Video: Nicki Minaj – Come On A Cone

Kid Fury October 22, 2012 Videos 86 Comments

In an effort to keep thoughts on her forthcoming album, Roman Reloaded The Re-Released Re-Up Ring Around The Rosie, Nicki Minaj has dropped a video for the track, “Come On A Cone.”

It’s clear she’s trying to go back to a mixtape feel with this gang of street youths posted up behind her and clips from some of her shows. Not sure how the BET Awards gots mixed in there, but here’s the video, girl.

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  • Sophia PeTRILLo

    I was sort of with her until the clip of her and Kim K slipped in there. Not here for that.

  • YoooOO

    dead ..
    her and blac chyna look like a mirror scene but weird cus chyna was big in the face cus she was pre go

  • KLC

    What in the name of Hoodrat Trash is this?! 

    • xxXpure_bredXxx

      lmmfao….I like that

  • starbooty

    Just because your videos are reminiscent of the “old” you- does not change the content (or lack thereof) of your lyrics.
    try again.

    • KidFury

       Agreed like hell.

  • Dondra504

    Nope. Nicki you are too flip flop to me. If you gonna do pop, than switch back to rap cause you ain’t selling albums at least be more than a bundle of colorful mediocrity. You’re all about the money. I’m convinced now. It’s all you rap about. I will never support you. All your antics and disrespectfulness will catch up to you and will deflate that big ass ego. But good luck with your career.

    • tori

      Agree…one minute she “money in the bag sittin on the pissy steps in the project” Nicky, then the next minute she “taylor swift” Nicki! What the hell was up with all the BOY&GIRLS CLUB LATCHKEY KIDS ALUM in the background?? Too much LACEFRONT GLUE, RENTED/STOLEN JEWELRY & “ALL FAKE ER’THING” for my liking!

  • NYCNaye

    I pray that the next album is called Pink Friday: Roman Retires.

    • Missmarchmommy

      i would buy that lol 

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

         raises hand I would too if that meant she would set roman on fire and let him/her/it go

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple


    • AlanaDaly


    • Scarf Junkie

      Or RIP Roman. 

    • Mo


    • Leggo My Eggo

      or she stops making music completely

  • Rai675


    • flojo

      I was crying tears when she started singing ‘dick in your face’ I’m not here for that looool!

  • Kay

    Ahhh the shame of St. James strikes again. As if distorting the mindsets of children & confused broads worldwide was not enough…go away, Nikolai. And take that tub of skin bleach with you.

    • Regina George

      I literally died and crept to the pearly white gates of heaven with “…the shame of St. James strikes again.” I’m just finished!

    • Suchalady

      The shame of St. James! I must borrow that.

  • aigespeaking

    *insert clip of everybody’s reaction on Got 2B Real when Rihanna sung “Hero”*

  • ZJ

    I was going to ask what Come On A Cone even means, but knowing her probably nothing.


      TOO FUNN!

  • AbOriginal


  • DJ Comma

    The super swole thug jigging shirtless toward the end though! I’m dead! Lmbo.

    • RobinTinnicsha

      haha; I was like who is this orphan?! And where the hell are their handlers!?

    • Pnnylne

      Thug jigging…dead!

  • CourtneyCarCASHshian

    Just a bunch of random clips, like the Did It On ‘Em video…gonna vote no on this one.

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    I’m here for the shade.

  • Dd_Graham

    i hopped my ass all the way off that nicki minaj bandwagon a long time ago…but because i really was a sincere fan once upon a time, i still give her my 5 minutes whenever she releases  a new video/song in hopes that maybe it’ll be something at least worth the time spent… and this shyt right here falls in line with the past 5 or 6 fails… smh… i’m sick of trying… i’m putting the DNR sign on that shyt…  oh yeah, and blac chyna rocks that wig much better..

    • Earthshaker1217

      We just have hope that she’ll get her stuff together and give us quality music as opposed to nonsense.

  • Blooregard Q. Kazoo

    This broad is a joke. And why does she look like Black Chyna?

  • EbonyJ

    fuck this chick… i’m so over her bullshit n that whole label

  • Fee_clochette97

    the only reason i clicked on this video is because i wanted to see blac chyna. Anyways. I am totally convinced that u can end up being brain dead by continuously listening to this garbage. Lawd i felt my braincells falling down the depth of nothingness while playing this video :’(

  • Kay

    This nigga… I swear watching that has left me confused, the lyrics, the clips.. her & blac Chyna.. Girl, I’m confused. 

