Rihanna Leaves Dinner With Chris Brown’s Mom

Kid Fury October 30, 2012 Oop! 103 Comments

If you thought Rihanna was sweating Kash4gold, you might as well think again, because she’s over here with all the chess pieces. Paparazzi found the pop star leaving dinner at The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills with Chris Brown’s loving mom, Joyce Hawkins, this past weekend.

Rihanna and Miss Joyce have seemed to keep a connection throughout all the drama with and Chris. They even subtweeted each other earlier in the year saying they missed one another. Rih-Rih must have been doing something right, because “Mom Breezy” always looks out for her son.

So witness this gut punch. Rihanna has the mother in her corner while Keepcalmandchiveon has a tattoo of Charizard. More photos below courtesy of Global Grind.

Photos: INF

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  • Lolagoode

    Lmaoo! If momma approve of Rih den side bitch coochie can have a seat with her attention thirsty seeking ass.

  • Suchalady

    Like I’ve said before. Rihanna:10 KeepMeRelevantChris:0
    She’s got Chris and Mommy. That other girl needs to keep it truckin’

  • Martisa0330

    wow, why is Rihanna so desperate to be in this boy’s (chris) life.  what the hell is he doing for her?? I don’t get it. she has access to do whatever she wants with anyone but she chose to hang around her abuser and his mother. that boy doesn’t give two shits about her.  how sad. I can understand karrueche’s desperation because she isn’t wealthy and chris is a way for her to get public attention and access, but damn rihanna move on bitch. shit.

    • Lia

      You realize that Rihanna and his mom have always been close. Even when he was with.draya, Jasmine, and Karrueche. yall need to stop acting like rih is desperate for Chris. the nigga openly broke up with his girl to work on him and rihs friendship probably to eventually build a relationship. He flew his ass to France to see rih.. He flew his ass to NYC too. So, why is she desperate? His mom openly said on twitter months ago while he was still with kae, that she love rih n talks to her everyday. Dont be mad. You dont know the tea.

      • Martisa0330

        she is DESPERATE.  your opinion is yours and my opinion  is mine.  I dont care if he flew to mars to see her. I certainly dont care how much tea you have or how much tea you’re drinking. its a matter of opinion and you have not nor will you ever change mine.

        • Seiko

          No baby @e70b8fe0941f47f756ca56fbcf979298:disqus has FACTS. YOU have an opinion

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

           Eh I’m with Lia on this one plenty people are still cordial or close with their ex’s family even though He or She may have fked up. Not to mention when you plan on still being friends with your ex, their parents are gonna be there so *shrugs* they like it I love it chile.

        • serenissima

          you didnt answer her question tho, just repeated your opinion in all caps… nobody is trying to change your mind. she disagreed and she asked you WHY is rih desperate? sit down with that ‘nor will you ever change mine’ elementary school bullshit

  • preachers wife

    His mom is being a bad mom and obviously doesn’t want the best.
    Karrueche needs to let it go. 
    I can’t believe this is over a guy with a dick pencil..his shit can’t be that good!!!.

    • Kantpayforgas

      She a bad mom cause she likes Rihanna? momma Joyce made it clear she wasnt fond of draya or Karrueche when he dated them. last time I checked Rihanna is not a bad person with a bad heart. Yall dont know their bond. Obv rih must have been great if even after the incident, his momma still love her. Yeah it happened but it didnt define they entire relationship.

      • We out here trynna function

        She’s never said anything bad about Karrueche though. In fact right after the breakup her exact words for her on twitter were, and I quote, “to a very special angel, dry those tears and put a smile on that beautiful face”

        • Username

          Joyce is doing the most. I wish my mom would tweet some bs like that to anyone I’ve dated/dating. She would neva!

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            Which is why I did NOT help my mom set up a twitter, hell she had to bribe me to set up that facebook and that is all the social networking she needs.

          • hey girl hey

             HELLO! mom breezy need to get herself together. talk some sense into chris LIKE A REAL MOM would do. her fucking skin looks what a fruit bat’s wings would be made out of. i got zero for rih,,,i’m not beat for that bitch. & honestly i need to know for myself what chris pipe game is like.

          • Sherae Renee’

            LMAO! A fruit bat’s wings?! I swear yo, it took me like, 4 times to get past the fruit bat sentence. I died laughing! Lmaoooo. Yea, something has always been off about Breezy’s mom, she’s not the least bit attractive. Lord forgive me.

