New Music: The Weeknd – Enemy

Kid Fury October 26, 2012 New Music 60 Comments

Drake’s Ewok buddy, The Weeknd, is releasing his major-label debut, The Trilogy, in a few weeks (Nov. 13), but for now he’s got a new track out for fans.

The song is called “Enemy” and listen…I have been trying to understand the hype in this young man for quite some time now and I’m just unable. So y’all can keep him.

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  • Anastasiaevans19

    Hes extremely homely…
    And his voice is eh…
    Id prolly like it more if somebody else was singin

    • Shay

      OMG. That’s what it is. Just like in a job interview he needs to look the part. You can’t get me interested looking like you just gave up on life. 

  • tori

    What’s up with his “HATIAN MIAMI SH!T LOCKS?” Ain’t he from CANADA?

    • tori


      • Ria Michelle

         He’s like Ethiopian though I thought…

      • Jolie

        ur here too;  not only theybf..shhh!

  • Sharanda

    i love the wknd! he gives me modern michael jackson teas. 

    • KidFury

      You must be talking about some nigga named Michael Jackson who sings lead at the Johnny Rockets by your house, because girl…

      • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

        Somebody read my eulogy…DEAD

      • Pnnylne

        I concur. I heard his version of Dirty Diana and I was not hear for it. Couldn’t even finish his mixtape. Do. Not. Want. 

      • Joselines Ballsac

        I just bet Drake and this guy f**k on the low.

        You just can feel it.

        • Pnnylne

          Maybe. Have you seen Drake’s instagram lately…. I was dead at the Cartier Love bracelets. 

      • Earthshaker1217

        HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! NO they didn’t say Michael Jackson.I can’t. The only person who can channel Michael Jackson and has the potential to be the Michael Jackson of our generation is Chris Brown (if starts acting right). Plus, I’m not a huge fan of the Weeknd’s version of Dirty Diana.

        • Girl

          I cannot believe out of all PEOPLE you said Chris damn Brown has the potential to be the next Michael. Girl _/_/_/_/_/_/ Take yo pick.. Michael is incomparable and no one will ever live up to his status. Sorry, but it’s just the way it is.

          • Kia

            usher is more like michael than any1,he can dance his azz off,he can sing ,he can disapear for 4years and cum back and still slay

        • Yiles

          I was shocked when you said Yellow Cake. I thought you were going to say Queen Milk and Honey Beyonce as she’s damn near the female MJ already.

      • Sharanda

        LMAO! i die! you dont hear it a little? no? lawwd! 

    • CurlyBoo

      i feel like that’s what plz been lying to him for the longest. 

  • nellkaye

    I hate him his voice. His face. His everything I wouldn’t. Buy his album. If it was on Sale for 5cents at best buy.

    • Heyboo

       Hate!Hate!Hate!-Dave Chappelle voice

  • kelly bundy

    i like wicked games tho…hes hit or miss…. he gives me pm dawnn vibes

    • Cassie12

      Yeah of the 3 albums. House of Balloons is the best which has wicked games. The other two albums should have been left on the studio floor.

      His voice is almost Whiney on half of his songs.

    • GiveMeLife

      Yeah between the scruff and vampire rasta look he’s going for… I do get a “I know you said no but I’m just going to slide your panties to..” pm dawn vibes.

  • Beyoncelover56

    To me he’s like the male version of Lana del rey. Their sounds are both dramatic and reminds me of death. *kanye shrug*

    Wonder if he can sing this live.

    • Fun_101

       He can’t sing live period.

      • Jessicaposca

        True I saw him live at the Mod Club and he can’t really sing live but I like that he writes and produces his songs like a true artist.

        He gives me Ester Dean t’s, he should just be a background singer and write songs for other people because he ain’t really serving me superstar.

        • Fun_101

           Yea, he’d make a great producer. I think he’d get wayyy more success doing something like that or anything behind the scenes.

  • Je Suis Camille

    I don’t know how i feel about this change in music. I agree with Common – too many of these kids are sweet. Nothing wrong with being emotional, but GODDAMN, do you and Drake always have to be crying in your songs? 

    + the lyrics make him sound like a douche bag…pass.

  • Beyoncelover56

    To me he’s like the male version of Lana del rey. Their sounds are both dramatic. Only Lana’s strong point is videos and the weeknd’s strong point is drake.

    • KidFury

      Lana’s music is intentionally cinematic. It’s like she creates records with visuals in mind and when I hear her songs I can feel that film noir element. The Weeknd just sounds like a cocaine queen singing about nothing. I don’t get it.

