Listen: Nicki Minaj – Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up (Snippets)

Kid Fury November 12, 2012 New Music 50 Comments

Nicki Minaj’s new re-release/mini album is due in about a week and she now has a bunch of 30 second snippets from the project online. Also included on the album will be Nicki’s previously released singles, “The Boys” and “Freedom.”

The snippets sound pretty good. It would have been nicer for her sophomore to provide more of this and less LMFAO, and in fact it feels like compensation for that. She should have called it Pink Friday: Roman Refurbished.

The Re-Up is out on November 19.

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  • Rai675

    Watch her shit on Rihanna. Curry Goat aint never gonna get a no.1 album. She’s going back to her roots with The Re-Up.

    • Brittany

      i highly doubt that

    • Seiko

      Chile Cheese adding a few extra songs is NOT going to make people buy it. the most they’ll do is buy THESE singles on iTunes and leave that album where it is. Rihanna will ALWAYS out do Nicki because her fan base is bigger and a lot more loyal then the Barbz. Not to mention Rihanna is not a gimmick

      • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

        Actually, I think Rihanna is a bit gimmicky. She changes her persona/vibe every time she changes her hairstyle…and that persona/vibe sets the tone for her albums. Don’t get me wrong, I got mad love for Rih, but she can keep half the shit she does.

        • Petey

          Switching up your style and changing your “persona” are two totally different things. For the last four years her personality has been the exact same. Try again. 

          • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

            Girl, calm down. Just calling it like I see it. This album is more “vulnerable” and now she’s putting out a more vulnerable vibe. Coincidence? I really don’t think so. My opinion still stands.

          • jajay22

             remember Rated R? Loud?!
            gurl come again

          • Kenny12345

            LMFAO Please have several seats. You must be a stan cause we alllllll know that is not true. Bitch change her image more then her drawers. She a gimmick boo.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          That sounds more like evolving to me not to mention each album she has done has sort of concided with the place she was at during her life, Music of the sun all happy, Good Girl gona bad:rebel, Loud: was a semi cry for understanding mixed with a shut the fk up to the media. B/c of Rih’s attitude I don’t think she does the things she does with intention to sell it’s more of self expression. Nicholas rolling her body in Elmers glue and jumping in a bin of toddler toys and showing up on a red carpet to woo the children of America however lol.

        • Seiko

          Ri may change her hair and her vibe but new hair does that to you! Thats not a gimmick though baby. Thats being experimental. Rihanna tries something new with every album because doing the same thing gets mundane. Why do you think after 7 albums she still has a fan base? Nicki is LOSING her fan base because people are starting to get tired of a 30 something rapper giving that cookie cutter bullshit and thinking its reason enough to support her. Why do you think Nicki didn’t go platinum in the US when Roman Reloaded dropped? Her own fans didn’t even buy the shit and the ones that did said straight up that they were no longer here for it.

      • Rai675

        Rihanna is a gimmick. Every 6 months she has to change her hair color and her style. She comes out with an album every single year. Can’t sing if her life depended on it. And is mostly known for her personal life. Nicki, she can’t sing but she sure as hell can rap.

        • RizzyBeamen

          She COULD rap.

        • Seiko

          Changing your hair and clothes doesn’t make you a gimmick. Rihanna came out READY for the mainstream. Nicki on the other hand came out some hard core ass rapper coming for every rapper with tits and a vagina then tried to turn into this cookie cutter pop act. THAT is a gimmick. And for the record Rihanna has vocals of silver while Nicki has lyrics of aluminum foil. HAVE A SEAT!

          • CaramelHottie

            I usually agree with you but you tried it boo. Vocals of silver? Uhhh…yeah. She has grown a lot vocally BUT she still sounds like a goat being butchered. I’m just saying tho I love me some RiRi but I had to keep it real. 

            She’s more of the cubic zirconia of vocals.  

          • Seiko

            THEY AIN’T GOLDEN! HECK THEY AIN’T EVEN REAL GOLD! They that spray on trophy gold.

        • Mariah’s inner shade

           you talking hella mess on the blogs you better go buy roman refurbished: revenge of the fuckery’s restitution so your fave don’t flop AGAIN. rih don’t need a #1 album they already KNOW THE FACE & THEY KNOW THE NAME, plus i’m sure she’ll collect more number 1 singles to the 24 she already has. uestion how many does nicki have? mmmhmmh WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE? rih is sitting pretty just check GQ, she can’t sing yet SOMEHOW she stays on radar…that’s a bad bishhh if i ever knew one.

  • CourtneyCarCASHshian

    Where was this Nicki during the recording of the original Roman Reloaded: Whateverthefxck?

  • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

    Wow. It sounds like she’s finally come to her senses. Let’s hope she keeps it up and goes back to relying on skill instead of antics.

  • Beyswift

    Your cooked, I’m buying her songs single by single doubt shell go # 1 with a re-release Stop hating on curry goat. Sounds good tho Nicki welcome back to hip hop

    • RamenNoodles

      Right Nicki should of did this on RR like she said she was, instead of doing it when the urban community start calling you a sell-out. If she think I’m spending 13.99 again just for 8 extra songs she can go to hell. 

      • KidFury

         I think you can buy the 8 songs alone…if you want to.

        • Seiko

          @KidFury:disqus thats what iTunes is for

  • Mel

    My only problem is all she raps about is being better than other female rappers and her accomplishments. Its like bitch ok we get it you winning. So was Kim, Missy & Eve in their prime but whatever at least she’s giving us rap music again. In the future I would like more songs like Fly, Here I Am, inspirational songs other than downing women and acting like you a man, Nicki. 

    • KidFury

      I hate that shit too. She worked hard to get where she is, but I’d like her to show a little more love to other female rappers.

