Chris Brown Spotted Hanging With Krispietreat Again

Kid Fury October 23, 2012 Ahhhhh Here It Goes! 157 Comments

Well look who’s back. Just two days after Chris and Rihanna were caught cuddling at the launch of his Qubeey channel, Yellow Cake was seen out in the streets with ex-love, KimKieshaPam.

The infamous couple were spotted leaving Christopher’s house in Los Angeles and stopping for gas before heading to a recording studio. Meanwhile, Rihanna has been on set of her “Diamonds” video shoot.

I don’t know what Chris has going on here, but he’s definitely getting the best of both worlds and both women look foolish to me. I’d assume he’s been beefing it up in Rihanna’s Bajan love grotto and forcing Kanyoustoptherain to deal, but she’s too dumb to walk away.

Trash all around. More pics at Necole Bitchie.

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  • oopsididitagain

    is Kanyeweststopgrill really too dumb or does she know the tea, but still need to get money from stevie j.junior?

    • 123itzme

      I told yall on the Rih Queebey post that yellow cake had K at his house that day and night but I was paid dust!! Anywho I love this blog Fury!! That big cheese cake smile on his face was ibeactingupandthesehoesbelettinme smile folks!!

    • Jazz

      Nope. Kankelon needs to find a clue..and FAST. How are you rocking Isabel Murant sneakers, driving a Porsche yet you need money from his bodyguard for cash? Have a few of these _/ _/ _/

      • Nicole

        signed, sealed and de-FUCKING-livered

  • LaTissa ChaNelle

    I cant even feel bad for Kankersore anymore, this is rediculous.

    • Scarf Junkie

      KantBelieveItsNotButter is a glutton for punishment.

      • Jazmyn

        Dead…. lol!

    • Leggo My Eggo

      KomeAllYeFaithful and RatedCoconuts lose all my sympathy. Why would you BOTH stay with a nigga who’s fuckin both of you and don’t give 5 fucks about either one of your feelings? I mean seriously, he’s not the only source of dick out there and RussianRihlette can def get it from anybody, hopefully someone who can also treat her with respect. Christopher the Crackhead is pretty much Kan’tLeaveE’mAlone’s source of life right now but i’ma need for her to log out of his network and get with someone who’s not just using her as a sex toy. But hey, if they wanna continue to get played like this then resume game. 

      • B2ksflyhoney

        #dead at RatedCoconuts

  • Scarf Junkie

    KantGetEnoughOfThatFunkyStuff indeed….

  • Esha

    I think Kashforgold’s doesn’t give a fuck anymore any everything she does at this point is to try and spite RhiRhi

    • Myown_bestfriend

      I concur…their young and dumb…we’ve all been there in some shape or form…

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    Ain’t this some fuckshit

  • Miles

    KomeMisterDeejaySongPonDeReplay god why the fuck are you doing this to yourself. Leave the crackhead now!

    • Scarf Junkie

      Damn you cause now I can’t stop singing that goat chant!!!!

    • Brittany


    • Leggo My Eggo

      *jumps out the window* lmaoooooo I seriously cannot!!!!

    • ∞ηεℜđ∞

       lmfaooooooooooooo why didnt i think of that ! .but as we see shes not even in the car with him,nor did chris wanna be seen giving her money .smh..fucking for gas money

  • SanityKane

    LOLOLOL, I love reading these just to see all the hilarious names you all come up with for KrisKrosswillmakeyajumpjump.

    • CaramelKiss

      Old School…….NOOOOOOOO You did not. I give you permission to plan my funeral and give my eulogy..lmao

  • Jasonreloaded

    LMAO. You guys are so mean to Kascadedishwasherdetergent. 

  • Ali Smartypants

    poor KomeThouAlmightyKing

    • Dulce

      You need to leave…NOW!!!! lmaooooo

  • bana♥nas

    Aw… I just want to give KrispyChickenFreshLettuceThreeCheeses a hug. 

    • Je Suis Camille


    • Sherae Renee’

       Lmaoooo!!! This. All of it.

  • yepppp….

    let’s get into the fact that kantpayformyowngas had to bum $20 damn dollars to pay for gas…. 

