Brandy’s ‘Two Eleven’ Debuts At No. 3 On Billboard

Kid Fury October 24, 2012 Cute For You! 30 Comments

Moesha has something to celebrate at The Den this weekend. The R&B vocalist has earned spot #3 on the Billboard 200 charts this week with her sixth studio album, Two Eleven. Her last Top 10 album was Afrodisiac in 2004.

According to Nielsen Soundscan, the album sold 65,000 copies in week one…which isn’t that damn great. Especially since her last album, Human, sold 73,000 units in week one and that shit sucked.

The bright side is, people have taken notice to this new project and it really is a fantastic album. So congratulations to Brandy!

Source: Rap-Up

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  • Mesa

    Hold on 63,000?! Like that’s impressive?! I mean I love brandy but damn you would think more people bought it judging from my twitter timeline! Lol! I guess congrats?? Lol.

  • brokeassho

    for someone who’s barely relevant she sold good… 

  • Joanna ☂

    Idk “Human” came out in 2008 when the biggest artists averaged around 500k in the first week. Now a days +200 is the norm so for her to sell +65k is pretty decent imo.

    • KidFury

       This is true.

    • Ohagihavemethatsamepoem

      true Usher with “Climax” leading and pop singles, Trey Songz with an r&b hit in “Heart Attack”, Chris Brown post Rihanna duets Bet Awards performance, and Frank Ocean with a coming out letter all had first week sales of 120,000 – 140,000.

      As for women Elle Varner, Monica, and Melanie Fiona all opened this year under 70,000. No strong major hit singles, no gossip, some televised performances

      We seen Brandy on tv for a week so we feel she was really out there but promo starts way before that week. Most of the things Brandy shot for are going to be released in November….

    • whatevs

      Yeah I’m willing to cut her a little break for that, in 2012 65,000 is pretty damn good. Enough to keep you relevant & with any touring, she’s doing better than I thought she might to be honest

  • Barack Yomomma

    As long as she continues to promote Two Eleven despite opening sales, hopefully it (and she) will do good in the long run

  • Ohagigavemethatsamepoem

    The only r&b albums that sold decent in the last 10 years was a Keyshia Cole album and Maxwell album.

    The reality is we don’t know how to accept r&b anymore when our great r&b voices Usher , Beyonce (during Destiny’s Child days) make pop albums then we expect that to be norm and can’t take an album focused on harmonies, pianos, and runs. Usher quit ya’ll on “Here I Stand”, ya”ll side eyed Beyonce on “4″ and she had to keep putting out upbeat records and didn’t sale what she deserved either but pop fans trust her projects and bought it.

    Brandy and Miguel just put out great r&b work. Music about love, insecurity, sex, music itself, confidence, funk , and sass and they deserve to have platinum albums (and maybe Brandy will in the long run if she keeps promoting it and pushing singles withhhh videos out quicker).

    Critics loooove “Two Eleven” and so do people who like to talk ish (look at blog comments on every blog and a lot are pleasantly surprised that Brandy went so hard). It’s going to at least get gold and some grammy nods ,perhaps even a grammy win since it’s soulful enough for them to want to award it and she’s commercial enough an artist for them to have accept an award.

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Look at it this way: She’s more relevant than Ciara. I mean somebody had to say it. 

    • Brittany

      everyone is

    • NYCNaye

      Who’s Ciara?

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Number 3 ain’t bad in this day and age where people are downloading and burning copies of albums. She actually had a good promotional team behind her this time around and it’s definitely not a bad album at all. I can’t even recall how Monica’s sales did. Keri? Ciara? Where yall’s boss at? Maybe it’s time to borrow Brandy’s promo team. lolol

    • That girl MEL!

      Monica did about the same. According to Wikipedia, she sold 69,000 copies in the first week and garnered the #4 position on Billboard, #2 on the R&B charts. AND she had a SHOW to push the promo of her album. So, Brandy is doing good on old-school promo and a solid record. I’m pretty sure she’ll be up for a Grammy nod this year.

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna’s all in the numbers..hopefully it’ll be up for a grammy nod. I’m pushing for all these R&B girls to bring it back tho cuz the T-Rash out here now is getting remedial and borderline pop mixed with techno.  

  • Freshie Boo Boo

    I honestly thought she would move close to 100k.  But 65k is decent these days, It’s a really good album, i did my part & purchased it legally. And i need to talk to Brandy & tell her i don’t give a fuck when she does it, but without you needs to be a single!

