the President of the NAFC. Because girlfriend is giving me ALL types of FUCK ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who thinks she gives a FUCK what you think. And you know what…..I’m here for it. WHY? Because Lady Gaga is a WHITE chick who just puts it on the line. We thought she couldn’t get more rachet than the song…Oh No Honey she can and she did. Some of these Wannabe Explicit stars could learn a thing or two from her Jenna Jameson Porn debut.

    • Barack Yomomma

      Clearly she left all of her fucks back where the wild things are

  • Jazz

    This is some straight fuck shit. I applaud her for trying to get in touch with her hip-hop side (hence the Kendrick Lamar remix) but um…stick to theatrics. Leave the ass shaking to the twerk team, boo. This ain’t your lane.

  • Seiko

    Gaga better give me all types of Ratchetness! Oh sugar I’m here for her poppin her cupcakes like shes in a travis porter video! I’m here for it! Now My only question is… Shall Beyonce’s Ratchet ass Alter Ego be on the remix?!?! CAUSE THATS A VIDEO I’D LIKE TO SEE!

    • Let’s Not.

      Girl Boo.

    • Cant Stop Wont Stop

      You’d be there for anything labeled cake.

      • Seiko

        you’re completely right… but I know you’ll be here for my dick in your mouth so go ahead and say ahhhh bitch

        • Cant Stop Wont Stop

          Now Seiko.. we both know I wouldn’t put just anything in my mouth.. I’m not the morbidly obese cankle crushing beast here. Does your soon to be husband know you have a dick Herma?

          • Seiko

            See thats the thing its a lovely little 17″ strap on and by the way… Since you HAD to be the one to hop on my dick and get rude obviously you DO put just anything in your mouth because you had my dick so far down your throat it took you 3 days to get it out of your mouth just to respond.

          • Cant Stop Wont Stop

            Lol @ you patiently waiting for my response. Sorry I can’t come on everyday to play with you,Lord knows you need the exercise. I like that you use such active words for what I do..Can you hop? Can you do anything besides switch them thumbs back and forth on your phone? Anything that take real energy besides eating and putting on a strap on to entice your fiance? Nope. You ought to be exercising and eating healthy. Do better.

          • Seiko

            Didn’t have to WAIT. I knew a dumb bitch like you would waste time to eventually respond. And by the way I don’t use the strap for my fiance… I use it for bitches like you that need something to hop on. Bitch hop yo faceless ass off my comments and stop worrying about what the fuck I’m saying and doing. Now go get your life and have a gotdamn seat

          • Cant Stop Wont Stop

            I don’t have to swear or really say much to get you foaming at the mouth and it delights me. I’d like to take the time to thank you for always giving me a good laugh. You know you use that strap on yourself because you don’t have a fiance. You old battle oxen. Probably one of those funky fat people. Take my online “thuggery” as motivation to get in shape. Have a good night.

          • Seiko

            Your online thuggery means NOTHING you simple minded bitch. and while you’re struggling to get likes your trolling ass still can’t seem to hop off my dick. Fat or not you’re still a dumb bitch with no picture coming for somebody who clearly likes the way they look… Have a nice day.

          • Cant Stop Wont Stop

            Who’s really the simp here? I don’t watch the like button,nor do I use it,unlike you I don’t care whether people agree or not. Get as active as your words and you need to expand your vocabulary not your waist. I will continue to hop on your imaginary dick,cause you sure love sucking my clit with all these responses. Keep liking the way you look until you end up in a grave.

          • Seiko

            You are of course! You can’t call someone a simp when you attack someone for likes on a blog.That make you a simp

          • YouDontWantNoProblems


      • Laila Corrorez

        Smh…that was mean. 

      • The702Diva

        That is a rude as fuck comment about nothing, then again, everybody is an internet thug…..

  • heyboo

    I think it’s disgusting. She will not get a pass from me because she is white. I hate when black chicks do this ratchet shit and she is no exception. She been fell off for me since her 1st album anyways.

  • whatevs

    Y’all smell that yeast infection bout to happen? Smells like cake like Lady Gaga

  • Well

    I was laughing soo hard ! I am *dead and gone* lmfaooooo

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    *rolls up Vogue Paris* NO Stefani… NNNO!!!!

  • Blue Ivy’s umbrella holder

    I’m not here for it honey. I wasn’t here for the Porky Pig flow in the rap and this video won’t get any votes from me. Go directly to jail…do not pass GO!! Shaking like an epileptic Disney gummi bear!

  • Eboni Weekes

    GaGa’s poon is about to have a nasty yeast infection..Lawd

  • Donnielle King

    Haters gon’ hate. Lady Gaga is everything. 

    • CaramelHottie

      I second that.