        • Sandy

          that was to Rihanna who as per reports was crying after seeing the video Chris posted . It was not to Karrueche unfortunately.

  • Mzladyray54

    Are those skinny sweats? OMG I want a pair!

  • Mimi’s Scientology Contract

    Check fucking mate.

    • jajay22

       fuck you and that name. I can’t.

      • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

        lmfaoooooooooo i blacked out at that name 

  • maligurl

    Does her best friend not have a life of her own? a job or some shit SHE should be accomplishing? yeah it’s cool it live the jet set lifestyle and what not…but sweetie that ain’t YOUR  life.

    • Hotmami

      Umm Mel has a photography business and sometimes take pictures for Rihanna

    • Patti

       That is her other best friend, Leandra, pictured with Rihanna. Leandra lives in Barbados and is employed as a makeup artist. She is currently visiting Rihanna.

    • Username

       Melissa Dont need no job…Chile BYE

    • Seats

      I know what you mean one day she’s going to wake up and realize her entire life was being the backup of someone else oh and taking Instagram photos.

  • HuntyChile

    Lmao if we’re keeping score Rihanna is in the lead, I STILL haven’t seen a pic of Chris and KickBackSwingStep TOGETHER COMMUNICATING :/

    • Shirley

      Thanks sweety… Everytime we hear Chris was with kkkk @ the public club, there are no pics, NONE… I think kkkk gies everywhere Chris will ve so she could get on GG & HL. A fan who was with Chris @ greystone, Ig’d pics & when asked if Chris was with kkkk she said nope, kkkk was there but Chris wasn’t chilling with her. The 1 time kkkk send pics to tmz of her & Chris, Chris was playing with a dog & paying her no mind. With rih on the other hand, not only is Chris publicly affectionate to her @ public Places, his mom is even chilling with rih. Like homegirl kkkk needs to go find drake or somn

      • serenissima

        straight follow him around then call the paps status… while he’s been seen in public WITH rih numerous times… i don’t see the ‘love triangle’ tbh

  • Sabrina T. Faulkner

    OH at y’all acting like Chris is a prize. Chile boo both of them lose.

    • ZJ

      For real. Every time someone says that Rihanna is winning, I’m like, Winning what?

      • TSPtheMBA

        Just another a$$ kicking as far as I can tell.

  • BeyHiveCarter

    How is Rihanna desperate though lmao? Joyce and Rih been cool for years now, if anything they were at dinner laughing at tll this BS. Chris Brown is SINGLE, the only one who has something to lose is KittyKantKount because if Chris don’t take her back who’s letting her and her friends sit in VIP :/ back to the nail salon for you Ming pow.

  • o_O

    I think Kash4Gold is one of your best yet

  • Sasha

    Chris’s mom just wants him to be with someone who is just as successful as he is…and neither karaokemachine or draya fit the bill… But I still think Rih Rih is dumb for going back to him.

    • Crymeariver

      You can’t help who you love.. Esiest way to get broke is to be in relationship or have a child by someone who has no job. I am not talking about million dollar job, but at least something. For instance the games fiancé is a teacher, teachers don’t make millions but she makes enough to take care of her & her kids. Krisp has no education, job… What mother would want such for their son?

  • Radon Kong

    They must really like each other for Mama Joyce to let Rihanna borrow her  good casino hat. 
    Good For You Girl (-_-)Neither of these simple bitches is playing chess, not checkers, Clue, Mousetrap, Icebreak, not Parchesesi, shit not even Pogs. All these covert operations for a nigga that look like Tek, talks like Ron Harper before speech therapy, and has a dick sponsored by the No. 2. Nuthin but L’s alll around.

    • baha

       LOL… this whole prance around with the mother thing is a bit suspect to me. I dont trust that whole mother-in-law thing. Because parents usually look at whats best for their children on the surface, if that makes sense. Rih makes more money then all chris’s ex’s combined DUH she likes her… i dont kno any GOOD mother who had a child in a bad relationship tell them to go back to them. When my ex cheated on me his mom CALLED my phone an convinced me to go back to her bad ass child (i grew up real quick after that)

    • GG


    • Kee

      pogs though? youve officially ruined my childhood

  • JAYE

    I bet mama joyce like to mess up Karrottop’s name too. She prolly in the comments right now!

