Chris Brown Talks Choosing Between Rihanna & KocoKrispies + Seeing Jay-Z Again

Kid Fury November 13, 2012 The Chronicles Of A Yellow Warrior 32 Comments

In a continuation of his recent Big Boy interview, Yellow Cake touched a few more areas of his golden-brown business. The singer was asked who he would save if he was on a raft in the ocean and saw Rihanna and Kanofworms drowning, to which he replied, “Both. I would bring both … hopefully this helps me instead [killing] me.”

Big Boy asked about the Brooke Valentine-inspired girlfight between Chris and Drake, but that conversation was pretty brief for legal reasons. Between discussions of ugly people and perverted stalkers, Chris also talked about the long-reported feud between he and Jay-Z. You know the one where Hov has allegedly threaten to shatter Brown’s little yellow kneecaps career.

Well Chris and Rihanna recently bumped into Jay at the Barclay’s Center after a show, but contrary to the rumors, he says it was all respect and no shade.

“It was like a green room backstage, he comes says what’s up to everybody. And it was cordial ‘what’s up man how you doing?’, ‘nice seeing you I ain’t seen you in a minute,’. It was real respectful, it was nothing like that. I went to the [Barclays] Center to see the show. People like to take it and run with it because they have nothing else, there’s no feud.”

You can watch the full interview below.

Source: Miss Info

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  • Jazz

    He doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon in the box. I never understood why Rihanna is so dick sprung over him. 

    Just stick to dancing, yellow cake

    • ree

      are we pretending that rihanna is some prize tho? these light skinned queens run around pulling preteen stunts all day every day and we just gone sit here and act like chris is beneath her and like she deserves a strong, intelligent, wholesome man. clearly she desires the opposite. i say they deserve each other.

      no tea, slight shade.

      • Jazz

        Believe me, I am NOT team Rihanna. I just don’t see an ounce of sexy in Chris Brown, so I’m confused as to why Rihanna would go to all these lengths, shading Kalamazoo, over a nigga that talks like he has marbles in his mouth 


    • beedubbs

      Why is she so dick sprung? Really?? Have you seen his rhythem in dance?? haven’t you seen his big yellow cack? Thats why. 

  • Welp

    As much as I don’t wanna admit it, I just can’t hate him! He needs to stop acting a fool fo’ sho’ and grow the hell up, but I really wanna see him succeed. 

  • Nate

    Somehow, I really doubt this story about Jay-Z. I just think Jay likes to throw shade in a subtle manner—as he has done during Chris Brown’s appearances on the past couple BET Awards. Chris is probably just too dense to pick up on any of it.

    He is just… not bright. And that crack pipe isn’t helping his brain cell count one bit.

    • Mrs_Rance

      I think he might have put the pipe down. He’s looking healthier these days.

    • Laila Corrorez

      Yeah…like how Jay Z remained seated during Chris Brown’s performance @ the VMAs while everyone else was getting their life. And THEN when he recieved a standing ovation, Mr. Carter took the shade a step further, and sipped on his fancy shat….FROM HIS SEAT. Gurl, when I tell you I died…smh, if that ain’t sending a message, I don’t know what is.

    • Suchalady

       Who gives a shit what Jay-Z thinks…

      • brandonjaye

        Chris Brown, among others.

    • renae

      I always thought that the beef was hyped up speculation from online media. I never thought Jay told TMZ that Chris was a dead men walking and I don’t trust the Sun and their insider insight into Jay’s thoughts and conversations he had with Chris. Jay didn’t stand, or clap,for Chris at the VMAs but he was craning his neck to the side to watch Chris perform.

      Plus I always thought Jay would be understanding of someone publicly recovering from massive fuck ups after he stabbed Lance Rivera back in ’99. I’m sure Jay wasn’t happy about the assault on Rihanna and I don’t think him and Chris were ever friends but I don’t think they were mortal enemies either.

  • Kayy

    Jesus be an English teacher to this child. 

  • Queen_Of_♥’s

    I personally don’t see what RiRi see in him. I mean thin peen bad temper idk maybe he’s good at licking emotions and sucking souls *shrugs* . . . . KimoraLeeRushCard is once again stewng in her feelings over this interview poor little KraZart

    • emma

      Jesus save! KimoraLeeRushCard…. ::flatline:: tears came to my eyes. Oh sweet brown skinned baby Jesus

  • Kantstopwontstop

    Somebody needs to take a speech class. 

  • MiZznell

    Poor krigslist

  • RamenNoodles

    He also talks about feeling sexual while recording cake with Rih and the shade of it all is he never mentions his relationship with Lucy Liu. The tea:

    • Seats


    • Ayisha Lawrence


    • Suchalady

       Oh! Kockroach, girl….

  • CaramelHottie

    I really can’t believe this is what Rihanna is so obsessed over. I would want NOTHING to do with this triangle especially when he goes on record and say “I love the both of them, and I’ma fuck them both of them because I got it like that”..But hey that’s “her and her baby’s business” 

  • OhIts_Amanda

    I’m a big Chris Brown fan and I like Rihanna too, but this love-triangle  is getting oh so boring. Like cut it out already. 

  • Mo

    I dont know why ya’ll are throwing shade at how he talks…I thoroughly enjoy Chris’s speech impediment, it makes me giggle

  • Suchalady

    He answered that raft question the nice guy way but we know….

  • Bree

    No shade but Chris seems to be under the influence and I’m not talking about weed or alcohol…I know a coke shuffle when I see it!

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    *sighs* interviews are just not his thing. Why on earth would you brag about boxing when you don?…never mind. He means well, he just has no filter. Don’t know when to shut up and don’t know how to articulate..I love him though. We just going to have to enroll in some english classes. 

    • Buckey’s Wig

      I live for your name tooo funny

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

    karoochie…entire fuckerry…

  • Courtneylee73

    I don’t understand why Chris’s career is in Jays hands. Who the hell is he to make decisions for everbody in the music industry. I swear, yall treat Jay Z like he really Jesus Christ risen from the grave. He not. Niggas act like they scared of him. Not saying that he doesn’t deserve respect but some treat him like he’s the godfather and I don’t see it for him. But whatever…

    • brandonjaye

      Girl, if you don’t see it for Jay-Z, what are you looking at?  

  • BitchIBallLikeTwoEyeLids

    Crack-Coke/heads are not difficult to spot. Chris i thought you were better than this. Drugs, Chris really? :( Poor him man. Hope he gets it together. He all extra skinny and shit, Bones playing peek a boo in his face, eyes red and loose asf. His skin all dirty. This nigga is all kinds of fucked up. :( Got me all sad and shit. Those niggas he be with. just there. Spending his money, not giving a fuck about him. I would politely tell them niggas “Your time of living -the good life- is up. Get the fuck out!” Do them niggas like KETTLEKORN. And chris talks with a lisp, I’m fucking done. He’s outta control in this vid. I love the honesty coming from him though.

  • cezarchavez

    KoldKase is just here in America broke and lonely.