      People are taking this way to serious. It just seems like she’s just being silly. If you wanna really hear her rap listen to “Paper Gangsta”.. My shit! lol

      • CaramelHottie

        too serious * …

  • serenissima


  • Michele Lee

    Fine Madam…

    Is this a PSA declaring that ”Ratchet Music” is here to stay? I know some queen already has this a ringtone.  Who’s jumping on one next Justin Beiber….Sir goodbye!

  • Jasmin

    part of me thinks this is solely to seduce Kendrick Lamar. 
    but who am i to say? …. *walks away* 

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       mmmmmhmmm she on her *Madonna wants Tupac phase* you clocked it I see you Stefani

    • Deannawasher

      I can’t imagine what she’s going through.

  • Earthshaker1217

    O_O. GAGA! I need you…to remember what you were doing while recording the Fame Monster and repeat it. I hope this ratchet mess you’re doing is just you having fun with your money or you creating a parody of ratchet singers now. Yeah. I’m going to say this a parody of ratchet singers. That’s what this is, so go ahead Gaga. Throw shade at those ratchet singers.

    • Chrissy’s Mole

      “Fun with your money”…#andI’mspent

  • Earthshaker1217

    Her booty looks nice though. I see where some of those pounds went.

  • Some are dense

    The song’s lyrics are mocking the cliches promoted by the loads of shitty egotistical rappers who only brag about money and possessions. The video is poking fun at sextape socialites like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian who do nearly anything to stay in the spotlight. 

    • Nate

      Okay, girl. If you insist.

    • heyboo

      So she was looking serious AF doing ho shit, making fun hos that do this shit for attention? You can’t put attention whores in separate categories because Gaga is an “artist”. They are all the same. What’s your fave flavor of koolaid doe?

      • Some are dense

        Satire and humor, try some. 

        • heyboo

          I have it and love it. But ya know, it’s not my fault that your amazing satire and humor doesn’t translate through the innanet. *smooches*

    • whatevs

      Just because we think it’s fucking stupid doesn’t mean we don’t get it. This isn’t high art in a museum, jesus. 

  • MickaylaM

    Um. You guys I don’t think she was being serious with this song or the video >.>

  • Scarf Junkie

    Ok, I’m playing devil’s advocate, I don’t think she was being serious…I think she was having fun….maybe. Lol

  • Ricki Spanish

    I am not here for GaGa’s broke-down twerk team audition tape, leave this kind of ratchet shit to Ke$ha please and give us another album like The Fame.* repeatedly makes the sign of the cross while clutching rosary beads*

  • britchick91

    These comments are killing me XD

  • haha.

    if this is a joke or parody at some point imma need to see her laugh or smile…

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Once one decides to spend money to make a video to s song that’s when “Oh I wasn’t being serious” flies out the door. I don’t take her for wasteful and I doubt this was just a parody she just wants to be down with the hood crowd. Something tells me she was high when she made the song but once her fans ate it up in her right mind she decided to do a video.

    • whatevs

      I just want to know where all those “oh that’s not her on the track!” people are right now…

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

         Now that is the Golden Question!

  • Je Suis Camille

    Fuckin Terry Richardson… Dirty old man

  • Kaye

    Oh Stef! 

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Seems like a facade to me. Appeal more to the “ratchets”.  Trying to buy fans with that weak ass twerk, no maam. She is on that fuck shit, I hope this is a joke. 

    • CaramelHottie

      Appeal more to the rachets? Buy fans? Uh sorry girl but GaGa has one of, if not the largest fan base in the industry. We’re 32 million deep on twitter, Mother Monster does not need to do anything to get fans. 

      • The702Diva

        You better say that again!!!!

  • ziggy gnarly

    I’m just here for “Cake like Lady Gaga.” Other than that, I wanna know why she messed up a good pair of Loubs, rolling around in Betty Crocker butter creme?!

  • The Doyenne

    Oh, get a sense of humor. Let Gag-a have a bit of fun. I lol’ed on both lil’ previews and I think that’s the point. Still, I could do with ARTPOP coming out already. 

  • The702Diva

    I’m here for Gaga and her ratchet antics *shrugs shoulders*

  • RamenNoodles

    Girl….I love me some urban Gaga *bops to Chillin* but sis, what is you doing? Was she trying to twerk in that first video? Let me hush I got LIFE tbh. The song is trash tho.

  • Dee

    I’m going to call that the itchy pussy dance from now on. Thanks above commenter!

  • Kayy

    Girl no, she can’t even attempt to twerk. Ugh.

  • BrownWifeyyType

    Lady Gaga u caint try to b no rapper after wearing a meat dress and please dnt never n ur life attempt to twerk again. Can we even take to her to aliens if they were invading us anymore? You aint strapped with nuthin but alejandro. dnt neva try to dance again n ur not rihanna so makin a song called cake dusnt make u any more relevant than u were b4 the song.

  • Babycrisyangel

    I LOVEEEE IT!!!!! thats all i gotta say