Behind The Scenes: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Freedom’ Video

Kid Fury November 14, 2012 Behind The Scenes 61 Comments

Nicki Minaj has released a clip of her London video shoot for “Freedom” — the second single on Pink Friday: Roman Returns With Rap. The video basically shows Nicki’s crew literally carrying her around some hill overseas. That is one loving and dedicated entourage, cause I could possibly never.

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  • lala

    nicki needs to be knocked down to earth

  • Buckey’s Wig

     nobody what she does she will never be on Rihanna and Beyonce level…she looks a mess…ill never be present for this confused sorta black/white/barbie/plastic child….this generation is being controlled by lyrics like hers and her filthy camp young money…got these kids acting crazy fighting bus drivers and drinking bath salts…i cant wait for this ratchet era to be done with…that video kid fury did on bad kids its because of ppl like her in the spot light who have barbs who follow and does everything she does…these parents need to pay attention to what these kids are listening too

    • Buckey’s Wig

      * no matter what she deos

    • ZJ

      You ain’t never lied. Most of today’s music is wack, wack, and more wack. And sorry, but I include Rihanna as she hasn’t had a really great, distinctive song since Umbrella. The only artists I look forward to new music from are Bey, Jay, Maxwell, and people like Bilal and Talib Kweli who fly under the radar. If any Nicki Minaj fans read this blog, please explain her appeal because I would seriously like to know. She’s obnoxious and feeling herself way too much considering she’s only put out 1 1/2 albums (hard to tell since all her shit has the same title). And I caught a few seconds of her thing on E!, and she was yawn-inducing. That coupled with her marginal talent… I just don’t get it.

      • Buckey’s Wig

        Rihanna is #1 on itunes and her songs and albums do better across the pond and she is very likeable even when she acts rachet…Rihanna doesnt come off as a rude ungrateful stuck up bish like Nicki i rather buy 10 Rihanna albums then purchase 1 from this chick

        • ZJ

          Those Young Money clowns sell a lot of records too. Doesn’t mean their music isn’t garbage.

      • serenissima

        ‘And sorry, but I include Rihanna as she hasn’t had a really great, distinctive song since Umbrella.’

        ‘We Found Love?’ ‘Only Girl (In The World)?’ ‘Cake?’ ‘Rude Boy?’

        Rihanna has had a ton of huge and distinct hits. And I hated ‘Umbrella.’

        • ZJ

          We can agree to disagree about Rihanna. I don’t care how many people buy her music. I just don’t think she’s that talented. But then I’ve been unable to see past her shenanigans since 2009. 

    • twerkisha ampro gel

      now I KNOW you did not just put Rihanna and Bey on the same level…… shame on you. I agree Onigga is a ratchet mess but Rihanna is extremely trashy and is also a horrible role model. Bey is god, but i think Rihanna and Nicki are equally untalented and equally bad role models

      • Ayisha Lawrence

        “Bey is god”? have a seat, girl. 

        • serenissima

          The obsession people have with Beyonce frightens me (no shade to Fury). She’s a regular person just like everybody else.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          Now when Peter brings this up on his Ipad at the pearly gates, I hope you have valid excuse for comparing a simple woman to the all mighty creator of heaven and earth *shrugs* lol.

      • Buckey’s Wig

        Yes I did put bey and rihanna in the same level….they both cover vogue and all the major magazines….they both sell out shows and sorry to say it but rihanna has more number one singles then ur precious bey….rih said it herself she not a role model nicki claimed that title…i like rih she may act trashy but she still knows how to switch it up and give great records….the most rachet song she put out was birthday cake….nicki music is horrible period

        • Buckey’s Wig

          Rih been workin since she was 16 saying she in the same lane wit nicki is disrespectful….that diamonds song is better them nicki whole album….and stop callin bey a god that is blasphemy

          • serenissima

            Agreed 100%. People are delusional when it comes to Rihanna. Madge really can’t sing or dance but no one is out here saying she’s less iconic because of that… Rih obviously works hard and I don’t get the hate towards her from the Beyhive tbh.

          • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

            MADGE CAN’T SING?! Now that’s some blasphemy!