    • Tee89


  • Laboum77

    Just because they are having dinner doesn’t mean anything.
    iF ANYTHING it is a bad look that Chris isn’t even there with them
    Man don’t choose their mate according to mon’s preference.
    Why can’t they just be friends? At the end of the day it is hilarious how a no name broke little rice cake geisha like karrueche has the whole world so pressed over her and Chris who doens’t seem to want to let go of her either.
    I think no matter what you should respect people’s life and right to be with whoever they choose.
    Rihanna could get Chris back but for that relationship to work it would take a miracle.
    She is going to end up sacrificing her image and career over a guy who kinda loves her for the history they shared but had already moved on until she started throwing tantrums.
    I love all 2 and wish them to be happy but I would give a special mention to Karrueche for always being a positive role model and never addressing all the uncalled for hate she gets from perfect strangers and blogs all up in her no life having business.
    She got everyone pressed and the more I look at her the more i think she is a natural beauty with lots of class. Wether Chris takes her back or not she is definitely going to end up finding a man who loves and respects and treats her right because she seems to have a golden heart.
    As for Rihanna, she is bad, really bad, beautiful and rich but her attitude is a major turn off. i don;t want to judge her, I m sure she is having a tough time but I m definitely a little turnt off by her and her friends and her instragram shots and her vocabulary and her smoking and her lack of consideration for anyone but herself… these days. I hope she gets better… she deserves it. 

    • Tee89

      Karrottop is that you? Yes chris moved on. Which is why he dumped his “girlfriend” over his friendship with rihanna. That’s all I got from that gibberish you just type. Ain’t nobody got the time to read all that.

      • serenissima

        right. kalamazoo and co, we know thats yall. wrap it up, b. WRAP IT UP. 

    • Tasha

      Girl why the essay? You don’t know this people personally to write this much stuff. All we know is miss j loves Rihanna. And she just tweeted a video of her son singing all back & tweeted with the video trust & believe.. All back is like the chrianna anthem lol..

      • Bellafrida

        That’s fine.. miss j can love Riri all she wants that doesn’t mean we stop loving karrueche. Love is freeee 

        • Suchalady

           I’m still not understanding why on Earth K has stans^^^??? .___.

    • Nyesee

      I agree with your opinion on kae. she seems really nice. But for you to say that Rih is really bad is a little off. What makes her ‘That’ bad? She always stays on top of her job and always finds time to address her fans on twitter , IG , interviews (which some of the artists out here dont do). She says herself in the Oprah interview that she knows she isnt perfect but she does her best and puts effort in. If you saw her twitter you’d see that every now and then she puts up posts to her ‘Devotion Navy’ , which includes scriptures from the bible and motivational words. That shows that she is balancing herself and trying to find peace on a spiritual level AND share it with other people. Her attention to her fans and what she does for her family makes her Extremely considerate. The fact that she smokes and drinks may turn a few people off but that shouldn’t mean she isn’t an unnaceptable person. Rihanna is definitively a wonderful person but given , everyone has their flaws. 

      • Laboum77

        By bad I actually meant that she is a bad bitch.. isn’t it what she calls herself? By no means does she need to be perfect but she is on some ratchet attitude and i think it takes away from her but that is my opinion and i am entitled to have one. I think it is really sad that her navy goes on bullying a girl day in day out on twitter and instragram and she would never at least ask them to stop.. As a famous pop star she got the power to influence people into thinking right or thinking wrong but she uses it for her own gain even if that means bullying someone until they loose their relationship. I think that is extremely irresponsible. She should be encouraging her fans into buying her albums and doing something productive for themselves, not passionately bullying people online, that is some brainwashing shit. And if she doesn’t encourage them she would show to be the biggest person if she at least called a truce and asked her fans to chill. but no she enjoys this shit.
        I think many people smoke and drink on this earth but to make it a business.. i mean it seams like all she does is blow smoke in her iphone camera ….what a life.. And last… she claims to love Bob Marley but she is too young to understand the philosophy behind the man.. they might be both west indians but that’s where the comparison stops… Bob Marley smoked herb but he was also a pacifist who cared about the world and encouraged peace and love amongst people.. he was never on some high fashion capitalistic ratchet stuff so if Rihanna wants to grab a bit of his aura she should start acting like it.
        And dear Tee88 and Tasha, i might have written an essay but you sure took the time to read it and respond.
        As a Rihanna hard core fan i understand that reading anything longer than a twit or an instragram caption is too much to ask of you so no hard feelings. 
        ANYWAYS…. I m just analyzing this fucked up pop culture and i think the hate you all feel for Karrueche is uncalled for and dangerous…. 
        I don’t know these people i can only speak from what I read….I prefer to defend the underdog. She is kind, she is a regular girl, she is pretty and most importantly she is uber positive. A true shining sun. Karrueche, find yourself a good man and leave these hateful vampires continue to hate on the next bitch. 

