Jhené Aiko Performs New Track “What A Life” In NYC

Kid Fury October 24, 2012 Live! 13 Comments

The beautiful and talented, Jhené Aiko, performed at the famous S.O.B.’s in New York City last week and debuted a brand new track called “What A Life.”

The singer/songwriter is preparing her debut album, Souled Out, on NO ID’s label Artium — an imprint of Def Jam. By the sounds of this live perfomance, I’m hoping “What A Life” appears on the album.

Jhené’s debut is due next year along with a project with Artium’s Cocaine 80s group. Watch the performance below.

Source: stupidDOPE

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  • Meika804

    Jazzy little voice! I love her

  • OhagiGaveMetheSamePoem

    It was an amazing show. I watched different videos of all the performances and she slayed. New song sounds goo.

  • MissDom

    I like her…I hope she is successful in music industry cuz alot of great artist with real talent are underrated.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    She’s come a long way since hanging out with B2K and them..I’m excited for her career to blow up, her and her sister got a completely different style than what’s in mainstream right now and lil’ miss Blasianess has been killing it. 

    • ChiAnn Holder

      I was just about to ask if thats the same girl whos cousin is 1 of those b2k children

  • Kayy

    She’s gorgeous, wish her the best!

  • Nicole

    i loved her ever since she was singing about dogs on b2k’s album. im glad shes been getting her shine on because her mixtape is my shit!

  • Thtsqueen2u

    I wish her much success.  She has been through alot this year with losing her brother and her debut album about to come out.  Her music is so so so soothing.

  • JM

    Sad it has taken so long to get her an album released!!

    • Jackie0_o

       Why sad? it takes time when you’re writing all of your own songs

  • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

    Where is Jhene’s big sis, Mila J? I heard she changed her name to “Japollonia”? I liked her song with Marqueen Houston a couple of years ago.

  • Cream794

    Kid Fury, I can’t and I will not with you! The Chrianna Coochie piece is riveting and Highlarious! 

  • chronicYooth

    Love Jhene. Sometimes her live performances are underwhelming, but she sounds good on this new track. Reallly(3 l’s) looking  forward to the album miss Jhene Aiko.