NYC Notes: Snow, BBQs & Crazy People

Kid Fury November 10, 2012 Kid Fury TV 46 Comments

So I’m out here in the mean streets of New York City trying to tough it out and stay warm. I miss my family and this city is weird, but I’m trying to build an empire. Anyway, this is the first of a series of videos where I will discuss my experiences in NYC.

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  • f dat I’m a woman of God

    Love love love u Fury! Welcome to the city give it a bit of time by the new year u will be a full fledged NYer and love every min of it. I’m so excited Shade in the City!

  • Tookie77

    BBQ’s is good for the drinks and the drinks only. Go to the one on 23rd and 8th

  • Stayray19

    LMAO! Awww, hang in there Boo!

  • Allie B.

    Welcome to NYC Fury! You’ll get used to it I’m sure. The train will drive you crazy at first, but in a few months you’ll be reciting “hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here selling candy – not for no basketball team but for myself to keep money in my pocket and to keep me out of trouble. All I have left are M&M’s peanut and fruit snacks – everything is $1 would you like to buy some candy” like a true pro. - Oh, and don’t do BBQ’s on 72nd .. they like to sit us “colored folk” in the basement like its the slave holding quarters or some shit.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       Not slave holding quarters… the treachery :/

    • lady k

      LMAO! So true!

    • TheTruthHurts

      True. Dont forget the deaf kids coming through the train selling mechanical penicls for $ 1.00 or the group of hoodlums break dancing for their bandz. #thestruggle

      The BBQ’s down on Court Street in Brooklyn is pretty decent though

    • Jazz

      This just gave me life!! I just stopped going to BBQ’s because it’s clearly the Phillipe Chow for hoodrats and I can’t deal. But Fury, after a few months in NYC you will be so unbothered by the crazies on the train that you too will have their spiel memorized

  • Whoa There

    First, WELCOME TO NYC FURY! Now the noise you will def get used to trust me after awhile you will learn to just tune it out like most NYC street noises. I LOVE BBQs every time I go I get some sticky wings and a Texas size pineapple crush with that extra shot.

    You will also get used to the crazies lol just throw on your headphones and continue about your day. Most of the trains heading uptown and to BK always have certified crazies, dancers and candy sellers.

  • Mariesa

    Stock the fuck up on some moisturizing lotion and you’ll survive the winter

  • LabeijaTran

    LMFAO at that horn at 6:43! The shade thrown at traffic gives me life.

    Aww boo you will be in LOVE with this Hot Mess of a City soon enough!

  • Missmarchmommy

    aww KF it will get better. I live in Colorado I know all about that ignorant weather and wind chill factor lol bundle up and enjoy your winter wonderland 

  • degagirl

    Yasssssss!!! Welcome to New York!!!!!!!! The wind chill factor ain’t nothing to play with. It is ignorant as all hell. As for BBQs just give me a Texas size whatever and some Henny or Sticky Wings and I’m good. 

  • Shellbee

    You called that snow! *chuckles* Sheeeit, New York crazies ain’t got nothing on those donkey-fuckin’, non vote countin’ weirdos y’all got down in Florida. Don’t worry, you’ll thrive up here.

  • MzVirgo

    Welcome to NYC! Wait until December/January when the temperatures seriously DROP! As for Dallas BBQ’s, I might be one of the few who still likes to go just for the Pterodactyl wings and the drink. The subways are a trip, you will see people either dancing on the train for some change !or auditioning for America’s Best Dance Crew) or they are preaching the bible. All in all, I think you will be OK.

  • Stackonstacks

    Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! You can do it.

  • Suchalady

    Most of us only like the drinks from BBQ’s. The food is mediocre but it’s in such large amounts that you can’ t lose. Not gonna live I was born and raised in NYC and that snow storm shocked the hell out of even me. It was so bad I had to sit in a corner and regroup for a few minutes once I got inside. Welcome, this city is the best!

  • traaagz

    Can you do a “top 10 people/things that need to stay in 2012″ video? since the year is about to ve up. the 2010 one was hilarious

  • Mo

    Is it just me of does Kid Fury look straight gangsta in NYC….and slighty annoyed.

    • GEZ

      very annoyed, lol

    • TrinaBaby

      Uber annoyed!!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Lmao so how can you not slip on the snow or iced sidewalks; do ya’ll have some special shoes with poly-gripping soles or whatever, like Fury I am Florida born and raised and he is correct once it gets below 60 we freak the fk out. To us that is freezing and we will skip class lol.

    • Lilmama1771

       Timbs and walk on snow to avoid ice…

  • MissDom

    Awww…. Its OK. You’ll get used to it. Everyone feels like that when they move to a different place…..I will pray for you.

  • lady k

    Oh Fury I lurve you! Don’t be discouraged. I was born and raised here (except for that stint in Decatur), and I do have a love/hate relationship with it, but I will rep BK til I die. Weather and all. (Get u some good boots and a coat girl.) It’ll get better. There’ll be lots to do in the spring/summer, so stick it out til then at least. Soon enough you’ll be stompin’ around here like you own this bitch and you won’t be able to imagine yourself anywhere else. Except Miami, like the rest of us I guess…
    One quick tip, Always act like you belong in whatever hood you might find yourself in. Never act like a tourist. These motherfuckas smell fear and foreigners.

  • keilo

    Fury…baby….listen to me…

    In 2 years, I don’t wanna say “I miss the old kid fury..”

