Solange Talks New Music, Going Indie & Babysitting Blue Ivy

Kid Fury November 5, 2012 Memoirs of a Creole 19 Comments

Solange: Creole Lady Lite was recently interviewed for Vulture during the journey to her upcoming seven-song EP, True. The singer/songwriter went from her home in Carrol Gardens to a loft in SoHo all in anticipation for her recent listening party.

Solange is releasing her EP independently after cutting ties with her former label, Interscope. She reportedly felt trapped there, especially when the label refused to allow the release of an unlicensed record she did covering Dirty Projectors.

“I wasn’t actually selling it. I was just putting it out,” she says. “Lil Wayne was on the same [parent] label, rapping over every single person’s songs on all of his mixtapes, and no one ever complained because I’m sure he just put it out and said ‘Fuck you.’ I was saying ‘Fuck you’ so much that they were like, ‘Well, you don’t have to be here.’”

Now Sol-Angel is putting all her own money and work into her new project.

“I made my entire record on my own from top to bottom,” she says. “Everything from studio-equipment rentals to actually creating a studio. The entire album has been about me calling my friends, like, ‘Will you make a video with me?’ ‘Okay, cool. Let’s do it,’”

Solange also talked about babysitting her niece, Blue Ivy, and the growing relationship her son shares with his baby cousin.

“Blue comes over, I babysit,” says Solange. “[Beyoncé] takes Julez sometimes for the weekend. [Blue] and Julez are going to grow up more like sister and brother than cousins.” Julez is “showing signs of wanting to be an artist” and seems to have learned something from his uncle—he writes raps. “He loves it. It’s so scary,”

The new EP, True, drops on November 27th. You can read much more of this story, including notes on Solange’s marriage, divorce, new love and listening party with Bey and Jay, at

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  • twerkisha ampro gel

    I live for how once Blue was born, Queen Giselle employed all her lessers (Solange, Kelendria, Michelle) for nanny duty

    • maligurl

      Fail shade cos Solange is the shit in her own way.

    • AH

      Solange is nobody’s “lesser.” They are individually beautiful and talented ladies…. and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it normal for aunts to babysit their nieces/nephews? 

      • Earthshaker1217

        And Kelly the Cocoa queen of la canciones is getting her shine too.

        • gabicaligirl

          Yes, Kelendria is nobody’s lesser.  Proceed. 

    • jajay22

       gurl you TRIED IT.

      • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

        She really did. I don’t see a single cosign in sight, which I’m sure is what she was going for. 

    • twerkisha ampro gel

      Lmao okay y’all. I can admit the inadqeuate shade…I posted this while waiting in line to vote for barack. 

  • RobinTinnicsha

    Lmao….the smell of ignorance and failure! Haha; somebody call a medic this Po Chile just got scalped!

  • Quick

    Can’t wait to get my hands on TRUE. It’s going to be Solo’s best work! 

  • Earthshaker1217

    Do yo thang, Solange!

  • Mika

    Solange has stans????

    …learn something new everyday.

    • Heyboo

      People are wishy washy….I think the 1st person that commented was saying what people USED to say about Solo on here (not that long ago actually)…and she got dragged for it which is unfair being that Solange used to get dragged all the damn time & no one said shit…I’m still not here for her music at all, but her style is nice.

  • Rihanna’s 987297th Weave

    Here for this EP

  • Bunny

    I dunno. I really *want* to like Solange…but that video. The song. The dancing…

    Something is just off. *shrug*

  • Seiko

    I loooove that Solange is so unique

  • Buckey’s Wig

    Like a said before her whole image is just a copy of brooklyn hipster girls…and I’m not here for the kelly and michelle bashing…..those girrls workeed just as hard as beyoncee….if her fatther wasn’t her manager and she didn’t get with jay z she could’ve ended up like the other cast aways she grew upp with… women are each others worst enemy….y’all talk so low about each other….. u bash kelly and praise beyonce then get mad when men think all light skin women with blond weavess look better….smh….the 90s had so much black unity in music and there was so many shades of brown skin…I’m not here for the term beyyonce slays everyone when most of s come from a time when sistahs looked out for each other

    • Heyboo

      I agree with unnecessary bashing, but can we at least agree that Bey made it because she has that “IT” factor and it has nothing to do with the fact that she is light. She’s tha shit…

      • Buckey’s Wig

        She had that it factor when it became a competition against all the black women in the attention when her man got president of Def Jam all those R&B chicks slowy faded and so did all the rapers only him Kanye, Rhianna and Bey are the black ppl winning..(thats not by coincidence)…oh please when Kelly had that hit song with Nelly and her first solo album did well beyonce father pushed her further to the back and kept his daughter upfront…letoya luckett said she wrote 35 songs for DC beyonce sang lead on every song…thats messed up…and Beyonce’s dad pushed her album up and dropped it the same day as Letoya’s 1st solo album you ppl stan for the grimey…beyonce doesnt write or choreograph any of her music she gets to take credit because shes big in the industry…if your childhood friend played you like that i would see if you would like them…she rather be seen with Gwenth Paltrow then the chicks she grew up with…her and her husband are obsessed with being liked by white ppl and that goes for Kanye as not here for none of them Harry Belefonte was telling the truth..Beyonce and Jay aint doing jack for black ppl…they step on there own to get to the white