Rihanna Parties In Paris With Diddy & Cassie During 777 Tour

Kid Fury November 19, 2012 Curry Goat Tales 38 Comments

It’s four days in to Rihanna’s week-long 777 Tour and last night was the Paris date. After landing, Curry Goat got some quick lingerie shopping done at La Perla, then prepared for her concert that night.

Cassie, Diddy, Pharrell and Akon all showed up for the after party at VIP Room and whew Lord, Cassie and Rihanna looked like a Def Jam Tia & Tamera — this matching hair and shit.

Meanwhile, the Twitterverse was buzzing with tour drama last night when journalists and fans all traveling around the world with Rihanna started to go looney. Apparently, they haven’t seen Rihanna off-stage since the first day and are going bonkers for quotes and personal time with the star.

So this is madness on that “Rihanna plane” now. Pray for every inch of ass on that aircraft in Jesus name, because I damn sure could never. The Unapologetic album is available now!

Photos: Bauer Griffin / Splash

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  • Sherae Renee’

    Rihanna is such a pretty girl WOW. I feel sorry for Cassie, she’s much prettier than Rihanna IMO, but just doesn’t have the appeal…I look past her, especially for Rihanna.

    Pharrell, Pharrell, Pharrell. Damn homie, in high school you was the man homie!

    • Mariah’s inner shade

       cassie has the look, but rih has the spark

    • Give Me Life

      Colored eyes make all the difference… ask Beyonce and the 1000watts bulb she uses to bring those browns to a green.

      • PourupDRANK

        Bitch Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Lmfao

      • Buckey’s Wig

        Omg I love you for that….u read her for truth….these black industry chicks dont want to look black anymore….

      • RamenNoodles


    • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

       uhn uhn dont come for my babe skateboard p , he could purchase the internet if it had a price tag fyi.

      • Sherae Renee’

        No honey, I love me some Pharrell, it’s the “I’m a rebel teenager” look that I’m not here for. He’s just not looking as good as he could these days.

  • That girl MEL!

    Once again, did these people expect Rihanna to be sitting in the back taking shots with them. Oh, oh they did? Well poo-poo on you. Chick gotta ‘sing’ . . . err . . . perform 7 shows in 7 nights in 7 countries. Her handlers are trying to keep her rested, off coke and mary jane, and ready to perform for the paying fans. 

    • Myra S

      You so messy…*Gold Star*

  • WeWantChicken

    The only thing I honestly see worth complaining about is Rihanna not giving them the food she supposedly promised. Fuck everything else. I’d be pissed off, too.

    • Jazz

      So a FREE trip around the world ain’t enough? 

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        OKAY! in my Deray voice *Ungrateful bxtchesss!* ya’ll know it’s a Mickey D’s in every country anyway maybe they got that spicy McChicken for $1 in Paris.

        • Sammiesosa

          Shid, I would of been happy with a spicy mc w.e for a dollar, As long as i was on that flight we would of been good!

  • But I had this hair first

    You know in all those pics Rihanna slays Cassies life. I mean Cassandra is gorgeous but put her next to Rihanna and she becomes basic 0_0 wtf

    • heyboo

      I came on here to say just that. Rih has star power for sure…Cassie (who I am personally obsessed with looking at) looks like a groupie.

      • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

         Diddy’s Groupie After Dawn .

        • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

           And Aubrey O Day

  • Jazz

    Let’s talk about something kids…WTF is up with chicks shaving half their heads? Shit is hideous. Either get a G.I. Jane buzz cut or go long. But pick one. Or just kill yourself #sorryimnotsorry

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Tank Girl birth all these hoes anyway lol

  • Esha

    I love you RihRih, you are making me nastalgic for my school days with these 90′s era outfits looking like you going to the corner Bodega to get a Malta instead of one of the most expensive brands of lingerie. Jay and Kanye must have given her a box of their old clothes.  

    • PepperLabejia

      MALTA?! GIRL! *drives to Papito’s corner marta to get her life*

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

         Yaaaas..Can I just say I LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! for your name Paris is Burning baby.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          May she rest in peace cause that was one fierce queen!

  • Suchalady

    I definitely thought Rih was Cassie at first glance…smh

  • Buckey’s Wig

    She is a black madonna and everything she does slays…basic vocals and all…

    • Buckey’s Wig

      I hope she marry a man older then her…

      • RamenNoodles

        Sis, you tried that. 

  • MicTiesinLikeMikeTyson

    As beautiful as Cassie is you would think her career would be bigger than what it is. That just goes to show the biotch can’t sing nor dance. -_- Robyn muther fucking Fenty Slayyyyyys! P. E. R. I. O. D. 

    • Buckey’s Wig

      If she had stayed with ryan leslie she wouldve blew up….. they were good friends ….he was writing for her…she chose the diddy route oh well

      • RamenNoodles

        Ch…you guys didn’t appreciate her work with Ryan and the sales told us that. But they did make some bops tho “Kiss Me” still shits. 

  • serenissima

    i saw this pic and immediately thought: gorgeous young girls with average old niggas.. with money.

  • Buckey’s Wig

    I like how rihanna dont care about award shows she nominated in….lool and she never goes to the bet awards….she roll wit her home girls and gets paper and minds her bizness

  • Brittany

    I forgot about diddy

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Well geez. I guess they were expecting Rih to give them all lap dances through out the whole 7 days of the tour.

    But I dunno if I could handle her for 7 days….she’d probably smoke me the fuck out, get me drunk have me dropping my LAST $100 bill on some strippers and then wake up, pop a 5 hr energy,  and do it again…I’d only last about two days and call it quits. 

  • serenissima

    I think the journalists on this tour sound like whiny crybabies who’ve seen the movie ‘Almosy Famous’ too many times lol. They honestly expected Rihanna to be sitting in the cabin with them, personally rolling their spliffs, pouring their shots, and supplying them with Chris Brown tea?

    If I were trapped on a plans with 250 drunk people screaming, “One more quote!” at me, I’d probably lock myself in the bathroom, too. The media is desperate to get some juicy story about her impending meltdown but I actually think she looks better and happier than she has in a loooonngg time.

  • Tt Stith

    Look at cassie trying to get another feature

  • Awurama Acquah

    Is Cassie’s hair ever going to grow back? I’m worried she has a condition.