Chris Brown Working On Friendship With Rihanna; Releases New Single ‘Nobody’s Perfect’

Yellow Cake dropped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood in Los Angeles this morning to premiere his new single, “Nobody’s Perfect,” off his upcoming album, Carpe Diem. Maybe I missed something what with these new episodes of Scandal and all this New York snow, because I didn’t expect a new single already.

The record is the same old dance/pop formula that he and hundreds of other artists have been stuffing the radio and iTunes with for the past several years. I’m so very tired of it at this point, but hey…whatever pays for your coloring book tattoos, girl. Listen to the song below.

While sitting in the Power 106 studio with Big Boy, Chris spoke about his relationship with Rihanna and admits that they are not together, but are basically trying to get close again as friends.

“It’s just me being honest with myself,” said Yellow of his dramatic love triangle video. “Me and [Rihanna] have history and me and her definitely always gonna be best of friends, and we’re working on our friendship now.”

“I’m just living life. However it falls into place, it’s gonna fall into place,” he continues. “I’m not trying to rush anything, put any rings on anybody’s fingers or lie to anybody. I’d just rather be completely honest.”

All these lightskinned emotions. Jesus, be an iced tea and a smooth nap. Check out the interview below.

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  • Jasmine Robinson

    Bet KonfessionsPt2 is gonna add in her little girl shade in 4…3…2…
    Meanwhile Curry Goat still has yet to be photographed giving a single fuck. I love it.

  • Mz Twisted

    I know y’all really don’t believe they’re just friends

    • KidFury

      I kind of do. Mainly because Chris has still been hanging with Ketchupsubstitute and Rihanna hasn’t killed anyone. I’m sure they’re fucking, but it’s better for them to be cool at this point and let everyone get their shit together.

      • Suchalady

        I actually think Krossfire is popping up places that she knows he will be at on purpose. That’s not gonna change his mind girl…

  • You mad? Stay mad

    Instead of Yellow Cake working on a friendship with Rihanna he needs to invest in a strong pitch pipe and a year-long session with Papa Matthew Knowles cause I’m not here for these struggle auto-tuned vocals. If you’re a singer- we expect you to actually sing. Fuck your sound technician.

  • Michele Lee

    Chris girl….

    Anyway are you and Rihanna racing to see who can put out as many albums as possible? 

    • Nate

      At least the stuff Rihanna keeps releasing is quality…

      • We out here trynna function

        Quality? LOL. Alrighty then.

        • KidFury

          The snippets from her new album, sound great…minus that Skrillex-sounding shit. I might buy it.

  • Daisha Benjamin

    I love the show Scandal… thats my shit!!

  • serenissima

    Completely unrelated, but, how are you liking the snow/cold weather?

  • Drea

    Didnt he just put out an album yesterday…the hell?

    And yesss im off this auto-tune folgers don’t wake me up BS he’s been putting out.

    Working on being close as friends which is code for “Yep we fucking” and they better keep talking bout each other to promote their ish.

    I just hope this Capri Sun album is better than the BS hes been putting out cause im not here for that Jersey Shore soundtrack

  • M.J.


    I’m tired of this crap. This is just the same old damn song he had on his last two flops. I bet the video will be filled with flips, jumps, twirls, spins, pink nipples… all sorts of Power Ranger acrobatics. Quote me on this.  

    • serenissima

      F.A.M.E. wasn’t a flop… It sold pretty well and won a Grammy. Fortune… Meh.

      As for he vid… “I’m a diamond.’ Oh, ok. *side-eye*

    • serenissima

      F.A.M.E. wasn’t a flop… It sold pretty well and won a Grammy. Fortune… Meh.

      As for he vid… “I’m a diamond.’ Oh, ok. *side-eye*

  • shay

    my husband (breezy) is looking fab. i’d love to let rih borrow him for a while though. they are beautiful together.

  • Ayisha Lawrence

    pretty nice interview. as for the song… i’m not here for the pop anymore. 

  • Shane No Last Name

    “All these lightskinned emotions. Jesus, be an iced tea and a smooth nap.” #dead lmboooo!! Your commentary is #everything.

  • Kayy

    I just finished listening to all 14 tracks of that flop “Fortune” & now this lightskinted muthafucka wants to bring out another flop of an album? You’ll see me at a Miguel concert, fuck this. 

  • MissLadyLG

    *Sighs* I wonder where KookiesandKream is? I hope somewhere getting that tattoo removed..

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    *deep sigh* Chrissy B……da hell is this shit?  its like you released “forever” and never turned back! You almost had me fooled w/ “deuces” and ” no bullshit” but now you’re right back to putting out music that sounds like snookie on her menstrual cycle! Clearly sampling Kashthemwelfarechecks’ cocaine flavored treats has effed your mind up….stick to drinking Coconut Water…

  • Seats

    Am I the only one who honestly thinks it’s kind of cute the way they act all giggly whenever the other is mentioned? I was actually smiling throughout this interview because it actually sounded like he thought about what he was saying for once. Like they both look happier and more themselves nowadays. I don’t know maybe it’s me. This is the Chris Brown I remember back when he first started, less angry, more goofy, good vibes. :)

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    I cannot with the song. Same ol shit. Clearly he needs that money. cuz the only people raging to this in the clubs are the rich ones on ecstasy with no rhythm. AKA ya friendly vanilla people. 

  • BandzAPayHaTuition

    Did yellow cake just say that his purpose may be to do gospel?!?! I just can’t deal with this foolery.   .   . I just need for yellow, curry goat and karryduche to split every seat in the verizon center.   .  . all this damn drama is just absurd! WTF happened to breezy?!? All these ratchet ass “coloring book tattoos” and this nigga thinks he’s in love with two broads.   .  . I will NEVER ever date a light skin nigga.   .   . History and time has proven that they’re clearly fucked in the head. *shrugs*

    • flojo

      looool how you gonna all light skinned people in the same bracket?! lmao! U gave me joke!