New Music: Mariah Carey – Bring It On Home

Kid Fury November 7, 2012 New Music 8 Comments

Mariah Carey has taken her Obama-inspired melody, “Bring It On Home,” out of the studio to celebrate The President’s re-election. The mid-tempo Jermaine Dupri-produced record was performed for an Obama fundraiser this past summer.

“Congratulations to our beloved President Barack Obama, our spectacular First Lady Michelle Obama & the adorable Malia & Sasha. We love you!” Mariah tweeted.

Source: Global14

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  • CaramelHottie

    MY GOD MOTHER, THE SONGBIRD SUPREME, CAME AND SHITTED ON ANY AND EVERY SONG EVER MADE ENDORSING A PRESIDENT!! Did you hear that voice? She cant sing no more my ass, this was recorded live! 
    I need another album NOW! Her and JD always make magic together! 

    • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

      Cosign! *floats away on Mariah’s 15th octave*

      • CaramelHottie

        LOL Yass girl! 

      • Seiko

        *Skateboards in on Granddaddy El DeBarge’s 6th Octave* aye!!! Yo name gave me all the life I needed baby! @514722f273eda6589041217f79a079e3:disqus 

  • Hunni-93

    love the song, and mc sounds amazing 

  • Basquiat

    I’d be both happy and shocked if this made the top 10.

  • Ddttrs87

    This is a real cute song. Apparently made months ago, I just think it’s funny that she only released it after he won (probably just in case) lol

  • lisa

    She looks like Miss Piggy in that pic. Not aging well at all…