  • Tyga626

    Wow I thought she would get at least 100k. I’m surprised Human outsold this and it had practically no buzz going with it.

  • britchick91

    better than 37,000 lol

  • serenissima

    Good for her! I loved ‘Afrodisiac’ and was disappointed by ‘Human’ so I’ll def be checking for this one:

    • Frankie Lacy

      This album is VERY good. Excellent production and she is sangin like her life is hanging in the balance.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Yeah that’s actually pretty decent. I got the deluxe on iTunes I fkin love the album… I am really hoping for either “slower” or “can you hear me now” to be released a singles with videos they have that classic Brandy sound and beat but the subjects are a little risque so you see she’s on her grown woman. In the end as long as she keeps doing the promo she’s been doing, keeps reappearing on shows and def. release her videos a bit faster she’ll be good. I also don’t doubt this album will get a Grammy nod. As long as they don’t put “black” people in the RnB category who clearly aren’t singing RnB she may just win it.

  • Lily12321e

    LOL “Moesha has something to celebrate at The Den this weekend”.
    Clearly the music industry is no longer a lucrative business for RnB artist, whether they selling sex or not because ciara, teairria mari, kelly rowland, keri hilson, trey songs and even Toni Braxton’s RnB sex selling ain’t getting it. No need for them to feel bad, that’s just the whack times of music we live in, oh well.
    If they want to stay in RnB the Best they can hope for is a loyal fan base that will at least allow them to still have someone to present their art to, because clearly if you’re not a white soulful singer or doing a wild circus act and dressing up in raw meat, leotards and stilettos and cotton candy hair and acting possessed then you aint sh*t, and former 90′s rnb stars can’t expect their GROWN former fans or GROWN mature RnB fans with higher priorities to be a big support because they aren’t like those young pop fans who have time and money to waste on foolishness, maybe the problem with selling is not attracting younger/freer fans, but why should Brandy have to stoop to that nicki manaj level

  • Michele Lee

    I was pleasantly surprised by the album myself considering I havent been checking for Brandy for over 10 yrs.  But, as soon as I listened to it, I was convinced she was going to get a Grammy nod or two the album is exceptionally good at current RnB standards.  I miss Brandy and Monica type ballads, they are severely missed in this day and age of the 808′s and coochie popping ( I still love you Bey) . Sometimes you just want to heard a grown ass song with a person standing flat footed and just singing the shit out of a song with accompanying melodies and harmonies.  

  • ziggy gnarly

    If 65K is Number 3, how much did the artist who came in Number 1 sell? But I agree with everyone. I thought she sold more judging from my Twitter timeline and Instagram. But I’m happy for Mo to the E to the.

    • accelgors

      #1 sold 409k, which is pretty damn good in this day and age.

  • Shane

    Hmmmm , I’m glad she made it to number 2 after all this time. Sales aren’t too good but the music industry is horrible right now. Whats really going to be bad is the second week sales. Honey that drop is going to be a fierce dip!

  • Kayy

    Wow, the way my twitter timeline was going off I thought she sold more. Well, I’m just happy people are supporting her. It’s a really good album.

  • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

    The album is fantastic!

    My favorite artists these days don’t sell any albums so Brandy’s sales mean nothing to me.  She created an impeccable album & that’s all I could hope for.

  • Coonye West

    Lawd. Fuck being a singer.

    The album is great. People AND critics are raving about it. Yet the people who are raving about it don’t want to drop coins for it.. 

    If I was Brandy I’d be reporting my 1,000,000+ followers on twitter as spam just because.

  • Pickup Your Copy of Two-Eleven

    I went out and bought my copy today – had a lot going on last week and forgot but maybe more will be like me and just pick it up late.  It is a solid album and I’m proud of Brandy for digging in her hills and actually grinding to promote her album! #TEAMBRANDY

  • Alicia Collins

    Congrats to Brandy. IHer and her team worked hard getting that album out there. I didn’t buy it but I’m not her people. 

    I hope they understand that this is probably the last time that old fashioned campaigning of her album will be successful. I feel like this whole ordeal, pushing back the release date over and over again and  banging that song into everyone’s heads was straight out of the mid-90s.

    I could be wrong though. Maybe it can work again. What the fuck do I know?