    • 123itzme

      I don’t call that bumming that what she possssed to do!! Aint no way in hell imma follow you anywhere and you not pay for my gas whilst getting my ass!!  Hell to tha no (in the late great Whitney’s voice)

      • Kee0123

        Exactly! Karrueche may be naive to deal with bullshit but she might as well take any monetary gifts given even if it is gas money

  • Imannmilner

    Why is Karreuche the dumb one but Rihanna isn’t? They’re both allowing a man to treat them like dirt. Both equally stupid AND Rihanna was on national TV crying over a man who at the time wasn’t even hers. Desperation looks good on no one.

    • alexis

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

    • serenissima

      IMO, Rih is the perpetual winner here cuz she’s rich as fuck. While some nigga (NOT Chris) is handing Kraken gas money. *shrugs* but at the end of the day, Rih is miles ahead of this broad. What she does with her personal life doesn’t change that $72 mil net worth. Ijs. She can’t be THAT stupid.

      • Sabrina T. Faulkner

        Rihanna wins because she’s rich? Hmm you must be broke if you believe that. Rihanna can support herself I’ll give her that but at the end of it all she’s a bird with not an ounce of self worth just like Karrueche.

        • serenissima

          It’s funny how people just want Rihanna to be getting played so bad. This girl just showed up looking hungry & homeless begging for spare change but according to these same people this was the girl he was so in love with right? Didn’t even pump her gas for her but oh Chris is soooo in love with her though. Chris said he & Rihanna have a friendship. He never said they were a couple. Just because they have been hanging out does not mean they are a couple. That’s what the blogs are making it look like. He can’t be creeping or cheating if he is single. Rihanna doesn’t look like the fool here. She has gas money & doesn’t have to go crawling back for money. She isn’t getting played because Chris isn’t her man. She & Chris are both single until they report otherwise…. Rih gets to see him when she wants and do her thing when she wants. She likes it so I love it…

          Via NB… Said everything I wanted to say tbh *shrugs*

          • Suchalady

            Exactly. Chris wasn’t spotted anywhere with exes when he was with Rih, He didn’t have strippers and video vixens grinding on him when he was with Rih. He never posted a pic of her bare toosh online. Karmaloop is the dumb one because she was the supposed gf at the time and took all of this plus the joy of being #2 in his heart. Look at the fact that he’s in a separate car from her peering over the window as his boy slides her a 20. It’s like he’s thinking I can’t get in trouble if I don’t even communicate with Kanyouspotmeatwenty’s ass. all that time and she has nothing to show for it but a car that mar or may not be in her name. Rihanna is far from dumb in this situation.

          • Jazmyn

            Im hella mad @ Kanyouspotmetwenty….lmmfao!!!

        • serenissima

          PS… If and when Rih decides to move on, she can, easily, because she has a career, funds, fans, life of her own… TranPak here is sniffing after the nigga that publically dissed her for CASH because she can’t sustain herself… If wanting women to be financially secure and independent means I’m ‘broke,’ idk what to tell ya… No way in hell Rih is a bird w/no self-respect IMO, because she actually TAKES CARE OF HERSELF… Just my $.02.

      • CaramelHottie

        So her being rich means she shouldn’t have dignity? Girl have several.

        • serenissima

          I don’t think Rih is sacrificing her dignity… she called Chris’ bluff with that Oprah interview and he accepted the challenge… broke up with this girl and had her dissing him all over twitter/facebook, only to come crawling back because she didn’t have enough self-worth to not only stick to her word of not fucking with this nigga anymore, but to make a way for herself… sell that expensive ass car if you cant maintain it, crash on some couches if you have nowhere to stay, parlay your 15 minutes of fame into some type of lifestyle… all she got for her trouble was $20 and a wet bottom, while Rih’s rich ass is trying to settle whatever this unfinished business/emotions are between them… and he’s obviously reciprocating, shit, he’s been seen more in public with Rih in the last month than he’s been seen in the last TWO YEARS with KumOnACone… comparing their ‘dignity’ is apples and oranges. 