        • serenissima

          BYE SEIKO 

          • Nolanola

            BYE MELISSA 

        • Sensi

          No one is “too young” to understand Bob Marley’s music. I have been listening to Bob and other deep reggae artist since before I was 5 and I I’ve never had issues understanding the message. Most people from the  Caribbean can, because they grew up on those parables, and philosophies he sings about.
          Not to take away from the man but he was also a womanizer and disrespectful to his wife also. 
          Everyone has their flaws. I’m not defending Rihanna by no means but U seem very judgmental towards someone U don’t have one on one interactions with. I’ve observed Kae from afar, and she seem very flaky to me. Something about her is not as genuine as she tries to portray. Just my opinion. She may be a genuinely nice girl, but I’m not feeling it.There are a lot of Kae “fans” on Rihanna’s Instagram page also. Is it Kae’s responsibility to ask them to stop? How many people post on Kae’s Instagram that she is prettier? Like “pretty” is all it takes to get/keep a man. How many times have people called Rihanna a hoe on Kae’s page? Does she delete it? Calling Rihanna a hoe does not make Kae look good, because if MY man left me for someone who supposedly f*cked everyone in the industry (like they claim) that would not be a good look for me. That would indicate that he’s deeply into the HOE cuz if he can overlook all that and still love her… that says a lot.
          A lot of people may see things I do and label me “kind, quiet, generous” and all that, but unless U interact with me, and get to know me U truly do not know me!! 
          Basically, we put out what we want to, depending on the image we want to portray! But U never really know someone by what U read on the Internet.  

          • Laboum77

            I never personally called Riri a hoe, actually Drake, Waka Flocka ( for what he is worth) and Chris Brown himself are the one who made sneaky comments about her being promiscuous.I m not going to judge a 25 year old who is simply living her life like Russel Simmons says. She is going through a phase who hasn’t.
            But check again if you think that Karrueche fan are even one third as ratchet mean and insulting towards Rihanna.
            Rihanna attracts young people who want to wild out and live the thuglife, phucklife, 420 life, that is just the image she choose to portray these days and that is the type of follower she get..where people who relate to Karrueche are more mellow and soft spoken just like her, that’s a fact so I have to DISAGREE that Karrueche ‘s fan bully Rihanna the way you pretend.
            Besides this fight isn’t equal.. how many fans does kay have? Rihanna is the star here, the powerful one,,,, she should take the boy but try to let her fan know that that behavior isn’t cool.
            Lady Gaga would but Rihanna is immature and she likes the controversy.
            Bob Marley was a Rasta and they believe in populating the earth so having many women is part of their religion. They dont put woman against each other as the women agree to that life style. What I meant for her to do if she wants to be truly compared to Bob Marley is be a role model… Tweeting pictures of yourself in between the legs of a stripper without telling the youth that STD’s are rampant.. is not the Bob Mrley way sorry.

            That being said I still like Rihanna she is beautiful and entertaining but she lost me with her ratchetness so in that department I prefer Karrueche,,, that doesn’t mean I wont dance my ass off on the next Rihanna ratchet anthem…. 
            PeaceThis story is like am

          • Sensi

            “I have to DISAGREE that Karrueche ‘s fan bully Rihanna the way you pretend.” –  I’m not pretending, just observing. Bob’s wife Rita did NOT agree to that lifestyle and often felt disrespected. She did not sign up for that. Bob would bring chicks to the studio where him and Rita were recording and that caused problems…lots! Yeah, rastas may believe in populating the earth, but with one woman – their queen! It’s disrespectful for U to imply that rastas believe in breeding everyone and anyone in the name of populating the earth.So people in the music industry make themselves automatic spokesperson for STDs? U are responsible for your own life and that of your children/family, U shouldn’t be holding another person responsible. Most people are up in arms about schools teaching about condom use and safe sex, so I can just imagine if she tweets about STD’s everyone is going to say she’s encouraging minors to have sex and she’s a role model, and her fan base is young…blah…blah! People, especially the media twist everything for their own benefit. I believe U are expecting too much from a 24 year old, just because she’s in the spotlight. ”Besides this fight isn’t equal.. how many fans does kay have?” – I’m sure Palestinians feel the same way about Israel every day, but I don’t see the world up in arms about it. “Tis life, it’s not often fair, we just have to teach our children to deal with it and learn to live with it. I, in no way support the back and forth between the fans of both females, but no fight is fair. That’s why we have a winner and a loser. (Not saying that anyone is winning here). U’re obviously picking sides. I don’t have a dog in this race, so I’m trying to be objective. 
            (I’m done with this topic)

