New Music: Skream – Copy Cat (feat. Kelis)

Kid Fury November 9, 2012 New Music 11 Comments

Kelis is letting the fur fly on her new collaboration with London dubstep producer, Skream. The record titled, “Copy Cat,” has the singer whisper some fine shade over a beat of intergalactic synths.

“Come here, copy cat. You my puppet. You know I love it,” Kelis sings. “You can do it. I did it already.”

She continues with, “I’m such a fan of that dress, that’s why I bought it — five years ago. I’m such a fan of your hair, that’s why I cut it.”

Now I know I’ve said before that Kelis has been the source of inspiration for several female pop stars and gets very little recognition for it. So this song seems like audio urination on those same girls. Excuse the hell out of me, Keke!

You can’t hear certain parts of the track as Skream was premiering it on the radio and couldn’t shut up, but it’s expected to appear on his upcoming project, Skreamizm 7, in December.

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  • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

    I love Kelis and every fuck she doesn’t give. I just wish this dude would shut the hell up so I could hear. But I like it.

  • Dreadenette

    Yes! I love her.

  • Breeze

    But she has the Wiz Khalifa highlight…Bye Kelis

    • whatevs

       Except Wiz Latifah doesn’t have a monopoly on blonde streaks in the hair and she’s had that a while so… I mean.

      • hey girl hey

         yes goodbye kelis don’t let the septum piercing get caught on the way out. it’s dissapointing really, i’ve always held kelis to a higher regard than making a track bought some irrelevant copy cat. IMO the best shade is paying them dust when your being shaded. and thats what kelis should have continued to do…..i guess nas money running out.

        • KidFury

          I don’t see the problem at all.  It’s a cute song that isn’t even directed at anyone in particular.

          Kelis has been copied by several pop stars. Girl, why not make a song about it? That’s part of being an artist and furthermore, a real ass bitch.

          • Mariah’s inner shade

             nooooooo fury. don’t get me wrong i LOVE kelis. but putting out a song like this to me makes it seem like she’s bothered or vunerable, when in my mind she’s already snuck in nas’s house took back her wedding dress & is ripping it up to make a masterpiece that the other girls will surely be rocking while humming softly to herself.

  • Mahogany19

    I love Kelis…. #bossy nuff said.

  • sugurshane

    Love this, Kelis continues to slay in her own lane. Trance like, dubstep with smooth whispers.

  • Guest

    So fucking pretty! Love you Kels

  • Earthshaker1217

    I want another album from Kelis and a few hot videos that give LIFE! (And I want her to give me some recipes ’cause I heard she was chef now).