  • Seiko

    Dear Nicholas,
    Hi, Its Seiko again! I see that turf war is still going on! How are your eyebrows by the way? I hope their recovering well from the beating your lace front continues to give them. Anyway suge, lets talk about this piece of um… Crayola artwork you put together. Nicki we have TRIED to give to the chance to get your life but you refuse to take it. I guess what I’m really trying to say is… IF YOU AIN’T SHITTIN’ GET OFF THE GOTDAMN POT CAUSE WE HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THEN TO LISTEN TO THIS BULLHUCKY YOU CALL MUSIC!!!
    P.S. Your perfume really does smell beautiful… That’ll be the only reason you ever get my money

    • CaramelHottie

      That shit smells great but that egotistical, horse mouth, ridiculously large pamper butt hoe won’t get my money. 

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I wonder how Tyga felt knowing damn near everybody on the set seen his baby momma buckey nekkid at some point. Oh well..random thoughts. Nicki cannot be serious trying to do “street” in this video when her last ones been looking like late nite Adult Swim, Toys R Us commercials. I just can’t take her serious anymore. Also, can somebody tell her to take her meds so all her multiple personalities don’t fight for verses on her tracks? Plz and ty :)

  • MissMe

    This bitch makes the dumbest music… ugh…

    • Brittany

      and yet some people swear she can rap

  • AlanaDaly

    ugh nicki  .. i used to be a HUGE fan of hers .. so she made the compromise, hood shit with a new swag .. im feelin it … its real ratchet.. now if we could just get her LYRICAL CONTENT  to agree with the TF is goin on here .. i think i’d go back to not skipping her music when im listenin to Rihanna or Beyonce’s station on pandora :)

  • VitaKoKo

    Onicholas..chile, you and your 50 shades of lacefronts need to have an everlasting seat. You’ve terrorized the public far too much, let us be..please..let us be.

    oan: baby i can hear your edges yellin’ “giveth us free”..let it go.

  • blackniss everdeen

    Nicki, you tried it boo. You hood pass got revoked a long ass time ago. Even this ratchet ass video isn’t going to do anything for you. I am no longer here for your beauty supply store wigs, AND bitch you stay dressing like Milly from team umizoomi. Get it together hoe.

    • Christina H

      Not MILLY!!! My baby is mad at you for that!! lol



  • Kevin-João LaShawn

    I swear, I fear Nicki’s next album: Pink Friday: Roman’s Really Retarded, Right?

    • Scarf Junkie

      *spits water across keyboard*

  • Barack Yomomma

    I am not here for Nickolas and her My Little Pony blonde wig. It ruined the entire vibe and I couldn’t even take her seriously. Then again I never do

  • Bianca

    i LOVE when she wears black hair! I wish she would put all that colorful shit to rest. 

  • Geechee Goddess

    …..Why? It’s hard for me to believe that Nicki is trying to “go hard” when she is rapping in a cartoon voice. At this point I see her a living cartoon. Her and Blacc Chyna need to give those wigs a rest. Nicki has been such a fail lately

  • YourRoyalty

    I’m not here to hate..but its just i wanna be a fan of her but its just when I read this blog and understand why people hate/don’t like her…its like she is trying to please her white fans and her black fans at the same time. And its making her look like she doing this for the money and to win some of her loyal mix tape days fans back …idk she is just kinda confusing me at this point…

    • KidFury

      Boots. She realized all the money and endorsements there are in pop music, and she went for it. Fine by me, although a lot of the pop she created was generic and lazy.

      Then when people started calling her pop and asking for her mixtape sound, she was talking about how people don’t understand her sound. The Barbs are the only ones who get her, buy her old mixtape and all that shit.

      Now that the pop/rap album is a flop in comparison to her previous album and an artist of her relevance, she’s trying to make mixtape-style videos and saying the re-release will sound like her mixtape days.

      But girl, you basically said “fuck how you feel” to all your mixtape fans. Now that your sales are dwindling, you wanna bring that back? Oh okay.

      • YourRoyalty

        Exactly . I just wonder how long she is gonna keep up with this wig situation..smh sigh.

    • Mo

      It all seemed very pressed to me, just….pressed

      • Terese

        Yep…..except her edges tho…..