          • Laboum77

            i do have a dog in this race and it is neither Rihanna, Karruehce or Brown, just people coming back to their senses and being responsible for their actions and thinking about how it influences young people. And celebrities using their status for good once in a while. It doesnt matter even if Rihanna was only 12, by her status she has been given a heavy responsibility to be a model to the people who love and follow her. She is still a human being but you can’t have your cake an eat it too. PUN  intended. 
            As a celebrity the lights are all on her period. 
            The world is up in arms about Palestine just because you only watch Fox news don’t mean there is nobody advocating for those people.
            But that comparison doe.. a bit much?
            I m picking Rihanna’s side on her artistry and i m picking Karrueche on her personality. That’s my right. But contrary to all the people on this blog… i don’t develop some sort of hate towards neither of them and that was the danger I m pointing at…. if you are on your ipad spitting fire and getting your heart worked out over hate for Rihanna or karrueche than that it really sad and i hate that blogs encourage this behavior. Opinion yes.. hate and insult and cyber bullying… no way.
            Use a bit of that energy in advocating for peace in Palestine and Israel then that would be better but spending pages mispronouncing a girl’s name because it’s not part of our culture is ignorant and xenophobic.
            I m done as well. Great talking to you. 

          • Sensi

            Fox news? LMAO… they don’t support Palestine!! 

            I don’t have an IPAD!

            I believe I was calm and not spitting fire at all. From what U wrote it seem like U was trying to make one party and victim and the next a villain. 

            I was offended by the way U tried to portray rastas based on what seemed to be limited knowledge on rastas, or who U imagined Bob to be.

            Anyway, I’m not here to judge, stating my opinion just like U are, and not going to judge U based on what U type here because I don’t know U. I’m not going to get myself worked up about what other people do and don’t do, and what MY expectations of other humans are. Live and let live! 

          • Laboum77

            Do you know the expression “Man propose and woman dispose”? in this world woman are so quick to go at each other’s neck over Bullshit meanwhile the man looks clean and gets no blame.
            When it comes to Bob Marley he married Rita at a young age and he loved her…. her being hurt doesn’t change the fact that she stuck by him through and through as a backup vocal and a strong support during his career and her and her children are at the end of it all the heir to the Marley money so I think he did things right and she agreed to the situation and everybody got their deal.
            Most relationship are hurtful at some point or the other and that is because we expect something from another human being and that will always end up in some disappointment. Now you have the choice to take it or not.
            I maintain that Rasta consider that to multiply and have many children is the thing to do and they dont necessarily believe in a life long union with one single woman.
            I did hint at the fact that yes Fox news doesn’t support palestine you are not being attentive to my long ass essays.
            AND LAAAAAST
            People just STOP displaying your mental slavery to pop culture, your ignorance and your xenophobia by being mean to another human being who’s done nothing to you personally.
            Love who you want but stop the slander.
            THAT IS ALLLLL

          • Sensi

            “When it comes to Bob Marley he married Rita at a young age and he loved her…. her being hurt doesn’t change the fact that she stuck by him through and through as a backup vocal and a strong support during his career …” 
            One last thing – how does this situation that  U describe above differ from the one which this topic originated from? 

            …and Bob didn’t leave a will, so Rita in the end had to fight for what was rightfully hers as his wife, or her and HIS children, ALL of them. 

          • Laila Corrorez

            Are y’all serious right now?!