          But yall just wanna hate tho *shrugs* carry on

          • CaramelHottie

            Hate? Majority of the people on this site love Rih, I know I do. And second, we don’t know who broke up with who. If you wanna be technical Kae announced their breakup first. And how do you know she came crawling back to him? Even though I think she’s a fool for dealing with him period, how do you know Chris is not the pursuer? How do you know she needs money from Chris? Or that she doesn’t have any from when she was with him? You are reaching with your speculation. All we REALLY know is that two beautiful females, who can obviously do better, keep going back to a dude who obviously wants his cake and eat it too. Which makes them BOTH STUPID for allowing it. But like I said on my last post, if they like it, I love it. 

          • Serenissima7

            We don’t know who broke up with who? Say what? Chris issued a statement saying he left Kumquat to focus on his career and friendship with Rih… We can believe based on these pics that don’t even show them together that they’re fucking, but we can’t believe that actual statement from him/documentary from hell? Not to mention Kasio’s entire LIFE revolved around him and she let so much go in the past, I doubt she broke up with him… Sure, she MAY have stacked chips, but if she had, why go back on her online rantings and accept money ($20!!!) from him publicly? Why wasn’t SHE at the Quebeey party if he’s reaching out to her, instead of at a damn gas station or his house in yesterday’s clothes? Lets be real here. I might be assuming, bu I just think people are really reaching because they want Rih to get played so they can make fun of her, that is why we’re all on this site after all…

          • Early_2w

            I’m sorry, I think they are both insecure little girls. Chris is the winner because he is getting to hop back and forth between two women while the rest of the world is condemning the women. I understand don’t hate the player, hate the game but can Chris be held slightly responsible for his actions? He may not be hitting these women, but this blantant disrespect for them doesn’t make him look like a man who knows how to treat a woman.

          • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

   somebody else put it. Chris is SEEN with Rihanna and is CAUGHT with if that ain’t the gag. All these other celebrity niggas coming out the woodwork talking about how they would wife her up and treat her better. The world is so open for her right now and she’d rather be a tag-along in this triangle of tragedy. I dunno wtf he’s doing but he must be Beast mode in the bed AND the wallet to be able to keep this nonsense up but oh well..none of they names on my lease. lmao

          • serenissima

            ‘Tag-along in this triangle of tragedy…’

            And then I died a billion deaths LMAO

        • AuntBunny

           Right!! Because honestly, Rih seems unhappy AF while Koala bear is forever kicking it. IJS…

      • ZJ

        Yeah, it’s probably safe to assume that Rihanna has more money than all of us on here combined. That just makes her even dumber because she can have whoever she wants, but she can’t leave that fool alone.

        • Zan

          Thank youuuuuu….

        • Whoa There


      • Myown_bestfriend

        That’s pretty ridiculous! Rihanna can’t possibly be dumb or naive because she’s rich…c’mon on with the bullshyt

    • loveme.

       i agree with you. everybody keeps saying Karreuche is stupid but Rihanna dumb as well too. this the same guy who was cheating on you and didn’t even want to tell you so instead he brutally beat u. and as for Karreuche girl this the same Dumb Nigga (in Katt Williams voice) who embarrassed you in front of a million (witching you should that coming)and put your business all on blast. That’s what i call stupid on both ends. They need to get self respect QUICK

    • CaramelHottie

      EXACTLY! Their both making asses of themselves. And honestly, if anybody looks stupid it’s Rihanna because she’s showed how dangerously in love she is with this man and how she yearns to be with him yet he cant stop dealing with his ex.

      Maybe they both have decided they don’t mind sharing. I couldn’t do it but if they like it I love it. 

  • Freshie Boo Boo

    The fact that i just brought a box of rice krispies treats………..LMAO!!! Look we all know they smashing! Oh well, bajan goat, 7up pound cake & kontraband…………as long as no fists or headbutts get thrown………good luck with whatever the fuck yall doin! 

    • AuntBunny

       Bitch you got me over here in tears!! LMAO

  • Mo

    Yall know yall bogus

  • Luh Scrappuh’s Neck

    Poor little KeepDoingWhateverItTakesToStayInTheSpotlight

  • Fun_101

    Why does Kuntakentay always have bags under her eyes?

  • DJ

    Poor Komeonridethetrain! Someone (everyone involved ) needs some Iyanla fix my life episodes!!

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    KomeYeToBethlehem needs Jesus to come on down and take that wheel..

