Listen: Logan Mac – The Chicken Song

Kid Fury November 13, 2012 YAAASSSSS!!! 81 Comments

Let me tell you something on this Tuesday afternoon — this young lady has changed my entire week for the better. Mary J. Blige and her crusty wraps can sashay away, because Logan McWilliams has a true chicken symphony for the streets.

To hell with stereotypes. I’m telling you that chicken will just make you wanna sing and dance. Not only did Logan have me shouting empathetic words of praise, but I am still tempted to shimmy around this room as I type. Just get your life. You just do that.

Thanks @itsallDonn.

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  • Samanthawilliams1


  • Jazz

    “Mary J Blige and her crusty wrap can sashay away” <<<<< Dead and came back life. LMAO

    She slayyyedd this. My soul just rejoiced in the name of poultry. Yaaasssss

  • Musical.Musings

    coonery, i’m mad that she can really sing..smh

  • Welp


  • keed porter

    Daaaaaaaaahaaaaamn!  She sang with such passion and conviction for that chicken!  She make me want to go to church for that after service chick-heeeeen. That Jamaican jerk, country smothered, general tso, Peruvian grilled, blackened creole CHICKEEEEEEN. *wipes mouth*

    • DEE


  • Regine Hunter

    I’ve listened to this song like ten times already and know the lyrics. I know my suitemates are probably praying for me to stop but i can’t. My spirit animal is out in full force and he can’t be contained. 

  • RamenNoodles

    BITCH YASSSSSS! Get into that bridge ”Oooooh I want some chicken, with greens on the sidddeeee, I want mac and cheeseeee, good apple pie, I want some fried okra that can fill me up MORE! IF YOU TELL THEM HOW YOU LIKE IT YOU CAN GET IT FASHOOO” BITCH YOU SLAYED ME! Sweet Brown who? Mary J Blige huh? 

    • Jazz

      Let’s get into the benediction at the end: homegirl declared an increase around that waistline, thighline AND bustline. Eulogize me now!!

      • Suitejayhovah


    • Terese

      See Mary you can sing about Chicken and still be on pitch!

      • MissLadyLG

        X_X This literally made me fall out! LMAO!!!! #SomuchShade

  • BeeCee

    She fucking slayed! Where’d she get that 2-piece for a dollar tho?

    • RamenNoodles

      OKAYY! lol

    • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

       Churches lol

    • Krystal

      Popeyes on Tuesday lol

  • Chanellebryonne

    I’m dead!! I’m gone and never coming back!! Lmao!

  • Freshie Osh Kosh

    AND I’M ON MY WAY TO POPEYES AS WE SPEAK!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Sing this shit for the glory of CHICKEN!! My day is officially made!!!

    • Ericc

      remember to drive up to the window and ask for the manager Joe when they tell you they’re closed. :D lol

  • Kayy

    Kid Fury, I thank you for this beautiful blessing on a gloomy Tuesday afternoon. Thanks to this, I’m walking out of class & on my way to find me some chicken. Praise HIM!

  • Mimi’s Scientology Contract


    That was me flat lining. Just bury me with a 2-piece and a side of ranch dressing.

    • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

      But Lawd she pulled up to the window and asked for the manager, Joe.

      • Lyn

        but ashley had fries, yall. ::in falsetto:: FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES!!!!!

        • @yeaThtsMyBitch


      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Yaaaaaaaaaaas can we get into the fact that she knew the manager’s name LAAAAAWD be a blockade from the gout and diabeetus *in my grandma voice*

  • Kina Kapowski

    I am going to collect an offering after this A selection.

  • Kina Kapowski

    I am going to collect an offering after this A selection. We will be selling chicken dinners in the back after the church.

  • Krys

    I am slain in the spirit right now.

  • Eyona03

    Fury…..why are you doing this to me? I got work to do and i’m sitting here thinking about chicken. Thanks alot!!!!!!lolol

  • Shay

    Y’all…I won’t be before you long…I just want to give my chicken testimonial. On this dreary Tuesday afternoon, my spirit was feeling mighty low…I went down to the cafeteria and got myself a boring salad…but when I tell you God had the salad man prepare a way for God to show up and show OFFFFF!! There are 2 Jamaican jerk chicken breast in my salad as we speak…and to God be the GLORY!

  • crispychips

    “I believe…the chicken…died…so…!”
     Line me up with a side of biscuits and collards green…cause I died too. 

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    No ham, no turkey, no fish, no damn beef stroganoff. Just chicken. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS LORD! And when she started praising, I felt that! Whew!

    • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

      Give me a quarter piece Jesus…and I’ll give you a quarter piece praise. 

  • Mrjarroc

    The chicken died so we might live!!! My stomach hurt from laughin. Forgive me Lord. Lol

  • Teraay

    2 breastsessss……just choked on my sweet tea
    *Dead* >.<

    • Jazz

      Sweet tea tho? LMAO Ya’ll are too much

  • pnnylne

    “Pass the butter”, “Don’t let me die skinny Jesus” are just a few of my favorite lines. And that Bridge! YAAAASSS Gawd Hunty! Pick out a good lacefront for me and lay me in my casket because I have died. 

    • Jazz

      Yes gawd!!