      She always talks about how she loves all the girls when she wins awards and all that, but why not work with them? Why not shout them out?  She (like Kim said) really wants to be the only woman popping in rap, but that just enables the bullshit theory that there can only be one female at at time.

      What Nicki fails to realize though is that more unity within the female hip-hop world, would create more longevity. When the new female rap star emerges, Nicki will be seated because of the same shit she’s barking on now.

      • Latonyapettaway

        but she already did that and when she was showing love to them, most of the other femcees were too busy being mad at her for being successful accept for azealia banks.

        • Seiko

          Chile Please! Nobody was mad at Nicki for winning. Nicki has been throwing shots at certain Femcee’s for YEARS before she even got on. Nicki has BEEN on that BS and then when people call her out its “Well I always show love and give thanks” just to get people off her back. Thats just real

          • whatevs

            I agree, I bought into her “we have to work together!” bullshit but I quickly realized how insincere & two faced she was… juuuust like her career at this point.

          • Seats

            Right remember when she came at Remy Ma talking out the side of her neck because Remy was on top? This shit is not new. She has been attacking people FOREVER. 

          • Seiko

            and then crying when they snap back

        • RamenNoodles

          She wasn’t doing it right. If you gon show love don’t go back and diss them in song. IDGAF how much Kim talks about you, ignore it and keep it pushing like you was in 2010. I love 10′ Nicki so much y’all don’t even understand, her music, her personality, everything was so much better. Girl, except Azealia? Azealia read da fuck outta Nicki and y’all couldn’t take. She was just saying what everybody was saying about Nicki. She was like I love Nicki but let me tell this bitch about herself. I got LIFE idk about you guys lol. When she said “Nicki career has basically been a Lil Kim Tribute” I was dead cause its true like every song after the PF Era was about Kim being washed and old. Did she lie?

      • RamenNoodles

        Right! She just proves what Kim said was right that she wants to be only female  emcee here. At first, I was like maybe the old emcees are bitter she getting shine and they’re not, but now I’m seeing it. She won’t even work with Iggy and I mean Iggy is like a stan. She wanted 100k smh. She need to take a step down from her highness and remember when she was in Iggy’s place. She could ask Iggy or any new female emcee to tour with her. Help them out. I could write about three paragraphs about Nicki but I have my own life to worry about. So its whatever. 

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Cause Nicholas isn’t here for unity. I caught on to Nicki’s catty personality a long time ago, I knew Kim wasn’t popping off for no damn reason. She has no respect for those that TRULY opened doors. She needs to sit and realize yes you are winning but nothing you are doing is new and groundbreaking down to judging a competition show. Next time she wants to say she’s making strives for black women she needs to check her lyrics with the nappy headed hoe comments.

      • CaramelHottie

        She wants to be the only one because she’s entirely too insecure to stand next to other talented woman. 

        I was apart of that 10% that sided with Kim, who has been forever trying to warn people about this egotistical phoney but I’m glad people catching on now. 

        • TheTruthHurts

          ” insecurity” pretty much sums its up because if you are confident in who you are, you won’t worry about dulling someone else’s shine.  There is more than enough for everybody if people would just appreciate what they have and be woman enough to celebrate their contemporaries …

          Lil Kim did warn the masses about Nickolae. I for one never drank the coolaid.

  • Jmoriah Jh

    there’s only 5 songs?! -_- ; her & roman can keep it all. no thank you ma’am. 

  • lisa

    Really? This is the shit her fans are waiting for?

    ‘I Endorse These Strippers’? GTFOH!

  • Welp

    I’m Legit giving me Look At Me Now: Part II vibes. And “Boobs, boobs, boobs lotta booooooobs…..” yeah she can keep that.

  • Taajrogers

    So. i dont who im more mad at. Nicki Minaj for thinking that shit was cool or I don’t know if I’m mad at myself for listening to that bullshit

    • Seiko

      Don’t be mad at either… JUST BE MAD… it makes it a lot easier 

  • Seiko

    “All These Bitches Is My Sons” Has been in 15 of her songs SINCE HER CAREER STARTED!!! 

    • britchick91

       Glad somebody else noticed I’m forever hearing about bitches being her sons/step sons  come with something new

  • Tjfdragon

    I’m not here for Ms. Minaj’s – Roman Reloaded whether its re-upped, re-mixed, re-hashed, re-released, returned, revoked, reduced, restored, revamped, and last but not least regurgitated!!!

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

      You said it all.

  • pnnylne

    Fury, the link is not working. So I finally sat and listened to that Freedom song, not here for it. I wonder who she’s talking about when she mentions up and coming female emcees that are her competition and what not. She’s the most visible female rapper out there. So who the hell is she referring to? 

    • CaramelHottie

      EXACTLY !!!!

      Well besides Azealia, and even though I love her, she’s not even that popular in the states. 

  • sugurshane

     Pink Friday: Roman Refurbished <——— i live lol

  • Jacqueline Atta

    Uh, them shits was removed.

  • Kayy

    The link aint working which is a sign, so I’ll take it. Nikki boo, good luck on the album release date.

  • so_disrespectful

    the comments was going so good,then one of the collective minds,said something negative then everything turn to sh-t,reminds me of them old westerns and in them small hilly billy towns when one of them say something like,lets string him up/hang him then all of them agree and form this lynch mob with guns and pitch forks…in a full out rage,then someone said you now what let him live then the collective minds just mumbled and walk away..i bet if someone on here came back with a positive valid point you would see how all the comments just turn back in to a positive…so f-cking sad when we don’t have individuals no more.

    • CaramelHottie

      There’s been a positive comment or two and I’m still standing firm with mines lol

      I think a lot of people are just over her mediocrity and gimmicks, especially the former fans, such as myself, who expected so much more.