    • Erockbaby3000

      Not Komeyetobethlehem!!! I have died and seen the light on the other side

  • maligurl

    Kissthedragon really has no self respect or pride. He embarrassed your ass like it was nothing and you’re still with him. No amount of money or fame is worth looking like a dickhead love.

  • Kay

    Kartwheel is a mess. She should just leave him alone… smh!

  • ziggy gnarly

    KomeMrTallyManTallyMeBanana is in need of some serious intervention. I’m convinced that Fistopher’s #2 Lisa Frank pencil dick is sitting on the right side of the Fawtha, Son, and Holy Ghost for these two to be as silly as they are and glad about it. No ma’am.

    • Jasonreloaded

      *Falls out and dies* 

    • Erockbaby3000

      I hate all ya’ll for making me laugh this damn hard and I think I’m a Time Lord for the simple fact that I have died multiple times on this site but I keep ending up back here

    • Zan

      Best comment of this whole damn thread…

    • SevenPlus12

      Best name of the day…**flatlined before comment was finished**

    • AuntBunny


    • Michele Lee

      Somewhere Harry Belafonte is rejoicing for this song reference # life received, and thank you.

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    ChadsProdigy is living it up with these two fools lagging behind. RopeEmInButCantKeepEmFromCheatin and CrispyEggRollsInDuckSauce need to share dark corner in a smoky lounge so that they can dicuss their choices and stop sharing a boy they think is a man 

    • Heyboo

       Lol where these names coming from??

      • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

        Hehe, the cosmos of raunch, populated by rachet minds and controlled by The holy divas of shade. I have learned well from these mommas and their fools.

  • Toughstonetycoon

    Keeponkeepingon ain’t have enough in the f*ck lite ike fund to break clean….. & drake ain’t reply to her dm!

    • Jazmyn

      Dead +__+

  • LaTanya Wright

    Don’t y’all know he’s a time share now! He took a page out if Diddy’s handbook….meet the new Cassie and Kim Porter.

    • ziggy gnarly

      He better stop before he has 50-11 chillens like Sean Combs. Diddy’s money was long enough to support his herd of legitimate, adopted, and unknown children. Chris can’t afford alladat.

      • JustSayin

        Why do they hae to be a heard of legitimate, adopted, and unknown children …though…*****just ordered my Walmart casket.. funeral a 2 PM Sat….

    • Toughstonetycoon

      I said don’t yall put that evil on Curry Goat!

  • Shoryuken!!

    Why are we even surprised by KrayolaKrayon64Pack? I think she just likes feeling the residuals of Rih Rih poo-nani juices off of Easy Breezy’s cack.

  • (M.J.)

    I told y’all… the Chronicles of KantnobodydomelikemyGod continues.

    • Scarf Junkie

      You have a first class seat on the express train to Hell. Lmao

  • Stacksonstacks

    Greedy ninja. You can’t have curry goat and fried rice, you gotsa to pick one.

  • That Shxt Shay .

    Rihanna and Koochie Koo are both too stupid to leave him alone and Chris probably knows this so he’s just going to keep going back and forth for as long as they’ll let him. Like my mama say’s a man is only gonna do what you allow, and these heffers are allowing him to make a damn fool out of them. 



  • GoldynGramz

    I honestly think that KwestionTellMeWhatYouThinkAboutThis is fully aware of the situation and she’s not the fool that folks think she is… Rihanna’s been the thirsty one throughout this whole situation, while KanYouPayMyBills is on chill mode…

    • We out here trynna function

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking too.

    • Suchalady

       If chill=gold digger then you’re probably right.

    • CaramelHottie

      Chile preach! 

  • Michellexrocks

    Komododragon is a dumb ass to still be with him

  • WhoGivesAFuckAboutChrisBrown

    I’m trying to figure out what the fuck she’s wearing.

    • St. Yaki

      Lissen. I’m really sitting here doing all kinds of equations to try and figure out her outfit. This lost child cannot dress for shit.

      • Michele Lee

        I can’t figure out from her outfit whether its cold or hot.