          • serenissima


          • The702Diva

            It’s supposedly because Rihanna was screwing Jay before he and Bey were married. 

        • TSPtheMBA

          The two are not comparable.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Beyonce butt a$$ naked on the cover of a mag.  Now Rihanna on the other hand,….  I’m more familiar with her nether regions than I’d like to be.  There’s a distinct difference in the way these two sell records.  One sells b/c because of talent.  The other because of sex. 

          • Buckey’s Wig

            im sorry but the girl is #1 on itunes for a reason…she has a unique voice and is beautiful..and please beyonce takes it off too when needed…and rih interviews always come off more honest i thought her oprah interview was fantastic…bey looks rehearsed whenever she is being interviewed and im sorry i dont understand the obession with bey…Rih is the number 1 artist at roc nation and thats why jay put up with her antics…she is the modern day black Madonna and im here for it…she is loved for her sex appeal, fashion sense and personality and thats why think rih slays…she is only 24 and she is living the dream life and im not going to hate on her..she slays with clothes on as well and yall know it…

          • Buckey’s Wig

             her song lyrics touch a variety of topics…and how yall gonna hate on Rih when her and bey both have the same ppl writing songs for them?…neyo, dream ,ester dean, etc. i dont understand

          • The702Diva

            It’a all opinion. I own just 1 Rihanna album whereas I own everything Beyonce has put out. And Beyonce gives a better live show than Rihanna could ever, and if you say otherwise you are delusional.

          • serenissima

            Beyonce was in nothing but a vest on the cover of ’4′ and is pretty much known for not wearing pants. And her German GQ cover wasn’t ass naked but it was certainly provocative:

            Sex sells. Even for Bey. When did she become this chaste pure innocent angel of light?




        • Beyoncelover56

          Beyonce had a vogue cover?

        • Nobody Knows

          You’re confusing sales with talent. I am a fan of both but just because you sale more does not make you more talented. If that is the case than Rihanna is more talented than MJ, Aretha, Prince, Chaka, Anita, so on and so forth. I use to dislike Bey because I thought she was all hype and beauty but no talent. She proved me so wrong lol she is extremely talented. Not to say Rih isn’t but I went to her loud tour and I was under impressed.

          • RamenNoodles

            Listen to some of her recent performances, you’re delusional if you don’t think this girl can sing. She’s not the best but she’s pretty good. She surprised me this year she has really gotten better vocally. I feel some type of way saying this but I prefer Rih over Beyonce these days. I love them both and I feel like people expect Rihanna to be Beyonce. Everything she does people always bring up Bey. Just give her props and keep it moving. She’s really not that bad as people make her out to be.

      • Suchalady

         You are an idiot…

      • twerkisha ampro gel

        yall i didnt literally mean she is god, Im just exaggerating to emphasize her amazingness

        • whatever u say…


  • Jmoriah Jh

    *Sigh* couldnt pay enough to carry her fake ass thru some damn tumble weeds -__- ; Bish , YOU BETTER WALK !  *kev hart voice* BYE

  • Don’t Let Me Die Skinny, Jesus

    Nicki looks like something that happened after Mojo Jojo accidentally knocked Chemical X in the mixture, minus the super powers.

    • CloudWatcherNSearchOfShade

      *dead at Powerpuff Girls reference (I loved Mojo Jojo’s verbose & redundent ass!)*

      *resurrection because of your name.*

  • Barack Yomomma

    You couldn’t pay me to carry her vocals just around the river bend let alone that walking silicone storage facility.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       *Lays my burdens down by the river side* at that Pocahontas shade….

      • Terese

        Especially when Nicholas is wearing all of the colors of wind in one outfit

        • Laila Corrorez

          D E A D 

  • Mariah’s inner shade

    idk why she releases footage of her acting up, it’s not likeable girl your a true bitch. p.s. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop talking about niggas is hating on you & plotting your downfall when you already started the ball rolling in doing that shit yourself. *SIGHS* i just don’t see it with anything she does,or sings/raps/whines/yells/grimaces/stretches through.

    • Tspthemba

      Agreed!  Nobody’s hatin’ on you Onigga.  WE JUSTHATE YOU! 

    • Beyoncelover56


  • Guccimane

    Who dis white woman?

