Candid Yams: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Leave Dinner In London

Kid Fury November 9, 2012 Candid Yams 16 Comments

Kanye West was spotted leaving the Hakkasan restaurant in London with Kris Humphries’ wife today. He’s dressed like a damn ranch hand and I’m pretty sure I can see her nipples, which isn’t a surprise to anyone. More photos below.

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  • Briana Mitchell

    Kim looks fab, don’t hate.

  • Brittany

    Kim looks nice

  • Jazz

    Ranch hand tho? SMH. I’m out.

  • brooklynarcher

    i just really want the jacket tied around the waist to crawl right back to the 90s where it was left. like c’mon now. And this is the nicest i’ve seen kim look since she got with kanye. she looks hot! 

    • haha.

      hes only wearing it because he gave his last tampon to kim

  • Missmarchmommy

    Kim does not look bad although her nipples are damn near under her arm pit, Kanye looks horrible like an extra from TLC’s baby baby baby video 

  • Trch1097

    I’m just glad the girls decided not to color coordinate their outfits this time.

  • Kayy

    Let’s just be happy that he let go of the leather pants & that sweater tied around his waist? 

  • MissLadyLG

    I’m mad you keep calling that girl Kris Humphries’ Wife tho’ LMAO! #DeadonArrival

  • BetterNot

    My mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all so with that being said the only thing i have nice to say is that Kim looks nice and I’m loving her shoes other then that I’m done lol

  • BetterNot

    Oh wait I just thought of something else nice to say I like his shoes.. Okay now I’m DONE lol

  • Apalacian

    Oh so now he puts away the leather pants….its fall now is the appropriate time!!!!

  • Tia Wowvows

    Auntie Ye’s armenian arm candy does look nice here but I still feel the urge to shout “ugh THIS BITCH” at whatever device of mine she is clogging up at the time. And I am trying not to dislike her. Any ideas why it ain’t working….anyone???

    • ZJ

      Because she’s a vapid, talentless attention whore whose claim to fame is lying there like a dead marmoset while being boned by some Z-list celebrity. Having said that, I will grudingly admit that this is the best she’s looked in a while because she’s been looking a hot ass mess since they’ve been together.

  • Awkwardfunny_girl

    Did Kanye learn nothing from BBD? You never trust a big butt and a smile. This heifer is clearly poison!

    • MissLadyLG

      That candy coated coochie of her’s got men hooked.. I don’t know what kind of poison it is, but its watermelon flavored