  • serenissima

    Is it just me, or is KitNkaboodle not the one in the car with Chris? I see homegirl in a white beanie with a dude with a grey beanie and dreads, in her blue Porsche… Then the dude with Chris in his black Porsche… Are there more pics with all three of them actually together in the same car? *scratches head*

    • Hizallure

      No they werent in the same car…she went to the gas station in her car and Chris and his friend went to the gas station in Chris’s car. Chris friend got out and gave Koochie the $20.00 for gas

      • serenissima

        So, technically… They weren’t hanging out? Lol I looked over at NB too and it seems like the blogs are blowing this ALL THE WAY UP…

      • Ansonia Jones

        Now I KNOW it takes more than 20 dollars to fill that damn tank…..

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    Welp! At least KreayshawnsLaceFront and Coconut Water were able to work out joint custody…I heard that shit can be a pain…..*sips tea*

  • Sophia PeTRILLo

    Satan has three well cushioned seats in hell ready for these three fools

  • have a _/ boo

    Dis nigga be actin’ up and Drexel heauxs be lettin’ em.

  • HoneyBooBooChileeeee

    she works for him you guys.. im a CB stan, i keep tabs on all the leeches around him

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Just when everyone thought Kaiokenx100 stopped being Ray Charles she’s seen with him again. There’s no hope for this child.

  • Mimi

    You know what…Chris, just keep doing what you do best. If KantKeepAGoodPimpDown and Curry Goat let you two time those sugar walls, then let it be. I’m going to be sending all ya’ll a gift basket of Trojans, Plan C, and Lysol real soon. These high yella highjinks are tired and shameful.  Go take a nap!

  • Buckey’s Wig

    YAY!!!  Koochie is still here yall that means more names to make up!!! this is like brain exercises the doctor tells us we should do to retain good memory for when we get older…i love Kid Fury’s blog…you guys are like my big dysfunctional ratchet clever hood shady cousins that i keep in touch with from distance and Fury is our Ratchet Leader in command

    oh yeah and the only person winning to me is Yellow Cake, Chris clearly was watching love and hip hop Atlanta with the rest of us…Stebbie J got these boys taking notes…and Rhianna has too much money for this mess i dont understand…she clearly has low self esteem and KannedSoup is just there for the $$$

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

      Chris is Steebie, Rihanna is obviously Joseline and Krackerjack is Mimi. Dayum. 

    • GiveMeLife

      I absolutely love both of you guys. The names are hilarious.

    • CaramelKiss

      Brain exercises though??!!!??….I just died and got my angel wings

  • CaramelHottie

    Rihanna you are a beautiful pop star who could possibly have any man you want YET you’re feening for this messy ass Jerry Springer triangle? Girl… 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    mmm mmm mmm the saga of the lightskinned love triangle continues. Both of them look like fools, but at this point not a single sorry goes out to Komeallyefaithfuljoyfulandtriumphant she knows the tea and is dealing with it accordingly. She may just still be Light Ike’s stylist *snickers*

    • ziggy gnarly


  • Courtneylee73

    they aren’t even in the same car though. And how can anybody judge off of a picture of her pumping gas that they are back together. Chris is in a BLACK car, she is in a BLUE car. Unless the car changes colors at different angles…I doubt it if they were riding together. Nevermind the fact that she works for his Symphonic Love organization. But continue to bash Chris for being a “dog” without knowing the story. Also, bash Rihanna for being stupid enough to have a friendship with him. And lastly don’t forget to bash KanIKomeOverToSeeYouTonight because she…..well,….damn she is stupid. i tried girl.

  • Brittany

    what in the fuck is she wearing?

  • Qwerty99

    So…who’s the Mimi && who’s the Joseline? Because obviously Chris is Stevie J’ing their asses.

    • •°*~XiA ReNeE~*°•

      Rihanna is Joseline & KrisKringle is mimi

      • ∞ηεℜđ∞Bleeeepn

        oh hell no. don’t shade RanchNoHiddenValley Like that, She def was in the pic before, Krashmania .

  • Dasani bitch

    Krishumphries isnt getting the picture i see…

  • Pnnylne

    Kanyoupleasegetyourkids/komingfortocarrymehome needs a thorough de-dickmatization program. po’ lil tink tink. 

    • DeeUpInHere

      oh my god you did NOT just “po lil tink-tink” Kurbyourdog!!!

  • Blairwaldorf

    Konfessionsofateenagedramaqueen/Klueless needs to get her LIFE together. As for Ringaroundarosy…ashesashesweallfalldown I JUST CAN’T anymore. 72 million is not a GET OUT OF JAIL FREECARD for Stupidity. That is all..

