Video: Ke$ha – Die Young

Kid Fury November 8, 2012 Videos 9 Comments

Ke$hbob Squarebody has released the first video from her sophomore album, Warrior, and there is a lot going on here. The visuals for her Top 10 lead single, “Die Young,” are filled with rubbing, touching and a gold tooth.

The thing that confuses and annoys about this video is all of the symbols related to Christianity and Freemasonry. I don’t know if there is a point to it or if this is just another celebrity using the ignorance of fans to create shock value. Either way, I rolled my damn eyes.

Warrior drops on December 4th.

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  • guest

    Even though she was probably going for the shock value approach, this is still too much. I just wanted her to stick with the formula and give me a slutty and trashy dance party and that’s it!

  • whatevs

    What… did… I… just… watch? #doingthemost #gainingtheleast 

  • amber

    I hate this song, and I hate the video even more. Do better. Actually, crawl back to whatever gutter you came from and do worse, because that worked.

  • Nicole

    its better than Got Me Good……

    • Petey

      That we know for SURE!

  • CloudWatcherNSearchOfShade

    All I saw in this video were just future snippets of her E! True Hollywood Story. 

    She just looks a coked up mess.

    Idk if she does drugs or not. I only know her music because it’s always on the damn radio. But she just LOOKS like she takes as many drugs as her system can handle. 

  • Laoubre

    Heard my 3 year old singing this before ole girl. I liked to died! A’mess.

  • Statesside

    I love this song soo much and I could never tell you why. I listen to it almost everyday.

    As for the video: I guess artists might as well take advantage of popular imagery to get views lol. I kinda thought this whole thing was dying down though. Guess not.

  • Franko Oscar

    its more like freemasons meets satanic rituals the pentagram its more satanic than christian, plus the upside down crosses blood and animal sacrifices, it was fun, in a weird way! Shes always been a little low budget!! I still like the song.