Listen: Rihanna – Unapologetic (Snippets)

Kid Fury November 6, 2012 Sneak Peek 30 Comments

Well look what we have here. A few snippets from Rihanna’s upcoming Unapologetic album have surfaced online, just as I was wondering what the hell was going on with this promo.

The album is sounding like Rihanna’s typical mix of dubstep, pop/rock and reggae with lots of cursing. Her voice definitely seems to be improving (see “What Now”), even with all that smoke on parade in her lungs.

Listen to the snippets below. Unapologetic is due on November 19th.

1. Fresh Off The Runway
2. Diamonds
3. Numb (Feat. Eminem)
4. Pour It Up
5. Loveeeeeee Song (Feat. Future)
6. Jump
7. Right Now (Feat. David Guetta)
8. What Now
9. Stay (Feat. Mikky Ekko)
10. Nobodys Business (Feat. Chris Brown)
11. Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary
12. Get It Over With
13. No Love Allowed
14. Lost In Paradise

Deluxe Edition:

15. Half Of Me

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  • dd


    No Love allowed>>>>>>>>

  • Sun
  • Vann Harrison

    Hey these are the snippets for the whole album…

  • KidFury

    Thanks y’all.

  • Kasey Jr.

    It’s official! I Need Unapologetic to LEAK!

    • Kasey Jr.

      Hell I’m buying it too.

  • DB

    TalkThatTalk The Re-Up

    • DB

      Talk That Talk: Robyn Reloaded The Re – Up

    • @yeaThtsMyBitch

      I can’t!

  • youngblackandbroke

    I love it. All of it. That Dubstep break in Jump gave me all types of life just now. 

  • Robyns Snatch

    Rihanna’s Studio Voice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Coonye West

      I’m hoping that your “>>>>>>>>>>” means “NEXT!” ’cause..

  • Tramaine

    Future sound like he on the toilet pushing for his life in that “Love Song” song..yet I can still see myself basking in its ratchetness…sigh…just promise to take a break after this Robyn geez

  • Goch

    I also foresee myself doing the Fat bitch walk to “Pour It Up” 

  • Talentlesshoes

    NEVER UNDERSTOOD THE HYPE OVER RIH! JUST A PRETTY FACE. like lil kim said yall be on some following shit come in the game on some modeling shit!

  • Jeze01

    snippets gone?? 

  • Sun

    I love all, but my favorite right now is “Half of Me”.

  • Nate

    Is it just me, or is Rih kinda stealing Azealia Banks’ flow from “Jumanji” on “Fresh Off the Runway”?

    *shrug* Anyway, I’ll be buying the album. I don’t know how Rihanna always manages to consistently get such top-notch material, but I can’t complain.

    • hey girl hey

       bitch please find another post to sound bite banks in.
      cause it really is just you.
      when rih takes vogue beats form the early 90s & raps a bunch of curses & calls every
      slang term for the female reproductive system THEN i’ll come back and apologize

  • SIGH…

    Rihanna makes me miss Beyonce that much more…however… I will buy the damn album. Not bad…

  • BKkid

    Nobody’s Business “Your love is perfection”……o_0
    “Let’s make out in this Lexus”….Something about a car reference with these two on a song just seems…off

  • CD

    of you let pride get in the way of you paying this girl a compliment. If you don’t like her, fine, but some of y’all stay fronting for ki’s.

    Now, she’s definitely consistent with making great music. It seems over saturated at times, but I’m not gonna bitch and complain over her releasing music every year if it’s good. She will definitely be receiving my coins.

  • Ant

    if you put aside all the bs between rihanna and chris, nobodys business can be a classic song. I really really love it. 

  • ziggy gnarly

    I’m here for “What Now” and “Love Without Tragedy.”

  • CaramelHottie

    Not here for it. Next. Sounds just like TTT that I wasn’t too fond of either. 

    I’ma need for Ms. Fenty to stretch them cords and give me something a bit more vocally because this here is tired and played. But I’m sure her navy will soak it up and love it *shrugs*

  • YourRoyalty

    i really like “numb” ^_^

  • Kyana

    I hear hip hop and R&B too, but ok, I been said I was here for it, can’t wait to hear more of it! And I’m here for the homegrown shout out, Hey Ginuwine ;-)

  • sometimes a cynic

    can someone please tell rihanna that she’s not from college park. 

    • sometimes a cynic

      I really like “numb” and “stay” though so I’ll just wait until I hear the entire thing to judge

  • Suchalady

    All that cussin though…