  • Anditslikethat

    Who’s face does he have tatted on his body? Oh okay.

  • Thefollowerofthesun

    UGH! The jokes on karrueche’s name jokes are getting tired AF!

    • MzMissMe

      Coming on Kid Fury thinking Kallmemaybe would get a pass is stupid AF.

      Get frustrated with KallMeNow’s outfit – not this blog! ⊙﹏⊙

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      It’s a tradition round here now get with it or kindly click the exit button.

  • Benzino’s Neck

    See, I knew that Kurbsidestomp wasn’ t through just yet. Let’s all just sit back and enjoy the fireworks. 

  • FirstNameLast

    Just when I thought you guys couldn’t think of any names. This is madness! I fuggin love all yall. LoL

  • Bdub27

    if she dont have money for gas now shes gonna be assed out come time for yearly registration and maintenance after that warranty runs out …ijs

  • Vidal012

    LAWDD!!! KingKong’sKrotch and Robyn Fenty are being playyyyyed to the max. 

  • Statesside

    KhrisBrownsChiaPet has less money than him proves she’s the winner in this whole thing. Asians are smart y’all.

    The fact that Rihanna and someone way less notable with way less money are with the same guy is sad. Rihanna is looking basic and a person unable to move the fuck on. Good for you, Kagome.

  • SomeWittyName

    I bet Krumpclownbreakitowndown is poking all kinda holes in them condoms.

  • Andrew Simson

    Both Ri & Kreayshawn are stupid as fuck, the end.

    • Afiya Davis

      Everyone getting on CantaloupetoRipe but both her and WhoputvitacocointheCurry need   all of Madison square garden _/_/ _/_/ because they know what the fuck is going. Just for some banana Twizzler dick?! *Exhales* I can’t….

      • Erockbaby3000

        damn you better preach to the world. Also I’m going to be praying for Litebright, Rosco’schickenandwaffles, and Kootiecatcher because these three need Jesus and a whole industrial vat of holy water something fierce. They also need to take as many seats as possible and stay sitting in them before someone else snatches their seats from them. 

      • Zan

        “Banana twizzler” doe?! 


  • PapaDoc

    Where the hell are her friends? Somebody need to talk to her — both should leave him alone but these broads must think he is the only man in the city.  It’s obvious she doesn’t have a job (you got a car, luxury car, but can’t afford gas — get your life together!) and she don’t have an existence outside Cheekbone Brown’s shadow.  She can get another man,  I don’t get why she stands around and waits for him to give her life.  Leave him, he hasn’t given a single fuck about her for a minute, what is she waiting for? Is she trying to get beat down and sue? What? What is the climax of this story? They both trying to have his baby…..

  • Moneee09

    this love and hip hop west side story love triangle is hurt boots. kanyousparealilchange, rihpossession and chrystal meth needs to take a first class flight to the island of several seats. im over these three. kanihollaforadolla is lookin like a poor child….angelina jolie needs to adopt this poor orphan already. rihanna girl, you still drooling for sun dried chris? please get back into matt hand crafted by God kemp. if anything let kouldntcollectcoins have lite ike, before he spaz and tear that ass up again. just save yourself the frustration, girls…he aint even all that. 

  • Earthshaker1217

    There must be something magical about Chris brown’s penis and Rihanna’s vagina. Seriously, Pixies  must’ve massaged them or fornicated on them thus infusing their magic. Something.

  • ballerina

    Ok that piece of pencil can’t be that damn good na!!!! come mon na! I’ve never had a skinny dick that was good!! Embarrassed to love Rih so much today :(

  • Zan

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Love is one thing, but stupidity is a whole ‘nother demon…unfortunately, both Rhianna and Kantgetenoughofthatpencilpenis are possessed.

  • Zan

    Feels like you’re being stabbed in the cervix…long and skinny…no thank you.

  • S.

    Stevie J done inspired a whole new generation of boys. Hey, ain’t nobody making them get on that bus… They like it. I love it.