    I know it goes without sayin…but stay true to who you are because you’re a perfect piece of chocolate…you’re the chip in the bag with the most seasoning….

    & if you threw a party…invited everyone you knew….you would see the biggest gift would be from me & the card attached would say “thank you for bein a friend” :-)

    • Usernam

      “You’re the chip in the bag with the most seasoning”… yes you just gave me life!!

      But kelio is right. Like anywhere else, you have to surround yourself with good people that lift your spirit. Find that local ‘spot’ to frequent after work, buy a good coat, and you’ve got this. 

      • flojo

        I wish I read this when I moved to NY! Good words x

  • TheTruthHurts

    Fury just get a really good coat some sickening boots and you’ll get used to is trust me. Sure the windchill coming off the east river will catch that ass coming around the corner freezing your face and making you cry as your butthole clenches.
    There is no place like NYC it’s alive ad moving and fast paced soon you’ll be saying “Getthefuckouttahere! and “Move your ass Lady!!” just like the rest of us.  Plus, the city is alive at holiday time Christmas in the city is beautiful visit Macy& Bloomies their displays are epic.Lastly, by the time its’ summer in the city you will completely forget about the terrible winter 

    P.S if you wanna see crazy ride the A train in Brooklyn late one Saturday evening….bring a camera.

    • mzri

      Yea, bring some pepper spray too! 

      Welcome Kid Fury :)

  • PeruvianLilies

    go to Cafeteria in Times Square. I SWEAR you will GET YOUR LIFE!! It’s open 24 hours; the food, drinks, and hosts/hostesses are SPICY!!!!!

  • Bri

    The fact that people can live there lives without knowing what windchill is blew my mind. I’m from the Chicago area so it’s a colossal bitch. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. You’re on your way to doing amazing things.

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

       visit Chicago as well the wind their is a fiesty heifa all year round… weaves should be properly secured all year round lol

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

         visited* there*

  • serenissima

    New Yorker here that loves BBQs lol… And they deliver!

    • Let’s throw shade, shall we

       Word! Me too, no where else can you get a drink for $10 that keeps you buzzed allllll night

  • Quell

    Believe me you will get used to the fuckery in NYC. Most New Yorkers have a love/hate relationship with BBQ’s but we go cuz it’s cheap, for the big ass drinks and dragon wings. And by the way the trains during the winter ain’t shit, wait until the summertime when the damn train station smells like bum piss and avoid eye contact with begging ass ppl.

    • Jazz

      LOL! I’m sorry but ya’ll can miss me with BBQ’s. Them goblet ass margaritas are sugary as hell and I don’t fucks with those mutant ass chicken wings

  • TrinaBaby

    Gay ass Care Bear…

    Snow driven by Amanda Bynes, Brandy, Sponge Bob…

    #icant #iamdead

    Welcome to the North Fury… if you think New York snow sucks, STAY OUTTA CHICAGO DURING THE WINTER!!! Can you say “Hell on Ice”??!!

    Love you, Dear Heart!! :-)

  • Jazz

    Hey Fury!! I am so glad to hear about your NYC transition. A few tips

    1. Don’t pay them crazies on the train. They’re all bark no bite. Treat them like wallpaper and I can guarantee they won’t harm you
    2. Target in the BX where you went is a nightmare! Go to the one in Harlem on 116th st (unless you care for emptied shelves and screaming puerto rican babies)
    3. Get you a good pair of snow boots and layer up! 
    4. If you put an AC in the window and keep it on the fan setting, the sound usually drowns out the traffic noises (I live on one of the busiest streets in Brooklyn, and after 2 years of hearing tractor trailers beeping at 6:30am, trust me I’ve learned to adapt)

    Have fun and don’t let this city (and the decepticons) drive you mad!

  • Let’s throw shade, shall we

    I’m a born and raised NYer and I always find it weird when people complain about the noise, I guess I’m so used to it. I hear it but at the same time…I don’t hear it. The only time I realize NY is loud is when I spend the weekend with my boy friend who lives in DE and it sounds like the world is on mute Lol

    you’ll get the hang of it Fury. Hang in there =D

  • Buji


  • M∆RY K∆†E ∆RIS†O†LE

    Welcome to The Big Apple Fury :D !!Getting used to the noise/weird shit happening on the train will take a long time, 
    but at least you can tell some awesome stories about living here. 
    Believe me, I’m a NYer & still can’t believe the type of “coonery” iSee fro time to time.
    Since winter is on the way I suggest buying a heater from Bed,Bath & Beyond.

    Hope you enjoy your stay, & don’t let the little things stress you out 

  • Dcbb200

    Very proud of you. You made my day lmao!

  • AbOriginal

    LOL Fury, I have no problem with BBQs! Sometimes precipitation is on and off, but we hate that because it’s unpredictable (e.g. hate to leave the house w/o an umbrella and then it torrential rains all day)… and yes, the windchill and the train are very real LOL… and you’ll block out the noise you’re not here for soon enough!.. You’re experiencing culture clash, but the city needs Fury, and I’m sure you’ll come to fall in love with her soon! (It takes a lil longer to fall in love when you come after a hurricane, during a nor’easter [a new term to me honestly], and near the winter when coming from the tropics of MIA lol)

  • AbOriginal

    and P.S. in a year or two, you’ll be hopefully able to appreciate and be all into the fall/winter NYC fashion.. Trust me, there is a beauty to being able to wear layers.. cardigans, scarves, hats, coats, boots.. especially men’s fashion is the best during this season!