New Music: B.o.B – Best Friend (feat. Iggy Azalea & Mac Miller)

Kid Fury November 16, 2012 New Music 16 Comments

Hustle Gang rapper, B.o.B, dropped his latest mixtape, Fuck ‘Em We Ball, last night. Among the 18 tracks on the project is a collaboration with Iggy Azalea and Mac Miller called “Best Friend” — produced by B.o.B. and Jamieson. Listen to the record below and don’t miss the skit at the end.

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  • Gahdamn

    The song was decent. Nothing memorable. And Iggy’s voice irked me at the end.

  • lisa

    Not here for Iggy… never was and never will be

    • CaramelHottie

      I second you on that..

      Only thing she’s done that I liked is Murda Bizness .. Everything else is wack lol

  • Barack Yomomma

    Who’s the one that sounds like a busted trailer girl that was given a mic? Oh that’s Iggy Azalea…

  • Kiri

    I’m here for all of it. *SHRUGS* no fucks given about y’all. I may check out this whole mixtape

  • Isiah Izzy G. Gentry

    I like the beat. The skit was funny. I think Iggy needs to figure out what to do with her voice when she’s rappping. I like her speaking voice, but not her rapping voice.

    • BaddieDee


  • Lola Waldorf.

    Iggy is a dope rapper, and I’m here for her individuality. Its not her fault she snow white and was born in Australia..And as for her trap accent, yall eat that shit up when Diamond, Trina and all them other southern chicks start spittin’. And lets not talk about how Onika was born in Trini and raised in Queens and still manages to rap in a British accent and yall dont have an issue with that…. Iggy is just as good as any of these other females out here, not to mention yall let people like 2 Chainz and Waka Flocka call themselves rappers. The only negative thing about Iggy is that she needs to be a little more consistent with her flow and she be fine.

    • RobinTinnicsha

       OK! I’d rather listen at her rap than any of them right now….honestly. It’s pitiful all these wack bastards rap about nothing but drugs and strippers and you niggas worship them. I can’t even get through an entire Future single let alone an album. The only exception is “Turn on the Lights” and that’s only cause I like the beat. /

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      How you compare two bxtches that was born in the south with authentic acents that was born of 300 miles away .. you just lost your argument at that point lol. Not to mention Diamond born in ATL and Trina Miami made still aren’t forcing their southern accents b/c it isn’t that strong like someone who could be from Alabama or Texas.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

         accents *to someone that*

      • Lola Waldorf.

        I didn’t lose my argument, I meant what I said. Iggy sounds just like anyone of them other southern girls thats rapping. So what if she was born in Australia, from what I understand she spent half her life here and this is were she learned how to rap. Stop listening with your eyes, because if no one knew her background or what she looked like, yall would just assume she was another southern girl. aaaaaaaaaaand you must have missed the part when I mentioned Nicki and how she was born in Trini and raised 2 blocks away from me and still manages to rap in a British accent, yet ppl love that shit. Fuck, if Im not mistaking Azaelia Banks (love her) raps with a posh accent too.

    • Girl, You Ratchet!

      Girl, stop. You sound dumb saying we like country girls COUNTRY accents, duh. It’s natural. And for the record no one is checking for Trina, Diamond and as of late Nicki. What year did you type up this comment in?


      • Lola Waldorf.

        Hun, they sound the same, ratchet and country. If you didnt know Iggy was white you wouldn’t be saying that. Judge her by her words like every other rapper, stop getting caught up on where shes NOT from

  • Let’s throw shade, shall we

    No ones saying they don’t like Iggy b/c Iggy is white. I think we all agree we don’t like Iggy because she’s not good-yet (in my opinion). I also don’t think Nicki is good (anymore) and as for other Female rappers named along these comments…don’t see it for them either. Other than Lauryn and Missy I have no female rappers on my ipod. Iggy could be the color of midnight, she wouldn’t be on it. B.O.b either…and I used to like him

  • just no.

    fuck this song. all three of them are some corny ass rappers.