  • Meme Al

    Both KottonEyeJoe and Rih Rih need to go to the sense aisle and get em some 

  • ChiAnn Holder

    KarmaKameleon… come and, you come and gooooo. Basically everybody knew she wasnt the smartest kid on the short bus when That Boy and Gilda the Goat where doin remixes and tweeting not so cryptic messages. Hopefully someone will sit little Kotextampon down and let her soak up some knowledge on how to respect herself as a woman and know when to walk away. I dont feel sorry for little Kumrag.

    • DeeUpInHere

      I am DONE with you and your profuse levels of shade, lol

  • nellkaye

    The only. Way I can see kantknockthehusle leaving. Chris. Is when he beat her ass. But she seems slow so that might. Not work…

  • Barack Yomomma

    See I just knew that Kameleon wasn’t done with her 2 seconds of fame, but then again it is Like Ike’s fault for trying to get one more taste of that spicy crab sushi roll before permanently sticking with Rihanna’s coconut water and lesbian hair cut.

  • AuntBunny

    I dont even know why I visit other blogs. Those few lines of Fury’s commentary gave me everythang i need.

  • kya hua

    *In my mariah voice* Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

  • Trouble

    Maybe dude wasn’t giving koldstonecreamery money maybe he was giving her her change back. 

  • Sherae Renee’

    Gosh this can’t be real. I’m not here for any of them. Rihanna nor Kottonkandymaajinbu get my sympathy here. We’ve all warned them too many times. Chris needs to choose though and stop with all these games. I for one hope that he stay’s with Klintonssecretionsonmonicalewinskysface. I like getting my life from all the names.

  • Jacqueline Atta

    This is a hot ass mess. Chris did say he was “in love with two people” so if Rih-Rih lets this motherfucker play around with Krackrocks he WILL. Are you that desperate to have him back Rihanna? Girl, please. Do NOT stand for this bullshit.

    • DeeUpInHere

      PUH-LEASE.BajanBillyGoat’sGruff BEEN standing for his bullshit since she began publicly profession her extreme press-ted-ness over trying to get back with CaptainPimpHand. I don’t understand why She and Her Forehead don’t find something more constructive to do than run behind that worm.

  • Tjfdragon

    KarKashLoans still needs her bills paid, hence she will keep coming for dip in the Light Ike cesspool of love — aint nobody checkin for her or her bestie TIMEX.

  • Kango176

    Look yall. At the end of the day, we cant know Chrissysclit and Rihheatthecurrygoats business unless we are them. ant we arent. yes things have been thrown around twitter and other media sites but those could be lies just to stir us up! we dont know but we like to assume or act like we for the meantime just stop, have a seat ina beach chair and drink you coconut milk while we watch Kidfury’sfun,Rihcentcooch and CaptainCunt’s thuglife unravel!!! *sips* *sighs*

  • Jazmyn

    Kellybluebook has no where to go…she was no body before Chris. What is she gonna do with out him? So yeah shes gonna play the fool so she can keep her cash cow. she doesn’t want to go back to modeling for the hungry starving children in vietnam commercials…poor Kentuckydurby

  • Zayia Winslow

    and u thought the names were gonna be over think again bitch 

  • AbOriginal

    I think Sisqo said it best in Dru Hill’s – Sleeping in my bed remix… “Why oh why oh why oh why?!”

  • I CAN’T

    Rihanna is a rich insecure rat. Y’all give her entirely too much. The bitch can have all the money in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that Chris isn’t claiming either one of them. She allowed fans to hype her head on Twitter and talk shit INDIRECTLY to Kantfindrelevance then she got her big head ass on Oprah crying and shit talking about she’s still in love with him when she clearly knew he was with somebody else. Meanwhile Kickpushkickpushcoast is some random bitch he found, fucked and she followed him around 24/7 like a damn puppy. Both of these bitches are sad and blaming Chris ain’t cool. If you allow yourself to be treated like an option, then that’s what you’re gonna get. Flat out. 

  • Courtney

    I’ll be glad when all this shit settles and we never hear from Kalifornication or Rihanna ever again. LMAO @ this bitch keeping a car she can’t even afford on her own. Then got on Isabel Marants… Chile, I give it a year or two… She’ll be worse off than Amber Rose. 

  • MissLadyLG

    Look… KantStopWontStop.. leave Chrisanthemum alone, get that tattoo removed, and find yourself a seat.. I’m tired of your fuckshit.. Thanks *kisses*