  • Mrswaiters

    For as much as it hath pleased Almighty God to take unto himself the soul of “Me,” here departed.
    I therefore commit my body to the deep in sure and certain hopes of the Resurrection to eternal life, through our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. I’m done.

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    And you know KFC, POP-EYE’S, and Wendy’s will be calling to get her as on a HOLIDAY JINGLE. And I will have my black ass in line for my 2 piece white special.

  • RamenNoodles

    Fury fuck you I keep coming back to listen to it lol I think I’ma just download the video to mp3 for my ipod LMAO. 


    I literally caught the chills…Jesus had to be the executive producer.

    • Buckey’s Wig

      Looool….don’t bring Jesus into this…you guys are too much

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       all she needs a the heavenly choir featuring Gabriel himself to back her up on some duet vocals and BAM… Grammy! lol

  • Scarf Junkie

    I caught the Unholiest Poultry Ghost EVER. *heads to to the wing spot*

  • Bhoward011

    Sheeeee better siiiiiiinnnggg!!!!!!!!!

  • Lacefrontin Minage

    omg did she testify on  the chicken?….this is most likely on world star Hip Hop by now….this ratchetness must stop…im speechless her voice was good too…

  • Ash

    She needs a chicken commercial preferably Popeyes cuz honey she saaaaannnngggg that song. Makes me just wanna go eat some chicken right now

  • That girl MEL!

    BUT WHY CAN SHE SANG!!!!!!!!! *throws computer on the floor*

  • Sherae Renee’

    Oh shit! She bringing back R&B…in the name of chicken!

  • Jacqueline Atta

    I’m mad at how much I love this.

  • Ayisha Lawrence


  • Jazz

    Best believe I took my ass on down to Kennedy Fried Chicken and got me one of them extra crispy breastessess after watching this. SMH

  • Too Young To Marry

    The fewer white people see this, the fewer Mitt Romney’s we’ll have to deal with in 2016…

    • SB

      Agreed! This should be at family functions not on the Internet. Setback 2012.

  • Oh, Mirandal? Yeah..

    PRAIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEE!! She Matthew 4:4 Man cannot live on bread alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whatevs

    *gets out of chair, lays down in coffin with biscuits, wings, and gravy*

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    She said “Let me be thick for the lord”…laaawd that must have been one of the ten commandments they decided not to include in the good book. That’s okay declare that two piece and soul food spread in his name.

    You try to hate this but the fact that her voice slays is what pulls you in… DAMMIT! lol

  • Treshellmonette

    She praised the CHICKEN!!!!AMEN….& Actually Has A BEAUTIFUL voice…

  • Bianca

    the fact that this girl actually sounds good -___- i just don’t even know how to receive this information lol

  • Bmarie

    **flips bowl of soup over** dammit i’m going to church’s… all i can think about is a 2 piece white and some okra…

  • Morgan

    DURY YOU GOT MISS SERENADING CHICK FILA like they payed a years rent

  • ♡ kd ♡

    YAS! Thank you for sharing this beautiful song Kid.

  • ♡ kd ♡

    YAS! Thank you for sharing this beautiful song Kid.



  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Glorryyyyyyy!!!!! *waves hand from side to side* 

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

    Someone check my blood pressure,i need my insulin this shit just made me go into a diabetic coma

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

    Let the crackas have this laugh tho.

  • AbOriginal

    OMGGGGGG!!!!! Some R&B singers can take a note from Miss (Chicken) Wang here… The best love song I’ve heard in…. years. Logan Mac done changed the game! LOL

  • Terese

    I’ll be honest…I’ll thought that I was going to be experiencing pure coonery….But I just got my KFC life over here!!!! “The Lord gave that chicken…two thighs, and He gave that chicken two wiiiings, and He gave that chicken two breastests. Please dive into this Mt. Olive Baptist Church of God and Christ 1st Sunday breakdown. I have now  decided that I will be laid to rest with some Polynesian Sauce, 4 -Strip Combo and a Large Lemonade from Chic-Fil-A tucked nicely into the side of my casket.

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    *does southern church two step around living room* YASSSSS!!!! In the name of Popeyes, Churches, and all buttermilk biscuits I declare her blessed!!! Blessed I say!  *falls out in slain in the spirit fashion and waits for my lap to be covered w/ a popeyes napkin*

    • Ericc

      LOL!!! you didn’t just bless in the name of in the name of all buttermilk biscuits, at least you didn’t say cornbread.

  • gabicaligirl

    This vegan approves.  Sang your song, girl. 

  • TheVeryLivingEND


  • Little Bill

    I’m so late but that made me wanna go to the alter and get my life right so the Lord can continually bless me with some chicken

  • Blackericakane1908

    I just got my life back after watching this!

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market

    *Raises & waves two chicken legs side to side like lighters*

    This song …..

  • Morticia Romney

    Lowkey, she served with this one. Literally.

  • Kiwi_choo


  • Lana Del Slay

    annnnnd this five minute, slightly blurry youtube clip still managed to slay Keri Hilson’s entire career. *catches holy ghost* i need to put on my church hair and go get a two piece for a dollar.

  • BrownWifeyyType

    LAWD she can sing and i love this song. ima b singin this n the shower. this go hard actually not on the DL or the Lowkey