          • MissMe

             That’s what I’m trying to figure out myself…

          • Laboum77

            You are the one who got offended by my comment about Rasta not believing in monogamy so i suppose you would allow me to develop.
            The initial subject was .. that I thought that As artists , Rihanna and Bob are on two separate sides of the spectrum period. Being west indians doesn’t make them the same… and I think Bob’s legacy goes beyond the idea of blowing up joints all day…. it goes beyond being a rasta and or west indian so that is all I meant. That is how the bob marley subject started.
            Bob didn’t leave a will because he wanted his family to sort it out on their own but at the end of the day the money remains in the family is Rita and her kids is running it and she is the rightful widow of Bob so I guess it turned out for the best :)
            Bob Marley was not the best of fathers or even husband in our conception of family I will give you that but he definitely left a timeless message to the youth and the world.. on some prophet steez… and I love him for that… his equivalent in a female singer is not Rihanna and that one eye club of her.. i d say Lauryn Hill is a good example. he personal life is also effed up but her message in the music is still something to look up too.
            At the end of the day, we are just human but damn if you re gonna be a star and have a platform, USE IT FOR GOOD.
            And that was another long ass essay for you. 

        • KowabungaDude

          @Laboum77 – Do you really think anyone’s going to read your long ass college 101 essay. Chile, cheese. Doing the MOST.

          • Laboum77

            You don’t have to read it one is forcing you. Do you get scared at the sight of writings longer than 140 characters too?
            It’s not so hard you know… all you have to do it focus and keep on reading… nothing complicated….you can do it!!

          • maligurl

            It’s a gossip site love…why you writing essays about other peoples love lives? even 140 characters would be too much. allow it.

          • Laboum77

            Cause I m in New York stuck indoors by the hurricane so I m browsing the net and writing long ass essays about other people’s love life if i want to… why are you commenting on essays about other people’s love lives.. at least i m having fun discussing a useless subject… you just passing by to ask me why i m writing texts longer than 140 characters.. i might be bored as fuck but you are in a worse situation.. :)  

          • maligurl

            LOL not even, see i have this thing called a ‘life’. and even if i was stuck inside all day i STILL wouldn’t write a dissertation on some next celebrity life.  

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            Oh that heifa Sandy had you trapped…Okay now it makes sense cause chile.. you were kinda doing the most lol

          • Laboum77

            Lol.. I don’t know i love Karrueche .please don’t judge me ( in my CB voice ) I just think she is a sweet heart. I know that opinion is not too popular on this site but i m going to defend her since everyone is soo busy throwing rocks at her… I really like her… i don’t care if she doesn’t have a job or of people call her a leach I just think that there is a reason why her allegedly no life having found herself in a styling and profiling relationship with CB and that has to be because she is a good girl.. you don;t think CD has seen his share of gold diggin hoes.. if he choose to put a regular girl on a pedestal the way he did it.. Instead of being envious.. I M LOVING IT. TEAM KAE period

          • Sharanda

            thats what im saying. he TRIED it. we are simply here to further draft new names of KopaCabana.

    • St. Yaki

      Girl, this damn dissertation. I clutch my prayer beads in hopes you write this much for school, ’cause ch!

  • CaramelHottie

    Any time anything is reported about Chris Browns mama I just think back about when she said MJ died so Chris could live… It still makes me cringe 

  • Seiko

    KatsDontDance should really just bow out gracefully. Her own friends can’t even get her fuckin story straight… “She is NEVER getting back with Chris, but he wants her back” … 5 Minutes Later… “She wants Chris back and she isn’t letting go without a fight!!” Fuck outta here

    • Nolanola

      Judging by your profile picure you have no man so I understand the bitterness. :) Stay strong!!!

      • Seiko

        Sweetheart I’m engaged to be married but judging by YOUR profile picture you’re insecure and if I might say that face is FRIED so don’t try to shade me because your bitch ass has been reduced to suckin dick and fuckin for happy meals you busted bum bitch. Now smile about that bitch. Stay strong with that

      • Laila Corrorez

        Oooh, girl you tried it with that one…smh

        • Nolanola

          Not really.. I mean the concept of fucking for a happy meal is only an idea someone who has actually experience with that would come up with… do people actually do that… i mean if you’ re going to fuck for a meal at least pick something healthy you kno like a salad.. that’s why people be having greasy faces in their profile picture smh…  

          • DidTHISbigbitchjustsay..

            I know Fatko was definitely talking about how she met her fiance (fucking for happy meals). With those big ole’ hungry man circles under her eyes. Why make it so easy?You should be the last person bringing up looks and what someone would do for a meal. Your 38yr old ass needs to move from in front of the computer and start exercising for your upcoming fake wedding.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    The tragic Harlequinn romance tale continues..Rih know exactly wtf she doing, look at that sly ass smile  like, “Yeah, I’m with his mother while you out in your Panda Express cocktail over..KroutonsOnMySalad.”

