Candid Yams: Jennifer Lopez Shopping In London

Kid Fury October 24, 2012 Candid Yams 28 Comments

Paparazzi caught Jennifer Lopez strolling through London shopping with her butch queen boyfriend, Casper Smart, today. I’m not understanding this velour suit, but after her nipple-slip at the O2 Arena on Monday, it might make a little sense. More pics below.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  • nat

    this nigga…

  • PrettyNSeddity

    You just can’t date someone who’s on your payroll. The motive is just shady

  • Cleophus

    i don’t understand, if she’s into gay dudes…why not just go back to puff? i mean, at least he can match c-note for c-note. 

    • Awkwardfunny_girl

      This shade just gave me life!

    • Earthshaker1217


  • MissDom

    I cant concentrate cuz she got all that damn orange on, looking like a giant-sized Fanta.
    Im jus waitin for the marriage and divorce and all the money she gonna have to give him in the end.

    • Earthshaker1217

      Wanna fanta! Don’t you wanna!

  • Scarf Junkie

    Butch queen…

    *swan dives off a cliff*

  • vicestar

    But he is fine as hell, i’m sorry yall.

  • Kevin Δ★▲ Sylvester

    why miss lady wearing sweats tho -___________________-

  • Lifetime FuryTVsubscriber

    Sorry but is it just me who thinks that them Birkin bags aren’t that
    cute and waaaaaaay to overpriced?? Those bags range from 8,000 to 150,000 dollars!

    • Chi Chi

      Bless You X 1000!!!

  • Michele Lee

    I don’t get it, maybe he eats a mean……oh nevermind, of course he does.   

    I’m sure his contract will expire soon enough.

  • Brittany

    her bag is cute

  • Kayy

    He must have that Chris Brown kind of moves in the bedroom, cause I don’t understand this relationship.

  • Nappygirl89

    Seeing that sweatsuit brings me back to when she made them hot for minute…..that was so long ago

  • serenissima

    so weird. sooooo weird. 

  • ziggy gnarly

    She serving “I’m Real” tease. Where’s Ja Rule when you need a cameo?!

  • Coonye West

    I can’t take this woman seriously after South Park. I’m sorry.

    • Lifetime FuryTVsubscriber

       lol your talking about taco flavoured kisses?

  • Sips

    If I am lucky enough to look remotely as good as this bitch when I’m 43 my ass would be floatin’ around with someone on my payroll too. If the break up ends badly, I get to fire his ass too? I see nothing wrong…you know, with the exception of her wardrobe being stuck in the same year her face stopped aging.

    • serenissima

      So… Does anybody think she’s gotten work done?

      • Pnnylne

        I think so. I know she’s had her nose and chin done. I also think botox and fillers. 

  • Barack Yomomma

    “butch queen” now that you mention it he does give me some Evisu with a dash of Mizrahi…

  • Terese

    ::looks at Jennifer and checks calendar:: Yep its 2012, not 2003

  • GG

    She loves to broadcast these relationships that have the shelf life of bad boy music groups

  • Shanna4

    J.Lo and her napkin/purse/umbrella holder out for a stroll……I swear this woman go through mens like toliet paper.

  • keilo

    Looks like she decided to take a break from being untalented…eh