      • Ferargal

        Kid Fury have you heard the first mixtape “House of Balloons”? Cause that was slamming. The tracks were great, lyrically brilliant and the elemnts worked. The rest after the hype were crapola. They went too experimental and i lost interest but that first mixtape is worth the hype. As for this new track he sounds very whingey…

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    I like The Weeknd but I think his music is really love it or hate it simply because of his lyrics. There are some songs by him that I really like and then some I absolutely abhor.

  • U Ain’t Bout Day Lyfe!

    He doesn’t do anything for me. The radio stations in my area are playing one of his songs and the one where he’s featured on Wiz Khalif’s (I think) to DEATH! His lil part on Drake’s “The Crew” was cute but not enough for me to hear him on a 12 track album. No thanks! 

    • GiveMeLife

      Yes.. are you from Toronto by any chance? They are playing him and Drake every 2mins,it bothers my soul. I hate 93.5.
      His lyrics are just not right on that song with Wiz. If I am correct,that’s the song where he tells women it’s ok if you f-ck a different man every night… This is what they think kids should be hearing?

      • November’sVeryOwn

        You’re from Toronto? What do you guys think about Rochelle Jordan? LOOOOOOVE HER!! 

        • GiveMeLife

          :singing: Put me under pressure..
          I LOVE that song too,I hope she really does something big,unlike Keshia Chante. I’m not really feeling Shi Wisdom,yeah she can sing,but her voice has BEEN heard before. Too many trills and vocal runs,and lyrics and arrangements are pretty abc basic.

  • GiveMeLife

    I didn’t get pass the intro,I couldn’t take the glare he was giving me. I’ll wait to hear it on the radio. He definitely needs to beat the scruff off,it’s not artsy,it’s scary AF.

    Is he dreading? 0_o

  • Jazz

    Sir Fury, what you must understand is that unless you’re stoned out of your mind you will not find his music appealing. But when you’ve had a few puffs of the chief…my lawd! I’m just saying…try it

    • CloudWatcherNSearchOfShade

      That is why he is said to make Drug & B music. 95% of his music is about recreational drug use while having sex with a woman that he either a) doesn’t care about, or b) doesn’t want to love him because he knows he ain’t about shit except making money and popping pills. 

      The other 5% I can’t comment on. I couldn’t listen to it because it made me feel/think that it was like hype music for suicide. 0_o

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

      Now that I think about it, his music DOES sound better when on one.  lol!  ”What You Need,” “Montreal,” High For This,” “Wicked Games” etc… YES!

  • CurlyBoo

    i don’t think the song is that bad. but i cannot listen to a whole album of this shacky ass voice-hell no. 

  • Heyboo

    I have always been afraid to listen to his songs because people act like if you listen to him sing you will summon satan & I couldn’t risk that…but it wasn’t dreadful, a tad toooooo emo but I have heard a lot worse.

  • Weeknd
  • Krazykelsey

    He’s extremely different from anyone out there. He’s clearly talented and you can’t take that away from him. If you don’t like his style then don’t comment.

    • NYCNaye

       Girl you seem starched, steamed AND pressed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion including YOU.

      • Scarf Junkie


      • Jazz

        Starched steamed and pressed though?!?! LMAO. I can’t with ya’ll

    • YourRoyalty

      exactly ! people need to quit hating and get THEIR money up !

  • Shanna4

    Naps. That’s all I got in that picture.

  • britchick91

    I find that I can’t listen to his music for too long because to me it sounds whinny and starts to grate on me

  • Scarf Junkie

    His voice…meh. I just want to bathe him and comb his hair. He’ll probably sound like the girl from “The Color Purple”….

  • gabicaligirl

    That does it!  I’m going for a record deal.  Please somebody tell me, what is the hype around his voice.  He’s the best winer since Keith Sweat….but at least Keith can sang. 

  • Susieq

    Drake and the Ewok are no longer buddies.
    the tea has been served.

  • Ria Michelle

    I like that his music has been free. I’m not here to pay for it. 

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    I really liked wicked games (Loved it when I could brush over some of the lyrics… Some) but this was… bitch, no *with emphasis*. 

  • Barack Yomomma

    No shade but why does The Weeknd always look like his puppy just died and decided to binge on bath salts and Drake’s tears? Like he’s giving me Charlie Sheen tease with a hint of Lindsay Lohan and a sprinkle of Yellow Cake without his coconut water.

  • Beautifullyunique86

    I like the Weeknd. He definitely had to grow on me and I can only listen to him when I’m feeling emo. Otherwise, I feel like I should be snorting a line, popping pills, and taking shots.

  • XO

    I’m not here for his voice but all his music has a particular mood and uniqueness that is appreciated especially during a sickening session ;-)

  • lisa

    He’s like a light skinned Cheif Keef with that hair

  • Luna Lovegood

    He just looks like a homeless vampire who sold all his Twilight sparkles for meth. No ma’am