    • Kae’s Instagram Agent

      Lmao. Just Dead! 

  • Michele Lee

    Anybody else as bored as I am with this failed attempt at trap Love, I’m sick of them all! Both of these women are playing themselves = No Wins.  Is that Christina Brown Vienna Sausage that outstanding that self respect be damned??  I mean really.

    I thought Abreya Graham would’ve swooped in and gobbled up the Kalamazoo dregs that Chris left behind by now.  

    Drakeisha, please come help and make this triangle an square, that is all.

    • Laila Corrorez

      Nawl, Drake likes them big booty, video vixen/stripper guhhs with low self esteem. 

  • serenissima

    ‘Charizard.’ X______________________x

  • Mel

    How is Rih desperate for having dinner with Joyce. Joyce said herself that her and Rih still talk so where does Chris come into this? Other than it being his mom. I doubt Chris and KelloggsRiceCake have anything going on, they just have mutual friends from what I heard. But sis if I was you I would stay away from him, this nigga got these people slandering your name. Sis, they got you in Urban Dictionatary defined as a leech, Rice cake …..wait….LMAO let me get off this cold floor. Who ever did this is foul lmaoo

    • LB

       lmaooooooooooooooo @ that urban dictionary link….good day!!

    • Laila Corrorez

      Damn…lmfao someone is wrong as all HELL for that one! 
      I hope nobody showed that to her…

    • serenissima


    • Michele Lee

      Somebody going straight to hell for this one.

    • Tjfdragon


  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Rihanna sitting pretty at the table like rudy

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    The last thing I would want to do if I had a kid was hang out with his ex whom he publicly whooped on and is probably having a love fest- triangle with another awkward!! Now I know she and mama have history but it’s a little weird. It’s like the big fat elephant in the room that everyone refuses to acknowledge. 

  • MissDom

    I am over ALL of them……They are starting to do TOO MUCH.

  • MissDom

    All I’m worried about is when Rihanna;s new album is coming out…..Fuck her personal life.

  • Blairwaldorf

    Keracarefornaturalhair needs to have a seat. As far as Realitycheckdesperatelyneeded is concerned she is lost in translation over Winnithepoo’s evil stepbrother. Oh well, there are more important things to worry about like 8million people without lights, water, and food on the East coast.

  • TSPtheMBA

    Stop reading so much into a dinner.  Maybe she’s teaching Rihanna how to bob an weave.  IJS.

  • Kayy

    Really, this episode has become old, it needs to spiced up like… KatGotYourTongue secretly becoming pregnant or becoming Ri’s personal car tire stylist or something… SOMETHING!

  • Sharanda

    KitchieKitchieKoochieItchie needs to give it a rest. youre out looking like a raggedy ass red light district call girl. meanwhile, Rih is with Mama Brown having drinks and planning marriages. guhh, bye

  • Shanna4

    I see a KarrucheCap’n Krunch  stan up above in them thar comment thread hills…..LABOURN77 ack like they clean KarRental’s coochie every morning…..These people don’t know us, they don’t give 500 fux about if we defend them or not. KareBear and her stan up there need to have several lawn chair seats…..

    • Laboum77

      Chile please.. i can act like i clean Karrueche coochie if I want to… i m sure you stan for something since you take the time to read, write a comment, fill in your username and password and press post… have a seat or stand up i don’t care in what position you are cause you don’t bother me… 

  • Kaye

    Kamakamakamakamakamakameleon dont give 1 shit. That girl is in it for the lights, camera, and action. As far as Coconut Queen having dinner with Dick Dastardly’s mother…who cares. Let these people live their lives. 

    • Sharanda

      lmao! i think this name is by far the best one. i dieddd! 

  • susan,from the other day

    I seen “casino hat” on one comment, and was OUT! lmfao. Kouldntgetajobsoiwentbacktomyoldbankforhelp Seems sneaky.No no baby don’t try and run that hole good girl seen on us we know you a hoe or dun did some hoe activities somewhere up in all of this. Rihanna get your life boo, and if that involves chris in it, Hey! Who are we to stop you? Nobody. Joyce lookin spicy! I see you babe!

  • lisa

    Rihanna’s giving me New York crackhead

    • CaramelHottie