Beyoncé Recording New Music With Miguel?

Kid Fury October 31, 2012 Memoirs of a Creole 32 Comments

It seems like my ex-fairy godsister, Miguel, is working on some new material for The Resplendent Sweet Peach Ruler Supreme. A photo of the two ladies was posted on Miguel’s Instagram while he tweeted, “…woah. creating for Virgo’s all weekend.”

He later deleted all the clues and kept it moving, but Beyoncé has been racking in all-stars for the recording of her next album, so Missguel is probably writing something sexy for her. We might get a taste of new music by the time she rocks the Superbowl in February!


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  • Miles

    “the two ladies” *passes the fuck out* lmaooooooo

    • kay

      im always here for Miguela and her lively pompadour. she’s giving me plenty of butch queen realness with those eyebrows all snatched for the gods! she better werk!

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    Bey look thick as hell tho

  • FrostByteMuah

    Maybe it’s just me but I find Beyonce to be VERY pretty without makeup. Kelly Ro too.

    • U Ain’t Bout Dat Lyfe!

       Agree. Plus I love Bey with her natural, dark brown hair. Looks very sultry!

    • whatevs

       I was just thinking that! Kelly too. How does someone look so casual & shit without looking basic as hell /mad

    • Zan

      Not just you! I was just saying the same thing!

  • Martinique

    LOVE LOVE LOVE :) !!!!! I know that track will be great!

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    I don’t spend money on music often (Cough, Cough) but I’d buy this track. Miguel gives me sultry nights of rough hands grazing navals with the sweetest of tenderness and Queen Bey lays it all out on a sophisticated note that makes it worthy for public eyes. 

  • Ash. That’s it.

    The two ladies though?  LMAO!  I love you.  P.S. the names you give The Queen…yes. 

  • Ciara’sCareer

    Miguel’s hair though….

  • Shanna4

    Lloyd needs to have a large and comfy seat putting out clues……oh that’s Miguel? Oh…..

    • Deontewilson96

      Oh that’s Miguel * slowly deads on the inside out+*

    • Introspective

      Between your shade and your disqus pic, mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord…

  • Username

    Bey is so adorable! I love her without makeup too. She looks young. <3

  • Beyoncelover56

    Beyonce is a bad bitch

  • Barack Yomomma

    Let me find out the queen of queens is writing for the all divine king Beyonce. I know it’ll be hotter than Madonna when she was PMSing during the dinosaur ages

  • Buckey’s Wig

    Funky Dineva said Miguel looks like a dirty hamster…..its true he does loooool

    • Zan


  • Ms. Cellaneous

    I love Miguel and I love Bey so this is going to be an amazing collaboration!

  • lisa

    Miguel looks like an asian man dipped in chocolate

  • Elizabeth

    Your nicknames for these celebrities give me life and then some!

  • Kaye…. iCanNOT lol

  • Brittany

    Dead @ photo of the two ladies

  • MissDom

    Cant wait for that music….

  • Kayy

    I’m here for whatever track the two of them are cooking up. 

  • gabicaligirl

    I knew this would happen.  ”Like I Do” was giving me Beyonce tease.  Love them both and can’t wait for new music.

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    I gave you multiple chances to show my Miguel the respect he deserves. now, we must lace up our sequin gusippe boots, sponge roll our bangs and commence shade!! lol

  • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

    Yep. I’m here for this.

    Sidenote: Bey gets prettier with age. I really can’t take her without makeup…it’s amazing.

  • RuthMontana

    No Bey is not Adorable here, She looks like hilga from hey arnold.

    • flojo

      hush yo mouth and say it ain’t so! 

  • Danthony7

    Missguel…DONE!!! lmao!!!