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    *Reading the DSM*… Yup, this bitch is certifiable. Now whose calling in the 302?

  • alex_dipsnspins

    on some real shit, when Beyonce popped up at 0:49  that’s all I cared about for those few seconds. No shade Nicki but that’s my Motha!!

  • RobinTinnicsha

    Anigga Montage will NEVER get another penny of my, wait, no she won’t get anymore space in my downloads folder on my laptop. I LOVED her music when she was just starting. It was that fun hoodrat music you put on right before you go out with the girls even Pink Friday was somewhat enjoyable. But after that…I just couldn’t get “jiggy” with Niggi anymore.

  • britchick91

    I listened to it all as painful as it was and I don’t know what it’s about 

    • KidFury


      • Chief Queef

        Really? It was about Jewlery…

        • Maree


          “The ice is so cold, that it should come on a cone”

          It took me a while to get it myself, and by that I mean decipher what words were coming out of her mouth. 

  • Julius Maloney

    Why does anyone need a re-up of a reload of something that was released 10minutes ago…

  • Trch1097


  • Regina George

    Now tell me…what the actual fuck could Kim I’llfuckanyblackman-dashian and Mikiah’s older sister possibly be talking about? Which is the best surgeon in LA? I don’t buy one second of her going back to the pissy steps of brooklyn. 

  • Pnnylne

    Pink Friday: Roman reevaluates his life decisions. I have so many questions WTF was that? Who was the Tila Tequila look alike at 1:34 (the sec you pierce/tat your face is the day you’ve gone the furthest you can go in society) Why doesn’t Birdman save some dignity and sit somewhere?…So many questions…

    • Losh

      Birdman can’t save any dignity. He has NEVAH, EVAH had any.  If he did, he would have realized that, after the first two bars that he spit, the rap game was for other people.  Also for other people: scalp tattoos. And good looks. 
      As for Sir Nick, I think I’m just bored.  I don’t care about her, I never cared about Roman, and, um, that’s it.  Bored. Even her lacefronts make me yawn.  Though that could be carbon monoxide poisoning.

      • Pnnylne

        scalp tattoos….lawd! I giggled like a fool.

  • YolaHippie

    just no.

    let’s give her a shot out & a medal for trying though.

    what i really wanna know is where this twisted tea bitch get her fly ass beats from though.

  • Rihanna’s 9753th album

    How many singles is she planning to release from this album, lawdt.

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    I’m sorry Nicki, I can’t with you anymore. I’ve moved on. I gave you chances but now I cba. Maybe if there was no real competition in the game like a couple of years ago I’d give this new album a chance but BYE.

  • Nikiblu82

    Why is ‘Sitting with Anna’ an accomplishment ? this mess here.

  • EbonyLolita

    The look of ecstasy on Black Chyna’s face while Nicki sang “Dick on ya Face” proves to me that None of the ppl in this video ain’t SHIT!!! She set herself up for that one. HeyHEY!!
    Nicki you gotta chose a side or at least learn to blend ya Romans/Barbs together a WHOLE lot better then that!! *Sigh* I weep for Jesus & lost lil girls with personality disorders….

    • Liv

      Girl I bout drop kicked my laptop when that polywog crooned “Dick on ya face”. SMH. 

  • AuntBunny

    Girl… if you and them midget ass arms dont go grab a seat somewhere. I am so done with your stunts, tacky ass leggins, and them lazy ass wigs. BYE ONIKA.

  • Brittany

    the rap game was better before she came along

  • Hhhh

    I’m not here for it! I love the song but this video isnt working for me…and I love when they showed Kim k beyonce was out of her seat! #QUEENBEY

  • Keetha Montana-Lucas

    come on a cone…. girl. no

  • Justin

  • Leggo My Eggo

    Honestly 0:49 is all that matters to me. Queen Bey lookin all magnificent. Is that Melanie Fiona looking like she’s about to eat someone with that smile? *no shade tho*

  • Rosa Costa ❤

    Ummmm.  .  .  .try again!

  • Toya

    I’m throughly confussed as to what the hell I just saw….no other words, just confused!

  • Kaye

    Maybe Nicolas and CC can come together to …. (totally forgot why I typed that)

    Wham bam, no thank you ma’am.

  • xxXpure_bredXxx

    I don’t get it…

  • BasicBTCHbye

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Man I can not take this song seriously Nicki slowly but surly has become a joke to me.