Lady Gaga Sings On Kendrick Lamar Demo

Kid Fury November 7, 2012 New Music 17 Comments

As you may know, there was a ton of hype behind a collaboration with Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar for his huge debut album, but the record never made the cut.

However, Gaga has taken to Twitter tonight and released a small clip of Kendrick’s “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” calling this mix “the demo you never got to hear.”

The pop star also promises that fans will still get to hear the original track they were promised on a different project — I’m guessing the upcoming ARTPOP album. Either way, you can hear Gaga briefly sing this record below.

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  • saucyfbaby

    I wish I never got to hear it ’cause this was trash. 

    Thank goodness they didn’t keep her vocals for the final cut.
    — Nicole

  • Donnielle King


  • Earthshaker1217

    It’s cool that she’s singing on it, but I’m not quite feeling her on this song. I don’t think their styles match on this song as well as they could.

  • hey girl hey


  • Albaamaria04

    I kinda felt my heart drop…no

  • Basquiat

    Her vocals never made it past demo production, so who knows. It still wouldn’t have sounded as good as the album version, though.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Mmmm better not…

    wasn’t really needed. i love the album version

  • Adub

    Oh I’m glad this didn’t make the cut. It woulda killed my fucking vibe. Bitch don’t kill my vibe.

  • Flapper

    I. do. not. want. 

    But thanks for stopping by, girl

  • Jazz

    I think she has a little thing for Sir Kendrick Lamar, and she best keep her grubby hands off him. That’s my man! lol

  • MickaylaM

    So…I admit I never really actively listened to Lady Gaga’s music but…was her voice always so damn nasally? 

    • whatevs


  • whatevs

    Oh dear this wasn’t Lady Gaga’s league let alone her genre, glad this didn’t make the cut :/ 

  • serenissima

    ugh. that was horrible.

  • Karma

    I am so glad Kendrick kept Anna Wise instead of this trashy version from Gaga..I’m going to gag.

  • bnj

    NOOOOOOOO thank you. Jhene Aiko is on another version I think?

  • KING.

    I’m literally offended by this. She needs to have a seat.