Video: Rihanna – Diamonds

Kid Fury November 8, 2012 Videos 46 Comments

Here it finally is, ladies and gentlequeens. Curry Goat’s massive new video for her Unapologetic lead single, “Diamonds,” directed by Anthony Mandler. Mama is out here giving you raw optical emotion with a little weed, fire and horse love on the side.

I’m in love with the video. Rihanna has a way of giving me a visual that I don’t fully understand, but her expressions make it so deep that I don’t give half a rice cake either way. Besides the song is beautiful. Check it out below!

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  • M.J.

    Are we going to ignore Chris Brown’s tattooed, crackhead arms and hands caressing Bajan Betty’s? 

    • What, Bitch?!

      are we gonna check our prescription glasses because that isn’t his arm. I think it was meant to be him like how she did in the we found love video tho, I may be reaching however

      • serenissima

        I agree. Definitely meant to symbolize him.

  • All my life tease BITCH

    This video gave me Russian rouleant and love the way you lie tease I WAS here for Ri Ri yess

    • Buji


    • Terese

      I loved the color palette chosen!! And at the end her face was BEAT as she was walking in the ashes of Christopher and Kraiglist’s relationship! I live an expertly applied lash!

  • TeaNoShade

    Was that half a rice cake shade to KoochieKrack?

    • TeaNoShade

      But I’m loving the video.

  • suckmycockiness

    Was that Yellow Cake’s tattoo sleeve?? 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Damn fury not Half a rice cake.. not the full one but half. BURY ME A G! lol

    Yeah the vid is awesome, great cinematography very beautiful shots, similar to Take Care of You but I still don’t like the song.

    • Jazz

      Ionno…I thought she could’ve done more with the video. Maybe I’m just comparing it too much to the “We Found Love” vid. That shit was epic and no Rihanna video before or after has topped it.

  • Sunshine

    The visuals the emotions the metaphors the beauty all of it. I am here for. Well done Robyn.

  • Kiri

    Clearly we all thought the same thing the instant we saw an overtly tattooed male arm

  • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

    Girl Rihanna we get it…you smoke weed…BELIEVE ME we get it!! Shit smft

  • ItsOK

    The vid is nice…but the song is ok its not my fav by her…

  • KidFury

    I don’t think Yellow Cake’s tattoos are that nice. Pretty sure it’s not him, but it symbolizes him instead.

    • Guest

       They said it was a white lite ike impersonator. She stay featuring this fool.

    • Terese

      Yeah because Christopher Robin’s tattoos don’t have a purpose or reason for placement

  • Throne

    That was not Yellow Cakes arm people.. You guys reach for any sign to link these two together.

  • EbonyLolita

    Ummmmm I never cared for the song but truth is in Rihanna’s FACE!!! Gorj!!!! I like the video guess I’ll leave all the cryptic symbolism to otha folks. *Shrugs*

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    The visuals are everything! love it

  • Statesside

    Take Care: Part 2? It also seems like she’s not only been listening to Lana Del Rey’s voice but she’s been watching her videos too.

    • KidFury


    • serenissima

      Hmmmmm. This vid is definitely giving me Lana tea, but idk if its direct imitation. The new ‘thing’ is to be all edgy and artistic in videos (or outright ignant and ratchet). I don’t feel like the song or video are forced, though, but a natural progression of Rih’s voice and image.

      • Guest

         I getting SIA didnt she write the song. Lana Del Rey makes my dick limp. I cant.

      • Lisa

        Some part remind me of Blue Jeans

        • serenissima

          the part in the water, most definitely. blue jeans was one of the best songs/videos to come out this year

  • pepe

    upon further review….that isnt chris browns arm. … tats dont match….ah well

  • Basquiat

    Rihanna’s gorgeous. She really grew into her forehead. I digress: the fingers losing touch and being pelted (by us, the spectators), the burning rose (another symbol love in jeopardy), the tattoos, and the man on fire all seem to speak of her relationship with Chris. The horses, which are obvious symbols of freedom, must represent how she currently feels, as she has reconnected with Chris. You also see the two horses come together towards the end. The room shot in reverse could symbolize her world returning to normal. Yada, yada, yada… High school English class B.S.

    • derp

      she really grew into her forehead? fuck it bitch i just —————–  flatlined

    • Scarf Junkie

      You aint shit. I couldn’t get past “She really grew into her forehead”…Lmao!!!!

  • Dreadenette

    love everything about the song and video. 

  • Suchalady

    That wasn’t Chris’ hand but it was definitely meant to appear to be his. I LOVE the song but hate the video. It’s dark and depressing when I thought the song was a positive…meh.

  • sometimes a cynic

    This video is giving me a lana del rey vibe. I like it. I hated the song at first but now it’s growing on me

  • Thefollowerofthesun

    I judge a video’s worth on its ability to make me want to play it again & again & again. . . this this didn’t happen. One play was enough & I carried on with my life.

     Its “eeeeh” to be honest. . .I don’t know I just expected more. I saw some “Take Care” nuances, some Banks’ “Van Vogue” & a chunk of that alternative Beyonce “Halo” video which never made the cut. . . I don’t particularly like it.

    I think don’t it will hurt the sales of the single though, It will continue to grow & sell crazy as the catchy microwaved pseudo-deep hit single that it is.

    In conclusion, The video was very mild, I guess this is what happens when you rush things & don’t take your time to pay attention to your craft so you can deliver a slay-worthy product. 

    • ZJ


    • Creacy92

      Reaching for Mars with no arms?

  • Guest

    i had left for a min, but this video brought me back. I am here for these curry goat tells. I might have to get the album. YAAAAS Rihanna. thank you for the meal. 

  • Jamie

    I came for it, but it didn’t capture me so I’m leaving on the midnight train. I like the lyric version better. *kanye shrug*

  • btmitc

    Rih should really stop smoking weed and making these high life videos.

  • bb

    *in my great great auntie’s voice*
    Now when this nigga whoops your entire ass again I don’t want to hear shit about it! 

  • Jazz

    I may be alone here, but I really don’t see it for this video. I live for the song, but all I interpreted was horses, blunts, diamonds and off the shoulder sweaters. No real meaning to me but a bunch of pretty visuals. Sadly, I will never get those 5 minutes of my life back :(

  • Misha

    I love the hell out of this song and the video was nice and I did get the Take Care meets Russian Roulette vibe from it. And was Yellow Cake the burning man in the hoodie at 3:56-8??!! I swear that it is with his strong angled headshape.

  • ziggy gnarly

    This video represents everything with Chris. Like … everything. I knew the song was about him, but that video just put the icing on the Yellow Cake/Curry Goat soap opera. As soon as I saw her running on the street, barefooted, and from a damn car, I knew’d it was true. Chileeee … but I live for Ms. Fenty getting her emotional face on. Do it.

  • Kayy

    I wish she woulda kept the short hair just a little longer. 

    • alyssa

      me too. that’s all i thought about watching this.