    • whatever u say…

      for real snorting and laughing.  you ain’t shi*t for this……..lololololol

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I’m still searching for the blue or pink print she created and these doors she calls herself opening…………………………………………………………………….still searching.

  • lisa

    She needs to get some new material ASAP!
    Because if I hear her say another thing about ‘bitches being ungreatful’ or the usual ‘bitches is my sons’ shit… I’m gonna have to uppercut someone

    • Don’t Let Me Die Skinny, Jesus

      You going to jail nah!

      • Zan

        your screen-name is giving me so much life right now. 

      • heyboo

         I howled at this…

  • CaramelHottie

    For some one who’s feeling “free” I wish she would’ve let her face free of some that clown makeup and 5 lb wig. 

    Everything down to her hair, outfits, makeup, nursery rhymes is the same.. ALL THE TIME

  • Alright

    I think they were carrying her because of that gown…

  • LadyBug

    I could and would NEVER carry anybody as ungrateful and useless as Nicki Minaj over some rocky hills. I would have told her smooth and sweetly “Bitch you better but on some Timberland’s and walk your ass over there like the rest of us.” And as for holding that umbrella and pulling that bicycle cart I am not Fonzworth Bentley nor am I Lance Armstrong. 


  • kandee88

    why in heavens name is she being carried across the hills have eyes to shoot this dam video???? She picked the right crew cuz chilllldddd… i would’ve have gave her that vintage baby phat purse she started off on those steps with and got my ass back in that heated van! 

  • Nickey Topnerd


    Did she just compare her “rap” career to Jesus dying on the

    And then call us ungrateful? When all she has done for me is
    make me ashamed to be a black woman with the name Nickey. She is a nothing more
    than a modern day Jigaboo!

    • Tspthemba

      ” all she has done for me is make me ashamed to be a black woman “  Chuuuurrrccchhhh!!!!!

  • Well

    This blog post should be titled “I hate nicki minaj” lmao smh 

    • IseeMoney

      I know right ! People be goin in on her for no reason! Smh

      • The702Diva

        No reason?!?!?! Chile…………..

  • Christian Proper

    The shade ! Damn I know as a begging come up fan she irritated me with the flood of pop-ish music and the rap she was putting out seemed a little sub par because i knew what she was capable of but damn y’all really can’t stand the bitch lol … On another note I like the snippets and I’m buying the re up. When I’m like almost totally over her she reels me back in with tracks like “I’m legit” “I endorse these strippers” etc

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    LOL @ that bish who fell!
    Hope she’s ok. 

    I can’t with Nicolas. She does the absolute most. Like was it really necessary for her to be carried across like that? I’d hate to work for her, tf I look like carrying you up this hill and it’s cold af? Better walk yo ass up here like everyone else. 

  • Lola Waldorf.

    Bey & Rih both sell sex, but in very different ways. Beyonces gives me classic, burlesque, seductress tease while Rih gives me “naked in my boyfriends work shirt”, rough tombo-ish, “Miss Fenty if you nasty”….. 2 very different things both equally sexy tho. HOWEVER, I feel like Rih’s hype is 70% image, personal life & fashion and only 30% actual talent. Even when the blogs and the news etc. talk about Rih’s tours, appearances and performances its never about her voice, its always about what she wore and who she sat next too. Don’t get me wrong I’m probably a bigger Beyonce fan than Kid Fury, but I like Rihanna too.. There’s room for more than 1 queen… Madonna and Whitney, both successful both Queens, both icons, 2 very different images. Stop comparing Bey & Rih

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market

    Is it me or this song sounds like a slave hymn or something you see on a feed the children commercial…I’m sorry but even though iCAN tolerate some of Saint Nicholas’s music, this song isn’t cutting it for me.

    *Sips hot cocoa* Try again.

    • whatever u say…

      no you didn’t…….no you didn’t type pop it for some boston market……..gwarl…..

      *D E A D* 

      i can’t, i gotta get off here, y’all are killing me tonight!

  • Vedajenné Wormely

    Thank all of you for these comments! I have snorted, laughed, teared up, chuckled, and snickered up a storm today! Y’all truly came for her but refused to carry her n-t-where. Luv it!