Video: Azealia Banks – Atlantis

Kid Fury November 11, 2012 Videos 38 Comments

Harlem’s own, Azealia Banks, is back with yet another music video from her Fantasea mixtape. This time she fills the screen with tons of sea-witch effects for her track “Atlantis,” with the video directed by Fafi! Check it out below!

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  • Kiri

    Umm did she hire a child ? Anyway the mix tape isn’t bad. Legit music but this video I just do not know

  • Jaidetymes

    LOOOOVE Azealia! Can’t wait for her debut, but this video…not what I expected. She’s chosing the wrong songs from the mixtape to make videos for it! Should have been a full video for FIERCE instead of that clip she released. This video had SO much symbolism going on. Don’t know where to start. I like the song, though. Come harder than this, Azealia. We know what you’re capable of. 

  • Het

    This is very M.I.A.

    • Rai675

      I can’t take her serious. I’m sorry, that mixtape is the bomb…. These videos on the other hand… 

      • Heyboo

         Is she part of the “oh-gurl-you-so-creative” crew with glowsticks to match?

  • Donatella

    I love the song and the mixtape, but the fans can definitely tell the music industry is low on cash. Not just for Azealia but for everybody we can tell the videos were made to cut costs

  • CDog!

    It’s giving me that M.I.A XXXO vibeee! I like it

  • Seiko

    At least shes somewhat original!!!

  • Ryan Gilbert

    This video is so perfect. So, seapunk, so hip, so tumblr. She is the mascot of this generation and I love it. This goes perfectly with the song. Little witchpop jupiter queen. 

    I’m still waiting for the esta noche video tho. We ain’t forget boo. 

    • Heyboo

      This generation is interesting to say the least…it’s like a whole bunch of shit that don’t make sense, create a mash-up and add some hipster angle to it and it’s cool. Man I feel old so lol….

      Little witchpop jupiter queen<————-LMAO! That sentence was almost the end of me.You kids these days!

    • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

      WTF is ‘seapunk’? So tumblr? Wtf…tumblr people would slay you for saying that. You sound like a hipster and if it’s one thing that tumblr hates its HIPSTERS.

      • KidFury

        Damn near everyone on Tumblr is a hipster.

        • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

          Lol and the rest of us hate them!

      • Heyboo

        Tumblr is a place for all these creative types that make computer screen “art”, like art that looks like screensavers from the 90s but now it’s exclusive “ART”(People are freaking out over this video on twitter & tumblr, saying it was stolen from the cool kids that do this kind of “art”) I kid you not.

        Seapunk is people that like to dress nautical with mermaids, oceans and shit incorporated into their regular clothes. There is this big mermaid crew following. It’s almost a slap in the face to real artists, but hey, what is old is new again & folks gotta express themselves. But these fools act like they invented the wheel.

        ^^^ That was for folks that didn’t really understand the video and where she got the imagery from and that she meant for it to look this way.

        • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

          Wait what?! Lmao SEAPUNK ACTUALLY EXISTS?! I’ve been on tumblr forever and no shit like that has ever come across my dash thank God…maybe it’s because I only follow lesbians idk idk! 

          • Heyboo

             LOL @ that you only follow lesbians, I’m gonna have to do that haha…And yes, we live in a world where people put ocean print from the 80s on their clothes and call it high fashion. Gworrrrrrrl smh.

        • Ryan Gilbert

          Seapunk is a culture where the art (and yes it is art, it may not be good to you, but it is expression so it is art) is nautical themed like you said and is categorized by campy cheesy computer generated 3-D graphics. It’s a full aesthetic permeated by blues greens and purples. It was a movement that started as a joke a while back and kinda died out, only to come back with this video and Rihanna’s SNL performance.

          I stand by what I said before, Azealia is the poster child of the internet generation. The kids who grew up in the 00s. It’s just really nice to see her delve into those less- populated areas of this generations’ culture and bring to popularity. 

          Seapunks are pissed that people know about the seapunk and it’s no longer exclusive, but all culture i appropriated and that’s how it works. You don’t need to be so cunty about how you go with talking about it. 

          For the record I am not a seapunk. But this is probably my favorite Azealia Banks visual. I love the camp and cheesiness of the whole thing.

          • heyboo

            I was cunty? Aww. But seriously. Just like how you expressed your appreciation for this type of art, I gotta express my intense hate for it( I mean, it really sucks). Nothing personal, just a matter of tastes. That’s all. But it’s fun and it gets the people going. Camp & Cheese for us all!!!

      • Ryan Gilbert

        is calling me a hipster supposed to be an insult. That isn’t even a real term anymore to use to offend anyone. Kbye. You tried tho…

        • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

          Girl relax your salted behind we were done with this topic a while ago.

          • Ryan Gilbert

            i had no idea one day was a while, but okay. So you can take your oppressed and downtrodden ass personality and take a sweet ass back seat.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Ya’ll remember that Pirate video game at Chuck E. Cheese where you had to sail through the sea collecting coins and random sea monster would pop up and you couldn’t run into the columns and ish… this video reminds me so much of that game lmao.

    I also think she should have just did a full video for ‘fierce’ shot at a drag queen ball would have been HAWT!

  • BKkid

    Rihanna SNL performance, this video, same thing.

  • Sherae Renee’

    Now granted, I am biased, I love me some of this girl, but I like it. The cheesy ass, horrible 90s graphics are giving me refreshment.

  • Jamie

    Someone has been watching M.I.A. videos and collecting photos of Gwen Stefani circa ’96.

  • Geechee Goddess

    I’m disappointed. I am a fan of both Fafi and Azealia Banks. It looks like they had fun making the video but over all it looks really cheap, foolish, and kinda lame. I love the whole mixtape. Someone already mentioned how Fierce should have been a full video. She needs some guidance with these videos. Either way I am still looking forward to the album next year.

  • MickaylaM

    I actually like it. It gives me a 90′s vibe which I always enjoy. It definitely could have been better and this isn’t one of her best videos (by far) BUT hopefully her next video is better.

    And also I wish she would make a video for Fantasea!

  • Beyoncelover56

    Its an okay video, she gave me an aaliyah vibe in some of the shots.  I hope she makes a video for Runnin or Us next. Why is everyone referencing Aaliyah all of sudden?  (no shade, serious question)

  • Halohellocj

    It was cute! But I didn’t care for the ice cream cones on her head or that shackle in her nose

  • Justin

    Did she sign on for her own show on Teen Nick or something?

  • Heyboo

    I think a lot of people are missing the point, I think it’s supposed to look cheap and old school. She made it work and I was semi-amused….I don’t like her singing/rapping voice on this song. 

  • sugurshane

    the last part of the video was cute and fun. but overall blah its very much a bore. I see where she was going though. very hipster

  • Speak

    Like another poster said, its basically the same imagery from Rihanna’s SNL performance. Whether all that stuff is true or not, these celebs sure seem to be getting a kick out of keeping this whole Illuminati conspiracy/hoax thing alive. 

    • Guest

      For real. I’m wondering if they are just messing with us now because they are purposely putting the symbols in at this point. ie Kesha’s new videa for Die Young

    • Ryan Gilbert

      it’s a joke now. Illuminati is not a real mind-controlling force. They’re all trolling you. 

  • swynn

    Was this the inspiration for Rihanna’s performance of “Diamonds” on SNL?

  • Gordon Gartrell

    i live for azalea, but what in the tap fish hell is this video?

  • Nixah

    Another chick who’s album I won’t be buying.  The music industry is dead.